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A Question For Jane Doe’s Family

October 7, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

I blogged some info you wanted put out there via @sadssoswagg. I was pleased to do it. So, now I want something back, ok?

I’ll even overlook the fact of the one who was playing all sweetie sweetie in private DM and was then bashing my character on my own blog… I overlook most shit like that all the time anyway.  I’ll even overlook the fact I was asked to lie and give you all a pass…

So, here is my simple little request… when you saw a friend of your daughter’s being bashed, trashed and more… why didn’t you speak up? Why stay silent on only those things which pleased you? Why suddenly and uncharacteristically bolt over a post about civil suits?

Sure, I understand trials, lawsuits and even more than all these… but why?

This blog supported Prinnie and your daughter throughout this whole nightmare and I’m proud of both. Just not overly proud of you at the moment… so – got anything to say? I suspect not.

I will always run this blog the way I see fit. Always. I’m no coward. Can you say the same?

Can Steubenville And Big Red Put It All Back Together?

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A lot of questions are being asked here before the Steubenville grand jury reports back…

I don’t intend to address all of the questions sent to me or by whom – I don’t know who I get stuff from most of the time anyway, but even if I did – I would be mum on it… peeps lives and family’s are often at stake. Just like Prinnie’s was when she embarked on this story. We see where that got her don’t we? Her integrity and that of her family blasted all over the internet. Her mother called a whore.

Now, while I do understand all of the emotions that went into all of this… it’s time to step up and ask a few simple questions.

Will Steubenville and Big Red be able to build back the respect they once had? In fact – the real question is actually this – did they even lose anything?

Will this story have legs bigger than what it already has – or will it just be another cheap shot at a small American community who prides itself on time honored local traditions?

Many locals feel a terrible insult has been leveled at Steubenville, but has it? Will any of this be remembered any longer than it takes Big Red to wrap up another winning season of football?

What will actually change in Steubenville, Ohio? Not much is my honest assumption. Maybe your honest assumption is different and if so – speak out…

Snipe Hunt On For Steubenville’s @Judicious1_

October 7, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

As usual – Jud has fired up her haters and name callers and is now under an intense scrutiny by sleuthers – once again…

If you don’t believe old Jud is being hunted down like some animal or maybe a simple snipe… read comments here and keep reading! LOL!

If they can hunt Jud down and blow her out of the air – they are gonna do it!! LMAO!!

“Shot With Shit And Killed For Stinking!”? ROFL!! #FreeSabu

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Meanwhile, Back At The Guest Ranch

October 6, 2013 |  by  |  Smack  |  4 Comments

Ever Hear The Phrase “Bitches Run In Packs”? LOL! LOL!

October 6, 2013 |  by  |  Smack  |  19 Comments

Haha! I had to do this!! :mrgreen:

Historic Cry Baby Flood Wipes Out Orlando, Florida

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Alec Baldwin Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Reporter “Toxic Little Queen” (LMAO)

October 6, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments
(Old stuff – but still funny)
Jonathan Higbee | June 28, 2013

The notoriously hot-headed paragon of progressives has left a bad taste in the mouths of fans after calling a U.K. reporter a “toxic little queen.”

The kerfuffle started when George Stark wrote a piece published in the Daily Mail claiming that Alec’s wife had been tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. The published gossip sent Alec over the edge as he set out to ring Starks’ neck on Twitter in an avalanche of insults and threats directed at the writer.

Though one might laugh when they imagine Alec seething with impotent rage over his iPhone keyboard, a few tweets have upset his loyal liberal following, including:

“[I'd] put my foot up your fucking ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much,” and “I’m gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna fuck…you…up.”

Alec has since deleted his Twitter account and the Daily Mail has removed Stark’s byline from the post, replacing it with “Daily Mail Staff.”

✝Brendon (Sads)✝ @sadssoswagg Speaks Out With Personal Text From JD’s Mother

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Perfect Proposal

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JUST IN: Steubenville’s Jane Doe Civil Suits In Jeopardy?

October 5, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  83 Comments

It has been brought to my attention over the last 48 or so hours that should Jane Doe decide to use civil suits to further punish residents of Steubenville, Ohio those suits may be in jeopardy.

It has been reported to me that Jane Doe, thinking she has a free ticket to ride from all the attention given her rape case, has been posting vulgarities and other shoddy stuff on instagram and other places around social media.

Screen shots have been taken for some time and all of them were offered to me, but I’ve declined to accept them. I don’t even want to handle them as I want no part in any of it when the bonfires start across the river! :shock:

The Match That Started The Fire Storm Known As The Steubenville Rape Case

October 5, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  15 Comments

Eveyone seems to know about it – all over the USA and even in parts of Europe, but what really happened to cause such global attention?

A bunch of teenagers were drinking at some house parties. A few got way to drunk and that seems to be when trouble started for them. They sexually assaulted a teenage girl who was a member of the parties. In Ohio finger penetration is considered rape – something the boys decried they did not know. Even a popular coach said he didn’t know and that may be backed up by his words at the time to the boys: “did you fuck her?”.

Most think of rape as intercourse between two parties – one completely unconsenting. Rape can also be with foreign objects, such as broom handles and often times is called sodomy or unnatural sex acts. In Ohio insertion of fingers is called digital rape, not sodomy or an unnatural sex act.

Whatever happened that night – the girl didn’t know and I believe that is where the problem started. She was seeing disgusting tweets about herself, friends were telling her about many more. At some some point and we don’t know exactly when or why – her parents became aware of the same. They took screen shots of the offensive tweets, along with pictures and went to the police. They suspected their daughter had been raped. They definitely wanted to know and so did she.

What actually happened that night is small when placed up against a brutal gang rape by forced intercourse, I know this and most adults do as well, but where this got out of hand was by the boys – and some girls – making fun of what the girl had been put through. That was the match that struck the fire, imo!

During the Steubenville City PD and Jefferson County Prosecutor investigating what had happened, blogger Prinnie was made aware of the social media tweets, videos and other stuff…. she screen shot all she could and placed it on her blog,

The rest is history for the most part. Anonymous joined the effort started by Prinnie to hold the boys accountable for the nastiness and the story went national and international, with Prinnie appearing on numerous MSM tv shows and many print articles written. From all of this began suspicions of cover-up and all of that. The perfect fire storm for a sizzling hot media story.

Without that match – the boys on social media – there would have been no fire storm.

Questions Raised About Attempted Murder Suspects And County Prosecutor, Steubenville

October 5, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  36 Comments

There is some scuttlebutt about this on twitter… I don’t know any of the names mentioned here or how they relate to a county prosecutor in Jefferson County, Ohio. Maybe some of the readers here do.

STEUBENVILLE – A Bloomingdale-area man was shot twice outside Unionport Wednesday evening in a case that is being investigated by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said John Hartsouk, 36, was changing locks on a house he owns on county Road 39B around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Randy Ewing, 52, of county Road 39B drove past the house, and what happened after that is split into two different stories, Abdalla said.

Hartsouk was shot in the arm and the abdomen. The bullet to the stomach area went through his kidney and was lodged next to his spinal cord, Abdalla said. Hartsouk drove himself to the Unionport fire department. He was driven by the fire department to the county airport, where he was transported by medical helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital.

Abdalla said he spent about three hours early today at the Pittsburgh hospital interviewing Hartsouk.

Hartsouk is claiming Ewing drove past the house and started yelling obscenities at Hartsouk, the sheriff said. Ewing then drove to his father-in-law’s house on county Road 39B, Abdalla said. Ewing and Rockwell Good, 72, the father-in-law, went back to the Hartsouk house, according to the sheriff.

Statements given by Ewing and Good and Hartsouk differed, Abdalla said.

Ewing and Good said Hartsouk came at them and assaulted Ewing and then went after Good, who fired the shots, Abdalla said.

Hartsouk is claiming Ewing and Good came at him,” Abdalla said.

No charges have been filed. Abdalla said he was in contact with county Prosecutor Jane Hanlin throughout the night.

“There are conflicting stories, but we will get to the bottom of this,” Abdalla said.

5 Months After Steubenville Conviction, Grand Jury Still Investigating Coaches

October 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

It’s been five months since Steubenville high school football players Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond were convicted of rape. No criminal charges have yet been filed against their coaches or school administrators, who some activists say failed to properly report the rape.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The grand jury investigating whether other laws were broken in the case of a 16-year-old girl raped in eastern Ohio last year has hit the five-month mark without criminal charges.

A chief issue before the 14-member panel is whether coaches, school administrators or other adults knew of the allegation but failed to report it as required by Ohio law.


Steubenville Grand Jury To End Testimony Today, Friday

October 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  10 Comments

The Grand Jury investigating whether other laws were broken in the rape of a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville reconvened on Friday morning.

Jefferson County court officials tell WTRF that today marks the last day of testimony, and deliberations will begin during the week of Oct 21 and will carry over into the week of October 28.

Meet .@McGreggorsBack’s Family, LMAO!!

October 3, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

Not only has McGreggors spewed her name and location all over the internet (Mary Janell Lee, Wadesboro, NC, used to live in Pinehurst, NC; moves around a lot. Probably dodging bill collectors or getting thrown out of rentals for non payment and then denies she gave it out) she has plastered her family’s pictures out there as well. Talk about someone missing a few brain cells…

Claims this is her cop father. However, he looks nothing like the father in the family pic below. One must be a stand in. Or a fake picture.

What she had to say about her mother. No surprise. Her mother looks the part.

And then all kinds of family pictures…
Mlee family pics

And even an old marriage certificate – marriage to a Mr. Boner! LOL! Seems appropriate.
mlee marriage cert

Mary the porker.

The real Mary. ROFL

Steubenville Locals Chanting “RollHeadsRoll”

October 2, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

My goodness! :shock:

.@McGreggorsBack Demands Names and Calls Out The Elephants

October 2, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

Demand all you want. You’re not getting shit. Go fuck yourself you freak! And are you accusing me of elephant trading? For tusks or what? You make shit up. You made that crap up about my parent’s visiting and you make up 95% of everything you write and think. You’ve created a fantasy world where you are a crusading victim. Get help. Jesus Christ Mary, you get crazier and crazier.

5 months later, Steubenville rape case grand jury not done

October 2, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The grand jury investigating whether other laws were broken in the case of a 16-year-old girl raped in eastern Ohio last year has hit the five-month mark without criminal charges.

A chief issue before the 14-member panel is whether coaches, school administrators or other adults knew of the allegation but failed to report it as required by Ohio law.

The grand jury convened by Attorney General Mike DeWine has met periodically since its first meetings in late April and early May, when it heard three days of testimony and evidence.

DeWine said Wednesday the panel would meet again on Friday, likely for one day — the first time it has met since mid-August. He said he couldn’t talk about its deliberations or offer a timeline.

“What we do in our office is we follow the facts and see where the facts take us and we do that with any investigation,” DeWine said.

He added: “Certainly we want to move as quickly as we can.”

DeWine announced the grand jury March 17, the same day a judge convicted two Steubenville High School football players of raping the West Virginia girl after an alcohol-fueled party following a football scrimmage in August 2012.

Allegations of a cover-up dogged the case, despite charges brought against the boys shortly after the attack. Attention was fueled by online activists who said more football players should have been charged. Three teens who saw the attacks, including two players, were granted immunity in exchange for their testimony.

The National Organization of Women has long called for DeWine to prosecute a fourth teen who cracked jokes about the rape in a video that implies he had direct knowledge of the assault. His attorney says he did not.

Grand juries operate by different rules and thresholds of guilt and face few deadlines other than statutes of limitations, said David Harris, a University of Pittsburgh criminal law professor. Prosecutors, who run the panels, aren’t obliged to say how long grand juries will meet or make promises about its conclusions, Harris said.

“The bottom-line answer is that this could take as long as it takes,” Harris said.

Former county prosecutor Mike Miller agreed, saying lengthy deliberations are more common in investigative grand juries looking at particular cases. By contrast, many counties have grand juries that meet daily, weekly or monthly to consider charges in more routine prosecutions.

“I’m sure that for something that’s pretty far ranging, they’ll get every bit of information they can before the grand jury,” said Miller, a private practice attorney in Columbus who was Franklin County prosecutor from 1980 to 1996.

DeWine said last month that forensic work involving cellphones and computers had yet to be completed.

Social Media Awaits Steubenville Grand Jury Results

October 2, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

With the announcement of the Steubenville grand jury set to reconvene it’s time to consider what the social media reaction will be.

Rumors, rather solid ones, abound that if the grand jury presents results with little to no justice – the social media reaction will be harsh and not short lived.

What that all means is this – if expectations are not met – there will be a backlash calling for federal intervention to investigate Steubenville and Jefferson County from top to bottom.

It is what it is and is no secret, so I’m just getting it up here for whatever.

Steubenville Grand Jury To Reconvene

October 2, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio — A special grand jury investigating if additional laws were broken in the Steubenville teen rape case will reconvene on Friday, a spokesman for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

The panel of 14 jurors is reviewing evidence and hearing testimony as part of a state-level investigation into still unspecified other felonies or misdemeanors connected to the original case.

In March, a visiting judge found Trenton Mays and Ma’lik Richmond delinquent of raping 16-year-old girl in August 2012. Mays and Richmond were both student-athletes at Steubenville High School at the time of the crimes.

Immediately after the two teens were sentenced, DeWine called for the grand jury to be an “investigative tool” to probe other claims and questions that have dogged the case, such as whether anyone else knew about the rape and failed to report it.

DeWine said during the course of the investigation of the rape, 16 witnesses, both adults and teens, were uncooperative. A grand jury can be used to compel witnesses to testify. Stay with NEWS9 and for continuing coverage.

Read More at:

Steubenville: Center Of The Universe

October 2, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  16 Comments

Clearly you are not aware that Steubenville is the center of the universe. Correct, according to me. It represents all that is soooooo wrong with the country in every way and on the other side of the coin, all that is still good. Those obsessed with SM, spend half their lives tweeting, clearly the low info voters and Americans that have made the country look like that the garbage it has become in a couple of decades will never get it. Sadly, most of the dodos who spend their lives on twitter and watching blogs because you are 2 lazy to work or hunt for work or God forbid, actually try to be GOOD parents, ARE the reason we now live in a culture of violence and hedonism. I’d bet not ten people reason can tell us who are Reid, Pelosi, or the Speaker of the House. nor could you point out Syria or Iran on a map.
But oh boy, you SM geniuses can tell us every piece of lunacy about your fav perv Murt. WHO CARES but the lowest life forms out there. Sorry to sound offensive, but so many here and elsewhere make me ashamed of the dumbing down of this country.

Do You Get Spam In Your Email Account?

October 1, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

I was just wondering who gets spam in their email. I have lots of tales to tell should I decide to tell them. Gasp! :)

I get a lot sometimes, but it all seems to depend on who I have pissed off. Think I’m stupid – I’m not. LOL!!

Yes, there is a relationship – so if you are getting spam — look no further than who you have pissed off recently.

They will sign you up for every newsletter the internet offers… including every evangelical preachers newsletter. :shock:

You know what else they will do? If you have a blog – they will get the IP and knowing you use the blog for email — they report you as a spammer. You get on a list and can’t even email your friends. LOL!! Since I know who did this – I wonder if their friends know they do such kinds of things? Probably not.

Fortuantely I have connections in the internet world and can rid myself quickly of such blights. LOL! Another reason you have to have multiple email accounts and ones only your best friends know about!! :)  Hahaha!

I never do such shit to anyone, no matter how angry they may make me. Man, I have standards here!! :mrgreen: That shit takes a lot of time … bahahaha – I don’t have it to waste!!

I also know who started the spam onslaught don’t I Brianne. My goodness. *sigh* Fortunately I use an email client that filters that shit out.

My Mother

October 1, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  12 Comments

All the time I see people writing about bipolar disease. Who has it. What they do and what they don’t do or how crazy they are or addicted to this or that.

I laugh at most of that stuff although I realize it can be very bad.

My mother was bipolar and I grew up with that, but I have no bad memories whatsoever. I don’t even understand most of the dialogue I see about biploar disease on social media.

I’m sure each person experiences this disease differently, but my mother was nothing like I see people talk about on social media and I have to wonder if they are exaggerating or what.

My mother would be “normal” about 7 months a year and then “sick” about 5 months a year. That was her “cycle”. I was born into that and I knew no difference.

We lived in a big traditional white farm house and when those bad 5 months came around – my mom went to a different part of the house and my maternal grandmother came to take care of her. I never saw her then, but that was my normal. Grandmother lived there those months. My dad’s sister came to take care of me and run the house and her husband ran the farm while my dad was at work. Dad was a dentist, a country dentist. He also had a English Setter kennel. I was late in my teens before I realized this was different from the way other kids’ families were. I never questioned anything. I had no reason too.

My mother was never crazy. My mother was never addicted to drugs. She simply got so depressed she couldn’t function for those months. When they were over – she was fine. I almost find it offensive when people wang on and on about the craziness of the bipolars they know. Really? Maybe there is a bit more going on there, ya know!

I’m very lucky to have had a father who loved his wife, my mother. She was a real looker, so I can understand – but that doesn’t matter. My dad loved her and he took care of her. During the 7 months of her being well – she was the most wonderful person I ever knew. Smart, talented, creative. I loved her.

Some say it takes a village to raise a child. Based on my very own experience – it only takes a family willing to take care of itself.

I was born late in both my parents lives. I lost them too soon, but they were both the most splendid people I’ve ever known. My son has many of their qualities and I am proud of that.

Late in her life my mother was placed on a medication called lithium. It was like a miracle. Late, but still appreciated.

@MichaelBarger1 – An Interesting Person

October 1, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

Michael Barger is a Cristero. If you don’t know what that is – you might Google it and learn a lot.

He is a devout Catholic and a Conservative. Involved in politics.

Michael uses as his avatar the Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río. I myself am a fan.

I won’t say too much about Michael – I just suggest you get to know him – if you can get past his quiet side. :)


The Suiciders On Social Media

October 1, 2013 |  by  |  Opinion  |  5 Comments

Every day it seems I see some one on social media threatening to off themselves and have a hoard of folks begging them not to do it. Puhleeze!

Yes, I have seen suicide up close and personal. Yes, it rips the heart out, but the serious get it done and rarely announce it on twitter. Sure, it might happen, but to be held emotionally hostage by the likes of those – no thanks. A death wish starts way back and it eventually matures and bears fruit. It finds a reason and then acts.

Are some bullied to the point of suicide? Yes, but why them and not others? Everyone needs to understand that there is a basic flaw within anyone and everyone who commits suicide. Sad but true.

So, when there is someone on twitter announcing they are going to off themselves – I could care less. LOL!! I feel more sorry for those who desperately tweet to them thinking they are saving a life. Fuck me running!!

WTF Mary aka What The Fuck @McGreggorsBack?

October 1, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

I am absolutely speechless over this shit. Well, maybe not really speechless, just shocked as shit. My “huh” button is almost worn out, LMAO!!

I have never said I was turning anything over to the FBI. Where this fucked up nutcase came up with that is beyond me. Just made it up I guess, as usual.

I have never contacted the police, FBI, the Enterprise, lol,  or any other group over social media nonsense. I just don’t go there. Some do and that’s their biz, it’s just something I don’t waste my time on. Murt probably calls LE every 15 minutes. If you threaten to kill yourself on twitter or any other social media (as Murt did in his fake suicide hoax) – have at it. I won’t be calling the police for a wellness check on your drama addicted ass. Just how I am.

This is utterly incredible. Boy, someone is wanting attention big time. SMH!

 Happy as a lark that you are turning all of your little spill over to the FBI to figure out, doesn’t hurt my heart a bit.. They are more than welcome to come in and check out by blog.. anytime they want,  and while they are.. they get to check out everything on radionewz, cause your not dumb enough to think they would come and check one and not the other, and not cover every site that your radionewz lands on , or who talked about little ole me, or Ace.. The Official Ace..  They even get a change to look at the drafts I’ve made and never  posted, and a few little articles and emails not shown to the world..  You know, when a name is mentioned in any form of an investigation which you are asserting that is on its way..  That name is gonna be run on their computers and lets see how many times certain names bounce around..

This is McGreggorsBack aka Mary Lee, also known as MLee. SMH!!! It’s even worse if you read the entire post.. and the blog! LMFAO!! Where she comes up with her shit can only be explained one way. Now we have 2 with the same mental malady, Murt and Mary, and living in a fantasy world. Sad at best, but true. Not cute – sick. This one has spent time in an psychiatric institution before. It may be time for a second involuntary commitment.  She is definitely living in a fantasy world and has been for some time.

Pseudologia fantasticamythomaniacompulsive lying, or pathological lying are four of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime”.[1] The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth, being unaware that they are relating fantasies.

The Steubenville Sides

October 1, 2013 |  by  |  Opinion  |  45 Comments

As always there are two sides to every story. Maybe more, but this post will only deal with the 2 sides I am most familiar with and see on social media the most. Bear in mind no single post could ever cover this topic in detail – so I will be flying high over the gray areas, lol.

Why am I doing this? Because it needs to be done. Risky yes – but a lot of people on both sides need to have their very own personal and private come to Jesus meeting.

There are those who are convinced Prinnie has a personal agenda to attack Steubenville and punish it for some perceived wrongs she suffered there. The other is that Steubenville involved it’s self in a cover up to protect prominent football players and victim blaming.

I’ve had an enormous amount of communication with Prinnie since I started blogging in support of her because of the Saltsman lawsuit. Never once did she communicate anything to me that she wanted to punish Steubenville or burn it to the ground. I wasn’t even aware she had lived in Steubenville until I saw something about it on twitter and I actually had to ask her if it was fact – she said yes.

Now, as far as the blog and forum she maintained – I wasn’t a participant, so I can’t go there – in fairness I can’t.

Have I ever thought it was a personal agenda by Prinnie? Well, yes. I’ve had days when I looked at social media and all that was being said and thought it was. Social media can be interpreted about anyway you can think of. I think I had those days of thinking it might be true as she was being attacked. Her entire family attacked, mother attacked, siblings attacked and one blog actually attacked her deceased father. I don’t believe the twitter people ever attacked him – well, maybe aronck2 did, lol…

Could something become personal under such circumstances? Yes, they certainly could. In the beginning of Prinnie blogging the story – I believe it simply was about some nasty boys on social media and they got caught. Prinnie is a huge feminist and women’s advocate, so naturally she was offended by what she saw and found. She also was no doubt offended by what she thought was a cover up. I think her blogging and reaction is that of any active feminist. Predictable.

Do I understand the Steubenville people on twitter who are voicing their opinions. Yes, I do. They are angry and they are angry at Prinnie because they feel it’s a personal vendetta with her and no one is going to change their mind on that. They have a right to feel that way and voice those opinions. I think anyone with commonsense and a heart can understand what that community and individuals went through. I can and it brings sorrow to my emotions – but it happened and it can never be rolled back.

Possibly over time – and I do believe that whatever you think of the Steubenville tweeters they have had an effect on the over all opinions and emotions attached to this case. Yes, there were untrue rumors and out right lies told. Happens in every big case I’ve ever followed. No, it was not a vicious rape by 10, 15 or 20 boys – it was a digital rape by 2 boys. Horrible that it was put on social media – but it was – and still a limited number of kids did that.

The anger at Prinnie is understandable and it is predictable. No big surprise. She is after all the Steubenville blogger…. that will never go away either.

Can we understand the fear that gripped Steubenville after the KYAnonymous videos were released . Yes, of course. It came on the heels of Sandy Hook and many parents feared some crazy with a gun would bust into their schools. I think that is very normal myself.

Jill Watkins had an opinion and she voiced it on the Dr. Phil show. It didn’t go over well, but I have no doubt she was speaking honestly from her heart. It doesn’t matter whether you agreed with her and I for the most part didn’t – but you have to accept she was speaking her feelings and her experience with this issue.

I remember Cody Saltsman’s paternal aunt being on twitter early on – when the KYAnonymous videos were first released begging people to not hurt her brothers family. She was terrified and I can use the word traumatized to describe her emotional state.

There were many parent’s in Steubenville who were terrified and traumatized and as I said anyone with commonsense has to understand that. You may not agree with people saying that, but it’s true about their experience in this case and all the media attention.

They all have been called rape apologists – that’s about as low as you can get and in my opinion they have never been rape apologists. They just wanted the truth to be told and put into proper perspective. That hasn’t happened as of yet really widely in MSM – the Steubenville tweeters, called many names, are trying to accomplish that. Is their method effective? I don’t know, I just understand the sentiments behind their actions and their need to do it. Everyone should.

So there you have a quick and skinny assessment of the 2 Steubenville sides as we see it on social media.

Comment Of The Day

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This comment was made in a post about Murt. LOL!

Touching video; entire Ohio team hug anchor returning to work following car crash death of his daughter, 21

September 30, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

A touching video has captured the moment the entire Ohio State football team lined up to hug a sports anchor after he returned to work following the death of his daughter.

Dom Tiberi, the sports director at the CBS affiliate WBNS-10TV in Columbus, lost his 21-year-old daughter Maria in a car crash on September 17 and returned to work little over a week later.

In a touching show of support after Ohio beat Wisconsin this weekend, every single member of the Ohio team stopped to embrace Tiberi and welcome him back, the video shows.

Tiberi seemed completely overwhelmed by their kindness and took a moment to regain control of his emotions after the final player left.

Read more:
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In Full Blown Tantrum .@Murtwitnessone Locks Tweets

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Wow! What a blessing!!! When confronted with the truth about himself – he has a tantrum!! Now if he would make his ridiculous blogs that are full of lies and defamation about people private! LMAO!! The man suffers from the mental illness of being a pathological liar.

.@Murtwitnessone Vows To Leave The Internet Only One Way

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What a ridiculous tweet. Pops wants Murt gone from the internet because he considers him more than a nuisance – he considers him a Criminal Nuisance. Yes, other than being a Public Nuisance that is a legal category.

I consider Murt to suffer from the mental illness of pathological lying. He can’t stop. Can’t control those impulses at all. If he doesn’t want to leave the internet — then he needs to employ his commonsense, if he has any, and find different subjects to tweet and blog about. His welcome around here is long worn out and he can’t stop talking about and engaging all who want nothing to do with him. It’s a sickness.

From Wikpedia: (this is Murt to a T)

Pseudologia fantasticamythomaniacompulsive lying, or pathological lying are four of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime”.[1] The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth, being unaware that they are relating fantasies.

The Free Speech Criers

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For some time we’ve had a few crying their free speech rights are being assaulted. Even shut down. Denied.

You might notice these very criers are non-stop in their own opinions, so exactly what is the problem?

The problem just might be that the opinions of the criers is scoffed at, laughed at, howled at and rolled on the floor at. I guess that could turn a person off.

The more they get laughed at – the more opinionated they get.  They begin to make their opinions even bigger – cast wide nets to draw other people in, make wild accusations and start reverse tweeting and shadow blogging.

Those who cry their free speech is being denied need to come to terms with the fact they are laughed at and usually ignored. If being laughed at doesn’t mean your free speech is in danger – it just means people think you are a loon, way outside the norm.

Murt and Mary aka McGreggors might take all this to heart – if they can comprehend it.

Aliayah Lunsford: A Broken Child

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 Below is an old article from “Talkin Shit With Shannie And Boo” – it’s provoking and moving. Well worth posting.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Aliyah Lunsford…New Search

In the last month there has been a new search for the bruised and missing little girl Aliyah…Here is a post from Peter Hyatt from Seamus OReilly Statement Analysis…

Aliayah Lunsford: A Broken Child

The case of Ailayah Lunsford has been a heartbreaking display of drugs and neglect in the life and death of a little one.

Lena Lunsford, a mother who sought out pregnancy after pregnancy for the social reward of tax payers’ funds, trading food stamps for her drugs, and who cared not for little Aliayah.

Ralph Lunsford, a biological father, a druggie, in and out of prison…who failed a polygraph and likely assisted Lena in disposing of Aliayah.

The family was one of survival, with children of neglect learning early how to fend for themselves.  The children became a closed society unto themselves, with each learning early how to prepare food, allowing for the stoned mother to boast how ‘mature’ her children were.

As is the case in societies, role playing comes about, with one, often the oldest female, taking upon herself the role of caretaker; another of instigator, another of clown to cheer them up, yet another the scavenger who knew how to get food from neighbors.

In this pathetic and artificial society, there was also the pariah.

This was Aliayah’s role.

Despised, alone, she kept to herself, so young and unable to thrive without attention, she became sullen and depressed.  Without sunshine and smiles to stimulate growth, she barely survived.

How did she die?

Did she die of a broken spirit?  Did she simply give up living due to despair?

Did she find Lena’s oxy?  Or, was it Ralph’s, who was in and out of the house, but always out of her life?  Were they concerned about her shallow breathing, or were they angry to have seen a portion of their precious stash lessened, even if only by one?

Perhaps they will find a lawyer who will bring suit, seeking damages from such postings.  Perhaps, they will claim, Lena’s not been able to land a job due to postings like these.  Perhaps.

And if so, perhaps it is that they will go through with it, and Lena and Ralph will take the stand, and answer questions.

Police have yet to “solve” the case, and volunteers, driven by a passion likely fueled, in part, by anger, continue to search the rural areas for Aliayah’s remains.

God speed, searchers; don’t give up.

Back On The Arizona Guest Ranch

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Looks like McGreggors has moved me out to Arizona and a life of drudgery on a guest ranch! LMAO! Gawd! And trying to sell something.

And as far as the little Spanish incantation of murt being referred to as Grande.. forget it.. You never used it before, and your not about to know and think we’re fooled by it.. So, the radio of a year and a half, Judy F. S, has now gone back to do what she’s suppose to.. helping run the guest ranch.. Sure her brother appreciates her assistance, and I’m sure her attorney appreciates her back on the sale of the house.

Much More Than A Cantankerous Old Fart

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I’ve learned a good lesson over the last couple of weeks about Murt aka @Murtwitnessone!

That lesson being he is much more than a cantankerous old fart seeking attention. More than a cantankerous old fart roaming twitter looking for people to argue with. Even more than some old goofball needing to stage himself as the constant victim. Someone who has an obvious problem (or many) with the opposite gender. Someone who has issues with young men and rambles about calling them all “kids”. Lie constantly. Hoard.

While he is all that, it’s much more than all this.

Only a mentally ill person could begin to display such hideous and poorly balanced thought processes and behaviors.

What Happens When You Step In Your Own Shit

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This is but one example of what happens when a person steps in their own shit.

What do I mean? I mean when a person, like Murt, goes out and creates his own problems and then cries victim. Prinnie and Michelle get blamed for all of poor Murt’s woes, but if you backtrack the story you will find Murt created this nightmare for himself. He is not a victim and they are not victimizers… Murt pushed and pushed until they got mad and then simply used his own words to humiliate him. I have seen them assert nothing about him he didn’t say about himself first.

Murt is simply stupid.

And of course in keeping with that stupidity – he has done far worse by himself than they could have ever done. Thanks to no one but him – his blunders are now on more blogs and twitters than ever before.

Success hurt much? LOL!! Bwahahaha!!

Some feel sorry for Murt and say he just wants to be included. They don’t get “Murt”. He wants all others to be “excluded”. He’s weird, is delusional, has trantrums, is vile and malicious etc.. probably still wets the bed.

He has blogged Levi, Pops and myself kidnapped and/or murdered Haleigh Cummings. All one at a time I guess. Why? Because Michelle has accused him of murdering Trenton Duckett, so he thinks that gives him the right to do the same and more to others. I don’t give a rats ass what Michelle and/or Prinnie did to him — it simply isn’t my problem, that’s a problem of his own creation and I suspect Levi and Pops think the same thing.

When he resorted to such outlandish claims – 99% had no doubt he lived on the looney farm. The 1% who didn’t were McGreggors, Brianne, Blaiss and BringItAlready. If you want to join the 1% – enjoy the company and your ride on the Nutcase Orient Express.

Legal action? Only against you Murt.

@josephmonks New Blog Investigated

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Who knew Murt was investigating Joe Monks and Pamela Hazelton’s new True Crime Talk Blog. It’s a fine blog and I recommend it to all who are interested in serious true crime blogs!

So why on earth do an investigation of these two proven bloggers? Wow! *THUD*

I bet it ‘s because Holly Briley is a contributor there. Whaddaya think?

Has Murt been promoting this new true crime blog? Not that I’ve seen. Why not?

An investigation? I wonder if this is like the investigation he did of me in Arizona? All blow and no go! Bahaha!

Guess Who Decided Not to Harp And Then… And Then… And Then

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I’m not aware of any “deals” cut with anyone by Murt… this is all shit blown straight out of his ass – seeking a significance he doesn’t have. Period.

This blog had never mentioned the name of Murtwitnessone aka Murtwitnessnone until after 4 months of his bashing me… yes, 4 months.

Murt had been in obscurity so long and desired a comeback – any kind of comeback, even if negative – he decided to take on a popular blog… one he is jealous of by the way as he is jealous of anyone and anything that has some buzz going on.

Truly a mentally ill and deviant person. Murt wouldn’t know the truth if it ran over him and crawled up his ass.

Surfaced Barely Scratched

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I’m well aware many get more than bored seeing posts about Murt, but he is a piranha swimming around on the internet looking for victims wherever he can find them. No! He is not a docile old man – he is a danger and a nuisance.

So a heads up on the fact the surface has barely been scratched and it’s intended to be scratched until it bleeds.

BOMBSHELL: What Was Murt Doing At Parties With Casey Anthony?!!

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Mad Cow Disease Cases On the Rise

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First there was Tammy Spratt aka Badme102 who fell victim to this horrible disease and then it spread. It must have been spread by her is all I can figure out.

Next would be McGreggors followed by Murt and then piled on by Brianne… and then of course Blaiss – oh and don’t forget BringItAlready. Yeah, she supports and has reblogged Timothy Holmseth –  but only when he was bashing me. Admittedly, never about anything serious. Pretty soon Murt will be mad at her for having Holmseth on her blog roll!! LMAO!!

When people back and support people simply because that person may not like who they dislike… it isn’t very wise. You can get a dirt on you that you can never get off. Of course then you can be a water buffalo instead of a cow!!


New Ad Campaign For Boys Ties And Fat Midget Sex Partners! Telling Isn’t It? LOL!

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Why Murt Is Afraid Of Brianne

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Brianne got “one of” Murt’s blogs shut down – he has several an yet nothing out of Murt about that. Amazing isn’t it since he always blasts anyone and everyone who he feels has offended him and I would certainly think he would think getting one of his blogs whacked would be offending. Maybe it’s because he has so many blogs that he has not minded… or maybe and most likely it’s because he is afraid of Brianne. He is a weakling.

Brianne has posted outrageous things about Levi Page on The Dirty and her GossipingPens blog – just ridiculous things… and she posted a ridiculous blog about this one – now we find out Murt was helping and encouraging her to do so. So, I suspect Murt lays low afraid the same thing will happen to him. It should, tbh!

El Grande, Mr. Big, Mr. Nobody

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Murt wants more than anything else on the internet to be a person of significance. He want’s to be the El Grande! He has been a significant source of comedy fodder for this blog – true — but of significance for any serious matter… or the truth on any subject? Bwahahaha! Nope.

Here is Murt slurping at the trough once again over my identity. It eats his ass! He told some other outrageous lies in this email to a friend as well… he’s an idiot. A mentally ill pathological liar. I had no idea Shiloh didn’t like me – neither did she!! LMFAO!!

Yes, Shiloh is an old friend from Websleuths and there are others who help out here in a variety of ways. It’s always a scream to see Levi and Kim accused of being Executioner when there are many who followed the Cumming case as well as the Anthony case who have low opinions, if not outright hostile ones, to idiots like Murt, McGreggors, the Blaiss types, etc…

Why the haters attach personalities and identities to only people they dislike and can not look at a larger pool and picture – I have no idea. The “serpent” is not who McGreggors thinks they are at all. LMAO!! Too damn funny! Trust me peeps, I have friends from all the crime forums, high places, low places… LOL!!

Simple is as simple does and some are experts at being simple!! LOL!!

OUTRAGE: Montana Ex-Teacher Finishes Rape Sentence (NYT)

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A former Montana high school teacher was released from prison on Thursday after completing a 30-day sentence for raping a 14-year-old student, a term that is under review by the state’s high court and has critics calling for the removal of the judge who handled the case. The former teacher, Stacey Rambold, 54, left the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge after serving the sentence handed down by District Judge G. Todd Baugh for the 2007 rape of Cherice Moralez. The judge drew outrage last month over the sentence’s leniency and comments he made that appeared to pin some of the blame on Ms. Moralez. She committed suicide in 2010 before Mr. Rambold went to trial. State prosecutors are appealing the sentence, saying Mr. Rambold should have received a minimum of two years.

Lewis County Residents Mark 2-Year Anniversary of Aliayah Lunsford’s Disappearance

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Tuesday, September 24 marks the two-year anniversary of then 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford’s disappearance.

Lewis County residents, however, are not giving up their search. On Saturday, dozens packed the Jackson’s Mill Baptist Church to honor her memory and to keep hope alive.

“It’s been two years of torture…just not knowing,” said Tina Smith, Aliayah’s aunt. “You know, you see a little kid, and you make sure that it’s not her.”

A song called “Aliayah Paige,” a dance performance in her memory, and balloons released into the sky were just some of the ways the community showed its support.

Law enforcement was also on hand, letting everyone know that it hasn’t given up either.


Ayla Reynolds Update: Maine mom confronts missing toddler’s dad outside court

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(CBS/AP) PORTLAND, Maine – Two days after going public with evidence she said police told her about her missing daughter Ayla, Trista Reynolds and her supporters screamed at and chased the girl’s father following an unrelated court appearance.


Rare Moment Captured – Sam Tweeting Sober

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Make sure you all get screen shots of this… it may never happen again!!

.@MichelleLMcKee Unlocks The Mystery Of Men

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This is for Holly!! LMAO!!!