Hey @Murtwitnessone STFU you lard ass POS!

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For weeks one of the biggest trolls and cry baby histrionic little girls of the internet gloated and tweeted about how Timothy Holmseth was going to get custody of his son. Murt, in his dumb as shit mind was gleeful that this was going to happen… all because he was pissed at Kim Picazio, Levi Page, and RadioNewz for not “banding together” with him, and because he wanted Kim Picazio to denounce accusations made against him.

Murt claimed that Levi Page had been “persecuting” Timothy Holmseth, and when Levi provided Murt with a court document that detailed some horrific things being done to Holmseth’s minor son while in the custody of Holmseth, Murt published the document in full, on his site, and failed to redact the minor child’s name.

Murt also made attempts to get information out of Timothy Holmseth because Murt wanted to blog about it. Timothy responded by reporting Murt to his local law enforcement in Minnesota. Holmseth claimed that Murt attempted to blackmail him. Holmseth then tried to use allegations of Murt being a pedophile as leverage in his custody case. IT FAILED.

Timothy tried to hitch his desperate wagon to the allegations that Murt was a pedophile… The lunatic from Minnesota, said that Murt was working in cahoots with his son’s mother. Which was complete bullshit. Holmseth failed to provide any evidence to the court.

In response to Timothy Holmseth’s fabricated lies, conspiracy theories, and his overall web of deceit and lack of parenting… the court ordered Holmseth to take a psych exam, stripped him of unsupervised visits, and told him to knock off mentioning his online bullshit in front of his son.

Now Murt is changing his tone, and is now gleeful that Holmseth lost in court. BULLSHIT MURT! Murt, you made blatant attacks against Picazio and others. You wanted Holmseth to WIN so you could rub it in her face.

Murt, I don’t see how you can act as sleazy as you do. Does it even weigh on your conscience? You’ve made some low-down and vicious insinuations about people, and you got a taste of your own medicine with someone as equally repulsive and disgusting as you Murt. That person was Timothy. Karma hit you in the ass, and when it did you attempted to twist this in a strategy to get back at those for not getting involved in your internet drama bullshit! Well it backfired.

Holmseth is a terrible parent. He talked so much about the Haleigh Cummings case and his paranoid conspiracy theories in the presence of his now 8-year-old son that it was causing his son to have emotional breakdowns. The living conditions in his apartment are disgusting. Bed bugs, unsanitary bath room, etc. The child also had bruises on him that he obtained while under the care of his father.

The fact that you would be as sick as to root and cheer for someone like Timothy Holmseth to get full custody of a little boy just shows me how sick you really are. Simply put, you’re an asshole!

Final warning to you Murt… If you pull this shit AGAIN there will not be enough Band-Aids in the western hemisphere to stop the bleeding of your gaping virtual wounds when I get finished with you!

The legacy of the delusional, psychotic, paranoid Mary J. Lee

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The reigning theme on twitter lately in regards to a certain element of trolls is that they are trying to shed their reputations as trouble makers. Cougar Mary Lee decided to change her twitter name in an attempt to disguise herself, and when I called her out on this blog, she promptly deactivated her twitter. That’s the best thing you’ve ever done Mary. Good riddance.

The fact of the matter is Mary, you are a one trick pony. You really offer nothing of value. The legacy you’ve left behind is downright sickening and disgusting. For years and years, you’ve been tweeting and blogging that various law enforcement agencies are going to arrest the people who you and your boyfriend Timothy Holmseth think are “after you.” It hasn’t happened. Simply put, it won’t happen.

For years and years, the two of you have claimed that murdered child Haleigh Cummings will be found alive, and you’ve even made unfounded accusations that a high-profile attorney in South Florida, and even the admin of this website, Radio, was involved in her kidnapping and that all would be revealed. Jack shit has been revealed Mary. JACK SHIT. Radio calls tactics like these “spooky spooky” and that has been your bread and butter for years. It’s sick. You are a sick fucked up old lady.

You’ve ruined your reputation online, and anyone remotely familiar with your trolling tactics cannot divorce themselves from the way you’ve degraded and demeaned others, and how you’ve calculated the most bizarre conspiracy theories, using a murdered little 5-year-old as an excuse to act out your crazy psychotic fantasies is despicable.

You’ve even clipped out images of little children in Kohl’s catalogs and claimed that they were Haleigh Cummings and that she is being used a child model. The child looked nothing like Haleigh, and everyone online was laughing at you and your boyfriend Timothy Holmseth.

You claimed that Haleigh Cummings was being hidden on the farm of her maternal Grandmother Marie Griffis. You claimed that the maternal Grandfather has Haleigh in the hills of Kentucky. You claimed that the paternal and maternal family were in cahoots to keep Haleigh hidden. All complete and utter fabricated shit from a very mentally disturbed individual.

Additionally, both you and your psychopathic boyfriend Timothy “my fingerprints were stolen” Holmseth claimed that Haleigh Cummings was abducted by a man in Kentucky. A man that had his home raided by law enforcement and was arrested for child pornography… If he really had Haleigh where is she? Wouldn’t she have been found by now? Because that circus stunt the two of you pulled has been over for two years now, and we still haven’t been produced a LIVE Haleigh Cummings like you two trolls promised. Empty promises. Bullshit promises. Bullshit, crazy predictions. As usual…

Let’s also not forget all the people you have claimed to be behind the operations of this website. You use to get all orgasmic and tweet Radio like she was a certain South Florida lawyer. You are really obsessed with this South Florida lawyer. It is scary. I’ve seen your photobucket account where you have pictures of this South Florida attorney saved on there. You saved her pictures under the title “bitch.” I’m sorry, but the real bitch is YOU Mary.

Moreover, you claimed that Radio was a woman named Altha who lived in Missouri, then you claimed that she was a woman by the name of Judy who resided in Arizona. Now you’ve claimed that this website is operated by multiple people who take turns being Radio and those multiple people have Haleigh Cummings. Which is it? Get your story straight home girl.

You’ve also claimed that Levi Page, a frequent target of yours, is really much older than he says he is. You’ve claimed that the “real” Michelle L McKee is a dead woman, and that someone is using her name. You’ve claimed that Yancy Faith on twitter is not the REAL Yancy Faith, but that she is a South Florida attorney. Again, obsessed with a South Florida attorney. I see a pattern and It’s sick.

The list goes on and on. To you, nothing is as it seems. They have a clinical words to describe that sort of thought process Mary… and it’s delusional and paranoid. In simple terms it means that you are fucking crazy.

In Mary Lee’s fucked up mind, a group of evil shadowy figures are behind the curtain operating everything that goes on, and they are constantly after her and her boyfriend Tim Holmseth, and they are the people that have Haleigh Cummings, and they are taking to twitter to “throw people off.” Do you realize how fucking crazy that shit is? How many law enforcement agencies have you reported that to? They laugh at you. They think you are nuts. They do not and will never take your shit seriously.

You claim to care about Haleigh Cummings, but that is lip service. You and your boyfriend Timothy Holmseth have used this poor homicide victim as an excuse to act out your psychotic fantasies online, and that is uncalled for and unconscionable. It’s daunting that anyone could be as sick and sleazy as the two of you are.

You are incapable of logical thinking. You are incapable of using any of the common sense you have left. Your complete lack of intelligence is sickening and disturbing… It’s also unbecoming of someone who fancies themselves a “sleuth” or “researcher.” You suck Mary!

The relationship you have with Timothy Holmseth is sick and toxic. It started out as an acorn of crazy and has sprouted into a huge tree of fucked up, disturbed, psychosis that is beyond anything I have ever witnessed.

THAT is the legacy you’ve left behind Mary. Don’t even think of coming back under an alter ego to troll. Just stop! Save it. If you do come back, I will not hesitate to stay on your ass and expose the shit you pull. Count on that.

Mary Lee aka @Crassipes tries to pull a fast one!

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Mugshot bad check writing Mary Lee got rid of the McGreggorsBack handle that she has used for the last couple of years! LOL! This is not her first time ditching an online “handle” in favor of a new one. I know how she plays the game. She can’t control her crazy, acts like a psycho conspiracy theorist nut job using one name, and then tries to start “new” using another name.

However, the only problem with this tactic is that she repeats the same craziness and starts to act paranoid and crazy on that one. As they say, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

67-year-old camel toe wearing Mary J Lee from North Carolina has used the names Mlee, MareLee, MaresLeigh, froglyprincess, LiberalMediaPR, Crasspies, McGreggorsBack, and now she is back to Crasspies. There is a lot more out there, I’m just going by memory, because unlike this crazy bitch I don’t screenshot everything and keeps record of all her crazy shit. (I’d have an encyclopedia to fill if I did.)

So now Hagface Mlee is going to start trolling under the Crasspies name. Rock on you old psycho!!! LOL!!! You aint fooling anyone!

This sums up the old gal perfectly…

That Mary Lee lady was going bananas today, psychoanalyzing everybody like a true internet freak. Lol. She’s got everybody all figured out n shit. Yeh granny psychiatrist, you obviously achived a lot in your life. You sit on the computer and bark at people all day who dare to mention your crazy ass. Mary Lee…you are a pathetic hot paranoid know it all joke of a hot mess. You are just a weirdo psychotic old hag and absolutley no one wants to follow you or hear your crap. No one cares or believes a single thing you say. And talking about alts?  How’s Crassipes and Maraleigh doing these days, you pathetic joke?you old woman, are the biggest liar of all time.  You should go crawl in whatever dirty hovel you hang out in, and shut your snickering ridiculous trap. You are a disgrace Mary Lee.

BTW- How’s that Kohl’s catalog lookin’ this month?  Pick out any little kids that you’re gonna claim are from an Amber Alert?  How’s that dude in Kansas or wherever who took Haley Cummings?  Did he get arrested yet? Or was it the priest guy Regan?  No, it was the bio Mom. Nope, sorry it was the maternal grand$other.  Shit, no it was the priest guy’s son. No wait, it was the bio mom’s lawyer.  Lol. Do you realize you are a wacko lady? No one wants to hear from you, okay Mary?  Miss innocent grandmother? Ya right!!!! You are a complete joke! Say hi to that maniac guy you follow loke a fucking sheep.  How’d THAT work out for ya?  Freak.

Sexaaay pic of Mary Lee @McGreggorsBack back in the day!

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Mary Lee pretending to be a police officer. Listen Hagface Mugshot Misdemeanor Mary, just because you use to strip out of a police officer uniform in the strip clubs of New Mexico and North Carolina does not a police officer make. LMAO!!!

Mlee’s favorite costume was the police uniform, because the men would always “make it rain” on Mary. Word on the street says that is how she met John Lee…

We know all about your history Mary… After the stunts you pulled in New Mexico, you were run out of the state and you fled East.

More bullshit from psycho @THolmseth

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You guys have to check out crazy Tim’s newest post at www.writeintoaction.com,  Another police cover up, another fake police report, and another police Chief telling him to fuck off.  The best is his referring to his taping recording his own discussion with his own attorney.  Ha!  Who tapes themselves talking on the phone at their own home -with their own advocate?! A psychotic paranoid conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone is out to get him! That’s who does it!!!  Where does he keep all these tapes anyway? A warehouse?  With Mary Lee’s volumes of photocopies that she masturbates to daily?
And get this – the man doesn’t use just any ordinary tape recorder…..Oh NO, my friends!  It’s a special “Reporter’s/Journalist’s tape recorder” according to Tim.  I guess you can’t buy that kind of recorder at Best Buy.   Oh No!  You’ve got to go to the Reporter/Journalist Store and use the secret handshake to get past Big Joe at the door!   Unbelievable. And he wants the taxpayers of  MN to pay for him while he sits in his nasty home (that is filled with bed bugs) and does this shit? What a loon!

The Duchess Of Cornball

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Michelle, Duchess of Cornball

Poor misdemeanor Mary @McGreggorsBack!!!!

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As you all know this “sleuth” wannabe researcher has been arrested for writing bad checks. That’s how she got the name misdemeanor Mary!!! Wish we could find the old broad’s mugshot! Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Anyways, Mary Lee claims that she isn’t going to research another missing child case, because of what happened to her in the Haleigh Cummings case. Awwwww. Booo hoooo. Someone get me some tissues!

But here is the real reason Mary isn’t going to research another missing child case. Because when she hooked up with Holmseth, he made her paranoid, and dumb. Everything was a conspiracy. Nothing was as it seemed. There was never a simple logical answer for anything. Everyone and everything was out to get her.

That’s why she screenshots every little thing on twitter and saves them in her files. Files that she masturbates to daily!!! Especially the screenshots from 2009-2010 when things were hot and heavy in the Haleigh Cummings case.

Simply put Holmseth fucked her up!!! He dumbed ole Mugshot Mary down!

Mugshot Mary is still being tutored in second-grade level reading comprehension and writing skills.  However, she is having problems with her tutors, as she secretly thinks they are really a South Florida attorney in disguise!!!!!!  Mugshot Mary fires them on the spot. Poor Mugshot Mary will never be able to read and write correctly.

.@Murtwitnessone the biggest POS douchebag of all time!

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You’re not fooling anyone with your recent bullshit affectation! You allowed and even enabled certain trolls come to your blog and spew their shit, then try to kiss the ass of the person they’ve targeted. You’ve even tried getting into bed with some of the lowest of the low on the internet. Tim Holmseth, Mary Lee, Brianne Chantal, and pornographer Lee Stranahan to name a few.

You’ve wagged your virtual finger in many faces with a disgusting sense of entitlement that makes me want to vomit. You have even stooped so low as to calling people pedophiles and accusing them of abducting or murdering, various missing children. You’ve said certain individuals were viewing child pornography, and you produced no evidence to back up those baseless accusations.

Your motive? All because they called you out on your shit! I’m not going to forget about your dirty draconian antics William. You may pull the wool over the eyes of some, but I’m not gullible. I see you exactly for what you are.

YOU project. You are a pedophile, your involvement in the Trenton Duckett case was strange, disturbing, and suspect. Not to mention the shit you pulled during the search for Caylee Anthony. You parked your old news van in front of Melinda’s apartment and claimed you had “visions” of the missing child. You claimed you partied with Casey Anthony. You’ve threatened to send sex offenders to the home of women with children. Your behavior is daunting!

The fact that you even dare to question the integrity of others is laughable and quite frankly very shitty of you. You are such an ass hole you wouldn’t know integrity if it slapped you in the face. You are a liar, and a user. You need to get back into your place and watch your fucking mouth and WATCH YOUR FUCKING BACK.

You lie through your teeth. You need to get your fat ass off the internet FOREVER. You haven’t heard the last of me. Count on that! Because your victim game is up as far as I’m concerned.

Does Deric Lostutter Really Need Donations?

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Posted from His Instagram Last night. If  He’s Really making this kind of money, he doesn’t need personal or legal donations. Most likely this is donation money being flaunted.


DericHilton DericHilton2DericBallin

Remember when He was tweeting and using facebook from rehab? (A rehab that openly says they have no 5 day program, nor do they allow their inpatients access to electronic devices)

That’s b/c he wasn’t in rehab he spent several expensive days at a Hilton Hotel. Wonder how he paid for it? from your donations.
Also AA has nothing in their 12 steps about treating yourself. The Hilton In Winchester, Ky confirms A Deric Lostutter on their guest registry for the 5 days he was claiming to have been in Rehab.

here’s the 12 steps:


DericsTruck DericsBike

The new truck and motorcycle he bought within the last month. note the bike is very different from his harley that he posed with in the esquire interview.

All of these pics are  from his instagram would suggest what friends close to Lostutter have been saying in recent weeks: That he pissed away over $20,000 in personal donations and that his legal fund may have been squandered as well.

And then there’s these




DericBallin DericsNumber7

Update 10/21/13:
Lostutter is now asking for $6,000 a day in donations


ALERT: This is one smoking hot lady right here! WOW!

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The Significance Of @MichelleLMcKee

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Michelle has been on a twitter roll as of late telling all kinds of people they are insignificant… and other things. LOL! Well, maybe not all kinds of people – mainly Stranahan, Don Carpenter and of course – me. LOL!

She is apparently having a significance crisis of her own. Making big changes in her life she says. Moving to Kansas, where she says she has lived before and was a bartender. I guess this may be a redux, who knows. I hope she doesn’t drink up all of her wages. I’m also concerned that once she arrives there, the beautiful Kansas sunflowers will never grow again.

Michelle plays on twitter. She picks fights and accuses others of causing her to indulge in this behavior. She rants. Tweets drunk. So, twitter is obviously a good outlet for her frustrations. She also tries to out those she doesn’t like and according to the latest to gain fame – her antennas are not working too well. I think she needs less tin foil on them.

Of course, it was Michelle who brought Anonymous into the Steubenville rape case. Good work most would agree. Steubenville doesn’t agree, but that’s an entirely different story.

I think Michelle is a hugely significant person. She’s the cheapest entertainment you can find on twitter and sometimes she’s even funny.

Meanwhile, Back At The Guest Ranch

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Ever Hear The Phrase “Bitches Run In Packs”? LOL! LOL!

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Haha! I had to do this!! :mrgreen:

New Ad Campaign For Boys Ties And Fat Midget Sex Partners! Telling Isn’t It? LOL!

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Psycho tard @Blaiss takes another virtual beating

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What a nutbag…. It certainly was a tragedy what happened to Caylee, and I firmly believe Casey was guilty, but seriously, WTF?? What are the motives of Sharon, what the hell does she think/hope will be accomplished? The way I am seeing it, she is simply a stalker with no other motive than to draw attention to herself..


Blaise should have put this much effort into raising her child, he might not be the criminal he is today had she paid him this much attention and guided him into adulthood. Epic failures. How is she still employed by a government entity at this point. Don’t they know what she does all day long at her goberment cheeze job?


You mean that people are still talking about the Anthony’s?  Jus another example of how some people can’t move on!


@LOL READ her tweets. They’re insane. Meanwhile her son has more mugshots online to count.  Blaiss is laughed at, or blocked, by MSM. She has “very liable sources” she tells them. She will argue with MSM (on twitter) TELLING them that they DID too pay Casey Anthony for an interview. None of her accusations have proven true.


Do you think she uses he son’s mugshot for Christmas cards. There are enough of them for a variety pack. Eh, it’s only a matter of time before he’s on death row. course she’ll still be going on about Casey, a woman found not guilty. Don’t the taxpayers in Deland get pissed her son wastes so much money with his failed life of crime and her diddling around all day long on the taxpayers dime talking about a woman no one even sees? Whatever loon.


This pisses me off to no end, that this fucktard is actually employed, rec’ing a paycheck as a victims advocate!! I’m sure it’s already been done, but the agency that employs her need to get a printout of every ridiculous comment she makes online, someone has done this already, right?


She’s a victim’s advocate for the police dept in Deland Fl. For real, all day long she only advocates that Casey not make money. Not that her son quit victimizing people in their own town. It must be fun watching your kid get perp walked by your office at work on the regular. The woman has no shame what-so-evah.

Read more @ http://radionewz.net/2013/09/psycho-bitch-blaiss-continues-her-weird-obsession-with-casey-anthony/#comments

Psycho @Blaiss slammed for multiple personalities on twitter

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Psycho bitch @Blaiss continues her weird obsession with Casey Anthony

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Crazy psycho-tard Sharon Blais continues her obsession with Casey Anthony… This bitch has even gone as far as creating sock accounts to spam media outlets regarding the object of her obsession. There are no words on how fucking bat shit nuts this character is.

This woman even stalked Casey’s father George at a casino. She even criticizes Cindy (Casey’s mother) for her parenting, yet Sharon’s own son has had his own run in’s with drugs and law enforcement.

Her family needs to step in and get her some help. This woman lives, breathes, and sleeps Casey Anthony.

It is also very scary that she is a Government employee with the Orange City, Florida Police Department as a victims advocate.

Just read her timeline, and judge for yourself… Her continuous obsession shows she should be FIRED ASAP.



The #trollpocalypse is upon us

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It started on Friday, but after 3 days of fuckery no one remembers what post independent journalist Matt Hopard posted to upset people or how the #trollpocalypse began to fall upon us when he wrote an apology to friends and followers on Facebook. An epic flame war reminiscent of the early days of Occupy Wall Street  ensued bringing out Independent media’s finest and a-list names as well as well-known activists from all over bringing the smack down on each other, and in good fun. Some of the jabs became serious and drama filled at times,  but mostly all in good fun.

In 3 days the thread reached over 3,000 comments with no end in sight, and a mission to take the world record for longest Facebook comment thread. The record belongs to Dawar Kazi with over 584,444 comments. Some old grudges and trash talk from the Zuccotti Park days were brought up as well as the realization that occupy had it wrong. The Lizard People are the real 1%.

This is definitely something to keep your eyes on kids as it’s only gonna get more ridiculous and dirty in the weeks to come, and some of this will put the Steubenville flame wars to shame.



Some of these folks after 2 years of putting themselves on the line, being beaten and arrested for covering activism and even some with PTSD who traveled to places like Turkey and Brazil to cover civil unrest are finally getting to blow off some steam.

It’s #real talk mixed with epic fuckery and a side of grudges.

And the LULZ

You can join and/or read  the thread here

The sick agenda of the duplicitous pedophile @Murtwitnessone

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The latest shit that the duplicitous Murt has pulled is daunting. This man is in a self induced drama vortex, and his main objective is to draw as many people into this crazy vortex with him as possible. We are dealing with a man that has a severe mental illness that makes him gravitate towards drama and conflict.

This old overweight man wrote several blog articles regarding, blogger and TV commentator Levi Page. He made outlandish accusations that Levi was stalking children, and viewing child pornography. He claimed Levi was a “deviant.”

When Levi contacted Murt about his blog posts, Murt claimed that Levi had bullied a conspiracy theorist blogger from the backwoods of Minnesota, Timothy Holmseth. When Levi provided Murt with a document showing that Holmseth was abusive to his children and allowed sexual abuse to occur inside of his home… Murt decided to publish the documents on his blog, even including the name of minor children.

When Murt was blasted for his unsavory actions, he decided to blame Levi. The fact is, Levi never told Murt to publish the document. The documents were well-known to people who followed Timothy Holmseth’s craziness in the Haleigh Cummings case.

Meanwhile, Murt, had written on many occasions on twitter and his blog, that he had no respect for a well known Fort Lauderdale lawyer Kim Picazio. The next thing you know, the old fart decided to contact Picazio’s law office to draw her into his drama vortex. He previously twittered that Picazio was a ”disgrace” to the legal profession. Yet he is calling her and seeking her out.

Why did Murt call Picazio? When Holmseth, who has been jailed for harassing Picazio, accused Murt of extortion, Murt apparently forgot all about the bad things he said about this well respected lawyer from South Florida.

Murt wanted Picazio to get Levi, and the owner of this blog, Radio, to aid him in “exposing” Holmseth. When Picazio couldn’t get either one to band together with Murt, he went on twitter and shit talked Picazio again, and even wrote a shitty blog post about her.

What Murt is displaying is draconian antics. Trying to get a woman to do his dirty work, and when she refuses, he takes to his blog to shit talk. Talk about misogyny.

The fact is, Murt accused Radio of abducting Haleigh Cummings and being a sex offender. Why would Radio want to take time out of her day and aid a man that made those sick unfounded accusations about her?

The truth is, Murt will take any chance he can to take swipes at Picazio. He contacted her years ago, wanting help “debunking” rumors about him on the internet. This was his first attempt to drag her into his drama vortex.

When she kindly explained she didn’t have the time to involve herself in his drama, that is when Murt was out for blood and for revenge. So, while you read Murt’s twitter and blog, that is why he is taking shots at the South Florida attorney.

Murt is also gloating that Holmseth will be given custody of his children, and he is blaming Page and Picazio for that. Ignorant comments coming from this over weight geriatric weirdo.

Murt knows little about Holmseth, or Holmseth’s history. The truth is, Holmseth has a history of making enemies in his small community. Holmseth has filed complaints against prosecutors, defense lawyers, law enforcement, and judge’s. They’re all sick of his shit up there and they all think he is bat shit insane.

Holmseth has NO credibility in that community and no judge takes any of his wild accusations seriously. No judge will grant Holmseth custody of his children. That will happen when hell freezes over.

That is just a fact Murt, so shut your ignorant fucking mouth and leave everyone alone you sick shit head.

NIMH’s Hawt Straight Jacket Model

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The National Institute of Mental Health introduces their favorite model for all straight jacket manufacturers! This model has made almost every type of straight jacket a big hit in even the most cynical and liberal asylums! This model is said to prefer handcuffs, gags, spurs, whips, ropes and chains, but says a job is a job!

Old Sleuthing Spook Reinvented But Still A Nutcase

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Hi Traveler aka Astro!  That’s the word on the street about this sleuthing loon.

New Honorary Parking Spaces For Steubenville ShrewCrew

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Why is lard ass @Murtwitnessone going to the food bank?

September 17, 2013 |  by  |  Opinion, Smack  |  5 Comments

murt food bankKeep your ass out of the food bank, you are not in need of food! Your fat ass wasn’t in need of it when you and your rapist loving girlfriend Sheryl Scot-Anderson went to Golden Corral either!  Y’all look like y’all haven’t missed a meal in ages. GTFOH with your bullshit Murt!


@MichelleLMcKee Declared Officially Batshit Crazy!

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Michelle, the former crazy, is now officially batshit crazy! No doubt about it. It’s official!!

She has some shit on her twitter, a Fernandez name, and I found out she got it from McGreggorsBack as belonging to me! It’s not me. LMMFAO!! Now, anyone who believes anything about me that old batshit puts out, especially names, has completely lost it. That’s why I can officially declare Michelle batshit crazy!!

A couple of other interesting things on that twitter that is bound to upset those who hound me, Levi and Kim 24/7, never taking a break saying they both write on this blog. Maybe even own it. Well, Michelle says they don’t write here and that is at least one thing she got right – they don’t!!

Now, I suppose those who insist that I am Kim, Kim is me, Kim owns this blog and is maybe even Levi – or at best must be Executioner or Levi is Executioner or that we all take turns being Radio, Executioner and each other and God only knows what else – well, they can now go attack Michelle!! LMAO!!

Talk about a fucking circus folks – we got it around here!! :)

KP calls drunk cougar @McGreggorsBack out on her lies

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And I just read Mary Lee’s blog.  I don’t know where she obtained that ludicrously false information re:  Lisa Croslin, but since I was actually there, and conducted that effort to assist a needy lady, I can vouch that her facts are nearly 100% incorrect.  You have a question about it Ms. Lee?  Ask me.  You know my contact info.  It can also easily be obtained on the internet after you log out of ancestry dot com for a moment.   I have all documents to prove your narrative is wholly fallacious.  Just try me on that one.  I’m so sick of hearing your blogger name in email notifications, i just don’t know what to do. I’d be happy to prove you 100% wrong just once.  Otherwise, leave me alone Ms. Lee.  You don’t want to nudge me again, mam.  Have a good night.


Cleaning Out the Closet Pt.1

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Hey everyone.

Thanks to Radio for the invite to come on board and for providing me another outlet to write whatever I choose to.

Some of you know me personally,while others only know about me through my work at Mobile Broadcast News or just what they read on twitter. Hope you’re enjoying a mentally disturbed person currently ranting about me while making no sense what so ever. Simply for exposing them as not only trying to bribe me back in August to lay off Deric Lostutter,and because I let them know they’re next to be exposed.

Anyhoo figured I’d share some things on my first post here that not many folks know about except from rumors, speculation and innuendo. Or maybe you don’t know anything about it and that’s okay too.

I first began covering the Steubenville case on December 23, 2012. I had followed #opwbc into this train wreck,and to this day, I still don’t know how everything fell on my lap. I saw the times story on the case on December 16th, and found it interesting and worth looking into, but then the Sandy Hook Shooting  happened putting the story on hold for a bit.

In indigenous cultures they believe that stories are living creatures just waiting to choose their story-teller. (Not sure if that applies here, but damn does it sound cool to say) So I dove right in to what I would constantly refer to as the greatest shit show on earth: masked protesters, activists, lame stream media,and the town of Steubenville clashing and mixing it up.

It should be noted that every person who stood in the streets for Jane Doe are to be commended and honored. The social media slut shaming of that girl was wrong,and to this day I do believe all those responsible deserved national and international calling out for what that girl went through at the hands of facebook, youtube, and twitter accounts. Had everyone been brought to Steubenville with facts and not lies, I wouldn’t still be talking about this case. I’d be off on the next project or mission.  And if you stood up for the girl, and have been discouraged by the lies of Lostutter and friends, don’t be discouraged. You stood up for what you believed as right, and I only wish myself or lame stream media would have caught the bullshit early on, but we didn’t and after being harassed at a stand up for Steubenville rally, I began ignoring the town side of  the story after going in there trying to get the town’s side of the story. Early on I knew of Prinnie due to the times story but I had no idea who Mckee, Ortega, or any of those morons were. They never factored into the story itself or what brought myself and my readers into the ville, so we ignored them all. I do firmly believe that without thousands of people coming to the town of Steubenville, there wouldn’t be this ridiculous grand jury in session right now. BTW, anyone who tells you they know what the GJ is doing,thinking,whatever is full of shit. No one knows what the hell is going on, what they are doing, who they’re looking at, etc. I do believe that if Anonymous had spent some time looking into the matter of Steubenville and fact checking what they were “told”  b4 they got involved, their role would have been significantly smaller in this case. Anonymous isn’t anyone’s personal army.  However in this case,the more look at it and into things now, the more I do see that Lostutter was used as someone’s personal army.(as well as feeding his need for attention, cash, promotion and validation) I’m getting way ahead myself:
Steubenville should have ended for me back in May with a 43 mile walk on the Panhandle Trail from Weirton to Pittsburgh.
I had used the last of my funds to get back to the ville to cover what would have been the first day of the Steubenville grand jury(which actually turned into a small rally outside of the Jefferson County Courthouse, and the first of many breaks for that GJ) I stuck around the area following that rally while working on a story about Khylii Keefer, as well as working on a french film companies documentary on the Steubenville case. (I didn’t know it at the time, but god damn did the french fuck up the story of Steubenville with terrible  inaccuracies and false narratives) So here I was in Ohio knowing I had to get back to Pittsburgh where I would be homeless for a spell. (I had already lost my apartment and all my possessions, but dammit I was dedicated to the story,and the pursuit of reporting it. ) Personal possessions can be replaced. I had all I needed on me anyways.( My computer, camera,streaming gear,and some clothes.) I had dumped my heavier and non essential gear at a friends. I knew if I made it back to the burgh, 1. I’d be able to survive as Pgh’s homeless resources are among the best in the country, that I still had a small job with the city, and I knew of a place down by the river I could live until I found more work,and could work my way back towards and apartment. I packed up 5 bottles of water, and onto the trail home I went.}

The first day I went 20 miles. I had alot of time to think on this trip, so on I walked while pondering things. I thought about the Steubenville case, I was proud of the work I did on it. I also though hard on my situation in life at the moment. I was in the exact same position as alot of my brothers and sisters in independent media and live streaming.(for the record,I did no streaming during #orrr, that  was Amanda,Matt, and a bunch of anons) I pursued the story and my media until I was out of money and was homeless. I thought long and hard about quitting it all, and just walking away from it all.  It was hotter than hell, and I was going thru my water quickly with no refill opportunities available on this trail till I hit Burgettstown,Pa. I then began thinking about my attempts in the past about standup comedy and acting and how I quit those ventures too easily. I couldn’t quit doing media. I had met alot of dedicated folks across the country who counted on me to keep going on, and helping them when they needed. So what if I was out of funds. I simply go back to work, get more funds thru work,and if need be raise some funds. Besides,I had gotten along fine with outdated gear, and a lack of funds or minimal donations for over a year and a half during the occupy thing, so I decided this would be one thing in my life that I knew i was good at that I wouldn’t walk away from because things got hard. I would continue to pursue indy media, journalism and activist journalism. Yeah, I was homeless, but fuck it shit happens for a reason. If I froze to death in the winter, then I froze to death in the winter. It’s good to believe in something, and if that belief brings about your death…..good to die for something you believe in.

Some of the pieces of this case still didn’t make sense to me,so when I broke for the night on the washington, Pa side of the trail, I reviewed my notes by flashlight before I went to sleep for the night. I woke up around 2 am,  realized I was almost out of water and decided to continue my walk to Pittsburgh. It was supposed to be over 90 degrees today, and the quicker I got to refill my water the better, so on I marched. Somewhere along this second half of my trip, I decided to do a documentary on the homeless situation in the burgh. I may as well be productive while seeking a job and being homeless, and Dispatches from Homeless Camps: Pittsburgh edition was born.  I made it as far as Oakdale,Pa before dehydration kicked my ass. (yeah the fat guy walked 43 miles in 10 hours and fell down go figure haha) I enjoyed a nice ambulance trip to St, Clair Hospital where I was treated for a few hours for dehydration, and was released in time to walk 2 more miles to my friends house in Dormont to catch the pens game and a place to crash for the night. My friend as happy to see me, we really haven’t saw much of each other since I joined the occupy movement a year and a half ago,so it as nice to catch up with him,and he was very proud of the work I had been doing as a media ninja. He became informed of alot of the injustices I covered across the country by educating himself thru my twitter, facebook, and live stream feeds. I couldn’t bring myself to let him know I was no homeless, but I suspect he knew.

The very next day he bought me breakfast, and off to the southside of Pittsburgh I went to the Temple of the Dog, a area a friend had built down by the river using bricks in the river from all the old demolished steel mills. The Temple always has been a coming and going point as well as a party spot between activists, musicians, and more. 100 yards away from this sacred spot,were 2 caves.  I would later occupy one of these caves for almost 2 months until I made enough funds to get another apartment.

It is around this time,I began digging back into the Steubenville protest figure-head and his friends, and started seeing the pattern of bullshit and inaccuracies which mislead people to join the cause. I would also begin a wonderful personal transformation in the months to come.

More on all this later folks.

Welfare Worker @BringItAlready Quits Job Over Envy

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This is an attitude entertained by common white trash. You always hear people complaining and saying stuff like this – but to quit a JOB that benefits your family over such a silly reason you can do nothing about and continue to live in the trashy shithole duplex she does is disgusting. When you will not work to benefit your family over envy – that is LOW! Definitely not one of the upwardly mobile!! Disgraceful TBH!

TheDirty.com Blows LSU Student Brandon Ballard!!

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Oh my! And the pictures on that site are worse!! :shock:


LMAO .@BrianneChantal Queen Bewbs of Subsidized Housing

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As if she pays two thousand dollars for anything. Canada picks up the tab for her house and you can bet its NOT Two grand.

Miss Patterson youre pants seem to be on fire. Again.



That’s The Sound Of Karma .@BrianneChantal

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Can you hear that train?

Its name is Karma and its headed your way and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

Choo Choo bitch.

Briannes Karma

Cougar @McGreggorsBack declared Haleigh Cummings dead 2 months after she vanished!

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Drunk Cougar Mary Lee and her tin foil conspiracy nut boyfriend Timothy Holmseth like to claim that anyone who holds the opinion that Haleigh Cummings is a homicide victim abducted her. I’m not joking, anyone on the internet who holds that opinion, they claim abducted Haleigh.

Mary Lee is so fucking crazy and off the reservation that she writes conspiracy theory tin foil blogs asking the owner of this website, Radio, ( who she calls “Rodeo”) where Haleigh is. Yep, you read that correctly, the crazy old bitch is so far gone that she actually thinks Radio abducted Haleigh.

Let’s go inside the mind of this old paranoid conspiracy theorist fart. She thinks Radio is a “sock” used by multiple people, and that these mysterious people pulling the strings behind the “sock” Radio are Haleigh’s abductors. Anyone who calls her out on her drunk, alcoholic, paranoid shit… Well, she claims they are Radio, and that the FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, NASA, and every law enforcement agency in the United States is after them.

Shit Mary, we’ve all been waiting for the FBI to arrest us for two years, however the only person who has been arrested is her boyfriend Timothy Holmseth, who has a hard on for, and has harassed a respected South Florida lawyer who once represented Haleigh’s mom.

So for years, we’ve heard from Mary Lee and Tim Holmseth that the peeps who think Haleigh is a homicide victim, abducted her, and they are declaring her dead because they don’t want people to search for her…

I smell some hypocrisy coming from the old crazy bitch. Because two months after Haleigh Cummings was reported missing, Mary Lee went on a website by the name of Right Pundits and gave her opinion that Haleigh was deceased.

At this point the Law Enforcement Officers, out in the areas around the home are not looking for a living child. It has gone far beyond that point. They may well have two varing search parties, one within the homes surrounding the trailor and working the incoming reports, the other is looking for remains.
You have to ask yourselves, why this child, and why this home to enter with the intent to take a child. First they had to have known there were children in the home. Two, they had to know where the children were sleeping. Three, they had to know who would be home and who would not. Four, they had to know where the child’s clothing was to dress her. Five, they had to know the child would not be fearful of them, to wake her and take her out of the home, after dressing her. Without her crying and screaming.  Now, stop and think..

Mary Lee also took some swipes at Haleigh’s now imprisoned drug dealing father Ronald Cummings, a man she currently defends.

Why is the Dad not out searching for this child? The Law Enforcement may not want him next to their searches, but, If I were the parent of this child, no one would stop me from searching for her, no one. My time would be hers, and hers alone. Rings, trips, honeymoon? This girl he married was the last known person to see that child.. Doesn’t he get it? The last Known person. This is overwhelming.  The man wants the public to focus on Haleigh instead of his personal life.  I believe had he focused on Haleigh and her baby brother, Haleigh would still be safe at home.

This is Mary in 2013 defending Ronald…

Murt this is quite a threat levi has posted towards u.  Now, he is taking credit for the destruction and belief of everyone about Ronald Cummings. Well, lets lay this out for the boy toy..   Levi knows nothing about Ronald Cummings, and he knows nothing about that family..  He sets back in Tenn running his mouth  through his post,  and really has no idea who reads his mess and who is lined up against him..

Levi, first of all Ronald Cummings has a father, and uncles and cousins.. he has relatives in many states.   Ronald also carries grudges, and he is setting in a prison right now.. with new friends and some enemies..   Levi are U stupid enough to brag about your accomplishments that don’t exist and not have concern or fear as to who or whom you are provoking?  They know where to find U levi..  U put that info out.. These people are computer savvy, and a lot smarter than U..  Plus Ronald will get out of Prison in about 12 years..  U really think he is going to forget U? Boy, if you do.. u are really very ignorant especially after U have threatened his MOMMA..

I’m gonna channel my inner conspiracy psycho-tard… SO MY QUESTION TO YOU MARY LEE IS… WHERE IS HALEIGH? DID YOU ABDUCT HALEIGH??? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Get on her ass Timmy! Mlee did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has .@MichelleLMcKee Traded In KY For Astroglide?

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Are we to consider this a crack aimed at KY?

Will Prinnie be next?

Only time will tell.

McKee Jumps Ship

Brinocchio Busted As Murt’s New Puppet! Meet Brianne Chantal aka @QueenBewbz

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@MURTWITNESSONE Calls Upon Old Flame For Assistance With @THolmseth Problem

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I don’t know if anyone has noticed or not – but Murt had to call in some assistance to help him hide from Holmseth. LMAO! Yep, none other than his old love interest @BrianneChantal aka @QueenBewbz.

The two have been frisking all about twitter with shit so old it’s less than remarkable, but nothing unseen before. Ho hum!

Brianne Bewbz put up a twitter and loaded it up with tweets Murt could then retweet! LOL! Then they went to Holmseth’s twitter and retweeted a bunch from there and then on to @Loowho’s. Along with all of that – Bri Bri then whipped out all of her Drity.com links she had posted on Levi. Bahaha! Can we call them geniuses? Not exactly, no!

Brianne has had a wad for Levi for a long time. In fact, long before Murt.

All of this to avoid Murt having to address Timothy Holmseth’s breathing down Murt’s shit collar.

So, let’s all just roll back, relax and see what these 2 lovebirds can come up with next from their love nest. LMAO!!

Avert Your Eyes! @Shadowrapz aka Deric Lostutter Does Tinychat!

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Like the title says, avert your eyes. Especially if you’re shy. This shit is beyond disgusting, and a bit on the hilarious side. Apparently this is how Deric shows his appreciation to his “supporters.” This happened last night and I pulled it off of somebody’s twitter account that has decided to use it as their avatar, an unfortunate witness to this incident. Get your act together Deric, nobody wants to see this shit. I mean, god damn! Mother fucker has a damn keg! This must be Deric’s descent into Asian gay pubic hair fetish porn. We will see, only time will tell!

disgusting KY

A Day At Camp McKee

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Camp McKee



laughing dog


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Looks like Murt has packed up his little red wagon and moved on.

Or had he?

Only time will tell peeps. Only time will tell.

In the words of Murt

“Stay tuned”


Wack-a-Doodle Do Any Fight Will Do

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The Angel of Anonymous is at it again, making credible threats to people on the internet.

She doesn’t care who she fights with, as long as she’s fighting with someone and today of all days when her granddaughter “her heart” is in that house with her?


her heart

Breaking News: .@DJay1031 Caught Again!

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What does the “MM” stand for in @MichelleLMcKee’s twitter pic?

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Michelle & Mary!!!

Michelle & Mary!!!

Apparently Mary Lee has decided to spill all she knows to Murt’s mortal enemy Michelle McKee, and they are planning on tag teaming the ole perv! ROFLMAO!!! This shit is gonna get good peeps! Murt’s got another gal ready to rip on his ass! LMAO!

Cougar Mary Lee @McGreggorsBack stabs @Murtwitnessone + @THolmseth in the back!!

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stabbedWe just got word in that Mary Lee has not only turned against former friend Murt, but that she has handed a lot of information over regarding her now former boyfriend Timothy Holmseth!!! Wow!!!

Exorcism Planned For Michelle McKee

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Is @MURTWITNESSONE Really Under The Gun?

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Not true at all Murt. Why not get the fuck off twitter or find a new twitter community to tweet with. Stop forcing yourself on tweeps. You have at least 2 options other than the one you whine about all the time. Hitch up those pants and move along now.

.@Levi_Page slammed as “malicious sociopath” OMG!

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Tinfoil conspiracy tard @THolmseth starves child after Government cuts him off

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Timothy Holmseth refuses to pay child support on his minor son, he sits at home and writes crazy ass conspiracies all the time.

Haleigh Cummings conspiracy author Timothy Holmseth is a bottom feeding piece of shit that sits in his bed bug infested apartment and writes blog after blog about how he is being persecuted because he knows the truth about what happened to Haleigh Cummings, all the while allowing his daughter to dress his minor son up in female undergarments. Not only is he allowing this sort of shit to go on, he was collecting a Government check, he was getting financial support from the Government on his daughter, who has now turned 18.

Holmseth’s daughter works a part time job and Holmseth was also taking her paycheck, to pay for his rent and to support himself sitting on his ass in front of the computer weaving together weird ass crazy conspiracies about the Haleigh Cummings case.

Now she has moved, or is getting ready to move out of the bed bug filled apartment, and he is no longer getting that Government check, and he cannot even afford to pay for his minor son food to eat!!! You sick disgusting asshole Timothy! FEED YOUR CHILD!

Timothy Holmseth has applied for Government assistance in the past, because he is so obsessed with the Haleigh Cummings case he refuses to get a job. Talk about crazy!

By the way Tin Foil Tim, I know the REAL story about Rhonda’s ex-husband “threatening” you. What you did was sick!!! You used your teenage daughter as a shield!!! What a pussy you are!

Everyone is sick of your shit Timothy, and now that you are in front of a MALE judge, you are going to pay dearly in your child support case. Male judges won’t put up with your shitty excuses and weird conspiracies. You can bet I will be exposing every shitty thing you try to pull. I will not be letting you and your bitch Mary Lee get away with the lies and shit!

Fuck you @shadowrapz

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You are a donation seeking ass. I’m sick of going on twitter to see you begging for donations because you can’t afford fucking dog food, and then in the next tweet, you tweet about how many beers you’ve downed and how drunk you are. So you can purchase a 12 pack, but you cannot afford dog food? Get the fuck out of here with that shit!

Donation seeker Deric Lostutter needs to stop begging!

Melissa Duprez aka Pudders aka @BringItAlready aka @VoicingMy2Cents

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Fat crazy bitch Melissa Duprez

Fat crazy bitch Melissa Duprez

Meet Melissa Duprez, a very large fat roach infested hag that resides in Lebanon, PA. She was known as a marathon 24/7 “hate tweeter” that was obsessed with all things Caylee/Casey Anthony. She lived and breathed the case. She created many facebook pages to spew her garbage and was known as a petition nutter who tried to circulate weird petitions about Casey Anthony over twitter.

When Levi Page refused to join her Caylee Anthony facebook page, or refused to circulate her shitty petitions she decided that she was going to try to convince HLN to quit allowing him to appear on their programs. She created shitty facebook pages to harass and defame Mr. Page, because she was a butt hurt old hag.

Flash forward to the present and this crazy tard has morphed into several personalities on twitter such as “BringItAlready” and “VoicingMy2Cents”, everyone makes fun of her because it is obvious this lard ass bitch has multiple personality disorder.

Despite being BUSTED as Melissa Duprez, she continued to deny it on her blog. SMH. Melissa, we’ve known you were BringItAlready for a very long time. The only people you convinced were maybe Mary Lee and some Steubenville truther tards.

Now the hateful cow decided that she would attack Prinnie and bring her deceased Veteran father into the mix. When she was called to the carpet for her shit, she packed her shit and ran like the dumb bitch that she is. The cow deleted the troll BringItAlready twitter and all the posts on her tard blog “The Big Bombshell.”

You can delete all you want you fucking cow, but you’ll always be remembered as a crazy ass, roach loving bully and dumb ass tard!!!! Now go clean your home and take care of your child you nasty lady!!!


Melissa Duprez aka Pudders aka @BringItAlready does the dip!

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Melissa Duprez aka Pudders aka BringItAlready aka Nikki aka VoicingMyTwoCents

Melissa Duprez aka Pudders aka BringItAlready aka Nikki aka VoicingMyTwoCents

The crazy old bitch tucked her tail and ran off after she decided to bring Prinnie’s deceased father, a Veteran who served our country in her hateful personal vendetta against Prinnie. She also deleted all of her blog posts from her shitty crazy “The Big Bombshell Blog.” Now it is time for her to remove all her hateful facebook pages, and alter ego twitter accounts. We’re all tired of her crazy fuckery.


Now you need to tend to your trashy home Melissa!


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I was just notified of the true form of Murt! This gives me teh epic lulz! LMFAO!


He’s the sexy looking one on the right! :D

Cougar Mary Lee @McGreggorsBack gets drunk, dresses like a man!

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