@DirtySouthAnon AKA Santiago Rodriquez Even Issues Death Threat

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@DirtySouthAnon AKA Santiago Rodriguez’s Views On America

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@DirtySouthAnon AKA Santiago Rodriguez Thinks BIG! Talks TOUGH!

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Same back to you sissy!!!

Does Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez Know What Her Husband Does On The Intenet?

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It’s a fair question to ask. Does Santiago Rodriquez’s wife knows what he does with his computer time on the internet?

Does she pay attention to the amount of time he spends on his computer?

They live together, are married and share a life together. Whether she knows or not, people she works with who spend time on the internet may know and be whispering behind her back. Laughing. :-|

With a tweet like the one below, you can assume he has computer interests that he wouldn’t want her to know about. She should check out his browsing history. :shock:

Employers now do checks and Google searches almost on a regular basis on employment seekers and also on their current employees.

If they search the name Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez they are bound to come up with her husband’s name sooner or later and that leads them straight to her… even without her name being headlined on a blog and going straight into Google.

I hope Mr. Rodriguez understands how Google works. It never goes away.

If she does know and does nothing to stop it – then she is just as guilty as her spouse… and with as many filings against people as he does…. she could get caught in the crossfire, because when you start filing restraining orders against innocent people like David Pierce and he has an attorney challenge that …. why not call the spouse in? LMAO!! Mr. Rodriquez, himself, injected her into that case on a court document, so she’s fair game.

Someone is eventually going to know whether she knows or not. Participates or not. :)

People are already talking…… :shock:

Why So Desperate To Get This Blog Down?

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It seems it only takes a little bit of truth to hurt and hurt bad.

Another fake claim was made against this blog claiming I had published their IP on the internet… they even had a screen shot of it.

Trouble is… it was taken from another blog…. another blogger who has some interesting stuff about a lot of twitter cunts.

Apparently the twitter cunt tying to fool my registrar thinks they are as dumb as they, themselves, are. The screen shot they had to offer as proof showed it to be fake as to me or my blog.

They are so insignificant…. I won’t even give them the “down there” thrill of publishing the name they used. I’m sure it was fake anyway.

If you are having some rough cold weather and don’t have anything else to do… you might to read about some of the twitter cunts this blogger has to deal with.

Hilarious stuff!! http://loposer.com/

Cyberstalker… Online Stalker …. Bully… And More… DeLuSiOnS…

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Here is the face of a cyberstalker, online stalker, bully… and most of all, a twitter cunt.

You all know I hate the word cunt and rarely ever use it, but it fits this guy and those like him. @DirtySouthAnon and his private account: @knock0utartist.

He has delusions he is a boxer, but it’s written on one blog he could never lose enough weight to qualify, so he dreams and takes his failures in life out on others via social media, mostly twitter. A chubby, fat ass, twitter cunt.

Along with all the harassment he likes to do on social media , the one that brings him the “sweetest Joy” seems to be having people grouped spammed and suspended from twitter. This is what twitter cunts do. It’s some kind of odd pleasure for them. A sick type of fatal attraction to certain people. They are all the same. Sick, delusional, empty souls.

Santiago Rodriquez has a long history of abusing his social media privileges. A long one. Without 2 nickels to rub together – he spends his time on social media while his wife, Selena Rodrgiquez, earns the living.

Here is an informative blog about Mr. Rodgriquez and a timely one too, since he has to go to court Friday, 2/27 to prove a man named David Pierce has harassed him or something that has upset this fragile lady.

Twitter cunts, like him, bring no honor to those they champion – Trayvon Martin. They only bring shame to Sabrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, and shame to his brother and his father. And worst of all – shame to a dead 17 year old kids memory. They stain it.

The link to more than you may want to know about Mr. Rodreiguez – right here: http://santiagorodriguez.azurewebsites.net/

Ursa OTDOTR Is Updated

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Ursa OTDOTR is updated


URSA has posted updated filings/documents (look like she posted on Feb 19).

The “new” docs appear to be mostly pre-trial administrative.

However, the “revised amended complaint” from Pruitt does provide the “libelous quote” that represents the “libel committed by Tricia and posted on WS on or about Dec 18″ that Sue pulled out of her arse at the last second after the holidays…

Man, that’s a stretch, Sue.
She’ll lose that claim before she walks in the court door.

Thank you, Ursa for keeping your site up to date with all recent filings.

Popadopolous Poised to Break News On Police Scandals After Arraignment!

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Meltdown – Santiago Rodriquez Style by Melissa!!!! AKA @GZWarrior

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I would meltdown too if I knew I was going to end up in a courtroom where I would lose everything I had worked for. Just for the record from sources who know… @GZWarrior is a shared account and should be viewed as such. Red meat for a courtroom Santiago and Melissa Burgess!! Poor Selena!! :(

Santiago is having a huge crazed meltdown right here http://radionewz.net/2015/02/vicki-pates-twitter-suspensions-may-be-legally-challenged/comment-page-1/#comment-72235

Below is the commenter suspected to be Santiago Rodriquez, but it’s really Melissa Burgess! Oh my!!!

It wasn’t about private information, it was about repeated and targeted harassment. You even discussed tracking the IP address of your target behind your private accounts (you and DP).

That, paired with your numerous suspensions for posting private information to harass and intimidate, Twitter is done with you.

I won’t tell you exactly how it was done, but it’s 100% legit and you won’t be getting your accounts back.

My suggestion is to move on with your life, go spend time with your estranged kid who barely acknowledges you. Stop making more troll accounts to dox as you are wrong 99% of the time and innocent people could suffer because of it. Your “supporters” are just as guilty because they take your word without seeing any proof.

Just stop. You’re getting up there in years, stop trolling and start knitting. Move on.


Santiago Rodriguez Files False Claim Against The Radionewz Blog And Gets Busted.

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Santiago Rodriquez filed the following claim against me with my domain registrar…. apparently, he is so ignorant of private hosting, he thinks it is my server host. LOL! Some internet sleuth Santiago is NOT!!

I am not Patricia Griffith or Vicki Pate. LMAO! Neither one is posting on the front of this blog. Vicki does post in comments. Tricia does not. I don’t know whether David does or not.

I’ve blogged about a lot of people over the years – for and against – but that certainly does not mean I am them! Christ!!! If you make news on social media – you may end up here as “newz”!

There is no court order that affects me or this blog. I had never heard of this David guy until I read the complaint. Santiago even attached a restraining order he has against David — which isn’t legit at this point because I found out there is another court appearance to litigate it! He even attached an affidavit that Vicki Pate had done for David, which had fuck to do with nothing regarding this complaint about my blog. Neither one did.

I mean, I was seriously squinting my eyes reading the complaint trying to find something, anything that had anything to do with me or this blog. Ugh! Blogging is fun – but you have to put up with a lot of bullshit and crackpots.

It is simple to me. This Santiago guy needs to be committed to a funny farm!!

None of this crap has anything to do with this blogger or blog. Most bizarre and confused mess I’ve ever seen. I blog social media newz and newz I pick up on. It can be anything, but when a complaint is filed against this blog, I investigate the circumstances and have no problem blogging the results. In plain English – you fuck with me and I will fuck with you.

If he will file such wild claims against me and this blog — you can about imagine the truthfulness of the claims he is filing against other people. This guy is nuts!

As you can see, the post did NOT come down.

Blog Deets on @MiamiDecor AKA Shannon Lear

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Things are getting nasty out there…   :-|


Meet: Shannon Lear

Twitter: @MiamiDecor

Occupation Interior Decorator (Possibly Un-Employed)

Location: Miami, Florida

Ms. Lear has spent the past almost two years creating fallacies, making up her own set of facts, harassing, threatening and obsessing over George Zimmerman.

So much so that she apparently forgot to go to work and she was evicted from her apartment this past May.

Which happens to make us think of a recent tweet where she wrote, “zimmy shld have Paid his RENT&GONE HOME,instead of stalking&killing an innocent KID”

What an interesting statement from someone who themselves failed to pay their rent.

One would think that after being evicted she would cut the shenanigans and get herself together.

No such luck. Up until this very moment she continues to post all things Zimmerman.

With no job (we THINK) and all this logged computer time, one has to wonder, who is caring for her adorable child.

Most Trayvon Martin supporters are crude, rude and all things repulsive but Ms. Lear must be awarded the lowest of the low award after a comment she made to sexual abuse victim.

All this person was trying to do was provide their opinion on Zimmerman and Ms. Pond Scum herself felt the need to use information she obtained from the users twitter bio to abuse another innocent person.

“@MiamiDecor: @JPrice02 NoONe attacked zimmerman.you’re a sex abuse victim yet believe a molester&women abuser,you are a pathetic Victim ”

Pond Scum DID admit she was wrong to another user after the fact but we have to think after all the distasteful comments that come out of her mouth on a regular basis, it seems pretty weightless to us.

Would you want this hateful, mean-spirited, jerk designing your next home? Us either!



Police Twist Words Of Popadopolous’s Father To Trump Up Charges?

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Pop’s father admitted to him that the reports aren’t correct in what he told them.

@__TOMMYTAMP0N Account Suffers Suspension

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Tommy is suspended AGAIN. :(



Vicki Pate’s Twitter Suspensions May Be Legally Challenged

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I am in possession of private information an attorney has been contacted and has begun the process with Twitter to get to the bottom of the suspensions. Permanent suspensions are unusual and especially in light of the fact it is believed Pate’s twitters were no more offensive or aggressive than some notorious others, who have not suffered the same fate.

  1. I am in posession of proof that Vicki’s twitter suspension had nothing to do with Crump and liberlism or black crime… it was 100% “Alhambra Bad boy”

  2. You may have proof (as do I), of one being suspended by “Alhambra Boy” but there was never an investigation done because there were no postings of his private information on that account, as he stated in his email to twitter. Then there are the other two accounts, including my private account, that were suspended, also none of his personal info was on them.

@EyeD0x Called Someone Stupid, I Think….

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@__TOMMYTAMP0N Provides Some Twitter Comedy & TAP TAP TAP

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@__TOMMYTAMP0N shows off his lovely family. A very proud husband and father! Thank you for sharing Tommy!

Tommy also shows he is very angry at another tweeter!! :shock:

@GZWarrior Has Been Playing Clues

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@TheLexiNelli Decides To Stay Above The Fray

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@DirtySouthAnon Posts A Picture Of The Devil

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Alhambra’s Bad Boy – In Need Of Serious Help!! @DirtySouthAnon @gzwarrior @knock0utartist

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If you have never heard of Mr. Rodriquez or had to deal with him – consider yourself lucky. Nasty as they come on twitter, using porn to intimidate and harass, as you will see by opening the Google Docs link and reading the entire pdf. Shocking is a mild word to describe this individual.

Mr. Rodriquez has every right to any opinion he chooses to hold on any subject matter he chooses, but his tactics against those who disagree with him are hard line gutter. That’s not right.

Websleuths Trial Delayed

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This posted yesterday on the Lawsuit Thread @ WS by Tricia:

Websleuths Feb 23 Trial Date has been postponed by 1-3 weeks.
Tricia will update new date when the Court schedules it.

Tricia Griffith’s Powerful Counter-Suit to Sue Pruitt’s Measly Filings

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I know it’s the Christmas and New Year’s Season and we all have other things to do than read court documents, but it must be brought to everyone’s attention that all in this lawsuit launched by Sue Pruitt is not at all it may have seemed in the beginning.

Yes, Pruitt filed the lawsuit and that created a huge buzz… but Tricia launched a counter-suit of significantly more substance that Pruitt’s measly offering.

Pruitt has a measly 2 claims against Tricia… while Tricia has a whopping 6 against Pruitt and they are STRONG! They are valid.

In your spare time – please review what Tricia has filed against Sue… and they are more than expected to prevail. I know court docs are boring and often hard to understand… but review them and discuss them among friends and you will see Tricia has this hands down!!

Poor Sue!!

If Sue’s attorneys had believed she had a case… you would have seen more and more robust filings. You haven’t, so that should explain the entire matter in a nutshell.

Ursa pointed all of these out…

Amended counter-petition which spells out the claims against Sue Pruitt including Abuse of Process, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Defamation, Negligence,and more.








These are huge!! Happy New Year Tricia Griffith!

SSM To Blame For Websleuths’ Lawsuit Wars

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Mrs. Manners
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 4:28 pm

Oh I agree that this law suit should never have been shared with anyone. It is between the two partners. However it was Sue who posted it immediately on WB so the Mod could see it. The strange thing is that as I have come to understand THAT posting by Sue was even before Tricia had received her notification. Hard to believe but Sue is to blame big time for the spread of all of this mess in the very beginning. She then began her campaign of hate with all the mods and adm’s. What a gal!

Some Public Deets on Santiago Rodriquez He Doesn’t Want His New Wife To See

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You wouldn’t want a new wife to know you tried to smother the last one and burnt them with cigarettes either. It’s understandable why he doesn’t, but you can read all about it here.

Full report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1-gwO3Kyjb9Q1F6SGtRU1RRaGlJZUNlRUFnQXpKQmRsV2Jj/view

Rodriquez, back off or I’ll put your current wife’s name and her profession on blast. And I mean on blast!

Pretty classy wife for a criminal. Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez, PhD, MPH, http://web.csulb.edu/colleges/chhs/departments/health-science/faculty-profiles/Selena.htm Imagine the sleuthing that will be done on this! The fuckery has just started. :)

And the same goes for you Miss Melissa York Burgess!

This isn’t called the Blog of Champions for nothin’!!! :)

Missing Mods At Websleuths

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A lot of the mods are missing perhaps we should start some threads there for missing mods at websleuths. Marlywings is a no show Trica had to ask users not to break TOS on one of the Aussie threads
I think they’re on an unofficial strike lol doing whatever they can to hurt Trica before their crappy case is lost.
Missing websleuths moderators anyone care where they are

Liberal Advocates Have A Serious Problem With Black On Black Crime

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Liberals are very good at advocating for black civil rights and have caused many wonderful and significant changes in racial relations in this country.

But they have a weakness they do not want to admit. While it is often said conservatives say “if they want to kill each other – let them”, the liberals seem to have the same problem, although they are silent about it and cover it up with loud cries of racism of whites against blacks.

In the area of black on black crime the liberals have a terrible hypocrisy problem they need to address… they are no different that those they accuse of racism and their failure to address black on black crime is a shame. I speak of black and white liberals. Neither rarely raise a voice in this area.

While it is a fact that too many young black men are being murdered by police in this country… far more are being murdered by fellow blacks.

Little children are being murdered by gang violence, stray bullets, cross fire.

Where are the liberals on this matter. The conservatives are MIA on this as well. The media is embarrassed to aggressively address it.

In fact, it seems our government and police authorities are MIA as well.

Why is this?

While I’m not talking about the horror of lynchings and I hope this is an era that is long gone… this tweet does point out the tragedy of black on black crime.


While advocates who march in Ferguson for Mike Brown and change in that matter…. maybe they should give some thought to the black on black crime in the St. Louis area. It’s terrible. Then why not move onto Chicago and march in the black communities there protesting black on black crime?

It would be the best thing that could be done for black children in the country.

Black on black crime flows out into the larger communities and results in what happens to all the Trayvon Martin’s and Mike Browns. Black on black crime is the backbone that supports community policing racism in this country, like it or not. Break that backbone and there will be much less crime and much less “racism” in our towns, cities and our country.

The Glamorous Santiago! Whew Knew?

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Crump Cramps, Pate Pains And Media Bias!!

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Have you ever seen such a mess in your life as this twitter stuff going on between the Crump supporters and the Pate supporters. It will make one dizzy if you read those twitters very long.

I had never read any of them until the last few days.!!

What to make of it? What’s it really about? Calling one side race baiters and the other side racists.

Other than the well known race baiter, Al Sharpton, I don’t see anyone else in that category. Well, Jesse Jackson, Sr., but he seems to be ill or something these days – you know – not  quite right.

These twitter wars seem to be all about Crump and Pate. It seems they have very different views and opinions on every thing. I mean everything.

Each are coming from their own lives and experiences and sometime I agree with both of them..

It seems the problem began when Pate began blogging about the racially charged cases. Let me say this… I do not believe for one second Pate is a a racist or are any of her supporters racist.

Are there some true racists lurking around – sure, just like there are some true race baiters lurking around.

I believe Pate does not like the way the racial cases in the news are handled and represented. She believes the spin is dishonest… and it often is. She believes Crump is dishonest and Crump believes he is doing his best to draw attention to a problem – too many young black men being killed by police.

It is a problem, which needs to be addressed correctly and not glamorized by the media. It needs to be an honest representation of what happened and why. Too many young black men are being murdered and our society needs to figure it out and get it stopped… but I agree with Pate…. it needs to be done honestly.

I believe it is Crump’s mission to get them in the news and get as much mileage as he can out of them. You can’t blame him for that.

Just as Pate is an excellent researcher blogger — Crump is excellent at what he does and that is to get the story and the parent’s in front of the camera and try to explain their pain and loss.

Crump is becoming a master of the spin and by that I mean he made Trayvon Martin’s parent’s look like a “family” on tv and he got the Brown family in front of the tv and by the second appearance Brown Sr. acted like he had some manners and acted like a gentleman to Mike Jr.’s mother, Leslie McSpadden. They became presentable and I give Crump credit for that.

I give Pate credit for calling out the misrepresentations in the media and that needs to be done. Pate is not  racist — she just doesn’t like the spin the media puts on it. A lot of people don’t.

Both, Crump and Pate are doing what they think is right. Both represent themselves, the lives they have lived, life experiences, etc….

Both are doing what they do best… and just as I would not want Mr. Crump silenced on twitter or in the media… I don’t think Pate should have been silenced on twitter.

Give her back her voice on twitter, let us all come to an understanding that she and Crump both are doing what they do best and celebrate they both have the freedom to do that.

As far as the satire picture of Crump – what was wrong with it? I thought it was flattering. Anyone who can have that many things going on at the same time and keep walking has to be doing something right.

That’s my opinion. Other were outraged and others were rolling in gleeful laughter.

It’s all opinion and that’ all it is. Everyone needs to calm down!

Several Hot Issues On The Burner

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As you all know, quite a bit of stuff has been going on around here that has created all kinds of drama.

The Websleuths Lawsuit between Tricia Griffith and Sue Pruitt hits the courtroom Monday, the 23rd. Several people will be traveling to Houston to appear as witnesses. We wish all of them safe travel.

Next, we have the issue of Vicki Pate wanting to know from Twitter why 3 accounts were suspended for expressing opinions on cases in the news. One suspended account was a private account and locked to boot. Unprecedented, many say for such a thing to happen. My goodness.

Then, we have my little twitter suspended for aggressive following and something to do with automated tweets… something like that. I’m sure it will be back, but it may be a day or two. Who knows. The Pate haters got on my ass, so God Himself only knows what was reported about me.

I don’t know if all this twitter business will become a full fledged war like the Websleuths matter did, but I sure hope not.

Twitter or no twitter, this blog will still plod along with any “newz” it picks up on. :mrgreen:

Reminder: Websleuths Lawsuit Goes To Court Monday, 2/23/15

February 18, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  10 Comments

Lest we forget, LOL, the Websleuths Lawsuit will make it’s appearance before a judge and jury on Monday.

Wow! It’s almost here and there is sure to be plenty of drama coming out of Houston.

I understand there will be some peeps who will be live tweeting it as it happens. I don’t know who, but if you do – please drop it off in comments, so we can all watch and keep current.

If I hear anything about the proceedings – I’ll post it here.

No one knows how may days it will last, but nothing less than a big win is expected for Tricia Griffith.

Her witnesses are strong and have a lot of information on the dirty dealings of SSM. Many shockers will be coming out of their testimony and I expect some big shockers from Tricia – who has stayed above the fray and kept things to herself, but she’s gonna be talking Monday!!!

We can all look forward to that and to all this lawsuit nonsense being over.

It’s going to be a long weekend for a lot of people, LOL.

Monday, February 23, 2015.

@dickc @Support – Needing Clarification: Renewsit/Vicki Pate

February 18, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  19 Comments

I have been watching a very disturbing chain of events on twitter for the past few weeks and I need some clarification. I don’t agree with or understand why Twitter suspended all of her accounts. She is not a racist, much less a racist bully. Aggressive and opinionated yes and was that way on twitter.

I want to know why twitter suspended all 3 of her accounts based solely on the complaints of her twitter enemies? Strong opinions does not make one a bully and strong opinions on race issues does not make one a racist. What twitter has done is hideous –  unprecedented. Twitter needs to address this issue by correcting it and restoring her accounts.

Much of the proof submitted to twitter was “edited, photoshopped”! Not fair play and Twitter needs to know they were given a lot of false information. Fraudulent actually.

Renewsit had a blog here for a few months and they’ve received thousands of hits, especially in the Zimmerman case.  People still hit on those blogs almost daily.  I never found anything in her content to be racist, but it seems that a group of people on twitter have convinced twitter support that she is a “racist bully” and all three of her accounts, including her private and locked account have been suspended.  I have read her Renewsit blog over the years and I’ve not seen anything that would reflect racism, I just see a lot of coverage that all of the major news media covered.  Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Kendrick Johnson.

The only thing I see is she does not have the same opinion as the people who targeted and had her removed from twitter, therefore silencing her opposing opinion in that powerful social media setting.

The campaign to intimidate and bully Renewsit is a concerted effort, and if it is without merit, many should be held to task, especially those who actually bought two websites to “expose” her for being a “racist”.  On these I found only conjecture, defamation, and no examples of her “racism”. along with mostly fraudulent unfounded claims. It was pathetic!

If I have missed something that is actually proof of Ms Pate being a racist, and not just an opinionated and fact oriented blogger, please post that proof here.  Otherwise I will keep her posts on my site and continue to support her.

TheReaIHOodRept AKA Paul McKinley In Some Legal Hot Water!

February 18, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

Word has a way of getting around and Mr. Hood aka Mr. McKinley has a past….

He likes to issue warnings to other tweeters without thinking about what he, himself, has been been messing around in.

Lives in Chicago.  Ran for Jessie Jackson’s seat on the Republican ticket.  Lost but was up on donations.  The Republicans embarrassed themselves with him.  He has connections, so he says and if he does, he’s gonna need ‘em.

There is rock solid proof that he has insinuated himself into the Kendrick Johnson case and called Brian Bell a murderer, the lawyers will be sending him a letter.

Yikes, Mr Hood. You better be careful and that’s not a warning, it’s just a suggestion.

Pussy Boy, TheReaIHOodRept, Issues Warnings To Tweeters!!

February 18, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Well, guess he’s more than a jester and idiot… he’s a pussy and a bully to boot. Threats? Tough ain’t he? LOL!!

What a dumbass!!

Court Jester Tweet Of The Day By TheReaIHOodRept! Poor Fool.

February 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

Since I’m not Patricia Griffith… can you dance, twirl, spin and provide us with some more amusement?

Please do! You must be full of comedic material even better than this!!

Even though you are not very clever – amuse us some more please!


I’m temporarily suspended on twitter…. but you will always be a messed up head exploding idiot.

Dee, The Spammer’s Spam

February 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  10 Comments

Here are Dee’s posts that ended up in the spam folder.

Click on the images for better reading… it’s hard to get a good readable size from the format they are in with WordPress.

I did block out her email and IP.

Enjoy! I did! LOL!!!


Dee aka “XXXXXXXX Former Member” At Websleuths Is Denise Souriall

February 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  7 Comments

Who would have thought it? Mercy me!!

Dee admitted to being Former Member XXXXXXXX right here on this blog, but who could have guessed what was to follow.

She became a spammer here and when someone saw her antics — they outed her as who she is. *thud* Denise Souriall.

And all the while Denise Souriall claimed to be a journalist…. we find out she is a Vet Tech and volunteers at a local animal shelter.

An another funny thing about Dee aka Denise Souriall is this.

If she is even still married… that husband she likes to talk about is not a psychiatrist. He’s a mechanic!



Was Tweeting To Crump My Suspendable Sin?! Yikes!!

February 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  13 Comments

Who Knew Twitter Execs Were Anti Cop, Anti Law & Order?

February 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  18 Comments

I had no idea twitter took positions on social issues, but it seems they have decided to take a hard line position on racial issues in this country.

I believe Black’s have it rough, but this is not what all this is about.

This is about when a black person gets in trouble, deserves to be in trouble and the police handle it as such. As in Ferguson. I don’t believe Mike Brown had to be killed, but he was and the evidence supported the policeman. That’s how it ended. The case.

I noticed during all the tv coverage of Ferguson that on twitter, those who were supporting the cops and saying Mike Brown was a thug had a rough way to go. It was a sad case in Ferguson and everyone knew that, but still there are differing opinions about circumstances and everyone has a right to their opinion.

Vicki Pate has blogged and tweeted several high media racial cases. I am here to support her in getting her twitter account reinstated. That’s it. That’s all.

Below is bona fide proof what twitter allows in these matters. I harassed no one. I simply expressed an opinion and my twitter was silenced. Twitter allows this.

Welcome to the New Twitter, I guess.

This Is Why Few Twitter Users Will Defend Or Support Re-Newsit/Vicki Pate

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I think they are even claiming I am someone else on twitter. Some account and guy I never heard of, but this is what the Pate haters do…. instead of simply having honest debate or snarks back and forth that wouldn’t involve filthy porn pics attached. These are the methods used and the ones used against Vicki Pate.

This is what twitter has become. Supportive users don’t stand up to it because they don’t want the drama of being a target..  and who can blame them? Especially wen twitter will do noting about it, but suspend them based on these freaks and their fake claims.

These are very tight ass, uptight, small minded people. Not a single one of these people were tweeted too. Opinion was simply expressed on this blog and the articles were auto tweeted onto twitter. There you have it.

Who is Psycho Magnet? Well. This fat bitch is Melissa York Burgess.  She likes the attention sucking up to ex-cons gets her.  Her husband sent her on vacay and moved out of their house.  Another with a long history of stalking.

RadioNewzBlog Twitter Suspended Under Suspicious Circumstances…

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Oh my goodness – my twitter is suspended. I’m sure it will soon be back, but I would be slack if I didn’t share with all my readers what seems to have caused this.

It seems there is someone out there that doesn’t want me supporting Re_Newsit/Vicki Pate and is real pissed about it. :shock:

Well, all of this is second hand, but the sourcing is excellent, and I’m going to spill. No telling what will happen to me next… but all you guys know I blog it like it is.

Apparently the person behind this is said to be a man named Paul McKinley. An ex-con and may even be an employee at twitter, which is why he can often perform “magic tricks” between these known accounts of his. Probably more than these, but so far these have been reported to me: TheReaIHOodReport, __TOMMYTAMP0N and sammy_kotex …. nice names. Only one active with the other two lurking out of sight. :-|

So, we shall see how long it takes Twitter to reinstate my account. It was something about automation… I only have one automation app and that is what sends my post titles to twitter. LOL!! I hope that has not become a crime, but you never know.

@Re_newsit’s Email From Twitter

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“Special Connections At Twitter”?? Questions Just Starting!

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How interesting. That explains a lot. Crump and a Twitter founder are tight. Wonder how many other accounts have been suspended because they don’t care for Crump’s race baiting. I would guess more than a few.

Shame on you Twitter. Free speech is our protected right and Crump has made himself a “public figure.” The rules are different for public figures. If Crump and his buddy at Twitter don’t want people expressing their opinions about Crump then I’d strongly suggest Crump STFU, stay off the TV, quit famefagging and crawl back into the hole he crawled out of

Was Vicki Pate Suspended Because Crump Was Satirized?

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Before you read Vicki’s comments, I would like to remind all of us that parody, spoof and satire is as old as civilization. It is legal speech in the United States of America and was used by our founding fathers and other patriots as a form of communication while founding this country…. and as a result it is legal and a part of our culture. The President of our country, no matter who it is, or what era it was in, has been the object of being spoofed. Only the thin skin react with anger. Most consider it a compliment to be satirized.


I did a lot of research and posts about Attorney Benjamin Crump, and he and the founder of twitter are friends. Twitter founder attended protests that were held in Ferguson when Mike Brown was killed and he took photos with Crump’s activists. I just think it’s funny that I was suspended after a parody pic I posted of him got almost 200 re-tweets. Radio will have to post it because I don’t know how to post an image in comments here.

#SpringCleaning Is Coming To Websleuths

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They may have taken what they describe as the “high road” and they may be riding on their high horses, but I can assure they will be knocked right down to the bottom when all of this over. They tried to play Switzerland and it will backfire. Nobody likes a coward that plays both sides.

  • That logic is twisted. Since when is it required that people jump into business that isn’t any of theirs? The very kind of people an owner should want is someone who does the job they’re asked to do and who stays the hell out of things that are not any of their business. Expecting that people take sides in something they may not even fully understand or have the information about is ludicrous and childish.

    • You will see how twisted it is when they are thrown out on their ass and banned. Good riddance to them. #SpringCleaning is coming to Websleuths and the mods better get ready for an overhaul. I predict many changes!

Announcement From Pops AKA Popadopolous On Legal Issues

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BREAKING NEWS: Kim Picazio Bailing Pops AKA Popadopolous Out Of Jail

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A great legal eagle, Kim Picazio, has just informed me she is bailing Pops out of jail.

His parent’s have the money to do it… but are overwhelmed with that has happened and confused. Both parent’s are not on the same page, but it’s expected soon.

Picazio stepped in and things should be made right soon.

Other details that can’t be made public at this time, but soon.

A close friend tells me the mother is usually the voice of reason. Let’s hope so and that she continues in that vein.

Addressing The BBJ Issue; Bobby aka BreaKBeatJunkee, BЯЗAӃՀ

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Monday, February 9, 2015 at 8:23 pm

Since old Murtaugh has spunked all over himself yet again turning his speculations into false facts I figured I would clear a few things up.

Now to address an issue closer to me since Murt ONCE AGAIN blogged bullshit speculation as truth. BBJ was arrested in December on multiple charges related to a DUI. He hit a fence. THAT IS IT. He did not hit ANYTHING else. No cars…no people….nothing but a fence. The fence was in Steubenville. He left the scene and entered into Wintersville so both police departments were involved. BOTH departments charged him with a DUI which is AS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW double Jeopardy and illegal. In the end Wintersville dropped their DUI charge although he was still sentenced in both cities on the many different charges related to his crime. WHICH HE IS WELL AWARE HE DESERVES. There was no high speed chase. It was more along the lines of an O.J. type chase. It took him a moment or two to realize the police were behind him and he pulled over as soon as he did. He served his sentence in County Jail and is in the process of completing every bit of his other sentences. Most importantly he is in rehab. He obviously has an addiction problem, has never made that a secret, and is now getting the help he needs. To make statements like “oh NOW he gets help on his 3rd DUI” only shows the idiot making such statement knows NOTHING about addiction. He is thankful everyday his very poor choices didn’t hurt anyone and he is doing his best to get better.

NOW to address the go fund me for Bobby. It is very simple. How quickly people forget how much someone helped others when drama occurs. How quickly they forget indeed. Well, some of his internet/real life friends did not and were simply trying to help him the only way the knew how. He never asked for this nor did I and his friends were just being FRIENDS ffs and I will never fault them for that. The account was NOT created by me, NOT written by me so those of you who think that are highly mistaken as usual. I believe one selfmade ginger EWhore stated “Oh just by reading it I know exactly who wrote it” Wel, guess what….WRONG DUMBASS IS WRONG. Who did write it is none of any of your business and again all they were doing was helping a friend who had been there for them whenever they needed it. Sorry to disappoint the haters, but I had the account pulled down before you all got a chance to TOS report it. The person(s) who created it didn’t realize it couldn’t be used for legal issues and the donations received prior to me requesting that the GoFundMe be removed were returned. In the end…him not being bailed out turned out better for him because by the time he got to court and sentenced he only had a few days left to serve. The. End.

Comparing him saying “I served my time” to that of a rapist saying those words is insane and only proves further how fucked up the old hag behind the phantonym account really is.

As for the “here’s ur karma” remarks every single social reject that used those words concerning this matter has there own bunch of karma due and should be very careful throwing stones from their glass houses. JS

**I would like to add I consider Bobby a friend. He’s always been respectful to me and this blog. I wish him the best.

New Update On Pops AKA Popadopolous

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This isn’t about a new status on his legal situation – it’s an update on the life Pops lives.

IMO, it isn’t good and when Pops gets out out jail and that will be quite soon, he may blow his top this post has been written.

Most people don’t know the situation Pops lives in – his parents.

I know he loves them. Children always seem to to do that regardless of how they are treated.

Pops current legal problems are simply a family dispute and one that was thought would teach him a lesson.

I don’t have this first hand, what I’m going to post is second hand, but it’s from more than one person who know the facts and are concerned for him.

I’ll be brief. When you call the cops on your own child and don’t realize that they will be more than arrested and stuck in jail, but based on all you’ve reported, they will end up with charges and a record that will follow them the rest of their lives, you must not know much about the real world. Good jobs, good schools, the works will not be available to your child.

When you are “shocked” the police have made these charges and there are plans to “prosecute” those charges – then you are a nitwit.

Not only all that… but when Pops loses a job or is disobedient… he is confined to the “cellar” for at least a month.

I find this hideous and no matter what you may think of Pops, or what I may think of Pops, I think less of his parents.

Many parent’s turn their own children into the police for very good reasons and it is usually after a long bout of trying to get the child to change their ways, do right, stay out of trouble. This is understandable. Sometimes it just has to be done to stop the child from doing something worse.

That is not the case with Pops…. the whole thing is ridiculous and if he ends up with felony charges thanks to a spat with his over reactive hysterical – quick to punish –  parent’s — they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Ridiculous falls short in describing this situation.

To be honest, I hate making this post, but due to some of the hideous rumors circulating about Pops, fueled no less by Murt, I decided to make it. It is what it is. IMO it is these parent’s who need to be taught a lesson and not their children.

UPDATED: The Legal Status Of Pops AKA Popadopolous

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UPDATE: This was an issue involving people he knew, it was a misunderstanding and I am confidant the charges will be dropped forthwith.

Pops is in a bit of serious trouble, and it is serious, so everyone who knows him is awaiting news on his real legal status.

What I know at this time is that Kim Picazio had him transferred out of general population and into work release housing until his transport to Santa Rosa County.

Although it’s an odd warrant out of Santa Rosa County, once he is there a bond hearing will be scheduled.

A lot of people gasped at the “no bond” on his arrest profile, but that’s because it can only be done in Santa Rosa County.

No idea what Pops has gotten himself into, but it will be posted here just as it is – when it’s all available. 3 felony charges resulting over a misunderstanding among people who all know each other is a bit much.

The truth – not some slimy rumors –  you may have seen and will see on a less than reputable twitter and blog. Although I doubt anyone but me and a couple other people has read it. LMAO!!

When we know the facts – you will know!!

Kim Picazio is not representing him at this time.

He has been transferred to Santa Rosa County and will probably have his first hearing Monday or soon. Bond has been set at $15,000. 10% of that to get out.

If he bonds out or doesn’t, then his next hearing will be in a few weeks for him to elect an attorney or public defender, etc.

Even though we’ve seen grand larceny charges on his profile… who knows what that is about? It could be a dispute with a friend or girlfriend. Lot’s of these things are disputes and get resolved once the facts get out there.

Pops is a truck driver. It’s unlikely he is out stealing cars… but we will soon find out.

We will just have to wait to see what the deal really is!

#IS Murt Fuming at Holly Briley And Myself, He Vows To Attack Levi Page

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For some odd and twisted reason that goes beyond understanding, when Murt get mad at aanyone, I mean anyone…. right now it’s Holly and me. There are also tweets he is angry at Michelle Mckee and possibly Alexandria Goddard…

Murt is a well known dark peddler of lies about almost everyone.

But the fury and character assassination…. propaganda of lie is always directed at Levi Page.

He, of course is too cowardly to use his main Murt twitter to spew the vile words he chooses to use in his propaganda and lies about Levi Page. He loves to lie about Levi’s platonic relationship with Kim Picazio and try to make it  romantic, which it is not, but Murt presses on that it is even a dirty relationship.

Murt uses sock accounts to spread his lies and propaganda.

#IS is the hashtag for ISIS.

Murt – shut the fuck up.