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OMG! A Shooting In Jefferson County, Ohio *Stay Calm People*

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Jefferson County, OH–  Officials have confirmed that there is a shooting investigation underway in Toronto. Officials did tell us that shots were fired into a vehicle early this morning, and that no one was hurt. Be sure to stick with NEWS9 for continuing coverage.

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The Shit Flies On Prinnie Twitter

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Twitter has become known as “Prinnie Twitter”! If you didn’t get the memo – now you know!

All kinds of twitter bashing has gone on for days against the “Steubenville Blogger” and it shows no signs of letting up. Today was not the worst – but one of the rather significant ones with Prinnie speaking out in kyptic tones… :shock:

And then the person who those tweets must have been directed at responded… :shock:

And then this trouble maker chimed in… as it has been doing for a long time in defending Goddard…

I Am Completely Anti-Bully, But…

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I hope no one thinks my recent tweets to this idiot twitter is bullying! My feelings would be hurt! LMAO!!

This is a certified nutcase….

I honestly fall down laughing at the spooky spook on this twitter. ROFLMAO!

Justice For Steubenville’s April Rape Victim Still Sought

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These are tweets concerning the April rape victim…

Change.Org: Shut Down Rape T-shirt Seller

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“Autumn is perfect for date rape.”

This and other pithy one-liners are printed on t-shirts for $12.99, thanks to an Etsy seller who goes by the name “FyourT.” The store, whose motto is “T-shirts, lame but expensive” has been open since July 2013. A line of t-shirts promotes messages of rape, elder abuse and sexual violence, including:

“Rape me gently.”

“I’m a sensitive guy. I only rape pregnant women.”

“Old people are useless. You can’t even rape them.”

According to Etsy’s terms of use, items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others are strictly prohibited.

Tell Etsy to remove this seller from its online shop.

Maryville, Mo. attacked in social media response to Daisy Coleman rape case

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MARYVILLE, Mo. — My hometown is not the villain.

Members of Anonymous attended the rally in support of Daisy Coleman and all rape victims in Maryville, Mo. Oct. 22. (Diana Reese for The Washington Post)

Members of Anonymous attended the rally in support of Daisy Coleman and all rape victims in Maryville, Mo. Oct. 22. (Diana Reese for The Washington Post)

Maryville has made headlines around the world since the front-page story of the Oct. 13 Kansas City Star describing how Daisy Coleman and her friend sneaked alcohol that January 2012 night at a sleepover, then ended up at the home of popular senior Matthew Barnett, drinking even more. That’s when things turned ugly. Really ugly. There are allegations that the 13-year-old was raped by a 15-year-old; that case went to juvenile court and the results are sealed. Daisy says Barnett raped her while his friend, Jordan Zech, videotaped part of the assault on a cellphone. Barnett has denied the accusations; he admits sex with Daisy, but say it was consensual.

Afterward, Daisy was left on the front porch in freezing temperatures, wearing just a t-shirt and sweatpants, her hair frozen by the time she was discovered by her mother. Felony charges were filed against the boys, and then dropped. A special prosecutor out of Kansas City is now looking at the case.

What has surprised me — and maybe it shouldn’t — is the level of hatred and vitriol directed toward not just the alleged rapists and the prosecutor who dropped the charges but everyone in Maryville. There’s almost a lynch mob mentality in the comments on social media. My hometown has been vilified as “a lawless hellhole” and its citizens “the scum of the earth.” One person commenting on Reddit said he hoped an F5 tornado would destroy the entire town and everyone in it. On Facebook, another poster wanted to “NUKE” the town; that sentiment was echoed by a St. Louis radio talk-show host.

Like the old-fashioned game of Telephone, mistakes and rumors have sprouted like mushrooms during a Missouri spring. Among them: The girls were raped by “several” boys and left for dead; the Colemans’ house burned to the ground while they escaped with their lives (the house was vacant and no cause for the fire has been determined); Matthew Barnett’s grandfather, Rex Barnett, was a state senator and in charge of the committee that funded the sheriff’s office (he was in the state legislature from 1994 to 2002).

The entire population of Maryville — some 12,000 people, plus the 7,000 college students at Northwest Missouri State University — did not rape Daisy Coleman, nor did all of them participate in the the bullying, the name-calling or the threats afterward. Not everyone in town even knows each other.



Steubenville investigation brings more charges

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By Molly Born / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

An Ohio woman who worked for the Steubenville school district has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property in the second indictment issued by a special grand jury investigating whether other crimes were committed related to a high school rape case.

The alleged crimes are separate and unrelated to the rape, Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine said.

“What happens sometimes in these investigations is you come across another crime,” he said. “In the course of the investigation, that’s what happened.”

Hannah Rhinaman, 20, of Mingo Junction has been summoned to appear in court Friday, when she’ll be arraigned on three felony counts. She could not be reached and did not have an attorney listed Wednesday.

Ms. Rhinaman is the daughter of Steubenville City Schools technology director William Rhinaman, 53, who was indicted Oct. 7 on counts of tampering with evidence, perjury, obstructing justice and obstructing official business.

Her charges are separate and unrelated to those against her father, Mr. DeWine said.

Mr. Rhinaman also is scheduled to be in court Friday for a pre-trial hearing in Steubenville before visiting Judge Patricia A. Cosgrove.

According to the indictment, Ms. Rhinaman is accused of taking district property valued at more than $1,000 on or about Aug. 20 through Sept. 21, 2012, and separately having district property that investigators said she knew or should have known was stolen, also valued at more than $1,000.

Ms. Rhinaman was hired last year to assist the technology department in setting up the district’s computer labs and updating software, according to a statement from the Steubenville Board of Education. She worked at the district for 118 hours at $7.70 per hour on a purchase-services contract from Aug. 20 to Sept. 12, 2012.

If convicted on all counts, Ms. Rhinaman could be sentenced to as much as three years in prison.

Football players Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’Lik Richmond, 17, were found delinquent of raping a 16-year-old Weirton girl during a night of partying Aug. 11, 2012.

Vet: “The Time Melinda Coleman Spent Working in Clinic Totaled 5 1/2 Hours.” #MaryvilleRape

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The Missouri Torch Exclusive

Posted on October 23, 2013 by Duane Lester

In the October 12 article, “Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family,” Kansas City Star reporter Dugan Arnett told the story of Melinda Coleman. According to the article, Coleman’s daughter Daisy was raped at the hands of Matt Barnett, grandson of Rex Barnett, an influential Republican and former state legislator.

Allegedly, because of that political power, not only were the charges against Barnett dropped, but the Colemans were targeted and harassed. The article also suggests Melinda was fired from her job at Southpaws Vet Clinic because she dared to cross the Barnetts.

However, according to Dr. Sally Hayse, part of the story has been omitted.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Sally Hayse, she said Melinda Coleman wasn’t a full time employee of Southpaws. She’d only worked there a total of three half days, for a total of 5 1/2 hours.

“We were trying her out as a part time employee,” Hayse said, “I was thinking about hiring her because I knew her on a friendly basis.”

According to records obtained by The Torch, Coleman was scheduled to work on January 3, January 5 and January 6, all half days.



Steubenville grand jury charges 20-year-old with theft, receiving stolen property

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The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Steubenville special grand jury investigating additional crimes potentially related to the rape of a 16-year-old girl last summer released its second indictment today – this time against the 20-year-old daughter of the school district’s technology director who was charged earlier in the month.

However, the charges of grand theft and receiving stolen property against Hannah Rhinaman, of Mingo Junction, are unrelated to the indictment of her father, William, according to the Attorney General’s office.

The indictment is also unrelated specifically to the rape case but within the broad scope of the grand jury, an office spokesman said.
Attorney General Mike DeWine convened the grand jury in April, he said, in order for the community to be certain that all possible crimes related to the rape – which garnered international attention – were thoroughly investigated. Some had alleged that coaches, teachers or other adults knew about the rape and failed to report it or provided alcohol to the teens involved.



@Justice4Daisy Press Release Concerning New Rape Advocacy Group

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We would like to start this out by saying that we will be changing our twitter handle from @Justice4Daisy to @Justice4TheVictim, although we will still be HEAVILY involved in the #Justice4Daisy movement.

Now, a little explanation on what our project is and what goals we may have for it.

Long story short, it’s a rape advocacy group. I’m sure we have all noticed that there aren’t many outlets for victims of rape to go and feel the love and support from others. This is one of our goals. Create an outlet for victims to feel safe and secure and gain the support they need. We currently have people that are victims themselves that are willing to help and counsel other victims. Share their experiences so the other victims feel they are no longer alone, we’re all here supporting them as a whole.

We are currently working on the website for this, which will be the outlet we spoke of earlier. This will include but isn’t limited to the following:

1) Discussion Forums. So people have a way to come together in one spot and discuss and support one another.

2) Submit Your Story. We will make a section of the website so those who are victims themselves can submit their own stories. This system will be 100% ANONYMOUS.

3) Blog. Just so we can post up different news stories of the day relating to rape. Stories we feel needs a light brought upon them.
We have a lot of other features that will appear on the site, but you will have to wait and see what those are upon release. We are hoping this will garner some attention to the rape culture within this country, and around the world. It’s time for rape culture to stop.
Stay Tuned,
Justice4TheVictim Team

Second Indictment Issued by Steubenville Special Grand Jury

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(STEUBENVILLE, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that a second indictment has been issued in the special grand jury reviewing whether additional crimes were committed regarding the Steubenville teen rape case.

Hannah M. Rhinaman, 20, of Mingo Junction, was indicted by the grand jury on the following counts:

  • Two counts of Receiving Stolen Property, a fifth degree felony
  • One count of Grand Theft, a fifth degree felony

The charges against Hannah Rhinaman are related to incidents that occurred at Steubenville City Schools. However, the charges are separate and unrelated to the previous indictment issued against her father, William Rhinaman, on October 7.

If convicted on all counts, Hannah Rhinaman could be sentenced to up to three years in prison.

The grand jury adjourned today until a future date to be determined.

Maryville Justice for Daisy Rally Was Less About Daisy Coleman, More About Radical Feminism

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Posted on October 23, 2013 by Duane Lester – Missouri Torch

I am going to be vilified for this, but I have to say it.

Last night’s rally was not about Daisy Coleman. It was about furthering the feminist theory of America being a “rape culture.”

In her opening statement, Courtney Cole, the organizer of the rally, said, “I am here today to help in organizing an event to bring support to the victims in regard to this case, their families, but, on a greater issue, all victims of sexual abuse or domestic assault.”

And that’s when Daisy Coleman took a back seat to the “rape culture.”

What’s a rape culture?

Wikipedia says:

Rape culture is a concept which links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape.

Upsetting the Rape Culture says:

In a rape culture, people are surrounded with images, language, laws, and other everyday phenomena that validate and perpetuate, rape. Rape culture includes jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable.

It’s a radical feminist theory. It was the theme of the rally.

Daisy Coleman was only mentioned by name twice in twenty minutes.

She was only referenced another four times.

But the term “rape culture” was repeated twelve times by three different speakers.

Claire Major of the National Organization for Women didn’t speak Daisy’s name, but said “rape culture” six times.

Think she was there to support Daisy or push an agenda?

Miranda Fletcher’s entire speech was about the rape culture, not about Daisy.

The people who attended the rally didn’t show up because they think they live in a country that condones rape.

They showed up because they believe a local girl was done wrong and they want her to know she has people out there who care about her and support her.

Sadly, some of the people who spoke to them showed they cared more about pushing the idea that women are in constant danger from America’s “rape culture.”

The rally was hijacked to push a radical feminist agenda under the guise of seeking justice for Daisy.

I sincerely wish the focus were left on the victim.

More & Video:

Hundreds rally in support of alleged rape victim in Maryville, Missouri

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(Reuters) – Several hundred people, many holding daisies, gathered in Maryville, Missouri, on Tuesday for a rally organized by computer hacking group Anonymous to support teenager Daisy Coleman, who was allegedly raped by a high school football player at a party in 2012.

The crowd gathered near the town square where the computer hacker group, along with Justice for Daisy, a Facebook group, called for justice on behalf of Coleman and other rape victims.

“The shear outrageousness of the Daisy Coleman case is what brought us here today,” said Courtney Cole, one of the rally organizers, as cold winds whipped around the cheering crowd.

“She is not alone. Every year, thousands of Missourians are raped and sexually assaulted. It is past time for us as a state to change. No more.”

A former high school football player is accused of sexually assaulting Coleman, who was 14 at the time, at a party in January 2012. A second teenager is accused of recording the incident on a cellphone.

Nodaway County Prosecutor Bob Rice had filed felony charges against the two boys, who were both 17 at the time, but later dropped them, citing a lack of cooperation from the girl, her mother and other witnesses.



#OpMaryville Anonymous Rally To Be Live Streamed, 6pm CST – 7pm EST

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Those interested in watching the rally tonight in Maryville, MO can watch on a popular website site, The Missouri Torch.

This is the link for live streaming:

This is the Facebook page:

Indictment in Steubenville another strike against complacency about rape: editorial

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No good news comes out of a tragedy like the kidnapping and rape of a 16-year-old girl who had drunk herself comatose during a night of revelry.

But justice — arresting and charging the adults who compounded that horrific crime — well, that’s pretty close to a happy ending.

Meet William Rhinaman, a middle-aged, mild-mannered bureaucrat who was allegedly part of a conspiracy to cover up the assault and protect the reputation of a storied high school football team.

The August 11, 2012, rape was not reported to police for three days — by which time Rhinaman, the 53-year-old director of technology for Steubenville City Schools, was already tampering with evidence, according to an indictment by a Jefferson County special grand jury that was unsealed earlier this month.

Rhinaman is the first adult charged in connection with what investigators believe was a concerted community effort by parents, coaches and district officials to protect the rapists — two sophomore starters on the hallowed high school football team.

Rhinaman will not be the last. If he is smart, he’ll realize this is not the time to be a team player. It is time to send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated — and start naming names.

Joann Gibb, a state computer forensic analyst who retrieved hundreds of text messages from cellphones seized during the investigation, testified during the March trial of Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 17, that they and their friends joked about the rape and shared photos.

As parents learned of the crime, Mays and Richmond and their fellow social media voyeurs sent each other texts to delete the graphic images, according to investigators.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla Addresses Kiwanis

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“The best thing I like about this job is being able to help people – that’s the good part of it,” said Abdalla, who has served as sheriff of Jefferson County for 29 years.

“The bad part is the ugly side,” he said, in particular cases involving child abuse, neglect and death.

“These are the most difficult cases – I can handle all the heavy stuff,” he said. “I’m familiar with death being in Vietnam, handling murder cases and suicides and drownings and car accidents, you can handle all that stuff, but when it comes to these little children, that is the most difficult.”

Abdalla touched on several topics, including “the war on drugs,” a battle he said, “We’re never going to win that war.”

He said many youth the department is dealing with today are a reflection of their upbringing.

“If you see their parents, you know why the children are the way they are, and I don’t see anything on the horizon is going to change,” Abdalla said.

“Years ago I would go in schools and ask second- and third-graders, ‘Do you know anyone who does drugs?’ No one knew,” Abdalla said.

Now he says out of 80 pupils, as many as 35 might raise their hands, responding that their father or mother does, or “mommy’s boyfriend” or “grandpa does.”

As long as there’s demand, the supply will be there, according to Abdalla, who expressed surprise with the number of “young kids on prescription drugs.”

In 2011 in Jefferson County, 24 people died of an overdose of prescription drugs – not heroine or cocaine but prescription drugs, Abdalla said. The youngest was 18.

“I have said it before, doctors are too quick to give these prescriptions,” he said.

Scams were another subject Abdalla mentioned, noting that despite warnings to the contrary, people are naive, “fall for that stuff” and are bilked as a result out of thousands of dollars.

One scam to get personal information is a caller claiming new Social Security cards are being mailed and information is being double checked.

Another is a call to a grandparent claiming a grandchild needs money sent to be bonded out of jail but asks that his or her parents not be told about it.

“These scammers are up all night long thinking up scams,” he said.

Abdalla said he wouldn’t comment on “the Steubenville case.”

“It’s back in the limelight again, and we’ve got to endure until this thing’s over with, and I hope it’s soon so Steubenville can get back on track. It’s still a great community, it’s a great county, it’s a great school,” Abdalla said.



Websleuths Lawsuit: Round One Goes To Tricia

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‘MY son is the victim here': Teacher mother of football player at center of Maryville rape case breaks silence

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The teacher mother and father of the teenager accused of a rape that has shocked America today broke their silence to claim their son is being ‘assassinated’.

Matthew Barnett, now 19, was arrested for the alleged rape of 14-year-old Daisy Coleman last January, but all charges against him and his friend Jordan Zech – who apparently filmed the attack on his iPhone – were dropped.

Now Burnett’s parents have furiously protested his innocence, painting him as the victim and urged people to dig beneath the surface to find the truth.

Talking to MailOnline from their detached home in Maryville, school teacher Mrs Barnett, 50, said: ‘The more you dig, you will get closer to the truth. It is not on the surface, you’re going to have to dig for it, unfortunately we can’t help with that because that is not our personality.

‘I teach school and I teach people in my class, you treat people the way you want to be treated.’


Read more: 

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Steubenville Rape Grand Jury Meets Today

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STEUBENVILLE – A special grand jury investigating if adults knew of a series of parties in August 2012 that ended with the rape of a teenage Weirton girl by two Steubenville High School students will reconvene Monday.

Dan Tierney, a spokesman for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, confirmed Friday afternoon the 14-member grand jury will convene again on Monday.

“The attorney general has stated he expects the grand jury will meet for a number of days,” Tierney said.

The special grand jury has been meeting since April to determine if adults such as coaches or school administrators knew of the rape allegation but failed to report it as required by state law.

William Rhinaman, the director of technology for Steubenville City Schools, was arrested on Oct. 7 at his Mingo Junction home after he was named in a four-count indictment.

DeWine said the secret indictment naming Rhinaman “is the first indictment issued by the special grand jury reviewing whether additional crimes were committed regarding the Steubenville teen rape case.”

The 53-year-old Rhinaman is facing several charges, including tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony; obstructing justice, a fifth-degree felony; obstructing official business, a second-degree misdemeanor; and perjury, a third-degree felony.

Rhinaman is set to appear before Summit County retired Judge Patricia Ann Cosgrove Friday morning for a pre-trial hearing.

Cosgrove was appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court to oversee the special grand jury investigating the Steubenville rape case.

Rhinaman entered a not guilty plea during his Oct. 9 arraignment.

Steubenville attorney Stephen Lamatrice represented Rhinaman during the arraignment hearing but told the judge Rhinaman would need a court-appointed attorney or legal representation from the Ohio Public Defender’s Office for Friday’s pre-trial hearing.



Michelle McKee Now Blames A Prinnie’s Doe For Feeding Info To KYAnonymous

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What next peeps, what next?! :shock:

#OpMaryville Ready For Showtime Tomorrow

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Courtney Cole at @courtneyscole is the person coordinating #OpMaryville for the event scheduled to take place tomorrow at 6pm in Maryville, MO. Looks like the local PD is chipping in to provide equipment – I assume the “PD” means the police department. And still time to order daisies from local florists!

Richard Olivito On Upcoming Steubenville Elections

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TRIGGER WARNING: Media Circus Question: Are Teen Date Rape Allegations Touted By The Kansas City Star Falling Apart?!?!

October 19, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  33 Comments


Here’s what everybody is missing . . .

At the center of a recent Missouri controversy regarding allegations of teen sexual assault lies this sordid question: Is anybody really qualified to tackle the topic of teen date rape?!?!

Few people watching this drama unfold dare to mention that this case is a nearly indecipherable date rape that’s comprised mostly of he said/she said allegations that are would be impossible to independently verify.

The language of the case is coded . . .

Using the term “rape” instead of “date rape” leaves out the real context of crime allegations. 

Folks who aren’t careful with their terminology or the sensitive nature of the case will get justifiably taken to the rhetorical woodshed.


Fox Guest on Maryville Rape Case: ‘What Did She Expect to Happen at 1 am?’

Still, the biased nature of U.S. mainstream reporting is clear . . .

Casual readers will have to check British media outlets to find even a hint at the other side of the he said/she said story . . .

‘MY son is the victim here': Teacher mother of football player at center of Maryville rape case breaks her silence

Still the mainstream media pile-on continues . . .

ABC News: Second Girl in Dropped Sex Assault Case Wants ‘Justice’

Again, more he said/she said that leaves out the fact this was a date rape and not a more easily defined assault by a stranger.

Tragically, mainstream media hype is effective:

Special prosecutor to re-examine Maryville rape case after outcry 

Let’s also not forget that physical evidence is scant at best . . . Here’s the main quote from the initial report:

The doctor who treated Daisy the following morning called the prosecutor’s decision to drop the charges “surprising.”

That’s it, no beat down evidence . . . Confirmation of sexual contact but no mention of anything brutal.

And now it’s getting clear that this “rape” story is suspect . . .


It’s a loser’s tactic and the evidence in the transcription is scant at best . . .

And here’s my point . . .


Again, teen relationships are horribly complex and TKC isn’t prepared to take a side or pretend to have a a definitive opinion on these charges . . . The only thing that’s clear is the Kansas City Star attempted to tell a story about GOP influence in a rural Missouri date rape case that is infinitely more complicated than recent biased reporting reveals.

Developing . . .

**What a jackass!! :roll:

Mother Of Maryville Victim Says 10 More Girls Came Forward With Sexual Assault Charges

October 19, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Elizabeth Plank's avatar image By Elizabeth Plank  

Just when you thought this case couldn’t get any worse, the mother of one of the victims from Maryville has gone on the record saying that other girls have come forward with similar allegations against the same group of boys who allegedly raped her daughter. According to her statement, the girls who made complaints to the police were told that they were lying and just trying to ruin the lives of “poor innocent boys.”

You have to commend the strong mothers and daughters of Missouri for coming forward to publicly describe an ordeal that most of us could never even begin to comprehend. After Paige Parkhurst, one of the girls who was allegedly raped, and her mother gave an interview to Al Jazeera, it was Melinda Coleman and her daughter Daisy’s turn. Together, they answered the difficult questions that have helped Americans understand what happened the night Wendy and Paige were allegedly raped by two football players.

During the CNN interview, Melinda takes us through the morning where she found her daughter lying on her lawn without shoes or socks in freezing weather. She knew something was very wrong. When she tried to give Daisy a warm bath, and noticed signs of sexual assault, she immediately called 911.

It’s at the end of the interview, after Daisy explains that she was bullied, threatened and basically driven out of the town, that Melinda reveals a startling, yet unsurprising, fact about the case. The mom says that she has spoken to a number of girls who have confessed that the “same thing happened with the same group of boys.” Not only that, but she recorded the sheriff saying that these girls were “all liars and that they just wanted to crucify those poor innocent boys.”



Maryville Officers Brace For Anonymous Rally

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Maryville Daily Forum
Local Business · 2,087 Likes
Officers brace for Anonymous rally
Maryville Daily Forum Law enforcement agencies, including Maryville Public Safety, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department and the Northwest Missouri State University Police Department, are working to prepare a coordinated response to a protest rally scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22, outside the Nodaway County courthouse.

The event is the result of a widely reported Kansas City Star investigation into alleged sexual assaults committed during a house party attended by Maryville High school students in January 2012.

Maryville Public Safety Director Keith Wood said in a prepared statement that an estimated 2,000 people are expected to show up for the rally, which is being organized by the Internet “hacktivist” organization Anonymous.

“We feel it is important to provide information to you to ensure a safe event,” Wood stated. “Our primary unified objective will be to serve you as a business owner in the city of Maryville as well as the event participants.

“Some plans to create a secure environment will create a significant inconvenience, and we apologize in advance. However, please understand that we are taking precautionary measures in your best interest.”

The release stated that parking on the square will be prohibited beginning Tuesday afternoon, a restriction that will continue for the duration of the event.

Vehicular access to the square will be banned beginning at 1:30 p.m., and various adjoining blocks may be opened or closed as circumstances dictate.

In addition, Wood urged downtown property owners to secure their buildings in the event of any perceived threats from the crowd. He added that law enforcement officers from multiple agencies will be deployed in and around the square as needed and will respond to citizen requests for assistance.

Anyone with questions should call Maryville Public Safety at (660) 562-3209.

High Stakes Loom In Maryville, Missouri Rape Case For Victims

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“The idea is really to have a third party who is removed from the process, who can bring the appearance of objectivity and neutrality,” said Richard Reuben, a professor at the University of Missouri School of Law. “At the end of the day they would look like a prosecutor who is truly independent.”

The new prosecutor’s final decision carries high stakes: It could settle the debate over whether [Nodaway County prosecutor Robert] Rice was right to drop the charges, or validate the accusers’ outrage by pushing the case toward a trial.

Rice filed a motion Thursday for a judge to appoint a special prosecutor in the case, which has gained new attention and an outpouring of responses of social media following a Kansas City Star investigation. The girl’s family also spoke out this summer to Kansas City radio station KCUR. . . .

Anchored by Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville may be best known as a football town, illustrated by the giant “bearcat” paw prints painted on Fourth Street and leading the way to the university’s football stadium. Signs in the windows of local shops and bars support the Bearcats, whose annual game against rival Pittsburg State University is so big it’s played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and dubbed the Fall Classic.


The Guardian: Missouri girl in rape case pens op-ed amid mounting national attention

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“Since Anonymous has gotten involved, everything has changed,” Daisy Coleman wrote an op-ed on the website xoJane on Friday. The detailed personal account read:”#justice4Daisy has trended on the internet, and pressure has come down hard on the authorities who thought they could hide what really happened.”

A felony sexual assault charge against the alleged perpetrator was dropped two months after the incident. County prosecutor Robert Rice said that there was not enough evidence to prosecute, and that the Colemans were un-cooperative – a claim Melinda Coleman denies.

On Thursday, Rice seemed to reverse his view of the case’s viability, filing a motion to appoint a special prosecutor. The state attorney general’s office had said earlier in the week that it had no power to reopen the case.

In her account on xoJane, Coleman said she became the target of cyberbullying after she accused the football player, a popular high school senior who currently faces no charges in the case. The Colemans left Maryville after the case because of what they described as town hostility. In April of this year the family’s former home in Maryville burned down. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

“On Twitter and Facebook, I was called a skank and a liar and people encouraged me to kill myself,” Coleman writes on xoJane. “Twice, I did try to take my own life.”

“I’m different now, and I can’t ever go back to the person I once was. That one night took it all away from me. I’m nothing more than just human, but I also refuse to be a victim of cruelty any longer.

“This is why I am saying my name. This is why I am not shutting up.”



#OpMaryville Team Speaks ‘To The Daily Dot’ And KYAnonymous Catching Flack Over $$$…

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By Lorraine Murphy on Email

When Anonymous heard that teens Daisy Coleman and Paige Parkhurst hadtried and failed to bring their alleged rapists to trial, it took action immediately. As with the Steubenville and Rehtaeh Parsons cases, members of the hacker group mobilized and launched #OpMaryville, spreading a video on social media to warn the Missouri town that Anonymous would take action unless authorities reopened Coleman’s case.

And now the case has been reopened.

There’s a virtual template for these operations, constantly refined to make the next op more effective and decrease the amount of hacktivist arrests and raids. YourAnonCentral, the principal Twitter account involved in publicizing #OpMaryville, told us that the campaign is very narrowly focused this time. They are not involved with any Facebook pages, for instance, nor are they running the Twitter accounts @OpMaryville or @Justice4Daisy. “One of theFacebook accounts posted a fake dox yesterday and told people to go to the house,” he said. “We suspect one of the accounts was created by someone trying to derail the operation.”

Excellent article:

And the $$$ scandal developing!

Seems Deric aka KYAnonymous has some interesting Twitter DM’s that got deleted! :shock:

#OpMaryville For Immediate Release – Anonymous

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#OpMaryville — For Immediate Release
Greetings, World.

We are Anonymous.

Over the past few days we have witnessed the internet unite around a single cause, justice for Daisy Coleman, her friend Paige, and their families. Netizens from around the world have come together, not only to defend victims of rape, but to attack a system that has continuously failed to punish rapists for their crimes. We have been horrified to discover the extent to which police and state officials are willing to go to protect themselves, and their allies, at the expense of these victim’s honor.

– First, we address Maryville’s Sheriff Darren White:

Dear Sheriff, what could we possibly have done to offend you? It was obvious to us at the onset of our campaign that your role in this travesty of justice was minimal. You’re just a small town guy, with no where near the authority required to effectively cover up the rape of a 14-year-old girl. We know you couldn’t if you tried. There are important people that need to be held accountable for this, not you.

Also, please don’t patronize us for being economically challenged. Our parents are decent, hardworking folk. They weren’t really using the basement anyway, except to store this old ping-pong table and it’s not in the way or anything. So, if we have to stay down here for a while with a bunch of rusty old tools and 30-year-old stacks of Playboy magazines (don’t tell mom) until we can get back on our feet, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Since you brought it up, if for instance one wanted to, saaaay… apply for a job with the Maryville Sheriff’s Department, how would one go about doing that?

Thanks for reaching out.

P.S. I’m sorry we haven’t broken any laws. We know that would really help you out of this.

– Next, we’d like to address prosecutor Robert Rice:

Bob, can we call you Bob? Bob, we had a statement prepared earlier. And frankly, we wish we could hand that document over to you, but unfortunately, those records have been closed. Really sorry about that. I guess we’ll just have to continue to speculate about our intentions.

In spite of how brutal and gruesome the sexual assault of a 13 and 14-year-old girl really is, let’s take some time away from focusing on that aspect of this case and discuss how truly awful this entire ordeal has been for you. We understand that you have high expectations for your career and your reputation is very important to you. We just want to apologize, you know, in spite of this whole rape thing, if you feel some sort of… umm, injustice has taken place here. At any rate, you’ve clearly gone through a traumatic event and if you want to take some time off, perhaps a term or two, we’d totally understand.

Just to clarify one thing… did you just tell the press that in order for a sexual assault to occur the victim needs to prove it? Damn. Maybe you and Guy of Gisborne can take a fishing trip together. The Sheriff should have some free time coming up anyway, you know, with rape victims now being responsible for investigating the crimes against them.

– To Attorney General Chris Koster:

It must have been so disappointed for you, having become Attorney General of an entire state, to find your position so limiting. Truly, if there is any injustice here, it’s that your hands are tied. You’re the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MISSOURI and you have no ability to exercise influence over the actions of a small-town prosecutor in your state? That’s astonishing, almost completely unbelievable. And it’s unfair, really, when you think about it. In some other circumstance, a person in your position could cowardly hide behind one law, while refusing to enforce another, the laws against raping 14-year-olds, for instance. Ironic, really. We hope one day you have the power you need to actually do you job.

To the people of the Internet:

We are not conducting this operation, you are. It is you who will find justice for the real innocents in Maryville. Please continue to support the actual victims of unspeakable crimes. Don’t let a knuckle-dragging cop, an unscrupulous attorney, or a some spineless state official provoke you into losing control or forgetting why you started fighting back in the first place. These people reek of fear. Daisy and Paige are winning. We love you. Don’t back down.


That’s all for now.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect Us.

Press Release From The City Of Maryville, Missouri

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Direct Link:


From Duane Lester, Editor of The Missouri Torch.

Second alleged Maryville rape victim, Paige Parkhurst, speaks out

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by Azmat Khan – Aljazeera America

 On the night of Jan. 7, 2012, Daisy Coleman, then a 14-year-old freshman at Maryville High School in Missouri, was having a sleepover with her childhood friend Paige Parkhurst, only 13 years old at the time.

The girls say they watched TV and drank from a stash of alcohol in Coleman’s closet. At around 1 a.m., the two snuck out of the house to meet Matthew Barnett, a 17-year-old senior and popular football player at Maryville High, who along with another boy, drove the two girls back to Barnett’s house.

What ensued there, both girls say, was sexual assault. Felony and misdemeanor charges followed against two of the 17-year-old boys, including Barnett, but were dropped two months later by the Nodaway County Prosecutor. A 15-year-old boy was sentenced in juvenile court. In the months that followed, both girls and their families say they have been subject to bullying, shaming and harrassment in the small, close-knit community.

A seven-month investigation into the allegations published in the Kansas City Star over the weekend has propelled the story from Maryville into the national spotlight, provoking the response of hacktivist network Anonymous and prompting calls for the local authorities to revisit the case.

Until today, Paige Parkhurst, now 15, had not been named nor had she spoken out publicly about her case. In this edited interview transcript, Parkhurst, along with her mother Robin Bourland, tells America Tonight’s Lori Jane Gliha about the night that changed her life, why she has decided to come forward now and what she hopes will come from the incident.
Video and more:

Missouri teen rape case ignites social media

October 16, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Michael Winter, USA TODAY

Prosecutors dropped charges against high school football player and friend for lack of evidence.

Missouri officials are facing a firestorm of criticism and social media attacks over renewed interest in a 2012 case in which prosecutors dropped sexual assault charges against a prominent high school football player arrested for allegedly raping a drunken 14-year-old cheerleader and having it recorded on video.

Felony charges were also dropped against another 17-year-old senior in Maryville, Mo., who used a friend’s iPhone to record a video clip of the grandson of Rex Barnett, a powerful former Republican state representative, having sex with the girl.

Separately, a 15-year-old admitted to having non-consensual sex with a 13-year-old friend of Coleman’s early on Jan. 8, 2012, and served several months in juvenile detention.

About 100 miles north of Kansas City, Maryville is a small college town of 12,000 residents. It is home to Northwest Missouri State University and its Division II football powerhouse.

For many people, the case echoes the rape of a drunken 16-year-old Steubenville, Ohio, girl last year by high school football players. Last week, a grand jury investigating whether laws were broken during the probe indicted a school employee with interfering with a criminal matter.
More at website:

BREAKING: Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Calls for Grand Jury in Daisy Coleman Case

October 15, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  15 Comments

Just received this via email from the office of Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder: (The Missouri Torch)

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder today released the following statement urging Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and the Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice revisit a controversial alleged rape case in Nodaway County.

“Since Sunday I have read with growing dismay the media accounts of the Daisy Coleman case in Nodaway County. I make no claim to knowledge of all the facts. Still, facts revealed in exhaustive media reports, including the 4,000-word piece in the Kansas City Star, raise all kinds of questions that it is now clear won’t be put to rest. These questions will fester and taint the reputation of our state for delivering impartial justice to all.

“I am disappointed that the Attorney General would wash his hands of the matter through a brief statement by a spokesman. The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look. I call on Attorney General Koster and Prosecutor Rice to join me in asking that the Circuit Court convene a grand jury to review all the evidence, hear all witnesses, and issue a decision as to whether charges should ensue.

“I hope that responsible officials will join me in this call for a grand jury to make the final call on whether criminal charges should or should not be filed.”

Maryville Prosecutor Robert “No Crime And No Evidence” Rice Sulking Over Criticism

October 15, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

“Did a crime occur? Hell, yes, it occurred,” Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White said in a radio interview this summer. “Was it a horrible crime? Yes, it was a horrible crime. Did these boys need to be punished for it? Absolutely.”

But the Nodaway County prosecutor, Robert Rice, disagreed.

“They were doing what they wanted to do, and there weren’t any consequences. And it’s reprehensible. But is it criminal? No,” Rice told the Star.

Two months after the incident, he dropped charges against the 17-year-olds, both of whom were on the high school football team. One, the grandson of an influential local politician, was accused of raping Coleman’s daughter, the other of making a felonious recording of part of the encounter.

The video was never found, and Rice declared there was not enough evidence to prosecute. The youth accused of rape said the sex was consensual. Missouri state law says rape defendants are not guilty if they “reasonably believed that the victim was not incapacitated and reasonably believed that the victim consented to the act.”,0,586421.story

Missouri Governor And Attorney General Will Not Become Involved #OpMaryville

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Beginning at 2 p.m. CT Tuesday hacker activist group Anonymous launched a twitter awareness campaign (#OpMaryville) aimed at putting pressure on Attorney General Chris Koster to launch an investigation into the lack of charges against Barnett.

Spokespersons for both Gov. Jay Nixon and Koster say the two won’t be getting involved in the case.

Holly Briley Speaks Out On #OpMaryville

October 15, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  13 Comments

On a personal note as one who wrote extensively about the Steubenville teen rape case and one who attended rallies in Steubenville, Ohio (no Im not a member of Anonymous) Ive seen the good and the bad side of this sort of thing and would urge that we all learn from what happened there.
While everyone wants justice for victims, it shouldn’t come at the price of targeting an entire town.

Maryville Prosecutor Says Case Could Not Be Prosecuted

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Anonymous Puts Maryville In The “Eye” Of The Storm #JusticeForDaisy

October 15, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

OpMaryville is underway and gaining strength by the hour!

Pleadings from locals have already started. They’ve heard about Steubenville, Ohio.

Not only Maryville locals are pleading for Anonymous and the Internet not to attack the people of Maryville – it’s showing up on twitter as well.  A hot topic on twitter now are those who believe the Steubenville matter was handled wrong and hoping OpMaryville will be different. Survivors of OpRollRedRoll are demanding KYAnonymous not be allowed any significant role. Everyone has an opinion on that – one way or another.

There is great concern the Maryville rapist avoided rape charges because his grandfather is a former Representative in the MO House of Representatives. Talk about a story begging for a corruption, influence and cover-up campaign – you are about to see one!

Grandfather of the Maryville rapist, Rex Barnett, is a Republican and Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice is also a Republican. The Attorney General, Chris Koster was a Republican who left the party and became a Democrat. Missouri’s Governor is a Democrat. How interesting! If anything points to a “win” for Anonymous – it will be politics at play – not calls for justice.

A twitterstorm is scheduled for today, Tuesday, October 15 at 5pm EST / 2pm PST

A peaceful demonstration in Maryville is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22 at 10:00am CST

Daisy Coleman, Missouri Teen, Claims She’s Shunned By Community After Rape Allegations

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Anonymous Announces #OpMaryville Demonstration Set For 10/22 @10AM

October 14, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments


Justice for Daisy

A live demonstration in Maryville has been planned and we are encouraging the online community to attend. Please organize with your followers and make plans to attend this important event. Tweet with #Justice4Daisy if you plan to attend the demonstration.


On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at 10:00am we will meet at the Nodaway County Courthouse in Maryville, Missouri with daisies in our hands for a peaceful protest in support of Daisy Coleman.

We are calling on Missouri’s Attorney General Chris Koster to immediately open an investigation into the lack of charges against Matthew Barnett, despite a confession and evidence of his guilt.

We are asking members of the press to investigate and file FOIA requests to discover any connections between Matthew’s grandfather, Missouri State Rep. Rex Barnett, Maryville law enforcement and the prosecutors who dropped Daisy’s case.

For Facebook users, an event page has been created:

For details regarding the case, please read this article:


Thank you

#OpMaryville Wants Nothing To Do With Deric Lostutter

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Picture Of Maryville, MO Rapist Circulating On Twitter

October 14, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

This is the guy who brought Steubenville, Ohio to its knees

October 14, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

To some, he’s an Internet terrorist with no regard for the real-world impact of his actions. To others, he’s a valiant hero, championing the cause of those in need from the comfort of his own home. No matter how you perceive him, Deric Lostutter’s story is an example of the future in the present and the decade of jail time he could face for his involvement in the hacking and supposedly illegal online activism surrounding the now infamous Steubenville rape trial should stir a compelling public debate on right and wrong on the Internet.

Lostutter is the man formerly known as KYAnonymous. He’s the man responsible for bringing the rape of an underage girl in Steubenville, OH to homepages and newspapers across the globe.

Today, Esquire published a four-page profile of Lostutter written by John H. Richardson. The feature covers everything from the details of the sexual assault in Ohio to the FBI raid of Lostutter’s home in Kentucky to the current state of affairs concerning the grand jury investigation and the cases against hackers and whistleblowers like Lostutter.

“I’ve got a new Guy Fawkes mask coming from eBay,” Lostutter says. “I ain’t going to associate myself with illegal activity, you know what I’m saying? But I’ll take to the damn streets.”

 This brings us to the heart of the problem. Since the convictions of the Steubenville football players, elite media outfits like The New Yorker have reviewed the story and criticized the bloggers and activists for getting things wrong. And the real problem with these new democratic voices, as Marshall McLuhan predicted, is a function of the medium that makes them available to us. Many of the WikiLeaks cables showed professional diplomats ignoring corruption in the countries where they were stationed, for example, something that should shock only children. The Snowden documents have revealed more troubling secrets about the NSA’s espionage programs and the fate of privacy in the networked world, but Snowden himself spouts the same immature anarchist clichés as Julian Assange, that the governments of the world must stop trying to keep secrets and maintain order and simply allow “maximal diversification of individual thought.” The technology democratizes information, and a little bit of technical sophistication gives you a power that no twenty-five-year-old could have dreamed of before. But technology doesn’t give you wisdom. The information-is-free idealists depend on maintaining a certain naivete about how the world really works, which seems to be a result of lives lived online — sitting at home on their sofas, detached from a tangible sense of real-world consequences, they blunder into our worlds with results we cannot anticipate. This will not stop. It is the world we live in today.

For all of the column inches and hyperlinks dedicated to the Steubenville case and the actions of Anonymous in that instance and others (like Sandy Hook) since, Richardson’s profile of Lostutter offers a much-needed glimpse at what/who hides behind all of these Guy Fawkes masks. The scope of the piece may be slightly limited in the sense that it looks to introduce Lostutter to the people who wouldn’t be able to find the deep Internet if they wanted to, but it does offer a set of circumstances and a backstory that might help to explain why someone would buy one of the masks off eBay and what they aim to do once FedEx drops it off on their stoop. [Esquire]


Maryville, Missouri rape case leads to victim’s family being driven from town

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MARYVILLE, Mo. – A Missouri family moved to a new city to escape the past – but wound up finding new anguish in not just an alleged rape, but the cruel aftermath. The Kansas City Star has spent seven months digging into the story of Melinda Coleman and her four kids, who moved to Maryville from a town 40 miles away following her husband’s death in a car accident.

Not long after the move, however, Melinda (who gave the paper permission to use her daughter’s name) found 14-year-old Daisy passed out on her doorstep in below-freezing temps in just a T-shirt and sweats; she had sneaked out to attend a party with a friend. Daisy says she was encouraged to drink heavily, and Melinda took her to a hospital, where doctors found indications of “recent sexual penetration.”

Soon, 17-year-old Matthew Barnett was charged with sexual assault and endangering a child; another friend allegedly videotaped the encounter. But it didn’t take long for the charges to be dropped.

As the evidence grew, a sheriff “absolutely” expected prosecution. Another boy at the party, meanwhile, admitted having sex with Daisy’s 13-year-old friend despite her rejection; his case was addressed in the juvenile system. As for Barnett, he was locally well-connected, the grandson of a former state representative in a small town – and as the charges were dropped, it was Daisy and her family who faced threats over the incident. Her mother was fired from her job, with her boss citing concerns about lawsuits; Daisy was targeted on social media and twice attempted suicide. After the Colemans finally decided to leave Maryville, their unoccupied house mysteriously burned down.


Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family

Read more here:

Anonymous – #OpMaryville – #Justice4Daisy

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All: Request Federal Resources to examine and bring charges against these daycare owners.

October 13, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment
  • Petitioning The Governor of AZ

This petition will be delivered to:

The Governor of AZ
The AZ State Senate
The AZ State House
Maricopa County Superior Court
Maricopa County Superior Court

Two-year old dies from injuries and lack of medical examiner resources lets them off the hook.


Charges have been dropped against a couple who ran an in-house daycare business where a 2-year-old girl died almost a year ago.

Ryan Reed, 27, and 28-year-old Allison Clements were facing felony child-abuse charges after admitting to hurting Savannah Cross, several times.

But the case ran up against a legal deadline because there weren’t enough resources in the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office, and the Maricopa County Superior Court dropped the charges.

Lab results aren’t finished and the final report isn’t done so, the charges were dropped and the couple were ordered released from jail.

But, since the court dropped the charges without prejudice, the charges can be re-filed.

Sample letter at website:

Steubenville’s Christina Buchmelter Is Plum Fed Up With A Tweeter

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KYAnonymous To Raise Funds In Ohio

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Richard Olivito And @aronck2 Have A Fiesty Dust Up On Twitter

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ObamaCare Site Ripe for Hackers, Computer Safety Expert Warns

October 13, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

Computer hackers can easily steal your identity through the ObamaCare site, John McAfee, computer programmer and founder of the McAfee computer software security company, told Gretchen Carlson Friday.

McAfee explained that there are no safeguards to prevent anyone from developing a website and pretending to be an agent or an examiner with the ability to extract enough personal details that would enable him or her to empty an entire bank account.

“This is going to happen and it’s going to happen very soon,” McAfee warned.

“The hacker aspect is only one of the problems,” McAfee said. “Most people can’t even log onto the system because it’s so complex and error-ridden.”

McAfee explained that he architecture of the system is “outrageous,” adding that it wasn’t designed properly to support the volume of ObamaCare customers.

Video of interview at site: