Lonzie Barton, JSO: Police efforts are now for a murder investigation

07/29/2015  |  No Comments

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The search efforts into the disappearance of Lonzie Barton has more fully moved to a homicide investigation,... more

Did The #Anonymous Group Think Holmseth Would Remove His Blogs?

07/28/2015  |  No Comments

No, they didn't because they know he can't, even though they gave him the opportunity to do so. He's completely... more

#Anonymous Group’s Cleverness In Handling Op ShutDown Holmseth

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I'm told it took months for this Op to put together and the strategy to be developed. I've got to hand... more

Jeremiah Regan to sue pedophile Timothy Holmseth

07/25/2015  |  2 Comments

Jeremiah Regan, a man in Florida that helped run the "Haleigh bug Center," a station set up to help raise... more

Missing boy is related to Haleigh Cummings, another missing child

07/25/2015  |  11 Comments

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. — As the search continues for 21-month-old Lonzie Barton in Jacksonville, details have emerged that he is... more

#Anonymous Message To Timothy And Marina Holmseth

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Stern warning to sickos Timothy and Marina Holmseth https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPUwWJZKIVBfcfC3DPbfaJA

What I Believe To Be The Issue With Timothy Holmseth #Anonymous

07/23/2015  |  4 Comments

Anonymous has an issue with Timothy Holmseth and it has bled over to his daughter, Marina. Kim Picazio, an attorney in... more

Missi Viebrock – The Cyberbully? Say It Ain’t So!!! #Dylan

07/23/2015  |  6 Comments


Melissa Viebrock Accuses RadioNewz Of “Bullying” Durango Herald #Dylan

07/23/2015  |  5 Comments

Missi took exception to my tweets to the Durango Herald Newspaper. I will show you the the tweets that set... more

Dylan Redwine Warrior’s Pre-emptive Strike At Durango Herald Over Coming Article

07/21/2015  |  28 Comments

I have been advised of the following. The Durango Herald is planning to print an article in support of Mark Redwine... more

#Anonymous Group Has Timothy Holmseth Facing Deadline To Remove Blogs

07/20/2015  |  6 Comments

An Anonymous group has Timothy Holmseth facing a deadline of Sunday, 7/26, 12:01am to remove his blogs from the internet. They... more

East Grand Forks, MN: Involuntarily commit Timothy Holmseth to a mental institution!

07/18/2015  |  30 Comments

CLICK HERE TO READ AND SIGN THE PETITION We are making this petition to get the government of East Grand Forks,... more

Pedophile Timothy Holmseth stalks, harasses, slanders Levi Page

07/18/2015  |  6 Comments

Veteran journalist and former HLN talk show host Jane Velez-Mitchell calls Levi Page “intrepid.” When she appeared on Levi’s talk... more

Durango Local Writes Hateful Letter To Elaine Hatfield! #Dylan

07/17/2015  |  5 Comments

Time for Hatfield to move on with life I don’t know either Elaine Hatfield or Mark Redwine, but I have to write... more

Parents believe 2-year-old Idaho boy is still alive after getting lost a week ago

07/17/2015  |  5 Comments

Leadore. Idaho (CNN) Search and rescue crews resumed their search for a missing Idaho Falls toddler Thursday. Advanced teams and K9... more

Timothy Holmseth Gets Dissed With Truth Big Time!! Hahaha!!

07/17/2015  |  1 Comment

Who'll Stop the Raine Friday, July 17, 2015 at 5:31 pm Geez Timmy, you sure are so self important. Blogging lies and... more

Holmseth Continues To Harass Former FBI Profiler, Pete Klismet! #Dylan

07/17/2015  |  12 Comments

"Holmseth asked Klismet by e-mail: Did the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office approach you and ask for your profiling assistance? Or,... more

Timmie Has It All Wrong – As Usual

07/17/2015  |  1 Comment

"After Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) wrote an article about the matter, Page posted online sexual threats against Holmseth’s children. (snipped) The... more

Timothy – What About Your Son And Daughter’s Private Parts?

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You love to talk about Haleigh Cummings' private parts. How they were looked at and what you think others saw... more

Facebook Wars Erupt Over Colorado Teen’s Killing #Dylan

07/16/2015  |  4 Comments

(Old article, but interesting) Dylan Redwine, 13, is one of the most popular kids on Facebook. Tragically, he reached that status... more

New Blog To “Focus On Psychotic Rants Of Our Favorite Little Internet Cronies”

07/16/2015  |  4 Comments

Wow - another blog. This should be interesting. https://bustedbitches.wordpress.com/ I notice categories listed are:

If Haleigh Were Found To Have Been Raped; Would TH Be Suspect #1?

07/15/2015  |  3 Comments

Who'll Stop the Raine Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 12:39 am "Sadly, I don’t think Timmy could give a rat’s ass about... more

Murt Attacks Levi Page For Covering Dylan Redwine Case

07/15/2015  |  15 Comments

This is a slam against Levi Page, via Murt's Fletcher sock, over the covering of the Dylan Redwine case. Holmseth had... more

Murt’s Family Shows The Ultimate Disrespect

07/15/2015  |  No Comments

Murt's family showed in a very public way the disrespect they have for him. They didn't even bother to get his... more

The Cruelty Of Astro At @YancyFaith

07/15/2015  |  5 Comments

Yancy Faith does not interact with Astro at all... yet Astro reaches out to intimidate Yancy. What do these tweets mean... more

New Blog In Town Calling Out Murt And Astro

07/15/2015  |  3 Comments

It's about time is the opinion of many that Prinnie began calling Murt out... and his sidekick, Astro. The postings are... more

“One Armed Boy Statue” In Mark Redwine’s Yard After Dylan Went Missing

07/13/2015  |  7 Comments

These are pictures of the "one armed boy statue" Mark Redwine put in his yard after Dylan went missing. This... more

Levi Page Show – Dylan Redwine murder mystery, 7/12/2015

07/13/2015  |  5 Comments

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/levipage/2015/07/13/dylan-redwine-murder-mystery Check Out Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Levi Page Show on BlogTalkRadio