Mark Redwine says he may be ‘person of interest’ in son’s death

07/06/2015  |  1 Comment

The father of Dylan Redwine says he might be the one a former FBI profiler recently called a "person of... more

Astro’s Sadistic Psychopathy And Victim Mentality

07/06/2015  |  3 Comments

As we have seen, the masked group Anonymous called Astro out in a big way for her association and support... more

Dylan Redwine Case: Pete Klismet Author “FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil”

07/05/2015  |  6 Comments

Pete Klismet Author "FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil" Re: Dylan Redwine case. Mr. Mark Redwine has been saying I don't want... more

Astro Put On Notice By Anonymous #OPELIMINATEASTRO

07/05/2015  |  9 Comments

SUSAN ANGELA PUTNAM EARMAN Twitter: Phone numbers 804-224-0201 Verizon Landline 703-538-5528 Verizon Landline Addresses 254 Meadow View Ln Colonial Beach, VA 22443-3811 ADDITIONAL NAMES: Susan F Earman, Susan E... more

Dylan Redwine’s Mother In Vallecito To Learn More About ‘Person Of Interest’

07/03/2015  |  4 Comments

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4) – The mother of Dylan Redwine is back in the town of Vallecito near Durango after the... more

Helena aka Gracie A. Marks aka Erin Dixon Standing By Her Diaper Boy Man

07/03/2015  |  3 Comments

Following the article stating a person of interest has been fingered in the Dylan Redwine Case, using her "Erin Dixon"... more

Astro’s Daughter Has Criminal Record!!!

07/02/2015  |  1 Comment

Susan Angela Nadar Putnam Earman Queen of Pedophiles & Pigs Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 9:50 pm Hey Susan, you... more

Investigators say they have ‘person of interest’ in Redwine case

07/01/2015  |  2 Comments

Former FBI criminal profiler, mountain search help advance case La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Wednesday they have identified a... more

Dylan Redwine’s mother files wrongful death lawsuit against Mark Redwine

07/01/2015  |  5 Comments

Two years and two days after her son's partial remains were found on Middle Mountain, Elaine Hatfield Redwine filed a... more

The Strange Love Of Astro And Deric!

06/30/2015  |  No Comments

Ever notice how Astro loves someone, then hates them and then loves them again? I'm sure you have if you pay... more

Astro Badgers And Insults Kim Picazio, Levi Page And RadioNewz!

06/30/2015  |  18 Comments

Her mind is stuck in false delusions, yet she hasn't the common sense to simply give it up. All lies, she... more

Murt Is Repulsed By The Female Vagina

06/30/2015  |  No Comments

Murt selects women who are so obese he can't actually see the female vaginal. He can't see it because the... more

Astro Shows Private Parts Trying To Insult And Threaten Pops!!

06/29/2015  |  1 Comment

Oh my! Doesn't Astro know Pops - or anyone else - cares not  about her lunatic and empty threats? Simple girl indeed!... more

Murt The Sick User Of Mentally Challenged Obese Women On The Internet

06/29/2015  |  No Comments

Murt creeps about the internet finding dysfunctional and the mentally challenged he can suck into his web of bitterness and hatred, convincing... more

Murt Got Muzzled And His Wings Clipped By Twitter

06/29/2015  |  6 Comments

Since Murt got muzzled and his wings clipped by twitter for his vile and abusive behavior, he has relied on... more

Astro Continues Tweeting Gibberish Fronting for Murt; Haleigh Cummings

06/29/2015  |  No Comments

Poor demented Astro has so many things wrong. Along with those things is that she and she alone brought down a... more

SSM’s Forum Takes A “Dip” On Social Issues, Cleary A Homophone Forum

06/29/2015  |  2 Comments

The comments below speak for themselves as to what tiny minds inhabit SSM's forum. Mrs. Manners Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 3:45... more

SSM’s Crime Forum Picks Up A Turd Scumbag!! LOL!!

06/25/2015  |  11 Comments

Roster Additions Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 2:40 pm  Make that Sue, her minions, and … … WAIT for it …. … Shoot ALMOST stopped laughing... more

SoSueMe’s Forum Hits 254 Members!! LOL!!

06/24/2015  |  8 Comments

Well, SSM's forum is a joke about anywhere you look. Her little army of mods must be feeling pretty low by... more

The Laughable World Of Astro And Murt

06/24/2015  |  2 Comments

The account is actually a shared account at times. Both of these individuals practice the best forms of deception they... more

The Trayvon Martin Case Obsession And The Consequences

06/22/2015  |  60 Comments

It's a sad tale. Anytime a young man loses his life - it's sad. Trayvon Martin was young - 17... more

Does It Need To Come Down? #DIXIE

06/22/2015  |  8 Comments

I believe it needs to be removed from a government site. That's ridiculous to have it there, although I understand... more

Dylann Roof’s Rhodesian Hair Style

06/22/2015  |  3 Comments

Right away I wondered why a young man in South Carolina had such a strange hair cut. Even the police... more

Spoken Like A True Racist!

06/19/2015  |  9 Comments

Only the racist mindset makes such statements. Who on earth would have connected the sorrow in Charleston to "riots"? No one... more

Victims Of Charleston AME Mass Murder

06/19/2015  |  1 Comment

There are no words really to describe the sorrow of Charleston or of South Carolina or the Nation. Below are the... more

SSM Still Being Reported As Down In The Dumps!

06/18/2015  |  1 Comment

Oh my! So much for SSM football!! It doesn't look good for SSM's new crime forum. The ONE that was hailed... more

Lostutter Admits To “Social Engineering”!!

06/18/2015  |  4 Comments

Say whut? Social engineering? As I recall, Prinnie was originally accused of that. What's going on here? LOL!! Switching infamous roles?