Speaking Of Business

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I’m going to start a new one for online games.

This is the concept for my first one.

Tell me what you think.


Murt Fails …. Again

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Yesterday Radio made a blog post and placed a picture on it that I made of Murt’s old lady Sheryl, the one he affectionately refers to as his “lottery winnings.”

We all know how much Murt enjoys the pictures I make, and his numerous failed DMCA takedown attempts show this.

I must admit I was a bit confused when I got a message telling me he had posted this picture on his Facebook page. Then it dawned on me – he did it to get attention in order to be able to tell his big fat lies tales of whoa about the mean people on line who constantly stalk him, lie about him, blah blah blah.

Well as in most everything else Murt attempts in life, this was a huge fail. People LOVED the picture! One even shared it !! MURTS BOSS LADY FACEBOOK POST

Some people *cough* *cough* Murt just suck at life.

AsstroTurd Rides Again

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There for a while AsstroTurd was on a roll with “her” bio wars campaign. Then “she”suddenly went quite and we were all pretty glad because we thought that maybe “she” finally went to rehab, and/or got “her” meds adjusted.

Today “she” proved us wrong, coming out of “her” stupor long enough to change “her” bio to:














Since it looks like “she” said “no..no..no” to rehab, I have but one thing to say to “her” about the latest bio –

Asstroturd Youre Drunk

Murt: Forever The Victim..NOT

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MURTS WORN OUT VICTIM CARDOnce again Murt has pulled his worn out, busted, victim card, waved it in the air and cried like the stuck pig he is.

He took to his blog not only to declare that the Radio and company were being mean to him again but they were telling lies about him… again.

Then he told such a whopper of a lie that I had to hold my feet up in the air while I read it to avoid the ever rising tide of shit that was raging through that blog. Gotta tell you the last time I held my feet that high up in the air I got pregnant! Yes, it was that high.

Murt spoke to a “Twitter executive” who confirmed that he was being set up. LMFFAO!! I wont elaborate further but rather let you read it for yourselves.

This he claims is because “someone” (his favorite person) was filing false reports on him.


Hate to break it to you Murt, but Twitter would not have addressed complaints with you (as you claimed they have) UNLESS they also found your behavior abusive.

As you read, tell me…¬† how many lies can you find in this one?


While I will be addressing other lies told in this blog later, I thought this particular one really deserved its own post.

The Many Faces of Dirty Murty

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William K. Murtaugh aka MURTWITNESSONE recently you posted pictures of a propane truck fully engulfed in fire and in as many words wished this on my husband. Now, I could have addressed this then, but I (and everyone else) considered the source.

That being said, you’ve begged for my attention for quite a while now, and while pretty much everything that can be said about you has been said … a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on individual pictures to see in full.

Enjoy and stay tuned . . .




Websleuths Shuts Down #MikeBrown Thread

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Ok, according to Yancy Faith, a prominent twitter personality, Websleuths has closed down the Mike Brown thread until the Grand Jury reports their findings and decision.

Wow! Peeps are pretty upset over there! Name calling and shit like that going on! Reports of depression setting in on some posters! :(

I also see it was Beach who put the hammer down. She’s very experienced at that. LOL!

Yes, there were some trouble makers! Imagine that at Websleuths.

And here – truthy and reedus get dumped on and blamed for the whole thing… Yeah, imagine those two scoundrels! ūüėĮ

Then at the very end, Tricia piles on with all of her usual pr bullshit… ūüėź Ha Ha!

Hi Everyone,

This tragic case brings out the passion in so many posters. That’s a great thing. However, when there is no new information to be discussed, things tend to get stressful and posters let their emotions get the best of them. This leads to a lot more work for the moderators.
It would be one thing if new information was coming out but that’s just not happening.
Protests are new and on-going but there is nothing new coming from the protests.

This thread will be closed until the grand jury comes back (sometime next year) or something new is reported in the main stream media.

Websleuths has so many more forums you can jump in and join the discussion. I would encourage you to take a moment and look at everything Websleuths has to offer.

Thank you for your participation and support.


The truth about criminal Timothy Charles Holmseth @Tholmseth

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Shit head Timothy Holmseth... HIS MUGSHOT!

Shit head Timothy Holmseth… HIS MUGSHOT!

HOW HE MAKES MONEY: This wannabe “sought after news reporter” was unemployed for 5 years after he was hired and later fired to count cars go by for the city… He then collected welfare, received Housing Assistance through HUD to help pay his rent, and lived off what little money his high school daughter could earn after class as a waitress at a local restaurant. ¬†(It should be noted that as soon as she graduated, she moved away from her Father and enrolled in a local college.)


HIS JOBS:  In 2014, this shitty criminal went to a job placement agency, filled out their packet of paperwork requesting his previous employment history,  educational background, skills, career experience, etc., and likely was given an extensive job placement interview. After all was reviewed by the seasoned head hunter, they placed him in a position as a janitor. A part-time janitor.


Tim was fired from this position soon thereafter due to numerous complaints from people who worked in the building he cleaned, including “coming to work looking like he just got out of bed.”


HIS LAWSUITS AND COMPLAINTS: Now this shitty criminal is filing false complaints and shitty lawsuits. To make matters even worse Timothy copied and plagiarized his Complaint from a REAL reporter from Tallahassee who sued police and officials several times for violation of civil rights. He read about this reporter’s lawsuit on the internet, and copied his Complaint which was linked in the article!
Two words for you Timothy: vexatious litigant

.@Tholmseth’s vagina spews disgusting filth

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tumblr_static_yousirareavaginaTimothy Charles Holmseth from East Grand Forks, MN has admitted that he has been living on welfare. This is so funny, since he idolizes former Alaska Governor (and failed VP candidate) Republican Sarah Palin, a right wing conservative that is against Government handouts and “nanny states.” Wonder what she would think of Mr. Holmseth sitting on his computer all day weaving disgusting theories together about two murdered children in Florida instead of getting a job?

Timothy has also applied multiple times to collect disability, on the advice of his cougar girlfriend Mary Lee, a woman that Timothy has given multiple “white beards” to.

Now in another dead beat mooch move, TH is attempting to sue his local government because he doesn’t want to get a job. Timothy your vagina is spewing disgusting filth! Go away!

Cougar @McGreggorsBack enables psycho @THolmseth

June 25, 2014 |  by  |  Smack  |  5 Comments

After reading your shitty blog Mary Janell Lee, I’ve just concluded that you are an enabler of Timothy Holmseth and you contribute to his lowlife ways. Telling him to apply for disability, please explain what his disability is Mary Janell Lee. If he can write two shitty books, and pop out conspiracy bullshit blog posts multiple times a week why can’t he get a job?

You can say it isn’t our business, however if he wants money from the tax payers, isn’t it our business? Freak.

The only disability I can think of is a mental disability of him being a batshit maliciously insane, delusional, obsessive, pervert with psychopathic tendencies.

Care to explain why you are encouraging this white trash pathetic excuse of an “author” to mooch off the taxpayers?

Oh and Timmy deserves our sympathy because he cannot afford to pay for the children he helped create, and he expects the tax payers to pay for his children? Boo fucking hoo¬†heifer. He had no business having children in the first place. Just like trailer trash drug dealing dead beat Ronald Cummings who has multiple children he couldn’t afford even before his worthless, white trash, no good ,sorry ass was thrown in prison.

Lets call a spade a spade. Timothy Holmseth is a bottom feeding POS that looks like he hasn’t bathed in ages, who wears shitty nasty looking dirty clothes, and he cannot even afford to take care of his multiple kids. That is YOUR boyfriend Mary. You sure do know how to choose em.

Now go get that white beard lady. Hope you don’t catch an STD, ole Timmy’s been around the block if ya know what I mean.

Cougar @McGreggorsBack shows her loon colors

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Memo to you Cougar Mary Janell Lee… Here is a big fat newsflash for you. The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t give a flying shit about Murt’s photo. They don’t give a flying shit if Holly, posted it, or if Joe Blow posted it. Why on earth do you uneducated fucktards think the Homeland Security would stop tracking terrorists to deal with a photo posted of some fat old man in Orlando on twitter? The same goes for the FBI. How utterly¬†preposterous.

Let me cripple it and walk it past you slow so you can comprehend. THEY. DON’T. GIVE. A. SHIT.



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Murt has been out of control for a sizable amount of time which spans numerous of his wars with various people. He picks and choses those he wishes to drag into his mire as easily as he choses his weekly underwear changes.

He is as far off his rocker as he can get with his latest twitter sock account parade, which he got nailed for and has him on a lunatic binge he will never recover from.

It’s been a long time since Murt appeared on this blog and everyone was relieved, but I think it appropriate to do one last blog to celebrate his demise. Good Bye Dirty Murty! Bon Voyage and all that shit. :)

Jeff Bruzzese Mocks “Shrew Outings” By KYAnonymous

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Has KYAnonymous Outed Some Of The Shrews?

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Enter The “Peace” Players

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all … another truckload of shit falls all over twitter.

For whatever reason this person has entered the barren field of peace as a negotiator¬†for the Steubenville factions. Who is it? Who knows? But Amy Burch had an idea…

But @MyBronyNinja has fingered a guy named JoJo Camp and he provides some proof of what this guy has done! How confusing.

Moving along now to a few who most of us do know – Pops, Sam, DJay, Holly and a few thrown in for good measure before the day ends I’m sure. A big beef brewing here that could easily and quickly get way down and way dirty.

What’s this all about? Well… he and Sam Cook have been having a little war on twitter – some may remember it from it having been posted here before.

Sam seems to have some good advice here for someone.

But I think Holly and Pops have certain opinions about Sam someone…

It seems Sam is being accused of opening up on DJay!! Posted a picture of her house and then DJay posted what she implies are texts from Sam!! Nasty ones too!!

As you can see – DJay sent those screen shots of the texts to Judicious!! And now Pops wants to DM with Judicious!! What in God’s Name is happening out there? ūüėĮ

And to top things off – Pops just sent a sub-tweet to someone! I wonder who?

Stuff is really nuts on twitter – as usual. And last, but not least, Michelle has threatened to kick my ass again and some other stuff over my shit stirring ways. She’s madder than a hornet cause she thinks I have replaced her as the biggest shit stirrer around here. Michelle wants no competition whatsoever in her favorite pastime!! LMAO!!

Steubenville Story Far From Over, Heads Will Spin!!

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Will Prinnie Make International News Again? LOL!!

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Prince Charles, of Great Britain, says he can’t imagine the US deporting a “blogger”!!

Angela Merkle, Chancellor of Germany, just got the news Prinnie might be returning to the Fatherland and isn’t commenting at this time.

And Here We Have Jackass Murt Talking To Himself On Twitter

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Yes, both twitters are operated by none other than creepy dumb shit Murt! It’s a long standing habit he has of running a twitter he can talk to. No one else other than his own sock has much use for him. The sock twitter is mostly his bashing Levi Page relief valve and bashing Kim Picazio in a round about way. He likes to get all up in people’s personal business and mess with their real lives – the ones he has a grudge with or a burr up his ass about. Another long standing habit. He just doesn’t like a certain group of people! LOL!! As you can see on his sock twitter – he’s really in love with Levi. Loves to look at his pictures! A disgusting old man harping endlessly on a young guy and a few women!! On his Murt twitter he has been trying to get the attention of Tricia Griffith – in a negative way of course. This man needs to be institutionalized or incarcerated!!¬† https://twitter.com/HateBullies_¬†

Meet Mr. AnonymousWeirdo, LOL!!

January 13, 2014 |  by  |  Smack  |  28 Comments

This high minded and justice seeking individual seems to enjoy dogs, fowls and fish sex pictures while he fights for rape victims and world peace, etc…

Ain’t this a great twitter? :roll:

Latest Official Weather Newz

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Lost Puppy, So To Speak…

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Flo Wants It All To End Or At Least Read Murt’s Blog

January 8, 2014 |  by  |  Smack  |  13 Comments

It’s now 2014 a new year and high time for all this non-sense the Shrews keep going to END> I don’t see many of the mature few that post here lately. I am sure they got tired of reading the same old BS
My suggestion come here and read or whatever your heart desires. Don’t give the shrews anytime spend on your keyboard to answer to the garbage they post. High school days are over, bullies exist in all walk of life.

I consider myself a mature adult which is why I stopped posting here some time ago. I still read but no longer waste time giving the Shrews their drills by answering. If you read what they posted and I posted therein is your answer. In over a year I have not read one positive thing from any of the Shrews…nutta. Pretty sad isn’t it.

@confused lol you may want to start with the parents of those children. That way they can teach their children right. There are many good people in Stebenville. They know what to do as for the Shrews and theirs until they get their head out of the sand there is no hope.

Radio I hope that your blog will one day be as much fun as it use to be. Kinda sad going out on the limb saying this….LOL :) :) ship em over to old Murties blog he likes gossip.
Anyhow good luck :)

  • You mean I should shut the ‚Äúshrews‚ÄĚ out of the newz, right? LOL!!! Or better yet — bash on them 24/7.

    Those were some good old days blogging when Prinnie was being sued — but that got resolved.

    I‚Äôll be honest with you — what you want isn‚Äôt going to happen on this blog. In the beginning there was just one side and that was on the lawsuit. Then that got resolved and went away. Left was the rape case and now the fall out from the rape case and the other side mounted a defense — a twitter defense. It will be blogged just as any other ‚Äúnewz‚ÄĚ gets blogged and that‚Äôs that.

    I have never run a blog all one way and I have no intention of starting now.

    When you see something you don‚Äôt like you start screaming people have changed sides, become two faced — are snakes, start accusing people by name even — like Connie, who had nothing to do with the bashing of Prinnie yesterday that had you on fire. That‚Äôs very shallow and thin‚Ķ it‚Äôs despicable to be honest. You are the one who needs to grow up flo. There is more involved here than ‚Äúsides‚ÄĚ.

Psychotic fucktard Brianee Chantal creates another sock @TheGossipGypsy

December 19, 2013 |  by  |  FACT, Smack  |  55 Comments

Canadian weirdo Brianne Chantal has created FAKE twitter accounts, in one account she pretended to be the official account of the HLN show “HLN After Dark.” The psychotic, douche bag, bitch from hell even sunk so low as to scam people using a baby diagnosed for cancer. She set up a website seeking donations! Another donation seeking ass hole, a la her butt buddy pedophile Murt!

Now this low life troll who needs to check her crazy dumb ass into a mental institution, has created another sock account. Here it is. This tard is obsessed with Holly Briley. brianne psycho

Pedophile @Murtwitnessone targets @Levi_Page and spams @JvelezMitchell

December 19, 2013 |  by  |  Blog, FACT, Opinion, Smack  |  2 Comments

John Mark Karr clone Murtwitnessone who has made statements like these, has caused people to bill him a pedophile.

murt pm

Murt has written blogs about Levi Page implying that Levi stalks children, stalks the girl scouts, views child pornography and has called Levi a “deviant.”

Murt is even spamming HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell, a show that Levi has appeared on a guest.

It is evident to anyone the real DEVIANT is Murt. The REAL pedophile is Murt! Murt is just projecting. Sheryl Scot-Anderson if you had any sense you’d get far away from this fat ass pedophile from hell!!!! Does your family know you are shacked up with a pedophile and cyber abuser?

murt deviantmurt levi spam

Pedo @Murtwitnessone’s vagina spews disgusting filth! Targets @Levi_Page

December 19, 2013 |  by  |  Blog, FACT, Opinion, Smack  |  3 Comments

There is so much shit on Murt’s filthy timeline that is makes me want to vomit. What a disgusting old pedophile Murt is. First let’s start off with Murt being angry that a video was posted, where an Orlando TV station recorded Murt with his hands down his pants picking his ass in public. Here is the video of Murt with his hands down his pants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO3UgkDxSjE

Well Murt claimed that all men that wear men’s briefs have this same problem, and that Levi doesn’t understand because he wears women’s underwear. If that were the case Murt, we’d be seeing men everywhere out in public with their hands down their pants, and that isn’t the case. Only low down, sorry, white trash like you do that!

Secondly, Murt is bitching because lard ass Pudders aka Melissa Duprez, and psycho Mary Lee aka McGreggorsBack aka Mlee have left the internet. Pudders stalked the children of Holly Briley on facebook, Pudders put a picture of a graveyard headstone with Levi Page’s name on it. Mary Lee spread lies about South Florida lawyer Kim Picazio and befriended a man who went to jail for harassing Picazio. They were run off the internet like they should have been, because they’re two nut cases from hell who shouldn’t be allowed on the internet to spread their ignorant and crazy bullshit!

This fat ass also gets his food from FOOD BANKS when it is obvious he aint missed a mother fucking meal in ages! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit you lard ass!


Sad Announcement On Facebook Page Brianne Chantal Created

December 19, 2013 |  by  |  Smack, Spoof  |  97 Comments

I sadly assume Brianne has departed…
Such a tragedy. So young. So talented. So beautiful. So successful.  RIP!

****LAST MINUTE UPDATE – I’ve been informed it may be someone else who off’d themselves on a Facebook page, but I’m still going with Brianne, as we can all hope!


Hey @Murtwitnessone STFU you lard ass POS!

November 9, 2013 |  by  |  Opinion, Smack  |  4 Comments

For weeks one of the biggest trolls and cry baby histrionic little girls of the internet gloated and tweeted about how Timothy Holmseth was going to get custody of his son. Murt, in his dumb as shit mind was gleeful that this was going to happen… all because he was pissed at Kim Picazio, Levi Page, and RadioNewz for not “banding together” with him, and because he wanted Kim Picazio to denounce accusations made against him.

Murt claimed that Levi Page had been “persecuting” Timothy Holmseth, and when Levi provided Murt with a court document that detailed some horrific things being done to Holmseth’s minor son while in the custody of Holmseth, Murt published the document in full, on his site, and failed to redact the minor child’s name.

Murt also made attempts to get information out of Timothy Holmseth because Murt wanted to blog about it. Timothy responded by reporting Murt to his local law enforcement in Minnesota. Holmseth claimed that Murt attempted to blackmail him. Holmseth then tried to use allegations of Murt being a pedophile as leverage in his custody case. IT FAILED.

Timothy tried to hitch his desperate wagon to the allegations that Murt was a pedophile… The lunatic from Minnesota, said that Murt was working in cahoots with his son’s mother. Which was complete bullshit. Holmseth failed to provide any evidence to the court.

In response to Timothy Holmseth’s fabricated lies, conspiracy theories, and his overall web of deceit and lack of parenting… the court ordered Holmseth to take a psych exam, stripped him of unsupervised visits, and told him to knock off mentioning his online bullshit in front of his son.

Now Murt is changing his tone, and is now gleeful that Holmseth lost in court. BULLSHIT MURT! Murt, you made blatant attacks against Picazio and others. You wanted Holmseth to WIN so you could rub it in her face.

Murt, I don’t see how you can act as sleazy as you do. Does it even weigh on your conscience? You’ve made some low-down and¬†vicious insinuations about people, and you got a taste of your own medicine with someone as equally repulsive and disgusting as you Murt. That person was Timothy.¬†Karma¬†hit you in the ass, and when it did you attempted to twist this in a¬†strategy to get back at those for not getting involved in your internet drama bullshit! Well it backfired.

Holmseth is a terrible parent. He talked so much about the Haleigh Cummings case and his paranoid conspiracy theories in the presence of his now 8-year-old son that it was causing his son to have emotional breakdowns. The living conditions in his apartment are disgusting. Bed bugs, unsanitary bath room, etc. The child also had bruises on him that he obtained while under the care of his father.

The fact that you would be as sick as to root and cheer for someone like Timothy Holmseth to get full custody of a little boy¬†just shows me how sick you really are. Simply put, you’re an asshole!

Final warning to you Murt… If you pull this shit AGAIN there will not be enough Band-Aids in the western hemisphere to stop the bleeding of your gaping virtual¬†wounds when I get finished with you!

The legacy of the delusional, psychotic, paranoid Mary J. Lee

November 5, 2013 |  by  |  Smack  |  8 Comments

The reigning theme on twitter lately in regards to a certain element of trolls is that they are trying to shed their reputations as trouble makers. Cougar Mary Lee decided to change her twitter name in an attempt to disguise herself, and when I called her out on this blog, she promptly deactivated her twitter. That’s the best thing you’ve ever done Mary. Good riddance.

The fact of the matter is Mary, you are a one trick pony. You really offer nothing of value.¬†The legacy you’ve left behind is downright sickening and disgusting.¬†For years and years, you’ve been tweeting and blogging that various law enforcement agencies are going to arrest the people who you and your boyfriend Timothy Holmseth think¬†are “after you.” It hasn’t happened. Simply put, it won’t happen.

For years and years, the two of you have claimed that murdered child Haleigh Cummings will be found alive, and you’ve even made unfounded accusations that a high-profile attorney in South Florida, and even the admin of this website, Radio,¬†was involved in her kidnapping and that all would be revealed. Jack shit has been revealed Mary. JACK SHIT. Radio calls tactics like these “spooky spooky” and that has been your bread and butter for years. It’s sick. You are a sick fucked up old lady.

You’ve ruined your reputation online, and anyone remotely familiar with your trolling tactics cannot divorce themselves from the way you’ve degraded and demeaned others, and how you’ve calculated the most bizarre conspiracy theories, using a murdered little 5-year-old as an excuse to act out your crazy psychotic fantasies¬†is despicable.

You’ve even clipped out images of little children in Kohl’s catalogs and claimed that they were Haleigh Cummings and that she is being used a child model. The child looked nothing like Haleigh, and everyone online was laughing at you and your boyfriend Timothy Holmseth.

You claimed that Haleigh Cummings was being hidden on the farm of her maternal Grandmother Marie Griffis. You claimed that the maternal Grandfather has Haleigh in the hills of Kentucky. You claimed that the paternal and maternal family were in cahoots to keep Haleigh hidden. All complete and utter fabricated shit from a very mentally disturbed individual.

Additionally, both you and your psychopathic boyfriend¬†Timothy “my fingerprints were stolen” Holmseth¬†claimed that Haleigh Cummings was abducted by a man in Kentucky. A man¬†that had his home raided by law enforcement and was arrested for child pornography… If he really had Haleigh where is she? Wouldn’t she have been found by now? Because that circus stunt the two of you pulled has been over for two years now, and we still haven’t been produced a LIVE Haleigh Cummings like you two trolls promised. Empty promises. Bullshit promises. Bullshit, crazy predictions. As usual…

Let’s also not forget all the people you have claimed to be behind the operations of this website. You use to get all orgasmic and tweet Radio like she was a certain South Florida lawyer. You are really obsessed with this South Florida lawyer. It is scary. I’ve seen your photobucket account where you have pictures of this¬†South Florida attorney¬†saved on there. You saved her pictures under the title “bitch.” I’m sorry, but the real bitch is YOU Mary.

Moreover,¬†you claimed that Radio was a woman named Altha who lived in Missouri, then you claimed that she was a woman by the name of Judy who resided in Arizona. Now you’ve claimed that this website is operated by multiple people who take turns being Radio and those multiple people have Haleigh Cummings. Which is it? Get your story straight home girl.

You’ve also claimed that Levi Page, a frequent target of yours, is really much older than he says he is. You’ve claimed that the “real” Michelle L McKee is a dead woman, and that someone is using her name. You’ve claimed that Yancy Faith on twitter is not the REAL Yancy Faith, but that she is a South Florida attorney. Again, obsessed with a South Florida attorney. I see a pattern and It’s sick.

The list goes on and on. To you, nothing is as it seems. They have a clinical words to describe that sort of thought process Mary… and it’s delusional and paranoid. In simple terms it means that you are fucking crazy.

In Mary Lee’s fucked up mind,¬†a group of evil shadowy figures are behind the curtain operating everything that goes on, and they are constantly after¬†her and¬†her boyfriend Tim Holmseth, and they are the people that have Haleigh Cummings, and they are taking to twitter to “throw people off.” Do you realize how fucking crazy that shit is? How many law enforcement agencies have you reported that to? They laugh at you. They think you are nuts. They do not and will never take your shit seriously.

You claim to care about Haleigh Cummings, but that is lip service. You and your boyfriend Timothy Holmseth have used this poor homicide victim as an excuse to act out your psychotic fantasies online, and that is uncalled for and unconscionable. It’s daunting that anyone could be as sick and sleazy as the two of you are.

You are incapable of logical thinking. You are incapable of using any of the¬†common sense you have left. Your complete lack of intelligence is sickening and disturbing…¬†It’s also¬†unbecoming of someone who fancies themselves a “sleuth” or “researcher.” You suck Mary!

The relationship you have with Timothy Holmseth is sick and toxic. It started out as an acorn of crazy and has sprouted into a huge tree of fucked up, disturbed, psychosis that is beyond anything I have ever witnessed.

THAT is the legacy you’ve left behind Mary. Don’t even think of coming back under an alter ego to troll. Just stop! Save it. If you do come back, I will not hesitate to stay on your ass and expose the shit you pull. Count on that.

Mary Lee aka @Crassipes tries to pull a fast one!

November 2, 2013 |  by  |  Opinion, Smack  |  Comments Off on Mary Lee aka @Crassipes tries to pull a fast one!


Mugshot bad check writing Mary Lee got rid of the McGreggorsBack handle that she has used for the last couple of years! LOL! This is not her first time ditching an online “handle” in favor of a new one. I know how she plays the game. She can’t control her crazy, acts like a psycho conspiracy theorist nut job using one name, and then tries to start “new” using another name.

However, the only problem with this tactic is that she repeats the same craziness and starts to act paranoid and crazy on that one. As they say, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

67-year-old camel toe wearing Mary J Lee from North Carolina has used the names Mlee, MareLee, MaresLeigh, froglyprincess, LiberalMediaPR, Crasspies, McGreggorsBack, and now she is back to Crasspies. There is a lot more out there, I’m just going by memory, because unlike this crazy bitch I don’t screenshot everything and keeps record of all her crazy shit. (I’d have an encyclopedia to fill if I did.)

So now Hagface Mlee is going to start trolling under the Crasspies name. Rock on you old psycho!!! LOL!!! You aint fooling anyone!

This sums up the old gal perfectly…

That Mary Lee lady was going bananas today, psychoanalyzing everybody like a true internet freak. Lol. She’s got everybody all figured out n shit. Yeh granny psychiatrist, you obviously achived a lot in your life. You sit on the computer and bark at people all day who dare to mention your crazy ass. Mary Lee…you are a pathetic hot paranoid know it all joke of a hot mess. You are just a weirdo psychotic old hag and absolutley no one wants to follow you or hear your crap. No one cares or believes a single thing you say. And talking about alts?  How’s Crassipes and Maraleigh doing these days, you pathetic joke?you old woman, are the biggest liar of all time.  You should go crawl in whatever dirty hovel you hang out in, and shut your snickering ridiculous trap. You are a disgrace Mary Lee.

BTW- How’s that Kohl’s catalog lookin’ this month?  Pick out any little kids that you’re gonna claim are from an Amber Alert?  How’s that dude in Kansas or wherever who took Haley Cummings?  Did he get arrested yet? Or was it the priest guy Regan?  No, it was the bio Mom. Nope, sorry it was the maternal grand$other.  Shit, no it was the priest guy’s son. No wait, it was the bio mom’s lawyer.  Lol. Do you realize you are a wacko lady? No one wants to hear from you, okay Mary?  Miss innocent grandmother? Ya right!!!! You are a complete joke! Say hi to that maniac guy you follow loke a fucking sheep.  How’d THAT work out for ya?  Freak.

Sexaaay pic of Mary Lee @McGreggorsBack back in the day!

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Mary Lee pretending to be a police officer. Listen Hagface Mugshot Misdemeanor Mary, just because you use to strip out of a police officer uniform in the strip clubs of New Mexico and North Carolina does not a police officer make. LMAO!!!

Mlee’s favorite costume was the police uniform, because the men would always “make it rain” on Mary. Word on the street says that is how she met John Lee…

We know all about your history Mary… After the stunts you pulled in New Mexico, you were run out of the state and you fled East.

More bullshit from psycho @THolmseth

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You guys have to check out crazy Tim’s newest post at www.writeintoaction.com,¬†¬†Another police cover up, another fake police report, and another police Chief telling him to fuck off. ¬†The best is his referring to his taping recording his own discussion with his own attorney. ¬†Ha! ¬†Who tapes themselves talking on the phone at their own home -with their own advocate?! A psychotic paranoid conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone is out to get him! That’s who does it!!!¬†¬†Where does he keep all these tapes anyway? A warehouse? ¬†With Mary Lee’s volumes of photocopies that she masturbates to daily?
And get this – the man doesn’t use just any ordinary tape recorder…..Oh NO, my friends! ¬†It’s a special “Reporter’s/Journalist’s tape recorder” according to Tim. ¬†I guess you can’t buy that kind of recorder at Best Buy. ¬† Oh No! ¬†You’ve got to go to the Reporter/Journalist Store and use the secret handshake to get past Big Joe at the door! ¬† Unbelievable. And he wants the taxpayers of ¬†MN to pay for him while he sits in his nasty¬†home¬†(that is filled with bed bugs)¬†and does this shit?¬†What a loon!

The Duchess Of Cornball

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Michelle, Duchess of Cornball

Poor misdemeanor Mary @McGreggorsBack!!!!

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As you all know this “sleuth” wannabe researcher has been arrested for writing bad checks. That’s how she got the name misdemeanor Mary!!! Wish we could find the old broad’s mugshot! Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Anyways, Mary Lee claims that she isn’t going to research another missing child case, because of what happened to her in the Haleigh Cummings case. Awwwww. Booo hoooo. Someone get me some tissues!

But here is the real reason Mary isn’t going to research another missing child case. Because when she hooked up with Holmseth, he made her paranoid, and dumb. Everything was a conspiracy. Nothing was as it seemed. There was never a simple logical¬†answer for anything. Everyone and everything was out to get her.

That’s why she screenshots every little thing on twitter and saves them in her files. Files that she masturbates to daily!!! Especially the screenshots from 2009-2010 when things were hot and heavy in the Haleigh Cummings case.

Simply put Holmseth fucked her up!!! He dumbed ole Mugshot Mary down!

Mugshot Mary is still being tutored in second-grade level reading comprehension and writing skills.  However, she is having problems with her tutors, as she secretly thinks they are really a South Florida attorney in disguise!!!!!!  Mugshot Mary fires them on the spot. Poor Mugshot Mary will never be able to read and write correctly.

.@Murtwitnessone the biggest POS douchebag of all time!

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You’re not fooling anyone with your recent bullshit affectation! You¬†allowed and even enabled¬†certain trolls come to your blog and spew their shit, then try to kiss the ass¬†of the person they’ve targeted. You’ve even tried getting into bed with some of the lowest of the low on the internet. Tim Holmseth, Mary Lee, Brianne Chantal, and pornographer Lee Stranahan¬†to name a few.

You’ve wagged your virtual finger in many faces with a disgusting¬†sense of entitlement that makes me want to vomit. You have¬†even stooped so low as to¬†calling people pedophiles and accusing them of abducting or murdering, various missing children. You’ve said certain individuals were viewing child pornography, and you produced¬†no evidence to back up those baseless¬†accusations.

Your motive?¬†All because they called you out on your shit! I’m not going to forget about your dirty draconian antics William. You may pull the wool over the eyes of some, but I’m not gullible. I see you exactly for what you are.

YOU project. You are a pedophile, your involvement in the Trenton Duckett case was strange, disturbing, and suspect. Not to mention the shit you pulled during the search for Caylee Anthony. You parked your old news van in front of Melinda’s apartment and claimed you had “visions” of the missing child.¬†You claimed you partied with¬†Casey Anthony. You’ve threatened to send sex offenders to the home of women with children. Your behavior is daunting!

The fact that you even dare to question the integrity of others is laughable and quite frankly very shitty of you. You are such an ass hole you wouldn’t know integrity if it slapped you in the face. You are a liar, and a user. You need to get back into your place and watch your fucking mouth and WATCH YOUR FUCKING BACK.

You lie through your teeth. You need to get your fat ass off the internet FOREVER. You haven’t heard the last of me. Count on that! Because your victim game is up as far as I’m concerned.

ALERT: This is one smoking hot lady right here! WOW!

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The Significance Of @MichelleLMcKee

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Michelle has been on a twitter roll as of late telling all kinds of people they are insignificant… and other things. LOL! Well, maybe not all kinds of people – mainly Stranahan, Don Carpenter and of course – me. LOL!

She is apparently having a significance crisis of her own. Making big changes in her life she says. Moving to Kansas, where she says she has lived before and was a bartender. I guess this may be a redux, who knows. I hope she doesn’t drink up all of her wages. I’m also concerned that once she arrives there, the beautiful Kansas sunflowers will never grow again.

Michelle plays on twitter. She picks fights and accuses others of causing her to indulge in this behavior. She rants. Tweets drunk. So, twitter is obviously a good outlet for her frustrations. She also tries to out those she doesn’t like and according to the latest to gain fame – her antennas are not working too well. I think she needs less tin foil on them.

Of course, it was Michelle who brought Anonymous into the Steubenville rape case. Good work most would agree. Steubenville doesn’t agree, but that’s an entirely different story.

I think Michelle is a hugely significant person. She’s the cheapest entertainment you can find on twitter and sometimes she’s even funny.

Meanwhile, Back At The Guest Ranch

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Ever Hear The Phrase “Bitches Run In Packs”? LOL! LOL!

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Haha! I had to do this!! :mrgreen:

New Ad Campaign For Boys Ties And Fat Midget Sex Partners! Telling Isn’t It? LOL!

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Psycho tard @Blaiss takes another virtual beating

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What a nutbag…. It certainly was a tragedy what happened to Caylee, and I firmly believe Casey was guilty, but seriously, WTF?? What are the motives of Sharon, what the hell does she think/hope will be accomplished? The way I am seeing it, she is simply a stalker with no other motive than to draw attention to herself..


Blaise should have put this much effort into raising her child, he might not be the criminal he is today had she paid him this much attention and guided him into adulthood. Epic failures. How is she still employed by a government entity at this point. Don’t they know what she does all day long at her goberment cheeze job?


You mean that people are still talking about the Anthony’s?  Jus another example of how some people can’t move on!


@LOL READ her tweets. They‚Äôre insane. Meanwhile her son has more mugshots online to count.¬† Blaiss is laughed at, or blocked, by MSM. She has ‚Äúvery liable sources‚ÄĚ she tells them. She will argue with MSM (on twitter) TELLING them that they DID too pay Casey Anthony for an interview. None of her accusations have proven true.


Do you think she uses he son’s mugshot for Christmas cards. There are enough of them for a variety pack. Eh, it’s only a matter of time before he’s on death row. course she’ll still be going on about Casey, a woman found not guilty. Don’t the taxpayers in Deland get pissed her son wastes so much money with his failed life of crime and her diddling around all day long on the taxpayers dime talking about a woman no one even sees? Whatever loon.


This pisses me off to no end, that this fucktard is actually employed, rec’ing a paycheck as a victims advocate!! I’m sure it’s already been done, but the agency that employs her need to get a printout of every ridiculous comment she makes online, someone has done this already, right?


She’s a victim’s advocate for the police dept in Deland Fl. For real, all day long she only advocates that Casey not make money. Not that her son quit victimizing people in their own town. It must be fun watching your kid get perp walked by your office at work on the regular. The woman has no shame what-so-evah.

Read more @ http://radionewz.net/2013/09/psycho-bitch-blaiss-continues-her-weird-obsession-with-casey-anthony/#comments

Psycho @Blaiss slammed for multiple personalities on twitter

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Psycho bitch @Blaiss continues her weird obsession with Casey Anthony

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Crazy psycho-tard Sharon Blais continues her obsession with Casey Anthony… This bitch has even gone as far as creating sock accounts to spam media outlets regarding the object of her obsession. There are no words on how fucking bat shit nuts this character is.

This woman even stalked Casey’s father George at a casino. She even criticizes Cindy (Casey’s mother)¬†for her parenting, yet Sharon’s own son has had his own run in’s with drugs and law enforcement.

Her family needs to step in and get her some help. This woman lives, breathes, and sleeps Casey Anthony.

It is also very scary that she is a Government employee with the Orange City, Florida Police Department as a victims advocate.

Just read her timeline, and judge for yourself… Her continuous obsession shows she should be FIRED ASAP.



The sick agenda of the duplicitous pedophile @Murtwitnessone

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The latest shit that the duplicitous Murt has pulled is daunting. This man is in a self induced drama vortex, and his main objective is to draw as many people into this crazy vortex with him as possible. We are dealing with a man that has a severe mental illness that makes him gravitate towards drama and conflict.

This old overweight man wrote several blog articles regarding, blogger and TV commentator¬†Levi Page. He made outlandish accusations that Levi was stalking children, and viewing child pornography. He claimed Levi was a “deviant.”

When Levi contacted Murt about his blog posts, Murt claimed that Levi had bullied a conspiracy theorist blogger from the backwoods of Minnesota, Timothy Holmseth. When Levi provided Murt with a document showing that Holmseth was abusive to his children and allowed sexual abuse to occur inside of his home… Murt decided to publish the documents on his blog, even including the name of minor children.

When Murt was blasted for his unsavory actions, he decided to blame Levi. The fact is, Levi never told Murt to publish the document. The documents were well-known to people who followed Timothy Holmseth’s craziness in the Haleigh Cummings case.

Meanwhile, Murt, had written on many occasions on¬†twitter and his blog, that he had no respect for a well known Fort Lauderdale lawyer Kim Picazio. The next thing you know, the old fart¬†decided to contact Picazio’s law office to draw her into his drama vortex. He previously twittered that Picazio was a¬†“disgrace” to the legal profession. Yet he is calling her and seeking her out.

Why did Murt call Picazio? When Holmseth, who has been jailed for harassing Picazio, accused Murt of extortion, Murt apparently forgot all about the bad things he said about this well respected lawyer from South Florida.

Murt wanted Picazio to get Levi, and the owner of this blog, Radio, to aid him in “exposing” Holmseth. When Picazio couldn’t get either one to band together with Murt, he went on twitter and shit talked Picazio again, and even wrote a shitty blog post about her.

What Murt is displaying is draconian antics. Trying to get a woman to do his dirty work, and when she refuses, he takes to his blog to shit talk. Talk about misogyny.

The fact is, Murt accused Radio of abducting Haleigh Cummings and being a sex offender. Why would Radio want to take time out of her day and aid a man that made those sick unfounded accusations about her?

The truth is, Murt will take any chance he can to take swipes at Picazio. He contacted her years ago, wanting help “debunking” rumors about him on the internet. This was his first attempt to drag her into his drama vortex.

When she kindly explained she didn’t have the time to involve herself in his drama, that is when Murt was out for blood and for revenge. So, while you read Murt’s twitter and blog, that is why he is taking shots at¬†the South Florida attorney.

Murt is also gloating that Holmseth will be given custody of his children, and he is blaming Page and Picazio for that. Ignorant comments coming from this over weight geriatric weirdo.

Murt knows little about Holmseth, or Holmseth’s history. The truth is, Holmseth has a history of making enemies in his small community. Holmseth has filed complaints against prosecutors, defense lawyers, law enforcement, and judge’s. They’re all sick of his shit up there and they all think he is bat shit insane.

Holmseth has NO credibility in that community and no judge takes any of his wild accusations seriously. No judge will grant Holmseth custody of his children. That will happen when hell freezes over.

That is just a fact Murt, so shut your ignorant fucking mouth and leave everyone alone you sick shit head.

NIMH’s Hawt Straight Jacket Model

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The National Institute of Mental Health introduces their favorite model for all straight jacket manufacturers! This model has made almost every type of straight jacket a big hit in even the most cynical and liberal asylums! This model is said to prefer handcuffs, gags, spurs, whips, ropes and chains, but says a job is a job!

Old Sleuthing Spook Reinvented But Still A Nutcase

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Hi Traveler aka Astro! ¬†That’s the word on the street about this sleuthing loon.

New Honorary Parking Spaces For Steubenville ShrewCrew

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Why is lard ass @Murtwitnessone going to the food bank?

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murt food bankKeep your ass out of the food bank, you are not in need of food! Your fat ass wasn’t in need of it when you and your rapist loving girlfriend Sheryl Scot-Anderson¬†went to Golden Corral either!¬†¬†Y’all look like y’all haven’t missed a meal in ages. GTFOH with your bullshit Murt!


@MichelleLMcKee Declared Officially Batshit Crazy!

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Michelle, the former crazy, is now officially batshit crazy! No doubt about it. It’s official!!

She has some shit on her twitter, a Fernandez name, and I found out she got it from McGreggorsBack as belonging to me! It’s not me. LMMFAO!! Now, anyone who believes anything about me that old batshit puts out, especially names, has completely lost it. That’s why I can officially declare Michelle batshit crazy!!

A couple of other interesting things on that twitter that is bound to upset those who hound me, Levi and Kim 24/7, never taking a break saying they both write on this blog. Maybe even own it. Well, Michelle says they don’t write here and that is at least one thing she got right – they don’t!!

Now, I suppose those who insist that I am Kim, Kim is me, Kim owns this blog and is maybe even Levi – or at best must be Executioner or Levi is Executioner or that we all take turns being Radio, Executioner and each other and God only knows what else – well, they can now go attack Michelle!! LMAO!!

Talk about a fucking circus folks – we got it around here!! :)

KP calls drunk cougar @McGreggorsBack out on her lies

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And I just read Mary Lee’s blog.  I don’t know where she obtained that ludicrously false information re:  Lisa Croslin, but since I was actually there, and conducted that effort to assist a needy lady, I can vouch that her facts are nearly 100% incorrect.  You have a question about it Ms. Lee?  Ask me.  You know my contact info.  It can also easily be obtained on the internet after you log out of ancestry dot com for a moment.   I have all documents to prove your narrative is wholly fallacious.  Just try me on that one.  I’m so sick of hearing your blogger name in email notifications, i just don’t know what to do. I’d be happy to prove you 100% wrong just once.  Otherwise, leave me alone Ms. Lee.  You don’t want to nudge me again, mam.  Have a good night.


Welfare Worker @BringItAlready Quits Job Over Envy

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This is an attitude entertained by common white trash. You always hear people complaining and saying stuff like this – but to quit a JOB that benefits your family over such a silly reason you can do nothing about and continue to live in the trashy shithole duplex she does is disgusting. When you will not work to benefit your family over envy – that is LOW! Definitely not one of the upwardly mobile!! Disgraceful TBH!

TheDirty.com Blows LSU Student Brandon Ballard!!

September 13, 2013 |  by  |  Smack  |  2 Comments

Oh my! And the pictures on that site are worse!! ūüėĮ