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Don Carpenter’s Character And Truthfulness Being Flamed!

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Charges Dropped Against Deric Lostutter

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Recently a great deal of whoopla was made about Deric and his girlfriend getting arrested in Kentucky, where they live.

Well, it seems Deric was telling the truth about that arrest as opposed to the arresting officer.

This morning in a Kentucky court, all charges for disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication were dropped!

It just goes to show you never know until the final bell rings and that bell hasn’t rung yet on Deric’s long running saga.

He’s accused of many things and time will shake the truth out as it always does, so it might be best to sit back, take it easy and let it all play out before snap decisions on this or that are made about the veracity Lostutter.

Information Received That Domestic Violence Plagues Don Carpenter

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Medical Records Distribution Issue.

  1. She also got very upset when i was leaked jane’s medical records and broke the story using red acted documents as her and mine’s big break to sell that shit to time magazine. I am not in this  for cash although being donated cash for expenses rock….not a fame whore or a money whore, i do this for the truth.

Tick Tock Warning Goes Out To Prinnie!!

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Steubenville’s Judicious1 Slams Lostutter Supporters As Hypocrites!

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No Issue With Cam Girls, Strippers Or Prostitutes, But…

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This is stated very well for the benefit of those who are crying slut shaming. There is no slut shaming being supported by this blog. Yes, some is going on out on twitter! Quite a lot in fact!

I don’t know what this girl’s motives are, but I’m sure it will come out sooner or later. It always does. It would seem to me she needs to clean up her life and get her child back instead of devoting time to this circus!

The potential of a Brad Pitt movie seems to have really stirred emotions high. You know, that was Pitt’s and Plan B’s deal not Deric’s. He was approached by them, not the other way around.

And what is this shit with Anonymous saying the are going to take Deric down because he has doxed and been mean to women on twitter? Hell, I see people claiming to be Anonymous members do shit like that every day! We all see it. If there is a “real Anonymous” out there maybe they should devote some of this time they are spending on Deric to bumping the frauds and wannabe’s out of the Anonymous pretend circles. There is a ton of them to work on!! You all could have a hell of a good time chasing them around!! LOL! Seriously though, most of these pretend Anonymous twitters are jokes and in my opinion cause great harm to the Anonymous cause!

The Defense Of Deric Lostutter Begins!!

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I sat aside issues with Michelle to join her on the Lakota issue and I will say that I agree with her defense of Deric Lostutter.

What I’ve seen happening out on twitter wrenches the stomach! I understand Deric is an ass, but to bitch about his panhandling and then rush to attack his employment, including getting him fired is a bit strange. Twisted. And it’s wrong. Morally wrong.

I like Don Carpenter and I know he and Deric have had battles and I know he is angry, but I hope Don will get some ice water on his head and cool it down a bit. Deric needs some ice water on his head as well. This personal battle needs cooled way down.

As to the rape victim? I don’t believe her. I’m not the only one. She giggled through the radio show she was on. Again, I agree with Michelle and other tweeters who know something is wrong there and her story, plus behavior doesn’t add up.

There is just some sickening stuff she has been doing, including about her 4 year old daughter. A daughter she doesn’t have custody of thanks to children’s services where she lives. I’m not slut shaming, I’m saying I believe she is lying about the rape allegations against Deric. Yes, they were sexually active as underage teenagers, but rape? No!

Those pissed at Deric will jump on any bandwagon bashing him. All of you doing that need to think about what exactly you are doing. Maybe some ice water is needed to cool down your heads as well. I’m sure you all know things have gone too far. A flesh feeding frenzy is nothing I want to be a part of and I don’t think anyone I interact with on twitter does either. Think about it.

Feel free to comment on this post.  Both sides, all sides, of this issue are welcome to comment. Comments will not be deleted unless it is a threat to someone’s life. 

Anonymous: #MetteRapeScandal

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“For 12 years from 2001 to 2013, the State of South Dakota covered up a series of heinous criminal acts perpetrated against seven Native American foster children under its authority” – Lakota People’s Law Project

Greetings Citizens of the World,

In Oct 2010, a Native American foster child disclosed details of physical and sexual abuse inflicted on him and his foster siblings to a doctor at the Human Services Center in Yankton, South Dakota. This led to a call to authorities who launched an immediate investigation. More and more disturbing details came out of not only the abuse but of past reports that were either ignored or poorly handled.

Richard Mette, the foster father, was soon charged with 23 felony counts including rape of a child under 10 years old. His wife, Wendy Mette, was charged with 11 counts of child abuse. What happened next is shocking. In order to prevent a lawsuit on behalf of the children the state went after the children’s advocates including the assistant state attorney who filed the charges against the Mettes, the children’s court appointed special advocate and their therapist. The state’s attempted prosecution of the children’s advocates, which included multiple counts of subornation of perjury and witness tampering, was dismissed in january of 2013 after a judge determined there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

The state made Plea Agreements with the Mettes dropping all charges against the mother and all but one against Richard Mette, who plead guilty to one charge of rape of a child under 10 and received 15 years in prison with the possibility of release after 6 and a half years. The children are still forced to this day to live with Wendy Mette despite many factors that any child advocate would find disturbing and a potential lawsuit on behalf of the children for the state’s negligence.

Please help these children and their advocate’s by any legal means possible; Emails, phone calls, social media. We can not allow this abuse of power by the State of South Dakota to continue while children suffer in silence.

This paste will be updated frequently. For more information please visit:

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us

Pastebin link:

Anonymous Collective Issues Call To Action

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Greetings citizens of the world.

We are Anonymous.
Over the past few years, we have observed the actions of a certain Anonymous member, and are greatly horrified by his behavior.

The Anonymous Collective has witnessed these grievances perpetrated by one KYAnonymous, also known as @DericLosutter who has already been identified as Deric James Lostutter of Winchester, Kentucky.
The manner in which he has conducted himself against fellow Anonymous members and innocent members of the public will not go unnoticed.

Anonymous, this is a call to action. We have stood by for far too long, watching Deric Lostutter lie and manipulate members of the Anonymous collective and innocent members of the public.
Deric Lostutter, you have lied and lied time and time again, and we will accept this no longer.

From the lies, the scamming, the d0xing of innocent people and now this new claim that has come forward about you raping a minor, it is clear that you are not capable of behaving yourself in a manner acceptable to the hive. Because of this, it is now that we must not only ask you to remove all association with Anonymous as a whole, but it is time for us to strike back against you.

Anonymous, this is a call to action. On Friday, July 12th at 6pm CST, #OpGoodbyeKy goes into effect. Over the course of the following weeks, it will be the goal of the collective to compromise the accounts of Deric Lostutter, compromise his hardware, and cause a retreat the likes of which never before seen on the web.

We will be sending emails to Deric’s employers showing them how he is not only taking advantage of their services, but sullying their name with his atrocious outbursts.


More at Pastebin link:

The Deric Lostutter Drama; Tit For Tat And Toe To Toe

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Deric has deleted his Facebook page in the wake of the Daily Dot article about his being accused of rape. How long it will be absent, no one knows.

What seems to have happened could be compared to a large sinkhole.

The more tit for tat and toe to toe the insults have gone back and forth – the further they have gone, bleeding over into real life and all that entails. Jobs, etc.

Everyone involved in this affair should consider that the lower people sink in this case and get away with it – the lower they will sink and that sinkhole will get bigger, deeper, wider and suck down more people as this craziness rolls along.

The bar has been set. Who will be next? Who will wake up on the wrong side of someone who is willing to push that bar to the next level?

It’s a giant sinkhole peeps. Make sure you’re not the next one sucked down into it.

Daily Dot: Anonymous activist who outed Steubenville rapists accused of sexual assault

July 4, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Daily Dot: Anonymous activist who outed Steubenville rapists accused of sexual assault

The Anonymous activist who exposed two high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio, who raped a 16-year-old girl is embroiled in a vicious and public argument with his ex-girlfriend that involves accusations of sexual assault.

The ex-girlfriend, a camgirl calling herself Miss Piper, blogged Monday about an allegedly abusive relationship she had with Deric Lostutter, better known as KYAnonymous, nearly 10 years ago, when she was 15.

“I lost my virginity with his hand over my mouth, telling me it wouldn’t always hurt like this, but to let him finish and I would be OK,” Piper wrote on Tumblr. “I said yes, but when I said no, he pushed down harder and ignored anyone my struggles to remove him. … For two years he could call me up, bend me over and send me on my way anytime he wanted.”

Lostutter refused to comment on the accusations. Instead, Lostutter’s attorney, Tor Ekeland, denied the validity of Piper’s story in a phone interview with the Daily Dot on Thursday.

Ekeland has also represented famed hacker/troll Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer and others accused of computer-related crimes.

On Tuesday, Lostutter fired back at Piper on his public Facebook Page, where he said he had “decided to take her to court in Lexington, Kentucky.”

Lostutter also revealed Piper’s real name, a controversial act in the hacking and camgirl community known as “doxing.”


Hank Croslin Finally Allowed To Visit Tommy In Prison! We Got The Pic!

July 4, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Hank Croslin Finally Allowed To Visit Tommy In Prison! We Got The Pic!

Tommy Croslin’s parents haven’t been able to visit him for years, since he was imprisoned. His father, Hank Croslin, finally got on the approved visitors list and saw him last week. Tommy’s mother, Lisa Croslin, has still not been approved or allowed to visit her son.

Official Jane Doe Lawsuit Against Weirton Medical Center, Jeannette Baker And Employees

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You can read the entire 11 page lawsuit document here:

It was filed in March, 2014 and just now attracting the internet’s attention, so it is unknown as to possible other lawsuits filed in this case, such as civil lawsuits against parent’s and properties of the kids at the party where Jane Doe was raped.

Happy 4th Of July!! Celebrate!

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Al Jazeera America Showcases Alexandria Goddard

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Who done it? Citizen investigators mine social media for crime clues


Alexandria Goddard, a blogger who retrieved and posted deleted Twitter screen shots in which teen boys later convicted of raping an underage girl in Steubenville, Ohio, had incriminated themselves, has created a digital informational pamphlet for amateur evidence-gatherers. The guide explains how to make release requests from Facebook and Twitter and what you’ll need to present usable evidence to attorneys, who, Goddard said, often don’t have the time or expertise to scour social media for evidence. 



For an exclusive view into Prinnie’s business skills… take a look at her business brochures linked below.

Social Media Monitoring:

Social Media Consulting Profile:


Jane Doe Medical Records Leak Lawsuit Expected To Be Ugly!

July 4, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  16 Comments

As I write this post, I have no links to the actual lawsuit, but that will come about soon. A lawsuit is public information.

The lawsuit was filed in Brooke City, Ohio by Robert Fitzsimmons naming Weirton Medical Center, Jeannette Baker, along with 5 Jane and John Does! Buttholes are most likely slamming shut somewhere, LOL!!

What will be gained from the Jane & John Does is unknown, but Weirton Medical Center has deep pockets, real deep and this is where you can expect an ugly battle.

The rumor mill is running “white hot” with buzz that Don Carpenter and Pops are targets of this legal action. I don’t know. I know both of them and like both, but I do know they handled the medical records. As to what punishment would be dealt out for that if sued, I don’t know, but I do know HIPPA violations are taken seriously.

With this lawsuit being about HIPAA and being a federal crime…  jail time is not out of the question for those being sued if found guilty.

This legal action was expected. As more is known, it will be posted.

Shrews Relentless With Attacks On “Steubenville 3″! Goddard, Lostutter, McKee

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Accusations Flung At Deric Lostutter! Accused Of Stealing Alex Goddard’s SM Analysis Ideas!

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School Children’s Birthday Cupcakes BANNED!!

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LYNNWOOD, Wash. – Michelle Obama’s national school lunch overhaul is getting a little ridiculous.

The First Lady worked with federal bureaucrats to strictly limit what types of foods can be served in school cafeterias across the country in an effort to fight childhood obesity. The federal regulations on meat, vegetables, salt, and other aspects of the school lunch has been met with staunch indignation from students who have either trashed their mandatory fruit and vegetables or opted not to eat lunch at all.

Now, the Edmonds School District in Washington state and others are cracking down on birthday cupcakes and other sugary snacks students bring from home under a directive from the federal lunch police, according to news reports.

“Birthday parties in classrooms may be celebrated with non-food treats and favors for students. No food is allowed as part of a birthday celebration,” according to a new Edmonds School District policy tied to the federal lunch rules, according to The Herald.

“Appropriate alternatives to food that may be shared on special occasions can be within the procedures,” the district’s website states.

Instead of tasty cupcakes, students can now celebrate their birthdays with gift pencils, origami frogs and extra recess time. Yay.


Murt’s Ass Tighter Than A Vinegar Still After He Gets A “Beat Down” On Twitter!!

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Well, the word on Murt is that after over 6 weeks of his running sock accounts on me and Levi Page to talk about sex every night, he has taken a break. This is big bonus night 3 of seeing no hideous, filthy, nasty and deviant sock accounts!

Maybe Murt has found sex of his own in his Orlando trailer park and doesn’t have to get his jollies by running sock accounts to talk about other people’s on twitter!

Murt falsely thought he had been befriended by a guy named Rocket on twitter. Murt got hoaxed, went crazy about sex and made a glorious fool of himself. Rocket hoaxed Murt! LOL! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I will say in Rocket’s defense, he could have in no way suspected, expected or predicted what Murt did!

Anyone with half a brain, even a fourth of one, would have known they were being hoaxed, but not Murt. He bought it hook, line and sinker! It didn’t stop with the sex questions, Murt encouraged the guy to beat up Levi Page and that was his biggest mistake, because it showed what Murt is really all about. He is a deviant hater who only lets his true self shine on fake social media accounts… and he is known to have many for this sole purpose, past and present.

Murt got so excited he was even DMing the guy asking him what his girlfriend was like in bed, what she liked, etc.!! Some might think that was dumbass bold and it was. Rocket told his girlfriend everything Murt said! LMAO! She said it made her skin crawl. #dumbass I guess!! :mrgreen:

Murt’s ass got tighter than a vinegar still when Rocket popped out on twitter and insulted him. That was probably the last thing old Murt expected since he thought he’d been given some “exclusive” info by a new friend! LOL!

This is the only tweet I’m going to post from the “beat down” Murt got. There were others, but you can tell what Rocket thinks of “Murt”!! :)

Murt just can’t keep those karma arrows from finding his ass!! :mrgreen:

4 Guilty in California in Fake Kidnapping Scheme

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Ruth Raygoza of Chula Vista, California, Maria Contreras of Los Angeles and Adrian and Jonathan Rocha of Tijuana, Mexico, entered pleas Tuesday in federal court in San Diego. They were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to launder money.

They targeted mainly Spanish-speaking non-U.S. citizens.

Authorities say co-conspirators of the four would call families, falsely claim to be holding captives and demand thousands of dollars for their release.

The money was wired to Southern California and sent on to Mexico.

Authorities say the ring collected nearly $200,000.

**Crazy ass people, I swear! :(

News Video: Nightmare nanny agrees to move out, under certain conditions

July 2, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

More than three weeks ago the Bracamonte family fired Diane Stretton, 64, but she refused to leave their home. Police told the family they couldn’t force Stretton out of their Upland, California, home without an eviction notice.


**Can’t even watch a news video anymore without damn ads!!

Serial Sex Attacker Stalks Tulsa

July 2, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Serial Sex Attacker Stalks Tulsa

(CNN) — He breaks into homes from the back, either through a window or door. He tends to be covered, and attacks when it’s dark.

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, know that much about the man they say could be behind a string of recent sexual assaults, but little else.

They have no name. No photograph.

Victims have provided diverse descriptions of the suspect, ranging from a light skinned black or Hispanic man, to a tan white man.

“We’re looking for a needle in a haystack, and it’s a moving needle,” Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told reporters, CNN affiliate KOKI reported.

According to police, there have been eight connected cases of sexual assault in Tulsa in the last month. They are being linked because of specific actions and statements the suspect made during the attacks.

The victims have been between 56-78 years old, except for one, who was 29.

“These home invasions and sexual assaults are obviously horrific,” Jordan said, KOKI reported.

The police chief vowed to bring the perpetrator — whoever he is — to justice.

‘This guy needs to be caught’

Where facts are short, fear is long.


2 men accused of setting off soda bottle bombs at movie theaters indicted in Maryland

July 2, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on 2 men accused of setting off soda bottle bombs at movie theaters indicted in Maryland

Two men accused of setting off a “bottle bomb” at a Maryland movie theater have been indicted by a grand jury.

Prince George’s County prosecutors said Tuesday that 20-year-old Manuel Joyner-Bell and 23-year-old Michael Hollingsworth were indicted on charges including possession of a destructive device, assault, and reckless endangerment

Both were arrested after a May explosion at the Magic Johnson Theater in Largo. Authorities say Joyner-Bell confessed to setting off six bottle bombs at five theaters in the Washington area this spring. Officials say sealed soda bottles combining acid and a base inside were detonated, panicking moviegoers and leading to evacuations but causing no serious injuries.

Authorities say Hollingsworth is believed to have been Joyner-Bell’s accomplice in the incidents.

Both are being held without bond and also face charges in Virginia.

**So many crazy people in this world! SMH!!

News Video: Toddler seriously hurt during SWAT raid released from hospital

July 2, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on News Video: Toddler seriously hurt during SWAT raid released from hospital

ATLANTA — The toddler severely hurt during a police SWAT raid last month is now out of the hospital.

Channel 2 Action News obtained video of 19-month-old Bou Kahn Phonesevanh walking out of the front doors of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, walking towards his waiting mother.

The boy, who goes by Bou Bou, was injured after officers tossed a flash-bang grenade into the boy’s playpen last month as he was sleeping.

The family leaves Wednesday to head back to Wisconsin.

Although little Bou Bou is OK to leave the hospital, the family’s attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis, says Bou Bou still needs several surgeries.

“His brain was injured, He’s missing his left nipple. There is some disfigurement to his face and nose,” Davis said.

Davis said the injuries come from Habersham County deputies and Cornelia police.

He said officers threw a flash grenade into the Cornelia home where the family was staying, thinking a drug dealer was there.

The grenade landed in Bou Bou’s playpen.

“The impact it’s had on this family has been devastating. They have been displaced for a second time, first being burned out of their house in Wisconsin, then being bombed out of their house in Cornelia. They’ve been homeless,” Davis said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is doing a full report. But right now, the family is just celebrating that the little boy was able to leave the hospital.

“It’s just unbelievable. We didn’t think that he would make it,” Davis said.

Delightful Eatz in southeast Atlanta will be holding a fundraiser breakfast for the family Wednesday before they head home to Wisconsin.

**Bless this little guy’s heart!!

The Lakota Struggle To Foster Care Their Own Children

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Abandoned and Forgotten: South Dakota Concealed Sexual Exploitation of Lakota Children

July 1, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Abandoned and Forgotten: South Dakota Concealed Sexual Exploitation of Lakota Children

In January 2013, for only the third time in 30 years, retired circuit court judge Gene Paul Kean granted judgments of acquittal on all criminal charges at the close of the state’s arguments in a case. The defendants never needed to call a single witness. At the close of the trial the judge explained his decision: “the testimony that’s been presented, the evidence that’s presented, is so lacking that as a matter of law the case should be dismissed at this time.”

 The case in question revolved around two state-employed child advocates in South Dakota: Brandon Taliaferro a former Brown County assistant state’s attorney, and Shirley Schwab a court appointed special advocate. The charges against Taliaferro and Schwab comprised 11 felonies and 4 misdemeanors, ranging from conspiracy to commit perjury and witness tampering to false reporting and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. All of the charges stemmed from Taliaferro and Schwab’s efforts to protect four young Lakota girls from a foster family that was systematically abusing and raping them.
The state of South Dakota brought the charges against Taliaferro and Schwab and spent more than a year prosecuting the case. What the state should have done is support these two child advocates in their efforts toprotect Indian foster children. Rather than behave ethically, the state engaged in a campaign of retaliation andintimidation to try to silence Brandon, Shirley, and the four young victims of unconscionable abuse—all in an effortto stave off a civil lawsuit against DSS on behalf of the children. Worse still, even though the state of South Dakota knows that the Lakota girls were raped, it has now forced the children to remain in the custody of one of the abusive foster parents—in a home that was nothing short of a living hell for ten years.
(snipped) Much more to read…

Threats Over Rape Accusations Rage Against Lostutter

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KYAnonymous Slaps Back At Ex-Girlfriend For Accusing Him Of Rape!

July 1, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on KYAnonymous Slaps Back At Ex-Girlfriend For Accusing Him Of Rape!

If you follow twitter you know Deric Lostutter has been accused of rape by an ex-girlfriend. There has been quite a twitter storm raging about it. That storm is also playing out on Facebook.

Her twitter account:
Tweeters are never at a loss for words on how they feel about any subject and certainly not this one, LOL!

Furious Montel Williams Starts New #VAsurge Petition; Urges Calls to Congress

June 30, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments


Mr. President, our veterans are suffering. Sir, we need leadership from our Commander in Chief. The Administration’s silence in recent weeks has many Veterans wondering if you care about them. We must restore their trust. Congress is deadlocked, and that’s Congress’ fault. Please use your authority as Commander in Chief to:

ORDER the Secretaries of VA, DoD and HHS to submit a plan within 10 days to clear the backlog within 90 days using any and all military, Federal and civilian resources as may be necessary, and establish a baseline that can be used to determine what resources are needed to meet this most sacred of American commitments – to care for those who served.

– Montel B. Williams, LCDR, (Ret.) USN

Read more at (cut and paste into browser).

Created: Jun 29, 2014

Does Murt Have A Captain Kidd Complex?

June 28, 2014 |  by  |  Opinion  |  Comments Off on Does Murt Have A Captain Kidd Complex?

One has to wonder what kind of voices lurk and torment in his head! I have come to the conclusion he must have a Captain Kidd complex!

Captain Kidd was accused and tried for piracy!

In front of the English Parliament he claimed that was untrue and that he was a simple privateer. He made a desperate attempt to clear his name and made his situation worse!! He screamed denials of piracy, but they hanged him for it anyway!

Murt stands accused of harassing, bullying and stalking women! He is also accused of being a liar and a scammer, along with pedophile allegations! He argues with everyone on twitter and screams he is a simple retired truck driver in Florida and denies all of it, which has resulted in making his situation worse!

Murt said he became active on twitter to clear his name and get the unfair comments about him posted all over the internet removed and to clear his name. Things only got worse for Murt!

How did he go about this mission? He opened up his new arrival on twitter by attacking me and this blog!! Wow! That was smart wasn’t it? This blog is now an addition to all the dirt and stuff written about him on the internet. Some peace tactic, huh?

He has also used his twitter and blog to attack old targets – Prinnie, Michelle and has made nasty tweets about other women I don’t know! He attacks Kim Picazio and Levi Page endlessly!

He got involved in the Steubenville rape case first by contacting the lawyer that was suing Prinnie. Why? So he could send all of his so called “dirt” he had on her and to hope the lawyer would also sue Prinnie for HIM!! LMAO!!

So, in conclusion, yes, it is my opinion Murt definitely has a Captain Kidd complex and most likely will have the same outcome!!

Has The Orlando Hoarder Lost His Ability To Walk!

June 27, 2014 |  by  |  Opinion  |  5 Comments

It is my opinion that the Orlando hoarder, also know as the Orlando blogger Murt, is in bad shape!

We all know by now, due to his actions last week on his twitter, that he has flipped his lid and while his main twitter is quiet he is either lurking about or running sock accounts talking about sex! The man is a sex fiend and he doesn’t even try to conceal that on his sock accounts. He thinks he can tweet out on his main twitter that it is not he who is doing the socks, but everyone knows he is lying.

I’m talking tonight about his physical condition. As I blogged in Playing The Elderly Card, he goes on marathons of lurking and running sock accounts that last for days on end! There was a 2 week period where it was obvious he wasn’t getting any sleep between being on his main account and the socks. Drinking late at night no doubt. His latest sex sock binge has been going on for over 6 weeks!! 6 weeks!! His ass is all eat up because he thinks Kim Picazio is too friendly with Levi Page!! Like it’s his business and all!

Even tweeter Astro observed his non-stop marathons and asked him several times if he was getting any sleep! He never answered of course. Numerous other tweeters have reacted to the crazy last week on his twitter as WTF?

No one, no matter what age, can sit in front of a computer as much as he does and not have physical problems. I am honestly wondering if he can even get around anymore. If he can even walk!

I don’t know of anyone who sits online as much as he does. I am online a lot, but since I am blessed with the curse of not being able to sit still, lol, I use an old drafting table 75% of my online time so I can stand up and walk around doing busy work here and there. Murt sees every tweet, every Facebook post of those he is stalking! He doesn’t miss a single one!

Murt sits in chair, often typing in all caps which is screaming!! There are old videos of him on the computer SCREAMING at the screen! That’s nutty behavior, period! He’ll say he isn’t online much and he never screams at the computer, that’s expected from him, but those who have made it a mission to watch his behavior know better.

I believe Murt, who has a long history of online addiction to the point of not being able to take care of his personal self or business, has finally deteriorated into a pile of decreped hopeless arthritic blubber. Those hips and legs have to be in serious trouble!

False Allegations Reveal Dark Twisted Mind

June 27, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Well, here is our old friend Mlee on her blog of the “wilder and wilder”!!

She’s upset because I use a foreign sever and she knows why. She’s seen the blogs where I put it out there as to why. It’s no big deal, not to me at least.

I use a foreign server to stop the nuisance dmca complaints and for ddos protection. Simple as that. Mlee knows that, but she prefers to fix it all up in her mind the way she wishes it were – that I have need to like be on the run, lol. Spiteful people are always trying to cause problems for bloggers.

She said a lot more stuff, but you get the drift and the drift with her is always wrong! Mlee likes to “rumor monger”! She prefers lying, of course!

Wrong again Mlee. but you knew that!! SMH! You’re nailed again!

The Three Moochketeers

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Beware of friendly advances from any of these three individuals. They are rumored to be “grifters and moochers”!

Playing The Elderly Card

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As anyone who reads here or is a member of this community knows, we have two trolls who claim to be “elderly”. With all the generational changes in thinking, more active seniors and so forth, few to none consider people in their 60’s to be “elderly”. Both of these two are in their 60’s and at the drop of a hat, will declare themselves to be “elderly”. Will play the “elderly card”!

The only time I ever see them play the “elderly card” is when they are being called to accountability for some outrageous things they’ve said about others or for things they’ve done to others. Then the “elderly card” gets played real fast by both. They rant they are being bullied.

I can’t imagine an “elderly or decrepit” person spending as much time online as these two do, but they do! I can’t imagine an “elderly or decrepit” person trolling other people’s social media accounts they don’t like, both day and night, but they do!

It only requires a small bit of physical education to understand anyone who sits in front of a computer for extended periods of time is going to have lower extremity problems. With the male troll online almost constantly, especially on his sock marathons, which can last for days and sometimes weeks, and when he is afraid he’ll miss someone tweeting or blogging something about him he doesn’t like, I’m surprised he can still get around. Maybe he can’t any longer! A young person would develop stiffness and problems walking, much less a person who has decided they are “decrepit and elderly”. Same thing for the self described “elderly grandmother” troll.

As much time as they spend trolling online, I think both would have to be quite spry! Especially as much time as they spend talking about sex!! One is, on a nightly basis, concerned about the sex others are potentially having and the other is concerned about people who she says make up twitters about sex. She then puts screen shots of those twitters on her blog! You know, the ones she says other nasty people are making!! *eyeroll*

No matter how you look at it these two are spry enough to be very interested in sex, even if it’s not their own.

Mauling A Missing Child Case

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The mauling of missing child cases is nothing so new. There have always been those who can’t let go, can’t move on, but we have within our own community some of the more classic cases of mauling.

First, there is @Murtwitnessone who made a name as a scammer, fraud and overall general nuisance in the Trenton Duckett case. He then moved on to the Caylee Anthony case and continued his past practices from the Duckett case. Fortunately for the Haleigh Cummings case, he out played his hand during the Anthony case, had been exposed and was promptly run out of Putnam County, FL upon his arrival trying to push a billboard scam.

While @Murtwitnessone hasn’t tried to enter anymore missing child cases, he hangs around trying to do a different kind of mauling. He did try to play a part in the Steubenville rape case. That was of interest to him only because Alexandria Goddard (@prinniedidit on twitter) was the blogger and also was the blogger who outed him as a scammer and a blight on missing child cases.

The Haleigh Cummings case had enough of it’s own problems as it was.

A man in Minnesota, was contacted by William Cobra Staubs to do some blogging about the case. Staubs is a bounty hunter from Florida and at Richard Grund’s request had gone to Putnam County, FL  to investigate the Haleigh Cummings disappearance. Cobra wanted press aka news coverage for the case and it wasn’t getting any at that time.

The Minnesota man contacted was Timothy Holmseth, a self described investigative journalist. He has no journalism background whatsoever.

Holmseth plunged into the case and has never left. He has accused everyone known of kidnapping the child. He has harassed every single family member of Haleigh Cummings. He’s a mauler. He hangs on to this day making up stories and blog posts so he can write about the case. Recently, he moved along to the Caylee Anthony case with an e-book. The man has never investigated either case, has never set foot in Florida.

Just an FYI on who you never want involved in any missing child case you may follow.

More than 50 dogs killed in Dallas house fire; Over 70 Dogs In Home

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(Reuters) – More than 50 dogs were killed and two people injured when a fire swept through a Dallas house on Tuesday, fire officials said.

“It is unknown why so many dogs were in one home, but reportedly there were more than 70,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans.

The homeowners, a husband and wife, were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, fire officials said.

The surviving dogs have been turned over to animal control and were being treated for injuries, they said.

 (Reporting by Jana J. Pruet in Dallas; Writing by Jon Herskovitz; Editing by Sandra Maler

#VASURGE Mr. President, Please Order a Surge for the VA TODAY

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#VASURGE became a hastag on twitter following the implosion of the Veterans Administration’s care of it’s veterans at medical facilities throughout the country. The hospital that broke the news was in Phoenix, but it is suspected the problem is almost everywhere.

What happened in Phoenix is dark and shocking, with vet’s being shuffled onto a secret waiting list – a list that never got appointments. Deaths occurred.

A petition is circulating calling for reforms.

#VASURGE Mr. President, Please Order a Surge for the VA TODAY and consider Ken Fisher for VA Secretary

As the problems at the VA mount by the day, what is clear is that we have no idea what full scope of the problem is much less how to fix it. We cannot wait for a gridlocked Congress. Mr. President, we need a Surge for the VA Today. Let this be part of your legacy.

• Declare a public health emergency pursuant to PL 109-364

• Order Secretaries of VA, Defense, HHS to present a plan within 10 days to Surge and clear the backlog within 90 days. USE THE SURGE TO DEFINE A BASELINE of what it takes to meet our 14 day commitment.

• Order all active duty hospitals, clinics, other Federal facilities open to Veterans.

Please also consider Kenneth Fisher of the Fisher House for VA Secretary. He is the right man at the right time.

Sir, we need our Commander-in-Chief.


Baltimore FBI Agents Speak On Local Girls Being Prostituted; Rescued During Sex Trafficking Sting

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Baltimore FBI agents and local law enforcement officers said they rescued two Maryland girls who were being prostituted and arrested five suspects they said were sexually exploiting children.

The recovery of the two girls, both 16, came as part of a nationwide sting known as Operation Cross Country VIII, which targeted child sex trafficking.

One of the rescued girls was from Baltimore County, the other from Montgomery County. Four of the alleged pimps arrested came from Prince George’s County and one from Baltimore County, the FBI said.

The girls were advertised to men in the Baltimore and Washington area through social media, said Steve Vogt, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Baltimore field office. Arrangements for sex were scheduled at area hotels, he said.

Vogt said child-sex traffickers often troll the Internet looking for girls to recruit.

“That’s the vulnerability for families and their children,” he said. “They really have to monitor their children’s activities because on social media they can meet these people.”

The local operation also made contact with 33 adult women, who were offered assistance by the FBI to leave prostitution. Only three accepted.

Two of the women, Vogt said, had turned 18 only within the month. He said he suspected many prostitutes are drawn into sexual exploitation early on.

The Maryland Child Exploitation Task Force was responsible for the bust. The task force includes Baltimore FBI agents, Maryland State Police and police from Baltimore, Annapolis and Frederick and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.


FBI Crackdown On Sex Trafficking; 168 Children Rescued; Some Never Reported Missing

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Nearly 170 victims of child sex trafficking, many of whom had never been reported missing, were rescued in the last week as part of an annual nationwide crackdown, the FBI said Monday.

Besides the 168 children rescued from the sex trade, 281 pimps were arrested during the same period on state and federal charges.

“These are not faraway kids in faraway lands,” FBI Director James Comey said in announcing the annual enforcement push known as Operation Cross Country. Instead, he added, “These are America’s children.”

This is the eighth such week-long operation, which this year unfolded in 106 cities. The FBI says nearly 3,600 children have so far been recovered from the street.

“I hate that we have to do this work — hate it,” Comey said. “I love the people who’ve devoted their lives to doing this work. There is no more meaningful work that the FBI participates in than rescuing children.”

He said the operations were designed to “crush these pimps” and show that children are not for sale. They are also intended to rescue children who are being trafficked on street corners, in truck stops and, increasingly, on the Internet, where pimps advertise and arrange sexual encounters.

One challenge, officials said, is that many of the children who were recovered were never reported missing in the first place — by parents, guardians and the entire child welfare system designed to protect them.

“No one is reporting them missing. Hence, no one is looking for them,” said John Ryan, CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. “But for operations like this, these children likely would never have been found.”

He said better laws were needed to require child welfare service to report children who disappear. Right now, he said, only two states have laws requiring agencies to report children missing from their care. There is no national, uniform standard.

“We cannot find them if no one reports them missing,” Ryan said.

Though this operation is the FBI’s eighth of its kind, Comey said this year featured the highest number of participating cities. But he said the biggest change was the increasing prevalence of children being sold online rather than on street corners.

Alecia Dunbar’s Latest Tattoo

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On the heels of her pen pal affair with notorious prisoner, Joran van der Sloot, she strikes again! This time her prison pen pal is Ronald Cummings. Cummings is the father of Florida missing child, Haleigh Cummings.

Father of Haleigh Cummings exchanges love letters while behind bars

The latest tattoo speaks for itself, of course, but you have to wonder if she has one elsewhere for Joran or if it was removed so this one could go on.

It’s well documented about women who traffick men in prison. This one seems no different. A nutcase.

While she shows off her tattoo and waits for Ronald Cummings to get out of prison, let me pass on some advice to Mr. Cummings!

Ronald, if you are reading here, please know she didn’t get 4 kids while waiting on someone to get out of prison. Don’t set those expectations to high, Ron.

Below is a selfie of Miss Dunbar holding an envelope which says “I love you Joran. Hang in there”.

New Requirements For “Residence To Soup Kitchen” Passport Photo ID

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Hot from DHS comes the newly released requirements for Residence To Soup Kitchen Passport Photo ID!!

1. Go to CVS for a $.25 passport id photo.

2. Blacken in your white shirt. You must be wearing a faux suit.

3. Add sunglasses so cops don’t recognize it’s you stealing from a soup kitchen.
(the sunglasses will also help you escape detection of your picture on dating sites by your obese girlfriend)

Meet The Keystone Cops Newest Officer

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Here she is folks, so meet the newly appointed officer to the Keystone Cops!

Civilian and amateur sleuther, Mlee is the most deserving to ever have achieved this high honor. It was none other than her who blew her bowels out all over a WordPress blog defending the lies of a fellow amateur and failed sleuther, who likes to deface his own pictures.

For this self inflicted wound – she received the high honor.

This blog extends high congratulations to Mlee and wishes her many more successes, such as the one which won her this amazing and well deserved officer appointment, in the future!

Keep rockin’ right into those brick walls Mlee. Keep rockin’!!

New Misty Croslin Photos From Prison With Parents

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May, 2014

June, 2014

Alecia Dunbar Appears With Ronald Cummings In Prison Family Photo Shoot!!

June 20, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  23 Comments

Holmseth aka Murtwitnessone Makes Shocking Allegations, Cummings & Anthony Cases

June 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  8 Comments

My best guess on these very public allegations is that law suits will fly!!

It is more than shocking to see Holmseth accuse friend, Wayanne Kruger of a murder and kidnapping, but he has, along with former friends, William Cobra Staubs and Richard Grund.

Mlee is his right hand gal in researching these cases, so what her input is in these allegations – only she knows and maybe she will speak out about them. Nothing about this has been said on his Murtwitnessone account. It is known from past Mlee behavior that she no doubt was stalking all of these people’s social media accounts and possibly more.

So far Holmseth has accused almost everyone of the Haleigh Cummings kidnapping, including myself, Levi Page and Kim Picazio. He blogged the accusations against us on his main blog and on his Murtwitnesone blog!!

I have no idea if you want to read all of these allegations being sent to law enforcement, but if you do, the link to the pdf is below.

Mlee and Holmseth Twitter and Blog Games

June 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

Holmseth’s identity is firm on his twitter and blog, but it appears he has been masquerading around the internet as a few other people and a few other twitters and blogs.

Knowing this puts to rest the confusion brewing on one twitter today. That’s Murtwitnessone. According to that twitter Murt left the internet along time ago and did not return. Taking a serious burn for scams during and after the BeaconHell days, etc., he just up and left. Gone! Poof along time ago! Doesn’t even exist on the internet!

The relationship between the Murt twitter and the affairs of Holmseth are now clear. Holmseth found and used the old abandoned Murtwitnessone ID to slip around, make friends and fool as many people as he could. He blustered and played batshit like the real Murt. He tweeted and blogged in support of himself from both the twitter and blog. Used them to smear Kim Picazio, because he is forbidden to speak or write about her – so he needed an alias to do so.

With assistance from his research assistant, Mlee, he was able to pry into people’s affairs and dig up as much dirt on Prinnie as he could. He even continued, as Murt before him, asking Prinnie for “dates”! I’m not talking movie dates here, I’m talking “DATES”!

Mlee assisted Holmseth with writing on the former Murtwitnessone blog and kept up the blustering and batshit persona! These two even had their fingers in the Big Bombshell blog. I am waiting on a bit more information on that before it’s discussed at any length.

Richard Grund To Stop Sale of Mlee and Holmseth E-Book

June 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Rev. Grund is attempting to stop the sale of the silly little e-book by Holmseth! Ha! It isn’t selling anyway, so why bother. Well, there is a good reason!

No one wants their picture in anything to do with Mlee and Holmseth and especially not some silly e-book about Casey Anthony! A picture of Grund was used in the book without his permission and he put the squash to it being listed on Amazon! Ha!

As of now, the e-book has been removed from Amazon!! The “get rich quick” scheme seems to be in jeopardy – if not a complete failure!

Do You Know Mlee Alias Precious Hunter?

June 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Do You Know Mlee Alias Precious Hunter?

Sources reveal Mlee has been using the alias Precious Hunter.

Mlee insists she lives in North Carolina. That has been cast into doubt and in fact it’s unlikely, even though she has used mailing addresses there for cover. Her real name may not even be Mary Lee.

Precious Hunter has many addresses, but none in NC and one of the last ones was in Quapaw, OK. This is a legal gambling town.

Many people may have the name Precious Hunter, I don’t know, but Mlee’s prints are all over this name as using it. Relatives, SS#, etc.

Precious Hunter is presently wanted for questioning concerning check fraud and some event of imbezzlement.

Interesting to see one of the alias’s Mlee has been using and I’m being told there are others. Melissa Duprez, Lebanon, PA is another one of them and waiting on more information about that. Joyce Maxwell of Neptune, NJ is yet another name in the mix as having been used by Mlee

It gets dicey right here, because sources say Murt and Holmseth both allowed many people to blog under their names and Mlee is more than suspected of being a participant in that. So, who is Mlee really? Precious, Melissa, Mary, Joyce, Timothy, Murt … or all of them from time to time? How many people is she?

Did Timothy Holmseth Lose His Way?

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This is an introduction to a beginning series of articles about Timothy Holmseth’s activities in the Haleigh Cummings case and in particular – his activities dealing with followers of that case.

Many things are known and even well known about Holmseth and some is known about his side kick researcher, known as Mlee, but little has been known about his collaborations with other tweeters to keep his “lotion in motion”. That is changing.

Sources have started leaking information that implicates a few others. One will be a surprise and one will not.

The question is this: after Holmseth was jailed for cyber harassment, did he lose his nerve? Did he reach out to have others pick up his sword or did he have Mlee do it, or both? It looks as though more than one tried to fill the void he was forced to create. Were they coerced or willing participants? Will this information be leaked to a Minnesota court?

Answers are coming in and the information looks to be interesting. Given a few days, we all may know those answers.