Facebook Group S.W.E.E.T – Bully Crew And DB’s Family

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This was sent me to earlier…..
“Welcome to the Facebook group S.W.E.E.T! Where “Bullies” gather with family members of Deborah Bradley.

That’s right everyone, now the cat is out of the bag. It is no secret that family members of Deborah Bradley have surrounded themselves in these private groups on Facebook with the bullies!

Isn’t it obvious what they are doing? They use these bullying tactics to impress Deborah and her family. They feel inferior. Important. They are part of this story now. WOOHOO! GO BULLIES! YOU ARE SPECIAL NOW!

This isn’t the only family interaction we’ve seen. We’ve seen Lisa Irwin’s grandmother chillin with the bully crew online too and a few other family members.

Motive? You be the judge.”

Meet One Of The Bully Crew

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Darci, I regret this post. You may not believe that, but I do, because as far as I know, you’ve done nothing to me.

However, you and your Bully Crew friends have done much worse things than this to so many, a sense of justice for them is required.

First of all, is it Riley or is it Winters?

I notice under your husbands info he lists the co-habitants at:
403 NW Shamrock Ave.
Lee’s Summit, Mo 64081
As being Darci Riley and Jon Dylan Riley

However, under your information you list as your co-habitants as:
Jason E. Winters and Jon Dylan Riley

You seem to use the Riley/Winters whenever you want.

I guess, if anyone has any questions about that oddity they can call you at: 816-398-2925 or 816-527-7452. You’ve changed phone numbers almost as often as addresses.

On the run from what?

You moved to Lee’s Summit 11/20/12

Lee’s Summit is a large suburb of Kansas City, Mo, just like the suburbs north of the river, where the Irwin’s live.

In your young life, 28, you’ve had 19 different addtesses, some overlapping with your current one. Odd.

Your husband, Jason Winters, seems to have a lot of financial problems, just as non-payments, eviction and that little felony thing over being a dead beat dad.

He got evicted from Williamsburg Square Apartments, owing $1,805.00. Filing 1 – #0516CV09390. (Jackson County, Mo)

Then the matter of Broadway Studios. #7CV105011568 (Jackson County, Mo)

Felony Class D #07HE-CR00402, Nonsupport In each of six individual months within any twelve-month period. (So Henry County – Clinton)(27th Judicial Circuit)


Meet The Winters Family—–screaming and bitching out the customer service department at Verizon.…..where you ask? Of course, on Verizon’s FB page!….the most highly effective place to get solid results from Verizon corporate, of course!


Are The Bully Crew Women “Murder Groupies”?

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I saw this in a comment and it does make you wonder a bit.

They fight tooth and nail for at least 2 people suspected of harming their own children. Murdering them.

While Dylan Redwine’s father has not been named as a suspect by law enforcement, the vast majority suspect he is the guilty party and wait for LE to make that statement and make an arrest. Some believe it will come soon.

Lisa Irwin’s mother hasn’t been named by law enforcement as a suspect, yet the vast majority believe she is guilty of murdering her child and getting away with it. Baby Lisa gone without a trace.

Law Enforcement is not stupid, even though we often think they are when they don’t name the likely or the obvious suspects and arrest them. LE has opinions they hold close to the vest. They also have information they hold close to the vest. They wait, watch, listen and investigate.

No one knows who is guilty in either case for certain, but with at least 99.9% of the general public believing Mark Redwine and Deborah Bradley are guilty, the Bully Crew insist they are innocent. They do this on social media and they create chaos, hostility and out right hatred at those who disagree with them. They have done horrible things to people.

Why such strongly held opinions? Why such bullying and attacking? What is it really all about with them and these 2 cases?

We know some have become friends with both Redwine and Bradley. Why would you want such close association with those the public suspect of murdering their own children? It’s creepy.

Possibly the commenter who used the term “murder groupies” has it right. Maybe the Bully Crew are just that – murder groupies!

The Bully Crew are all known. Everyone knows who they are and now, adding to Bully Crew they may be known as Murder Groupies! Just disgusting, imo! Gag!

Sick, just sick.

More Suspicions – Baby Lisa Case Parental Involvement

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This was sent in to me by an interested party…

Baby Lisa’s father was confirmed to be actively participating in the private Facebook groups with the online bully crew.

A Kansas City private investigator discovered the email address of baby Lisa’s father and published it online. It was as simple as typing in Jeremy Irwin email address Kansas City.

He had two fake accounts, one that had actively been posting in one of the private Facebook groups the online bully crew was working hard. Working hard as in, performing their bullying antics, attempting to discredit information provided by police that Facebook group members were discussing about Lisa Irwin’s disappearance.

Jeremy Irwin was using the fake identity “Paulie Biscotti” to comment in the group. His profile image? A grim reaper holding a scythe. His email address “jmoney3620@aol.com” which was published under some online whitepages was used to search the Facebook search box to identify him. The email account can also be searched on eBay to discover his account Jmoney3620. It is difficult to associate 3620 to the address where Lisa Irwin went missing. 3620 N Lister Ave Kansas city. A profile picture used on the eBay account shows the Irwin’s vehicle parked behind the residence where police and FBI spent many days searching for clues in Lisa’s disappearance.

Another identity “Killian Smitherton” was discovered by doing simple email searched for jmoney@otherproviders.whatever

It’s become evident to the social media users that have been following the case since the day Lisa went missing that the parents and their bully crew appear to spend more time trying to discredit social media users for their opinions instead of advocating for Lisa Irwin. 99% of the media interviews you see with one parent or both only shows them defending their actions and proclaiming innocence instead of pleading for Lisa’s return.

Shame on you Paulie Biscotti.
Shame on you Killian Smitherton.
Shame on you Jmoney3620.
Shame on you Jeremy.

At the very least, you violated Facebook’s terms of service using a fake identity. It’s a shame you weren’t on there advocating for your daughter Jeremy, you hooked up with the bully crew to defend yourself and your married girlfriend who got drunk and can’t remember whether or not she checked on her baby or not when she finished her boxed wine party on the front porch the night Lisa went missing. You got on there in another attempt to prove your innocence.

Baby Lisa’s Mother Suspected Of Being Part Of The Bully Crew

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These suspicions have been posted on this blog in comments, so this should come as no surprise.

I can only say I hope it’s not true and is just a really nasty rumor.

It has also been posted on this blog that MSV may have given Darci Riley’s name out to “someone” to use for dark purposes. I hope that isn’t true either and doubt that it is. Riley would have stopped that in a heartbeat if true.

After talking to several people familiar with these suspicions, who were and still are very involved in the case, they believe that Baby Lisa’s mother is involved and shares the name back and forth with Darci Riley.

No, this blog is not attacking a victims mother, but there were may who had issues with the mother from second one, so to believe she is part of the bully crew is not a huge step to believability for many.

Remember, at this time, this is just all rumor and speculation – but that’s what sleuthers do.

Bully Crew Butthurt Over Posts Getting On Twitter. Fuckery Games Underway

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Well, you knew it would happen sooner or later. One of the bully crew was going to get their feeling’s all hurt, start cryin’ and decide to play some fuckery games.

The fuckery games started on twitter when Missi got her feelings severely crushed cause her full name popped up on twitter over this post.  “Missi” Viebrock aka Koch Made Off With A Double Wide And Got Sued

You would think she had a good reputation and didn’t want it damaged with her name on twitter. She probably thought everyone in the shithole where she lives saw it and would think bad of her or of her current husband, Skylar Viebrock.

I did take a look at her Facebook page. It’s private. No wonder with the kind of language she uses… but I did notice something curious. In her profile pic, it seemed to have been taken in her new double-wide trailer and it looks to me like there is a fake fireplace in that thing.

Anyway, Miss Missi reported me to twitter and they asked me to take the tweet down, which I did of course.

I sure do hope she can hang on to this new trailer and it doesn’t get towed off like the last one did! That was a nice looking trailer!!

Bayou Mistress Banned From Websleuths

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A little birdie flew by here and said that Bayou Mistress had been banned from Websleuths!!!

Lots of people will be dancing in the streets over this news!! :)

The Secret Footprints Gang Facebook Discussion Group

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Helena (AJ Lima) and Darci Riley are admins and Estrella Collazo and Missy Viebrock are members.

Mommie, Who’s My Daddy?

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Melissa has been around the block a time or two, full name. Melissa Smith Koch Viebrock. 3 different kids, 3 different daddies. Been bullying on the web for years now. Her favorite thing is to tell people to “blow their heads off” and she loves to call them “whales” looks like someone needs to do more squats and find a new doublewide, maybe Darci has an extra slot over in her park.

“Missi” Viebrock aka Koch Made Off With A Double Wide And Got Sued

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Looks like Melissa made off with someone’s double wide and got sued.

Complete document here:

“Athena” aka Helena Jeffrey Roubanes A Jailbird!!

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Valid Rumor That Helena And MSV Involved In Copper Harris, Hot Car Death, Supporting Father

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At this time I can only report this as rumor, although it is a very well sourced rumor, waiting confirmation.

That they’re such tragic people that they get a rush out of cozying up to killers in the media, and the best way to do it is to act like they believe them and can give them a voice, and control the dialogue.

Exactly what happened with the Baby Lisa case. They “believed” the Irwin’s were responsible, so they coszied up to them in hopes of tricking them, defending their innocence.

I have no public opinion on who is guilty or not – but the hate speech needs to stop!

This is all appearing on Facebook.

No Sign Of A New SSM Twitter?

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A Shout Out For RadioNewz – Thank You!!

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Take A Look At A Few Infamous And Shameful Cyberbullies!

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Darci Riley Winters. Kindergarten teacher in Stover, MO. Poor kids.

Kim Bowman – how would you like to meet up with this brute in a dark alley? :shock:

Helena Jeffrey – A snake that will bite you every time.

Melissa Smith Viebrock – doing Missi squats. Fat ass!!

MSV – ugh….

Cathy Rhodes – Chief Snake


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I know a recent post called for a “Banmesty” at Websleuths and I still support the members who feel that way. Not so many time outs, banning’s, humiliation’s and snipping posts of good and sincere posters.

However, that was before we found out that Websleuths is infested with some of the worst cyberbullies on the internet and in true crime cases. Cockroaches.

Now, I realize this is an awesomely hard job for the mods at Websleuths to find all of these nutcase cyberbullies and kick them out. No telling what names they are using – or how many!!!

But I do know most WS mods have very keen eyes and instincts and can, if they pay attention, figure these people out….. and then kick their asses out. They are a disgrace!!

Many have been named here and in comments. I say – hunt them down and then kick their asses out!!! These vile loons do not deserve membership in a true crime forum such as Websleuths.

Weblseuths has a reputation of protecting victim’s families and these cyberbullies, running all over the internet harassing and tormenting people, is not what Websleuths wants to be about. I’m sure of that.

Some of the things these cyberbullies have done to victim families, put a chill right down the spine. Enough is enough.

Kimberly Bowman
Scott Bowman
Erin Dixon

Teresa Nordbrok Martinez
Bridget Redwine/Simmers
Melissa Smith Koch/Viebrock/Mixologist74/Truthforlisa/Inconsiderate Bi**ch
The Real Deal/Starving Zombie
Annette “Annie” Dabbada
Cathy Rhodes/Pixie Dust/Raine/Estrella/On the Docket, Off the Record (OTDOTR)
Sharon Wright
Michele Overton/Chele Gonnate/DylansGma (NOT related to our Dylan)
Gracie A. Marks
Grace under Fire/Bayou Mistress/Bayou Mists
Darci Riley Winters/LI Footprints in the Sand/Footprints for the Missing
Alicia Sale/Sandage
Jodi Baker Key/Jodi Key/ Alolliegag
Rachel Phelps / YidArmyRach
Michelle Lupton Thompson

Nancy M. Turnage/Money Girl
Jacie Estes/Wastela
Louis Charles Sturgeon/Bandido Sinn
Emma Coleman/Emma Ems/nightsangel/Artemis/Tris/Shadowhunter

Don’t Want To Be A Real Websleuths Mod – Just Give Me Some POWER!

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Please reconsider on organ donation. They might take your brain and put it in an unsuspecting person! :shock:

Yes, Karma does come around!! :)

But has absolutely no idea of what anyone is talking about!!

OTR Members Claim Ignorance Of Lawsuit, Congratulate Tricia!! GAG!

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Someone should take their own advise, especially after being a part of OTR and claiming to know nothing.

You can’t make this shit up folks!! Pure comedy gold!!

Then go to the Jury Room at Websleuths on the Great Things thread!! LMAO!!


LOL! Really Want To Join A Sue Pruitt Crime Forum??

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It’s not looking like anyone is going to want to join their crime site anytime soon. Imagine this crew having your personal info.

From the Lisa Irwin sites many think Darci R. is none other than w/s RANCH. No idea if this is true but LMAO if it is.

A Comment Shout Out To Websleuths Concerning CyberBully Members And Mods

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I hope you are following all this closely and watching the dots being connected. Seems more than a few mods need cleaning out; membership needs to be evaluated. It’s disgusting that so many sick individuals have teamed up together. I have seen them in action on a closed Baby Lisa group about a year ago. I would say there are at least 15 to 20 of them that all at once within a week joined up. Gracie was the ring leader from what I saw. They would call people’s employers, churches, post to the person’s FB friends, etc. It didn’t take very long for the mods to do a clean sweep of the pack & yes Darci was there too. I never knew about this bunch & had no idea it seems so many belong to a reputable group like Websleuths. It just blows me away & is creepy to know I was posting on threads with a number of such evil people who can’t tolerate a different opinion.

Eradicate The Cockroach Infestation

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If you know who any of the people are in real life… or their geographical locations… turn them into Facebook and/or Websleuths so they can be stepped on and eradicated. They prance from one tragic case to another, creating as much sorrow for families as they can. Time for them to be stopped, no matter what case they are currently involved in.

Hissing Cockroaches

Hissing Cockroaches

Kimberly Bowman
Scott Bowman
Erin Dixon

Teresa Nordbrok Martinez
Bridget Redwine/Simmers
Melissa Smith Koch/Viebrock/Mixologist74/Truthforlisa/Inconsiderate Bi**ch
The Real Deal/Starving Zombie
Annette “Annie” Dabbada
Cathy Rhodes/Pixie Dust/Raine/Estrella/On the Docket, Off the Record (OTDOTR)
Sharon Wright
Michele Overton/Chele Gonnate/DylansGma (NOT related to our Dylan)
Gracie A. Marks
Grace under Fire/Bayou Mistress/Bayou Mists
Darci Riley Winters/LI Footprints in the Sand/Footprints for the Missing
Alicia Sale/Sandage
Jodi Baker Key/Jodi Key/ Alolliegag
Rachel Phelps / YidArmyRach
Michelle Lupton Thompson

Nancy M. Turnage/Money Girl
Jacie Estes/Wastela
Louis Charles Sturgeon/Bandido Sinn
Emma Coleman/Emma Ems/nightsangel/Artemis/Tris/Shadowhunter

For the full story – read here: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeforDYLANRedwine1/posts/693543380675056

It’s not just the Dylan Redwine case they disrupt, it includes Lisa Irwin and others. Most of these roam from tragic case to tragic case disrupting and bullying.

Sue Pruitt, Cathy Rhodes And Helena Jeffrey? Questions Abound!

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Sue Pruitt, Captain Cockroach

Sue Pruitt, Captain Cockroach

Now that we know Helena Jeffrey was one listening in with Raine and God knows who else to phone conversations with Tricia Griffith, for the sole purpose of setting her up for defamation and such… one has to wonder just how tight all of the conspirators were.

SSM obviously knew Helena and if Helena is as nasty of a person as she seems to be… just what all did she do for SSM?

One just has to wonder how low SSM really stooped when she associated herself with such a person.

I’m glad the lawsuit is over and Tricia has sole ownership of Websleuths… and for all the problems that may exist there – they don’t compare to the problems headed at the people named in the title of this blog post.

SSM projected herself as having friends in “high places”, but it looks like it was quite the opposite when it came to her online activities.

One more ugly thing we know about Sue Pruitt… and this is ugly!! Talk about friends in “low places”. It doesn’t get much lower, peeps. Well, they did hook up with Murtwinessone, so low is nothing they mind doing.

Sue Pruitt, Cathy Rhodes and Helena Jeffrey. Sad, sad people.

But anyway you look at it — Sue Pruitt was the head cockroach!! Captain Cockroach!

Sleuther’s Already Nailing “Athena” aka Helena Jeffrey!

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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Yes Ms. Roubanes, don’t beat me

A user's photo.

Oh, now I see where she gets her control issues from.

A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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just sayin

A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
1 hr ·
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
1 hr ·
A user's photo.

Oh Helena, you big fat troll.

A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
1 hr ·
A user's photo.

“Athena” Identified As Helena Jeffrey

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Athena has been identified as one Helena Jeffrey.

Sleuther’s better get busy! LOL!

Jeffrey was listening in on many of the phone calls to Tricia Griffith and and that’s why she was added to the witness list.

Let’s call her an “ear witness”.

Now, we know who Athena is and how low she stooped… so low as to listen to Tricia being set up time after time.

What all “Athena” has done in cases mentioned is up to all you sleuther’s to discover.

Happy sleuthing. Her name is on the witness list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B48WWh9f_5KKeFJVc2RKZ2poMWM/view?pli=1

It’s already started I see! LOL!!  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Fat-Bullies-Suck/821598797893867?ref=hl …. the bullies got this Facebook page taken down, but you can still see a lot of it here: http://radionewz.net/2015/04/sleuthers-already-nailing-athena-aka-helena-jeffries/ .. that’s what they do on Facebook… well, this isn’t Facebook here. :)

UPDATED: “Athena” Known!!

April 10, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  83 Comments

And those Sue trolls are the very same people who endlessly harassed Elaine Redwine and her family and friends. I guess it must be all that Red Wine I drank last night, but I’m thinking this isn’t their first Rodeo, ask Lisa Irwin followers, these same people harassed them endlessly, keep digging and you’ll find Darci Riley from Footprints in the Sand right in the mix of harassment, Melissa Smith Viebrock, Cathy Rhodes, Kimberly Bowman, and then the burning question?? Athena??? WHO is Athena? I know

Athena Identified As Helena Jeffrey

Who Is Athena? Why Does She Remain Hidden? Questions?

April 10, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  18 Comments

Who is Athena, co-owner of the hate forum with Raine?

What truth did she supposedly tell related to Websleuths?

Why was she considered a witness for Sue?

After the dissection of so many other minions’ roles, why is hers being hidden?

Is the speculation that her acct at WS is a backup acct for a mod there valid, or is it that her ties to Websleuths would make the site look bad, so she is off limits?

**Sleuthers sleuth and often without mercy. “Athena” needs to be alert! They are looking for you “Athena”!

Brought to light once

You can try to act like that’s seems crazy, but only by ignoring the fact Athena/Zephyr/Bayou Mistress/FDF Admin/Raine’s good friend helped lead the campaign against Dylan’s mom and also played a major role in the Tricia bully thread as Docket co-owner. And, Tlcya was told to keep her and Cathy out of posting too much since they were witnesses. Sooo, who is Bayou and how would she have been a witness for Sue?

In other words, this group has tucked itself away to hide their schemes against others before, which was unearthed. To think they’re also doing it now, while Sue is planning her own forum, and they aided her before; not far-fetched at all. Especially when they’ve come here to obfuscate before.

Websleuths’ Members Calling For “Banmesty”

April 8, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  66 Comments

Members are riled about the constant threat of bans and time outs at Websleuths!  They believe there are too many.

No bombshell here, these have been complaints for years.

Also, how it’s hard to get an account. You are required to have use a static email address, so they can have your real IP. Then once you are there you live with the constant threat of being banned or timed out hanging over your head with every post you make, if some mod doesn’t like it. Or you!!

That’s a tremendous amount of control to smack down on people who simply enjoy discussing crime cases. Members believe it’s too much control and allows mods to go on power trips and binges. The evil hand of bans and time outs is always stalking you.

Everyone knows who the controlling mods and ban happy mods are – that’s no bombshell either. The are hated, they are despised and that causes a lot of problems too.

Mods and admins are volunteers and donate their time and talents. Some donate huge amounts of time because they honestly have nothing else to do. Maybe trips to the grocery store, liquor store, a few doctors appointments, Walgreen’s pharmacy and talking on the phone is most likely their entire social life.

But remember, people who donate a lot of time are considered valuable to the administration and when they get out of control and are complained about – a certain amount of latitude is given them for being so loyal. It’s just the way it is. They get their asses kissed more than they should. They are a problem, not a solution. They pout for awhile from the calling down and then return to their old ways.

People who have been banned usually find a way to get back in and this seems to be a source of much paranoia for the administration. If not so much banning, this would produce less angst it seems.

It’s no secret many WS’ers have come to this blog, under fake names, to complain about heavy handed tactics and other practices they find too constraining and even demeaning.

There are some super great mods there, make no mistake about that. They are the ones who should serve a role models for other mods or new mod selections.

Personally, I believe Tricia is aware and working on all these issues and lets hope they soon get better and Websleuths is a friendlier community.

Vampires and other Suckers aka Sue Pruitt And Supporters

April 6, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  45 Comments
Vampires and other Suckers

Quoting Radio above:

“Sue Pruitt, nor any of her supporters, ever had the courage to come here to tell their side of the story and be open to comments. That says a lot about “courage”. They didn’t have it. Tricia Griffith does.

The truth about the lawsuit and Tricia Griffith affects her like sunlight affects a vampire. She has to hide from it or it will destroy her.”


There’s just so much truth in these two paragraphs from from Radio’s blog post — it just needed repeating.

Sue Pruitt is an incurable master manipulator, and a textbook psych case. Her “followers” are classic enablers and simpletons who will continue to fall prey to abusive personalities until they get some help with their own twisted needs for validation in this life.

The cult-like dynamic is so predictable that these players were called out for exactly what they were, and the outcome of this case was readily predicted here at Radio’s in the autumn of 2014.


Radio did a great service to WS members by opening her own forum to frank and intelligent discussions of the lawsuit, and the cult dynamic, and protecting key players who came here to shed some of that light the vampire colony runs from.

Tricia has eluded to how much the support at Radio’s meant to her.

Looking forward to reading her final post on the topic here at Radio’s. Appreciate Radio raising the bar for the WS lawsuit message threads here — they should be respectful. Especially Tricia’s guest blogs.

You can bet your life that Sue Pruitt (and her followers) will never blog here. Here, Sue would be held accountable to truth, and as with all those who walk the earth with dead souls and empty consciousness … there’s no accounting for Sue.

For those who finally saw the light and rejected Sue — stay strong and consider getting some professional help so you can heal and change and never fall for a cult again.


Trolls, Loons, Nutcase And Batshit Posters Dumped!

April 6, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  36 Comments

Early this morning I did something I rarely do. I dumped some posts and spammed them! I don’t like to dump posts as I want everyone to have their say, but on the posts Tricia Griffith has sent to this blog are of a serious subject and I expect serious postings – not trolling and being silly or using multiple names to say the same shit over and over. To be honest, I was shocked at the silliness. Good grief!!

Understand, that I know lots, if not most, change names. That is fine, no problem. But to change names to play both sides and just be down right silly, wasting space and people’s time doesn’t cut it with me on these posts. Posts that I make about the chaos at Websleuths is open to whatever, but on Tricia Griffiths’ posts, I expect serious posting – good opinion or bad opinion, but serious and sincere.

The vast majority of the posts made were sincere and those people expressed their opinions. There are some damn good posters here. The opinions were varied, but they were good posts. Some people like some posts and other people don’t like some posts. That how it goes, but Tricia does read the comments and I know she is looking for good information, whether it is supportive of her or not. She reads the critical posts with the same intensity and acceptance as she reads the supportive posts.

She posted that she has one more post to make. I don’t know when or what it’s about, but when it shows up here, I expect serious posts – serious input. Good information.

Remember, she didn’t have to post here at all. She didn’t have to open herself up to all the comment chaos, but she did. I think that’s pretty brave of her, since she knew there would be no posts deleted as soon as it was made if it was critical of her or no posts would be “edited” or “snipped”. That doesn’t happen here and she knows that.

Sue Pruitt, nor any of her supporters, ever had the courage to come here to tell their side of the story and be open to comments. That says a lot about “courage”. They didn’t have it. Tricia Griffith does.

The truth about the lawsuit and Tricia Griffith affects her like sunlight affects a vampire. She has to hide from it or it will destroy her .

Tricia Griffith Message, Owner Of Websleuths

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By Tricia Griffith

There were so many things that were painful about the lawsuit I can’t choose just one thing.

However, Cathy Rhodes forum with the relentless vicious assault on my character ranks at the top of the list of what caused me the most pain.

So why would I not only forgive the second in command on that site but make her a moderator at Websleuths? Simple answer. Tlcya was duped. Big time.

Since Rhodes’ forum went back and forth from private to public I was fortunate enough to have someone on the inside to send me the posts.

The person who sent me the posts was someone who just stepped up to the plate because they saw how awful this forum was and how wrong it was to even be on the Internet. I did not know this person before the lawsuit. A perfect stranger stepped up to help me. More on those people in my next and final post :)

Sometimes I would send some of tlcya’s posts to my lawyer because they sounded legally logical. She would always literally laugh and tell me that tlcya didn’t know what she was talking about because she had no facts. Only lies and gossip to go on.

Finally the posts got so awful for me I couldn’t read them any longer. A friend volunteered to read them for me and to pass along anything she thought might be helpful for the lawsuit.

My friend ended up in the ER with a minor heart attack.

She was incredibly stressed reading those posts but she didn’t tell me because she wanted to do it for me. When I found how painful the posts were for her to read I forbade her from reading any more posts.

I hope those that are still involved in believing the lies that have been told about me and refuse to see the truth will take this to heart. All this crap they participated in caused a woman A HEART ATTACK.

The ripples of this nightmare are far and wide.

To watch a group of strangers attack you like a pack of hungry hyenas is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Yes I know what tlcya said on the forum. I know it all.

Fast forward to late summer/early fall 2014. I read a blog post at Websleuths by tlcya. It looked like she had seen the light.

Beach told me she felt terrible about what she had done and couldn’t explain nor excuse her behavior.

Tlcya and I ended up talking. I was really mad and expressed my anger without hesitation. I let loose on her and she took it and even agreed with me. As we continued to speak I realized she was a victim of the lawsuit and those behind it.

Beach and I began talking about tlcya. Beach has terrible guilt about tlcya because she helped convince her that the charges against me had merit.

Still, that doesn’t explain why tlyca would attack me with such a raw vengeance.

Tlcya can’t really explain it either. It is something she is struggling with as we speak.

Over the months tlcya and I have talked quite a bit. I found her to be a lovely woman who is torn up by what she had done to me.

I believe her when she says what she did was so out of character for her she can’t explain it. I believe her when she says she is deeply sorry and will do whatever she can to make it up to me.

The only way for me to go forward is to forgive. Forgive those who truly seek forgiveness.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “OK Forgive but don’t make tlcya a MODERATOR”.

You know why I made her a moderator? First because so many people nominated her. I would say tlcya has had more nominations for mod than any other mod in the history of Websleuths. She is clearly loved by many.

Second because she is smart and good at what she does.

I have forgiven her. If anyone asked me today I would say tlcya is a lovely woman who works very hard on Websleuths and never expects anything in return.

No one has to participate on Websleuths. If you can’t get past the crap on the Rhodes forum then don’t post. How I choose to run my business is nobody’s business.

I have one more post to write. About the strangers and friends who came forward to help. Also I will write a bit more about the lawsuit itself. I will tell you how beach and bessie are now lifelong friends who stepped up and did the right thing at great risk to themselves.

After that post I hope we can put this beast to bed and get on with our lives.

Forgiveness, it works. Try it

Joyous Passover – April 3 to April 11

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Does Tricia Really Have To Explain Decisions She Makes In Her Forum?

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Tricia has been hard at work telling her members all about the changes she plans to make and to make the forum better. She’s giving it her best.

Later tonight or tomorrow a post from Tricia will be posted here explaining why she made tlcya a mod. I’m sure there is a reason she did – although I don’t know it.

Tricia has just been through hell with this lawsuit. Ground into the ground financially and no doubt emotionally damaged. I think she is pulling out of the emotional damage quite well. Her WS posts seem energetic and sincere. She knows changes need to be made and I believe, based on her posts, she intends to do that.

When I do post what she has to say, I hope if any comments are made they are civil.

For whatever reason she made tlcya a mod – she had a reason.

Sue and crowd are not done with Tricia and her forum. I’m sure she is aware of that and is fortifying herself in every way possible from the bullshit that crowd will no doubt put out.

Sue has engaged in so much fuckery trying to steal the forum from Tricia, no one expects attacks to stop.

I’m assuming Tricia is utilizing people who know how they operate. She needs to use all the protection she can and I believe she is. That’s my opinion on the admin and mod selections. They may seem strange to many, but I’m sure there are reasons.

Tricia knows the reasons and I expect her to explain them in her post. That post will come late tonight or tomorrow, but it will come and then everyone will know.

Easter – He Has Risen

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Happy Easter To All RadioNewz Readers and Posters!

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Chaos Over Mod Selection At Websleuths!

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Whew! What an uproar over tlcya aka Cetan of OTDOTR fame elevated to mod status!

It may take a miracle to calm this down, so lets hope Tricia can pull it off.

If tlcya hasn’t been lynched by the time Tricia makes her explanatory post today – it will be a miracle!!


I don’t know Cetan as tlcya or her activities at WS, so I can’t comment, but this has caused solid Tricia supporters to go right through the roof. :-x

I do know Cetan made many supportive posts about Tricia and several about how she regretted being involved in OTDOTR.

Maybe Tricia can pull off a miracle explaining all this and get it calmed down, but based on the comments here, it’s gonna take one.


Tricia Griffith’s Thank You Message to Radio And Posters!

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By Tricia Griffith

Dear Radio,

Thank you, Thank you and your posters for giving me the strength to get out of bed on my lowest days.

When people you loved and thought of as friends and even family turn against you like what happened to me your whole life is turned upside down.

The words have yet to be invented to describe the betrayal and pain I felt.

When total strangers post their support and take the time to read about your case, take the time to understand that you feel your side of the story is the side telling the truth, it goes a long way to heal a heart that’s been torn apart.

While I didn’t agree with everything that was posted (more on that in a much bigger post later on) for the most part the posts were the best part of my day.

Thank you. Thanks to all of you who participated and took time out of your lives to research the facts and make a decision based on those facts and not on emotion.

I have a whole lot more to say and I will but I wanted to get my heartfelt thanks to you before the weekend.

As you can imagine it’s a crazy time right now. It’s all good but it’s very busy.

My goal is to send you a much bigger post by the end of the weekend and I will do my best to provide that post. It’s very emotional and hard to write.

Radio, from my heart and soul thank you. To the many posters on your blog my deepest and most sincere thanks for being fair and making a difference.


Bye Bye To SSM’s Twitter

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It’s GONE! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 9:59 pm  

‘This user does not exist.’


Kudos Sent Out To Tricia! Sue Nailed As A Mole!

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Ain’t that the truth.. Have you thought about sending a message to Tricia about being banned for life??

Who banned you??

I gotta hand it to Tricia. She could have dumped a lot of us who made the mistake to listen to the dark ones but she has not. She has not only forgiven she is letting Beach back to Mod, She is sending messages to some of us telling us it is okay and not to worry. Her behavior even after all this shows that she is a good decent person. And it really shows that Sue was a mole who wanted to get in there and try and take the forum from her from the start. I believe she had a plan from day 1.

I am so sorry I did not see it earlier. There are signs now that I look back that I should have noticed but the mutinists, were feeding crap to make me unsettled and feeling like I was under attack and at risk of banning.

I am hoping that she can do whatever she needs to to help her pay her expenses and that all WS sees from now in is growth and good times.
It is a site I really love.

No Use Hanging On SSM! Delete The Damn Twitter!

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You admittedly are no longer connected to Websleuths… so you don’t need your snarky twitter.

Do the right thing and get rid of it. You are no longer a co-owner, manager or even a member at Websleuths.

“Disprespect” seems to be strong with you!

You’ve had plenty of time to do it, so do it.


Snide Sue
Monday, March 30, 2015 at 11:45 am 

Great translation. She couldn’t resist getting in some self promotion and a dig at Tricia/WS. I hope she slinks away to her ‘True Slime Forum’ as you said and leaves Tricia and Websleuths alone, but she seems to seek revenge for perceived slights just like her buddy Raine. Don’t know that they’ll ever truly let this or any conflict go.

Speaking of not letting go, hope Tricia or Megan are on Sue ASAP to get her “WSManager” twitter acct deleted. Recent bitterness still on display.

“Site is down again with a data base error. Tricia has a new IT guy and it’s not going so well.” — 2/4

(I’m sure Sue meant it wasn’t going well cuz her mole Adnoid was no longer in place and Dave was able to undo some of his tricks.)

“WS is down again. Who knows what it is this time. Tricia and Dave are the ones to seek answers from.” — 5 days ago

SSM Bids Fond Farewell To Websleuths

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Well. Everyone knows Sue has left Websleuths and Tricia now owns it lock, stock and barrel.

Congratulations Tricia!

Sue’s statement is posted right HERE

What she really was saying, imo, is as follows.

Red Ass Former Member

“In my best interest and for my sanity I finally decided to cut a deal with that skanky assed bitch Tricia and walk away with all of my friends to start a new forum that will put WS to shame! Me and my 6 friends will put together a true crime forum that will sweep the internet and I will be famous!! I mean “we” will be famous. Me and my 6 friends!

I just wanted the opportunity to say I’ve enjoyed my time at Websleuths, but I’ve never seen such a pack of spineless cowardly bitches who would not take a stand with me in my life and yes, that goes for all of the members, administrators and moderators. All of them except the 6 wonderful people who saw the greatness in me and stuck up for me. The rest of you bitches can burn in HELL.

Once I am up and rolling – people will say “Websleuths, what is that and who is Trasha Griffith”? I promise you that Miss Smarty Pants Tricia!

In my new forum, where I will become famous, I will set up an account which I will name beach. I will ban that skanky bitch every damn day! I remember every insult and every detail of every insult she hurled at me! The same goes for you bessie!! Both of you are worthless, worthless, worthless!

If my forum should not take off, I will start a blog. It won’t be a piece of shit blog like that sick in the mind lunatic Radio runs either.

When I find out what this nasty collective called URSA is — I will pour kerosene all over that little demented miserable huddle and burn it to the ground!

So, in parting do I wish you all well? Hell no, I hope every last one of you rot in hell!! Piss on all of you!

Lovingly yours,

SSM aka Sue”

It gets worse… she has been spotted in a local park not acting like her normal self at all. OMG!! This woman needs more help than you may have thought!! :shock:

Tricia Griffith, Sole Owner Of Websleuths

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Tricia and Sue reached a settlement which leaves Tricia Griffith as sole owner of Websleuths!!

More to come as it becomes available to me!!

Missing Mods At Websleuths

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A lot of the mods are missing perhaps we should start some threads there for missing mods at websleuths. Marlywings is a no show Trica had to ask users not to break TOS on one of the Aussie threads
I think they’re on an unofficial strike lol doing whatever they can to hurt Trica before their crappy case is lost.
Missing websleuths moderators anyone care where they are

Added today….

Mods who’ve walked the plank

Hi Radio, maybe we need to put up the list of which mods have been ‘Former Membered’ or have otherwise walked the plank.

Former Membered:



Did I miss anyone?

Murt’s Mouse Trap

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I find it hilarious that while Murt thought he had built a mouse trap for others… it was actually his own. He posted this on his blog, braying about how clever he was. Ha!

Take a look for yourself. He titled his ill fated post: EASE

Murt always thought he could out smart anyone and everyone…. and of course, anyone and everyone, including Murt can do just that …. but only if you are willing to lie enough to do it.

Murt has always demonstrated he was just that willing! Willing to lie enough to anyone and everyone to justify the delusions of himself he has lived with for a very long time. Long enough that all his lies, delusions and bullshit are now his reality. He believes himself. He has deluded himself into believing others believe him too.

They don’t. No one does.

Does he know he’s lying? I don’t know. I’m not a shrink, nor do I study pathological liars or sociopaths as a hobby.

Without going into further detail – Murt built a mousetrap and little known to him – it was his own. No doubt his compulsions will drive him deeper into that mousetrap.

An intelligent person would shut up and stop doing all the things he is doing and has done. Will he be able to do it?

Bets aren’t being placed in his favor.

For those wishing to follow and stay updated on the demise of Murt… you can do it HERE. This is Popadopolous’s blog and he is now in charge of MURT, lol. The twitter posting to that blog is BUSTED MURT.

No further posts will appear here about him here until Murt has either shut up for good, left social media, is in jail or there is an obit to publish.

Update On My Case. Good News!!

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This is an update on my case. One that I’m sure everyone will be happy with (except Murt of course).

Had a meeting with my lawyer this morning to get an update on what was going on. The prosecutor HAS accepted the deal put forth by my lawyer and the assistant prosecutor. This is the first time I will be able to go into full detail on what my deal entails. The prosecutor also stated that this WILL be settled before my next court date, which means no more court for me. Keep in mind, Kim Picazio was HUGE in securing me this deal. Call it a personal favor for her from the State Attorney for my circuit.

The deal is this. Deferred Prosecution. This is kind of like probation but not really. It’s extremely rare in my county that this sort of deal is offered or even considered. Basically if I keep my nose clean (no arrests, piss tests once a month, complete community service, etc…) then at the end of the time frame of the deferred prosecution (in this case it’s 1 year) ALL charges against me will be dismissed and my record will remain clean.

Pity, some thought that I was finally going to be put in jail or have something done to me by the legal system. Well, think again haters. I’m free and will remain free. And I’ll remain on the internet and remain out of jail to make sure I’m here to continue putting fuckers in check.

Edited: Murt Has Been Defeated

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Rather then write up another blog post about this, I will just link to an external link to a blog owned by me I had setup for everything Murt. The war is over. But for how long?


Edit: Well, there is an edit in all of this. You can read it at the following rather then me type it all up again.


Keep in mind, the reason I created that blog in the first place is so RadioNewz isn’t flooded with everything Murt related.

Wrong Again Murt

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So William Kevin Murtaugh is claiming that I’ve met Holly before. Wrong again William Kevin Murtaugh. I’ve never in my life met Holly. So, tell me how you know everything again William Kevin Murtaugh. And the only one afraid of anything is you William Kevin Murtaugh. We’ve all challenged you to post whatever proof you may have. You have yet to do so. What are you trying to cover up in this failed attempt to divert everyone’s attention away from you?

Multiple Issues MurtTurd

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This blog will be focused on multiple “articles” Murt wrote over at his failed blog.

The first will be focused on the following post:


The thing about this “article” is that Murt, once again, claims he has “important information” regarding “key accusations” put forth against him. Funny thing is, he has claimed this god knows how many times before. He ALWAYS says this when backed into a corner he can’t get out of and then doesn’t post anything. This has happened hundreds of times over the years. We’re all tired of this claim Murt, it’s time for you to FINALLY post proof of ANYTHING you have said or shut up. I’m calling you out. Time to put up or shut up.

This next part will focus on the following post:


Murt always posts my mugshot and full name in an obvious attempt at intimidation. The thing is, there is NOBODY in this world that intimidates me. I’ve never ONCE succumbed to intimidation and I never plan on changing that policy.

The link he placed in that blog post doesn’t even come close to describing me. That was actually a link somebody that follows me tweeted at me and I retweeted. It was a response tweet to the blog post I made about my ex, which clearly explains everything that my ex was doing at the time. It would also explain a hell of a lot more about Murt then any of us over here.

The next part will be focused on the following post:


How many times do we have to say it? Yes, we ALL want you  off the internet. If the other night wasn’t evidence enough, you are obviously hated by EVERYONE. Evidence put forth in the past also shows you are even hated by members of your own family. Wonder how your son would feel about your antics if he was still alive? Bet he wouldn’t like it one bit. One has to wonder.

The next part will be focused on the following article:


This is a miracle in itself. What’s funny is that when Facebook “locks” an account, it is no longer available to the general public. But all of us were able to still access it. Then when Murt was called out on this fact, almost immediately his Facebook account was miraculously restored. Just another lie from the Turd of the internet.

The next part will be focused on the following post:


My answer to all the questions he posted is the same, post the proof. We all know you’re full of complete shit. My question to you is this Murt. Why should anyone answer any of those questions when you have yet to answer ANYTHING put out towards you? By answering I mean posting proof. It’s time for you to prove your shit Murt. Unless you do so with HARD proof (not just words on a computer screen), you will forever be labeled a liar.

As I was working on this blog post, I received reports to my cell phone that Murt is running a private Facebook group. This group has all of his hags in it, including some Steubenville hags such as QueenBewbz. What’s even more hilarious is what this Facebook group is setup up for. From somebody who was in it in the past it was setup in order to get money from his “followers” to pay for his “meds.” Now, is this a scam? Who knows. But what’s funny about this is that it looks like we know how Murt pays for his shit and is able to continue doing what he does. I’m currently researching this to find out it’s validity but this comes from an EXTREMELY trusted source who has had no prior beef with Murt, so they have no reason to lie about this issue. Anyways, more on this as I find out more.

Murt Can’t Get Into His Facebook Account? Well He’s The Only One

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Murt’s been boo hooing, blogging and tweeting about not being able to get into his Facebook account because big meanie me got him locked out.


unable to access account

I don’t know what to tell you there Murt, but you seem to be the only one who cant.

Here’s your Facebook page – up and visible.



Here is a close up of the date and time it was visible 7:13PM on 3/24/2015


But if you still need more proof, I also have the original picture in the original large size. Click HERE to view. You can click the image twice, toggle up and down and back and forth to see all.
*Note: I did pixel out my friends list on each screen shot.

Ok, Let Us Get This Straight

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Sorry, Murt, but none of us can any longer read or understand what you write. We’ve been blinded by the bizarreness of your previous diatribes on nothing! Sorry, dude!

Yes! Your “Other Projects” Want You Off The Internet!

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This is really lame Murt. Doesn’t even hit the threat meter.

It’s just plain stupid! No one is afraid of you. GFY!
When you get kicked off the internet – does that mean you are leaving Sheryl/Cheryl behind and go back under the bridge? Wow! She was really important to ya wasn’t she??? :shock: