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Did @Aronck2 And @Judicious1_ Really Get Outed? Don Carpenter?

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A certain sector on twitter has had their panties in a wad because I didn’t immediately blog KYAnonymous’s outing of Aron… or “not” outing – which ever way it was.

I wasn’t listening to Aron’s radio show when the outing popped up on twitter, but a good friend of mine said he went berzerk. LOL! Fell off his noodle. I even hear there could be a lawsuit over that “outing” because of a “stunt” that was attempted.

Once he was outed as Charlie Keenan. Another time as Robert Kopras. Now he’s Arthur Aronckes, Jr.! A phone number was tweeted, so all one has to do is call it… and see if that is Aron’s voice. If it isn’t and I suspect it isn’t … then an innocent person has been hung out to dry needlessly.

Aron and I didn’t get along well when he was calling Prinnie’s mother a whore on twitter. I didn’t like that at all and let him know that several times. He eventually apologized and stopped.

It was said that Aron is a 57 year old man living in Steubenville with a wife who has abused her own children. Terrible stuff. I don’t know for sure the woman is Aron’s wife, but there was ample newspaper articles proving this woman is an abuser. Maybe even a drunk.

As to the 57 year old claim – he didn’t sound as such, but who knows? His name is supposed to be Art. He didn’t sound like an Art, LOL … but again, who knows? It’s all unlikely to be fact.

Another outing was claimed and that was Judicious is a woman named Rena Koski White. Jud scoffs and laughs at that much as she did when she was outed as Angela Paterra … so who knows? Oh and she was outed as Angela’s sister Jenna too! LOL!! Rena is supposed to be a bully, etc… and Jud is uh.. well… uh… you know…

Oh, I almost forgot about all the stuff Don Carpenter has been outed for – LMAO!!

Lots of outings lately, huh?

Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Informs Tammy Dixon He Runs Steubenville

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KYAnonymous, Public Figure, Threatens To Countersue Don Carpenter

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Public Figure

Should don carpenter file defamation suit me and my team of lawyers have decided to file countersuit against him and mobilebroadcast news for various baseless articles including, and not limited to, me exposing myself to minors, which is a lie, harming jane doe, which is a lie, and stealing donations, which is a lie.
Poor don carpenter has contacted my lawyer yet again claiming that by me asking the question, was he paid to blog negatively about anonymous in steubenville, that i have falsified claims about him. Apparantly he doenst freedom of speech as a “journalist”If i dont remove said posts, he plans to file a claim in common pensylvania court for damages no less than $45,000 aka the defense fund.
Dear don, prove that as a “journalist” you dont approve of freedom of speech in a courtroom. File a suit. Prove that you have suffered to the point of $45,000 and i will bring up every false claim you have ever made against me, countersue you, and for extra credit i will bring witnesses in who claim they have proof that you may have helped dump a stolen vehicle for fbi informants “nextsec” as the evaded pursuit by authorities. Am I really what you want “bro”? See you in court.

Attorneys For Matt Belardine Not Happy Campers

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Just recieved this from the attorneys for Matt Belardine:
Our statement follows: Although we understand and respect the decision of the Court to continue the arraignment, we are frustrated that the prosecution neglected to inform us of the same, although we arrived in Strubenville from Columbus this afternoon. We were ultimately advised as to the continuance by the media. The State fails to take into account the resources expended by our client in defending the underlying misdemeanor charges; however, I am certain our fees will in fact be minimal as compared to the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars expended by the State throughout the grand jury process. We look forward to next week’s arraignment so that our client can enter his not guilty plea. Further, we are eagerly awaiting the discovery responses from the prosecution to determine how the State justified indicting Mr. Belardine on 4 misdemeanor charges.
“Quote by Brian K. Duncan. Co-counsel with Adam L. Neman, attorneys for Matthew Belardine.

Steubenville rape victim ‘weathering the storm’

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Video of Fitzsimmons interview at link:

By  in News | December 04, 2013 at 12:31PM

WHEELING, W.Va. — A Wheeling attorney says the West Virginia teenager at the center of the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case is trying to move forward more than a year after the assault.

That 16-year-old girl is from Weirton and Bob Fitzsimmons has been representing her and her family members.

“She’s continued in school. She’s an honor roll student. She was elected to the homecoming court. She’s making application to go to college,” Fitzsimmons MetroNews “Talkline” on Wednesday. “Her family has weathered the storm as best as anyone can. They’re very strong, very united.

“For her to weather this is really an example to, I think, all women in the country that you do need to step up (and report sexual assaults).”

In March, Ma’Lik Richmond and Trent Mays, both Steubenville High School football players, were convicted of sexually assaulting the intoxicated and unresponsive girl during a party in August 2012.

They were charged and convicted as juveniles in a case that brought national attention to Steubenville after images of the abuse were shared via social media.

“It was these boys and their friends that actually posted things on social networks that lead to the ultimate conviction. Remember, this young girl that was raped, she was unconscious and didn’t know what happened or who did what,” said Fitzsimmons.

Last week, after meeting 18 times and hearing from more than 100 witnesses, an Ohio Grand Jury indicted four school officials, including Steubenville schools superintendent Mike McVey, on charges that included obstructing justice, impeding the investigation into the assault and failing to report the crime.

Newsweek has reported several of the charges in those indictments are connected to a separate alleged sexual assault that happened in April 2012 involving several Steubenville High athletes and a 14-year old girl.

Fitzsimmons confirmed he is representing that girl, who he said is not from West Virginia, and her family members, but offered few other details about the case citing the ongoing investigation.

At the time of last week’s indictments, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said, unless there is new evidence, the indictments will bring the Steubenville rape investigation to a close.

“What this grand jury did and what Mike DeWine did, I think for the community was, he said, ‘Look, I’m going to have a grand jury.  I’m going to check everything out and, if there are any crimes, I’m going to charge people,’” said Fitzsimmons.

The school employees who were indicted last week were initially placed on administrative leave.  Two of the three were reinstated by the school board Tuesday night. They’re all scheduled to make court appearances on Friday, Dec. 6.

Two other people, an information technology director for Steubenville schools and his daughter, were indicted separately last month.  They have already pleaded not guilty to their charges.

(MetroNews policy is not to identify sexual assault victims unless they come forward publicly.)

2 indicted school employees return to work

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Updated: Wednesday, December 4 2013, 11:15 AM EST


Two Steubenville City Schools employees who were indicted by a special grand jury have been permitted to return to work.

The school board returned Lynnett Gorman and Seth Fluharty to their positions effective Dec. 9., according to a news release from the district.

On Wednesday, the Steubenville Board of Education released the following statement:

“After learning that three School District employees were indicted by a special grand jury convened by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, the Board of Education of Steubenville City Schools placed the indicted employees on administrative leave.   After review with legal counsel and Ohio professional organizations the Board returned Lynnett Gorman and Seth Fluharty to their positions as of December 9, 2013.  The two employees have good work records and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Board has no information about the evidence leading to these charges, and any questions about the charges or the criminal investigation should be directed to the office of the Ohio Attorney General.

Our primary focus is on making sure the School District is able to conduct the business of educating our students.”


Steubenville Indictments: Beginning of the End of Rape Cover-up Culture?

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 – Huffington Post

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine might just be the nation’s newest champion when it comes to changing the culture of protecting schools and student athletes at the expense of sexual assault victims.

Last week DeWine announced four more grand jury indictments against school officials, including the Steubenville City Schools Superintendent Michael McVey and a former assistant football coach, in what increasingly is looking like a cover-up in the case involving the 2012 sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl by two Steubenville, Ohio, high school football stars, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond. Mays and Richmond were convicted in juvenile court earlier this year for their actions, but DeWine and others vowed to keep investigating after it was revealed that some evidence had been deleted from social media accounts, and as it appeared that officials who were required by law to report what they knew about the incident had failed to do so.

“We must treat rape and sexual assault as the serious crimes they are,” DeWine said as he announced the current group of indictments. “When it is investigated, everyone has the obligation to help find the truth, not hide, tamper or destroy the truth.

“How do you hold kids accountable if you don’t hold the adults accountable?”

But in a world where many often default into victim blaming and protecting the status of star male athletes in cases like the one in Steubenville, are parents and other school officials ready to step up and truly be accountable for their own actions?

DeWine was able to seek indictments against adults, mostly school officials, as a result ofOhio’s laws about who is legally required to report cases of suspected child abuse, including alleged sexual assault of minors. While many states have been exploring the idea of passing similar laws, few have. So without such mandates, law enforcement officials can only rely on those who feel a moral obligation to report possible sexual assaults.

While the details of the Steubenville rape, and the subsequent sharing of salacious photos via social media, were shocking, it wasn’t the first time we’ve heard stories of communities trying to protect star athletes at the expense of rape victims. What is shocking is the relatively common refrain — what about those boys and their futures?

We’ve seen the compulsion to protect athletes and strong sports communities before —
in the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State case, in the reporting of the gang rape of a Texas middle-school girlin media coverage of the Steubenville verdict itself, and most recently, in the alleged rape Maryville, Missouri, high school girl.



Thanksgiving Day Saved From Pecan Shortage

November 28, 2013 |  by  |  Spoof  |  7 Comments

Despite the worst pecan shortage in this Nation’s history and especially in the history of the South – Thanksgiving is proceeding with great fanfare in all parts of the Southland as normal.

Getting the news of the pecan shortage, Southern women knew no efforts were to be spared in making sure a pecan pie, usually several, were on the Thanksgiving table. When Walmart said they were bone dry of pecans — these women took action!!

Southern women landed on the pecan tree groves of South Georgia like WWII Paratroopers and didn’t leave until they had shaken those trees for all they were worth. Despite shotguns being fired into the air over their heads – and some said at their asses… they prevailed and proclaimed God was on their side.

Not one table in the South will be barren of the prized homemade pecan pie thanks to these brave women… and they parcel posted hundreds of packages of pecans to their Northern relatives! What a true spirit these gals had! The honor of all hard working pecan pie baking women saved thanks to these brave women!

Thanksgiving Day was saved by these brave women and a Grateful Nation says a big thanks!!

CALLING HOAX: Father Pleads For Help After 3 Yr Old Molested In Steubenville

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I don’t know if this is for real or a hoax… but if for real, I hope someone helps him.

Big Red Roll Theory

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This isn’t about football. It might even be rougher than football. The Big Red Roll Theory is a highly anticipated play! LOL!

But questions loom as to how it will play out. How it will be executed and will it bring home the bacon? You know, the big win so often proclaimed and talked about on twitter.

Will charges stick? No one knows, but no one is expected to plea bargain and that could be a sign of things to come and maybe even things past.

We know DeWine had some problems with his prosecutors and fired a couple because they weren’t being tough enough. All of this begs the question – how solid are any of these indictments and will they produce charges? DeWine definitely wants some charges in this case.

The reason for DeWine’s scurry to appoint a Special Grand Jury in this case is rather obvious. Bloggers and tweeters like to think they forced his hand on the matter and possibly that is true. It’s true if you consider this case exploded nationally and internationally after Alexandria Goddard blogged it and KYAnonymous took up the cause.

Any savvy politician is going to make the most of the spotlight – right? Right! Especially with an election in sight. :-|

Campaigning on the back of a rape victim is about as low as you can go, but campaigning on the back of a blogger and Anonymous is unprecedented. Especially after your prosecutor said they made things harder!! Oh woe! :(

And if all of the above wasn’t bad enough, now the internet is gearing up for the April rape. It’s going to be like two grinding metal heads I’ve heard. One rape case against the other. How crazy can this get? Plenty crazy! Backroom bloggers and tweeters are predicting the indicted on one case will turn against everyone they know on the other case. Since some of the indictments seem to be about the April rape – it could be true I guess. Oh woe indeed! :(

New rules for Pete’s Bar Thanksgiving celebration

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Lawyer for Steubenville rape victim’s family: Charges against officials send strong message

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By Robert Zullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“It’s a message to all the women in the country and worldwide that there’s no tolerance of rape, and the individuals directly responsible and those that obstruct the investigation or interfere with the investigation in any way will also be held accountable,” said Bob Fitzsimmons, the Wheeling, W.Va., lawyer who represents the victim and her family.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and his staff have met with the family repeatedly and have devoted an extensive amount of time and resources to the special grand jury investigation that concluded with the charges announced Monday, Mr. Fitzsimmons said.

“The time and effort that they spent is something we’re really thankful for,” he said.

Two Steubenville High players, Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond, were found delinquent in the rape during a juvenile proceeding in March. A special grand jury was empaneled a month later in Jefferson County and heard from 123 witnesses over 18 days as it delved into whether additional charges should be filed in the case.

Monday’s announcement follows charges filed in October against Steubenville schools’ director of technology, William Rhinaman, 53, of Mingo Junction, on felony counts of tampering with evidence, perjury and obstructing justice and a misdemeanor count of obstructing official business.

“This community has suffered so much. I personally feel for the citizens and what they have endured. And I know that they desperately need to be able to put this matter behind them,” Mr. DeWine said in a statement Monday. “All of us — no matter where we live — owe it to each other to be better neighbors, classmates, friends, parents and citizens. We must treat rape and sexual assault as the serious crime of violence that it is. And when it is investigated, everyone has an obligation to help find the truth, not hide the truth, not tamper with the truth, not obstruct the truth and not destroy the truth.”

Mr. Fitzsimmons said his client, now 17, has returned to school, where she is an honor student, participates in sports and was elected by her classmates to the homecoming court. She remains in counseling, however, and occasionally copes with difficult “moments,” he said.

“This is a really strong family that’s united. Because of that they’ve gone through it together. They’ve tried to turn it into a positive message for women,” Mr. Fitzsimmons said.

With the grand jury’s work finished, Mr. Fitzsimmons said the community and school system can also turn a page.

“It kind of defines the scope of the individuals allegedly responsible for criminal conduct,” he said. “They can correct any things they have found to be deficient as to their procedures and what’s required of the adults that oversee these children.”


Read more:

Mythology That Became Real

November 27, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  7 Comments

It has been said that MSM has reported wrong facts about the Steubenville rape case and they did, but it doesn’t remove the fact that a girl was raped. Even if it was not a violent rape as was first reported – it was still rape. All rape is violent.

Yes, in Ohio sticking your fingers into a drunk and passed out girl is a sexual assault even if she had just given you a hand job, a rumor that has been widely circulated in Steubenville.

The girl’s best friends testified at the trial and said she was drunk, argumentative and they said more. They said she had a habit of drinking too much and lying. Maybe, but she was still raped.

The hard core feminists had a field day with this one. They were delighted this story, blogged by Alexandria Goddard aka Prinnie, made national news. Having learned the ground work from Anonymous – they grabbed a similar case in Maryville, MO and made it their own. Anonymous didn’t even speak at the much anticipated rally there. Few showed up. Few cared. Many were disgruntled the feminists dominated the affair, because they had come to see Anonymous!

A lot can be said about teenagers and most of it has all been said. Kids fueled by alcohol do dangerous and stupid things. That said, I strongly suspect the parent’s of Mays and Richmond, as they know the facts of that night, do not believe their sons are rapists. For the two convicted, the girl’s behavior could not be challenged in court. Her sexual behavior of that night could not be challenged. Those days are long gone.

Some say Steubenville was treated unfairly. A city is never to blame for what a few kids do, but that didn’t matter to the crowd that followed this case. Was it an internet mob? Yes, for the most part that is true. Did that mob throw facts out of the window? Yes, for the most part. Anytime an internet sensation happens and internet types smell blood blood in the water, they are going for it. What is the result from this? Many learned a little too late, wishing maybe they had not been so eager to join in.

The cover up that was predicted to be true didn’t quite meet the muster.  When I say ‘didn’t quite meet the muster’ I mean the following. The only significant person to be indicted was the school superintendent. I don’t know who any of the others are except Belardine, who was accused of supplying the booze and if true, should have to answer up for that. The legal community, no prosecutor, no cops nor any attorneys, were indicted by this special grand jury. No probable cause had been found. Hopes had run high that the high profile Jefferson County prosecutor would fall along with all the Steubenville powerful and elite. Didn’t happen.

The ‘mythology’ in the case will, like all cases, always remain real for some. In the end everyone can take from the closing of this case what they want and that’s how all cases end.

Rolling Stone: Anonymous Vs. Steubenville

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November 27, 2013 3:25 PM ET

On November 25th, the most notorious rape case in recent memory took yet another shocking twist. In Steubenville, Ohio, where a 16-year-old girl was raped by two high school football players in August 2012, a grand jury indicted the city’s School Superintendent, Michael McVey, on felony charges of tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. An elementary school principal and two coaches in the district were indicted as well, facing misdemeanor charges including failure to report child abuse and making false statements.

Shortly after the news hit that morning, Deric Lostutter, a skinny, scruffy 26-year-old programmer in Lexington, Kentucky, whipped out his cell phone and texted me a message. “We were called liars and more,” he wrote, but “we were right about it.” He had reason to feel vindicated. As one of the most notorious members of the hacker collective, Anonymous, Lostutter battled to bring justice to Steubenville, exposing secrets of a town that’s still reeling from the fallout today. He just never expected that he’d get raided by the FBI, and face more prison time than the rapists in the end.

Anonymous is a purposefully chaotic and leaderless collective. Anyone can proclaim themselves a member or declare an “operation” against a target. But getting others to give a shit is another story. For every Anon who spawns a successful Op against The Church of Scientology or the New York Stock Exchange, countless others watch their YouTube manifestos disappear in a stream of grumpy cats.

This is what makes Lostutter stand out. Less than two months after creating his alter ego as KYAnonymous, he launched and organized two of group’s most renowned and righteous operations yet: battling the Westboro Baptist Church and, most famously, the town of Steubenville, Ohio, after the high-profile rape of a teenage girl by players on the high school football team.


Read more:
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NYT: In Steubenville Rape Case, a Lesson for Adults

November 27, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment


A year ago this week, Michael McVey, the superintendent of schools in Steubenville, Ohio, sat in a conference room down the hall from his office and said he knew none of the details of Aug. 11, 2012, the night a 16-year-old girl was raped by two Steubenville High football players at a series of parties on a hot summer night.

 Nope, he said, he didn’t know much, aside from the rumors that had been swirling around the football-crazy town for months. He told me and a colleague that he had not spoken with any of the students thought to be involved in the event because it hadn’t taken place on school grounds or during the school year. Besides, he said, he usually let the football coach take care of that sort of thing.

Basically, he was saying, it was none of his business. So he stayed out of it.

That all changed drastically Monday, when Ohio’s attorney general, Mike DeWine, made it McVey’s business.

McVey was one of four adults charged with crimes this week as a result of an investigation into the Steubenville rape case, in which the star quarterback and his favorite wide receiver were convicted of raping a teenager who had been too drunk to resist them. Other Steubenville athletes had videotaped the event or had taken photos of it. Several even sent those photos to friends and posted images from the night on Twitter. But none alerted the police.

Even if the latest indictments do not produce convictions, DeWine’s aggressive stance is an important moment. By holding adults accountable, prosecutors might persuade school administrators and coaches to make it their business to tell the police when they hear students or athletes have done something illegal. And maybe the police will be more diligent about investigating such complaints.



Happy Thanksgiving To All Our Friends Throughout The Land!!

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WTRF: Four Indicted by Grand Jury in Steubenville Rape Case, Including School Superintendent

November 25, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  61 Comments

WTRF 7 News Sports Weather – Wheeling Steubenville .

Four people were indicted by the grand jury investigating the Steubenville rape case on Monday, including Steubenville City Schools Superintendent Michael McVey, 50.

McVey has been indicted on five counts:

  • One count of tampering with evidence – a third degree felony
  • Two Counts of obstructing justice – a fifth degree felony
  • One count of falsification, a first degree misdemeanor
  • One count of obstructing official business, a second degree misdemeanor

If convicted, McVey could face up to 7 years and 270 days in prison.

Also indicted was Lynnett Gorman, 40, principal of West Elementary in Steubenville.   Gorman was charged with failure to report child abuse, a fourth degree misdemeanor.  Gorman could face up to 30 days in jail.

Also charged with failure to report child abuse was Seth Fluharty, 26, of Wintersville, wrestling coach and special education teacher at Steubenville High School.  If convicted, Fluharty could serve up to 30 days in jail.

The final indictment was against Matthew Bellardine, former volunteer coach for the football team, who faces four charges including:

      • Underage persons offenses concerning (“beer or intoxicating liquor”) – a first degree misdemeanor
      • Obstructing Official Business – a second degree misdemeanor
      • Falsification – a first degree misdemeanor
      • Contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child – a first degree misdemeanor

If convicted, Bellardine could serve up to 1 year and 265 days in jail.

Attorney General Mike DeWine announced this would be all of the indictments presented by the grand jury. All those indicted will appear in court on Dec. 6.

(Related link: Attorney General’s Press Release on the Indictments)

Before Monday’s announcement, two other individuals were indicted as a result of the grand jury’s investigation. William Rhinaman, 53, was indicted on Oct. 7 by the Grand Jury. Jurors found evidence that Rhinaman allegedly altered, destroyed or removed information pertaining to the investigation.

(Related Story: Man Indicted by Steubenville Grand Jury Pleads Not Guilty to Charges)

He previously was employed as the Steubenville Schools information technology director before he retired earlier in November. Rhinaman has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

His daughter, Hannah, 20, also was indicted by the Grand Jury. The indictment against Hannah Rhinaman was handed down Oct. 23, but the charges are not related to the rape case.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said the panel charged Hannah Rhinaman after uncovering evidence that she stole equipment from Steubenville City Schools and sold it.

Change.lulz Calls Special Election In Steubenville – DeWine For Dog Catcher

November 23, 2013 |  by  |  Spoof  |  6 Comments

A new petition is said to soon be circulating around Steubenville. It seems locals are fed up with DeWine’s special super secret grand jury. They want change!

A collection was taken at Enzo’s to pay for the printing and distribution of this new petition. It not only calls for the resignation of DeWine as Ohio Attorney General – it calls for him to be elected dog catcher of the City of Steubenville. It may be Steubenville’s only hope! The petition slogan is “Bite Back”!

Steubenville’s elected twitter representatives, Judicious, Truthseeker, Phantonym and Jordan say DeWine sucks at running a Grand Jury and has to go! And go fast. Judicious, speaking on the promise of anonymity, said DeWine worse than sucked at the job and has thrown the entire city into chaos! She also called for his gestapo grand jury to end and end now!

People are terrified of the new neighborhood watch mobs that are being unleashed upon the peaceful streets of Steubenville and are demanding it stop!! Peaceful law abiding citizens have even been accused of being criminals and drug into the county’s kangaroo courts, convicted and shipped off to prisons around the State. Nervous police are said to be enforcing jaywalking laws!

No one trusts anyone anymore. Gossip has spread over the city about the GJ dealings like wild fire.

The GJ has been accused of dragging innocent teachers in and humiliating them demanding to inspect their teaching certificates. Teachers are requesting additional time to find them under allegations from the GJ they are really strippers from WV!! GJ members have been seen prying up boards in the high school floors and have jackhammered sidewalks looking for keyboards! It has drug in innocent homeowners demanding to see surveillance video from their homes. The homeowners have said the surveillance cameras are really for adult entertainment use within the home and the videos are nothing the GJ would be interested in seeing!

Citizens of Steubenville have simply had it with the doings of this grand jury in their midst and since DeWine appointed it and is running it – he can just stand for election as city dog catcher and find out how Steubenville really works!

Steubenville’s Big Red Captures Division IV Region 13 Championship

November 22, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  52 Comments


Big Red and Steubenville get accolades from a familiar supporter!

WTOV9: Steubenville names new city manager

November 22, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

By: NEWS9 and Ryan Eldredge STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — After months of interviewing candidates, the city of Steubenville has named a new city manager.

Tim Boland, of Lewis Center, Ohio, accepted the position just before 3 p.m. Friday.

Boland replaces Cathy Davison, who resigned earlier this year. Mayor Domenick Mucci has been serving as acting city manager while city officials searched for a permanent replacement.

Stay with NEWS9 and for continuing coverage.

Herald Star: Man guilty in home invasion

November 21, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  48 Comments

STEUBENVILLE – Drake Burton was found guilty on all 10 counts stemming from a May 16 home invasion in Mingo Junction that saw two adults and two children pistol whipped and a man shot in the leg.

The seven-man, five-woman Jefferson County Common Pleas Court jury deliberated for approximately 90 minutes Wednesday night before returning the guilty verdict on four counts of of aggravated burglary, four counts of felonious assault, one count of possessing a firearm under a disability and one count of tampering with evidence.

Burton is the first of three Steubenville men accused of dressing like construction workers and forcing their way into the home on Union Avenue where Michael Gray,; his fiancee, Yolanda Cronin; her 13-year-old sister; and Gray and Cronin’s 2-year-old daughter had just sat down to eat lunch.

Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said Wednesday night she was very pleased with the guilty verdict.

“This case was one of the more violent crimes we have seen in our county. This was a particularly terrible crime that saw a 2-year-old baby and a 13-year-old girl pistol whipped. There is no excuse for that type of action,” Hanlin declared.

She said Burton will be sentenced in the next several days.

“The maximum sentence for all 10 counts could add up to 85 years,” noted Hanlin.

Hanlin rested her case early Wednesday afternoon after Jason Hanlin, a detective with the Jefferson County Drug Task Force, told the jury Burton confessed to participating in the home invasion.




Herald Star: City Microtel opens its doors. (Marcellus and Utica shale plays)

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Williams said Steubenville is the perfect place for Microtel, being in the heart of shale production and right next door to the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

“Jefferson County is at the center of the Marcellus and Utica shale plays,” said Williams, adding the area has water, rail and highway transportation. “We’re right in the middle of what they call the ‘fairway’ of shale exploitation.”

Williams said the amount of shale play in surrounding counties alone is what made locating to Steubenville a good bet.

“There’s a lot of capital and economic development coming into this region,” he continued. “That, and also (our proximity to) Franciscan University. I wanted to have multiple generators for business. That made this the perfect location.”


Is Alec Baldwin A Steubenville Shrew?

November 19, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  31 Comments

It’s a well known fact the Shrews and their supporters believe more lies were told concerning the rape case than were truthful facts. They blame various people and some MSM for that. I saw this tonight and thought what Baldwin was saying to CNN’s Anderson Cooper reflected their views on the matter. I’ve heard many complaints about the CNN coverage… and from both sides! Remember the uproar over Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow almost weeping about the 2 convicted and ruining their lives so young? LOL! Bet you all do and many remember the way CNN covered the story – it’s believed by the Shrews and supporters, and even non-supporters, they did not vet the blogger and did not seek facts.

New Information Says Jeff Bruzzese Is Not Darth Vader At All

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Well, well. I’ve been going through a stack of mail with people throwing a fit about Jeff Bruzzese being compared to Darth Vader. It seems a great disservice was done to Mr. Bruzzese with that comparison.

They said Darth Vader is clumsy and kinda dumb compared to Jeff. Also said Darth Vader has no charm or sex appeal unlike Bruzzese, who they said was loaded with both. Also said was that Vader is conniving, whereas Jeff Bruzzese is slick and cunning. I agree those are big differences.

Yes, some information was revealed about Jeff I just won’t make public because I don’t know if he is the love ‘em and leave ‘em type or not, so I don’t want to get that started. I also have never seen him in a courtroom and have no idea if he is an intimidating presence, but I’m told he is.

They say he uses his legal skills like a sword, but it’s a sword much different than a tacky Darth Vader lightsaber.

The stack of mail insists Jeff Bruzzese’s real name is Don Diego De La Vega!

Nuclear Explosion On Twitter Over Dead Sister’s Picture

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Jefferson County Grand Jury to Reconvene Monday

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The grand jury investigating the Steubenville teen rape case will reconvene Monday. So far, two people have been indicted as a result of the grand jury investigation.

William Rhinaman, 53, entered a plea of not guilty to charges of tampering with evidence, perjury, obstructing justice, and obstructing official business.

His daughter, Hannah Rhinaman, entered a plea of not guilty to separate charges of receiving stolen property and grand theft.

Stay with 7 News and for developments.

Apology To Jane Hanlin And The Frank Bruzzese Family

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Over time things wear thin. Stuff said, washed, rinsed and repeated become a blur, but they are never a blur to those on the receiving end of vicious attacks and slurs. Jane Hanlin and all of the Bruzzese family have received such treatment from this blog.

I apologize for it. I won’t apologize for the spoofing and the LOL’s… but the blatant personal attacks are cruel and unnecessary.

Some commenters here are convinced Jane Hanlin and all of the Bruzzese family are corrupt and they have a right to their opinion. I differ with that opinion about corruption – I’ve seen nothing to make me believe it. Public servants are public figures and often subject to much ridicule, with much of it being unfounded and ridiculous as well as looney.

Just because there are people who don’t like Hanlin and the Bruzzese’s doesn’t mean they are snakes or that they are corrupt. It just means they don’t like something about them or something they did.

So, to make this as short as possible – again, I sincerely apologize to Jane Hanlin and the Frank Bruzzese family… and hope the allegations of corruption and the cruelty of personal attacks stop.

The Comment Section, LOL!

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I get hammered on every day about how mean, vicious, malicious and cruel the comment section is here and that I should do something about it.

Well, do what? Ban people for saying this or that? Scold them for saying this or that? Run in and make sure no one makes a personal slur against another person? I could do all of those things, but I won’t.

I am well aware of the comment section here and what goes on. I see it every day. The Jane Doe people have pretty much moved on. The Prinnie supporters and defenders have pretty much moved on. They’ve all moved on because they feel it’s over and whatever fighting is still going on just isn’t their fight. Of course, everyone is curious as to what the Grand Jury will do later today – adjourn, issue more indictments or what?

So, what we have is a lot of action in the comment section about Jane Hanlin, the Bruzzese family and leaders in Steubenville and Jefferson County. This gang is quite angry. They believe they have axes to grind and boy, are they ever grinding them. Does it ever go to far? Yes, of course, it does.

People tell me often they will not comment here because of the viciousness of the commenters. They believe commenters here will say anything about anyone and do it in the meanest of ways. I can’t argue with that. There are also commenters who are never mean, hateful or vulgar. There is a good mix, but the mean ones are the only ones, of course, who get noticed.

Comments are a huge PIA anyway you handle them. This is a controversial blog and it should be expected the comment section would be as well, but yes, it often goes too far with personal slurs, insults and attacks.

Richard Olivito posted to me a few weeks ago about this very subject. He was right and I’m now ready to address it. My clock works on a different Greenwich scale than Richard’s, LOL, but just because a person doesn’t like another person doesn’t mean they have to demean them in the cruelest of ways possible.

People can vent and even rage without personal attacks and vicious words. Please try it.

Coming Soon ButthurtCare Insurance Offered by PrinnieCares, Inc.

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Butthurt is that special feeling in your ass after it’s been kicked and/or fucked. It is a common ailment amongst losers on the internet. It is usually characterized by noisy whining and complaining after being pwnt or otherwise outdone in any minute and insignificant way. It was invented at least 100 years ago by Vlad the Impaler when he went crazy from living in a time without the internets. Today, butthurt occurs most commonly when you fall asleep with your friends and they, being your friends, decide it would be funny to sodomize you. Butthurt is also a primary generator of lulz on the internets and has produced many lolcows.

Sign up forms for your ButthurtCare policy coming soon. Don’t let butthurt eat your ass up – select PrinnieCares hot sauce treatment on your form!

Ways to avoid butthurt

Stages of Butthurt

Jane Doe Who?

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Well, Don Carpenter has confirmed what we all have known for sometime — the rape case is over.  Thank God for that and for those who have moved on to other pastures. His comment on the subject is below.

The “Shrews” have even been quieter and have laid off Prinnie for a few days. Well, with one exception over the 8 year old in Weirton. One had a few things to say about that.

So, as we all have finished the main course, low and behold dessert is being offered up by DJay, who has become so enraged she is threatening to spill everything she knows about Prinnie and Michelle to some folks in Steubenville. :shock:

Thank God triple shots of digestive liquors have already been poured!!

The Steubenville Rape case has been long over. It ended with 2 boys being labeled teen offenders and being sentenced to jail.

all a grand jury has found was a daughter who allegedly ripped off a school, and a father who protecting his daughter, allegedly deleted a bunch of shit, and lied to a gj about his daughter’s alleged crimes. (all before the actual rape of Jane Doe occured)

It’s over. pack it up. Nothing else to see here

except idiots on both sides still trying to prove who can yell the loudest, or piss the longest. - Mr. Carpenter, Author

Is Jeff Bruzzese Really Darth Vader In Disguise?

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Does this innocent boyish pouty looking face really look like a Darth Vader? Well, uh…

I was told recently some of his closest friends – his closest confidants and most trusted friends think his twitter picture makes him look like a dirt bag lawyer. Great friends, huh? :(

It should be noted a commenter on this blog saw his picture and said she thought he was hot! She didn’t realize on first glance those are his hands sticking up in the picture, not something else. Oy! :-|

Anyway, some of PBubbee and Jeff’s tweets were posted on this blog and OMG the mayhem that broke out among the commenters almost crashed my server.

He was called a bully! A thug! Unprofessional for using a “lulz”! That’s for starters. It went downhill after that. LOL!! Some wanted to throw him completely off of twitter! :shock:

I will give credit where credit is due – he stood up for his good name and defended his mother, in previous tweets, and his family like all good sons should! I find no fault with him being on twitter, as many lawyers and other public professionals are now and it seems to be the norm.

The future (and Jeff) have arrived on twitter, so we all better get used to it.

Joe Monks Speaks Out On The Rape Case In Steubenville

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Joe Monks

Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 4:47 pm 

I still find it sad that this became the ‘Steubenville rape case’ instead of the Ma’lik/Mays rape case, which is what it should have been from the beginning. (Or Richmond / Mays, but I suspect the media would’ve gone with what was catchier).
The murder of Caylee Anthony was never the ‘Orlando Murder Case,’ nor was the Jodi Arias trial—both equally sensationalized—the ‘Mesa murder case’. And both Arias and Anthony’s cases resulted in some pretty vicious and vile back-and-forth on social media. Steubenville’s a decent sized place. There’s people there who’d never heard of Jane Doe, and probably wouldn’t ever have had a clue who she was if it hadn’t been for the case engulfing the whole city. Steubenville didn’t rape Jane Doe any more than Orlando killed Caylee Anthony or Mesa murdered Travis Alexander. Just because some people on Facebook and Twitter chose to champion Casey shouldn’t tarnish Orlando, and the same goes for Mesa and Arias. That’s just ridiculous. What’s the average mailman in Steubenville got to do with this? Or the guy pumping gas who didn’t go to Steubenville high and doesn’t give a damn about high school football? Answer: nothing. Too late to go back now, since this unfortunate label stuck, but I’d like to think going forward we can do better trying to keep the accused as the focus without broad-brushing a whole city. Worked well for the Manson murders, no?

Steubenville’s Corruption – Past Or Present?

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This blog has become rather well known in Steubenville’s political circles for bringing to the public a lot about corruption alleged to reside there.

It seems to have been kicked off by allegations of Jane Hanlin being corrupt in her handling of the Steubenville rape case. Some thought she hung onto the case too long and then meddled for the sole purposes of protecting her son and protecting the sons of well connected Steubenville families.

Having said all of that, it is time to say this: Jane Hanlin has been investigated possibly more than any Jefferson County prosecutor before her by the Ohio Attorney General and by the Federal Government as well. No corruption was found. None. Zero. Nada.

While the corruption of the days prior to Hanlin and the Bruzzese family may have been wide spread and brutal – one is left to wonder if all of them are not collecting the payback for corruption prior to them. It happens. It may be happening even here.

@PBubbee Asks @JeffBruzzese About Alleged Corruption & Bruzzese Calls It Year Long Drivel

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RadioNewzBlog Accused Of “Doing Something To Steubenville”

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Well, thanks to @truthseeker_11 for bringing a subject up that needed to be brought up … and for a long time too. :)

Please take notice of the last tweet – the top tweet, if you will.

Let me say for the record that this blog did nothing to Steubenville, Ohio. Nothing.

I blog mainly social media and few comments of my own about the hilarity that goes on there – and that is about all. If bringing a lot of twitter and other social media platform’s activities into one central reading place is “doing something to Steubenville” then I am guilty.

However, I don’t think that blogging social media is any big deal at all. JMO of course, but by providing a quick and easy read for peeps since 2009 on various other RadioNewz blogs it has gained a certain reputation and is most often appreciated more than trashed. :)

Not everyone on the internet uses twitter, Facebook or dozens of blogs and have grown accustomed to coming here for a good read about what’s going on concerning their particular subject of interest.

So, the good work shall continue!

Weirton Case Of Boy, 8 Years Old, Bullied, Savagely Beaten At School, Prinnie Takes Notice

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April Tustin > I am from WEIRTON, WEST VIRGINIA!

In reference to the weirton page comment about the boy who got beat up on orchard street….
This is my mothers facebook and i was told about the comment made on the weirton page about the boy who was beaten up on orchard street in weirton and since i do not have a facebook i used hers to write back about this situation… I want to start off by saying that that was my son who got beat up on orchard street last thursday… He is eight years old and was jumped by five boys all between the ages of 8 and 11… I was at the bus stop when this happend because i do live downtown and i pick my kids up everyday from the bus stop… i inconveniently was on the other side of the road where the bus was blocking my view of the actual stop itself… my son had been being bullied frequently on the bus and at the school by the same boys for almost a week… these boys were teasing him because he is small for his age and they stole his toy he had from his reward chest at school… they began throwing paper balls at him on the bus and when my son got up and told the bus driver that these boys were telling him he sucks his dad’s “dick” and he said he dont have a dad because he has two moms, they than began calling him gay like his moms and said that he was going to get what was coming to him when he got off the bus, the bus driver then tells him to go sit down because the bus was moving and ignored what he said, he then proceeded to get off the bus and immeadiately was jumped by five boys and was held down to the ground by four of them while the fifth one kicked him repeatedly in the head ribs and private area. When the bus finally pulled aw ay i began to look for my son and i saw a random parent of another child stopped on the side of the alley pulling boys off of a little boy when i pulled forward to see what was going on and concerned i hadnt seen my son yet i soon found that my son was the little boy at the bottom of these boys… i ran out of my car and went to my son while the other male parent ran after these boys only being able to catch 2 of them on the corner while the other three got away… i got my son and immeadiately called the cops and went to the parents house of the 2 boys whom were caught… i was then told by the parent to “fuck off” and that my son needed to “stop being a pussy and man up” so when the cops got to the house they told me that these boys were under the age of 12 and they could not get in trouble for these actions i then went to the emergency room with my son who was found to have bruised and broken ribs, a severe concussion and bruising all over his body and his private area. He now has to see a neurologist due to further severe symptoms. When i called the school they told me that these boys could not be punished because they were not on school property and they were not suspended punished or even kicked off the bus… the following day my older son who is in fourth grade was threatend by the same boys that they were going to get a gun and blow him and his brothers brains out and the bullying has not gone away… now nothing is happening to these boys my sons are scared to be at school and when my 8 year old told a teacher this week that he was still being teased he was told he was lying and was sent to the principals office for supposedly talking back to a teacher. now my son said he isnt even going to tell a teacher anymore because he is being blamed and is getting in trouble in this whole situation.. i have not heard from the school board or the school itself and the cops say their hands are tied…
…. i wanted to straighten this story out and also thank all the parents and people who voiced their concern about my son and for those people who automatically assumed that i was a trashy parent whom lived downtown and who dont pick their son up from the bus out of laziness shame on you for assuming that everyone whom lives downtown is trash… i am far from it and so is my wife… i am a franciscan university student working on my masters in psychology and counseling and my wife works two jobs to support our family… dont judge people who live down here we are not all drug attics and trash…. please let me know if you have any other comments or concerns by email at or my mothers facebook…. thank you

Steubenville’s Legally Connected Speak Out

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I just did a post with a screen shot of Tammy Dixon, a Bruzzese legal aid, commenting on the social media aspect of the rape case.

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether the social media outrage helped or hurt the prosecution of the case.

Marianne Hemmeter, a states prosecutor and the lead prosecutor in the rape case said and it’s in quotes:

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Marianne Hemmeter, said that Anonymous’ attacks had made her job harder. In a press conference after the trial, she said: “We had pretty good working relationships with some of the witnesses that you heard from, but once Anonymous hit, there was a chilling effect.”

So, in the end did all the social media outrage help or hurt the case? Did it help or hurt the victim? Did it help or hurt the community of Steubenville, Ohio?

Does twitter rage and/or social media rage produce quality results – or just results?

Legal Steubenville Gun Says Tweets Led To Immunity In Rape Case

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#Steubenville Cases handled in common pleas court

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STEUBENVILLE – Tammy Lowe was sentenced to seven days in the Jefferson County jail and five years of probation Wednesday for stealing money from two individuals she was working for as a health aide.

Lowe also was sentenced to 200 hours of community service by Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese who warned the woman that if she doesn’t pay restitution to the two victims, “you will wind up in prison.”

“You are better off than the honest mom who hit her credit card for $20,000 and had to pay interest on the loan. I can’t stand that. It will take you forever to get the restitution paid,” said Bruzzese.

Lowe pleaded guilty to stealing $1,643 from one individual and $20,000 from a second victim while caring for them.

“If you do everything you are supposed to do I will be happy,” added Bruzzese.

“I ask for forgiveness for the pain I have caused these people and their families. The recovery and spiritual program has changed my life. I want to lead a healthy life for my daughters and ask for forgiveness,” Lowe said before she was sentenced.

Lowe said she would start her sentence immediately and after a few minutes spent talking to friends in the courtroom, she was led off to the county jail.



Sick Rape Joke Picture On Twitter

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Much work can be done to make all aware of rape and rape culture. Prinnie started that ball rolling! Kudos to her! Much still needs to be done and much needs to be done with young girls who get plastered and falling down drunk at parties. While the knowledge of rape culture can be elevated – there is still a great need to acknowledge human nature and this is where parent’s of girls must be strong. Young girls struggle with many issues and being instructed by parents about self image, acceptance and all of that does not include drinking alcohol to be cool or accepted. That certainly goes for boys too. Boy’s parent’s need to instruct at home that when a girl is drunk – hands off. It will all help, but I’m one who believes good manners will not prevent boys from listening to their hormones before they do their parents. JMO. All comments welcome! Speak out.

@MichelleLMcKee Finger Prints All Over An Ugly Matter

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When you think you’ve seen everything – something announces itself that is beyond sickening.

This is a strange tale, but needs to be told.

Tonight Murt made a tweet about someone lying to the court and losing their kid. That would only be Timothy Holmseth. A man Murt was rooting for to keep visitation with his kid. A man Mary aka McGreggorsBack vowed would keep visitation. A man @BringItAlready wanted to keep visitation.

Murt even bragged on twitter that all of that information would guarantee Holmseth would keep his child. @BringItAlready tweeted her agreement.

What’s really sickening is this – Holmseth mentions on his website Mary Lee and “another woman”. Who could that other woman be? This was while he was blogging all the “evidence” he had to take to court in order to keep his child visitation.

It looks like Michelle’s fingerprints are all over the entire matter.

It is more than assumed she gave Holmseth the screenshots of Murt saying he killed Trenton Duckett and was going to the mall to go after little kids. Remember she and Mary were also exchanging tweets at one time. Haters of each other but all cozied up to help Holmseth.

All of this nastiness ended up in a Minnesota court. Michelle L McKee involved. Michelle the big twitter advocate of all and anything wrong in the world. Laughable.

Michelle McKee will stoop to any level she deems required to attack an enemy even if it means trying to help an unstable unfit parent keep visitation with a child.

All of this was to be used against the child’s mother saying she was connected to unsavory people. It all backfired.

Beware of Michelle L McKee.

Tinfoilitis – CDC Confirms Outbreak Affecting Steubenville Conspiracists

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The CDC based in Atlanta, Ga has confirmed a very strange disease has developed among the Steubenville, Ohio conspiracists and could spread beyond the region. The name “tinfoilitis” has been given to this strange outbreak.

While the CDC is holding back comments concerning this strange and embarassing disease, they have released a microscopic picture of the bacteria.

Hopefully, the CDC will soon announce an antidote to this dreaded bacteria!

Symptoms include sore throat, sinus and facial pain, blurry eyes and diarrhea has been reported to blow out the ass in huge volumes.

The only known treatment known by local doctors and pharmacists at this time is to gargle Listerine diluted with Ohio River water three times daily and to flush the eyes daily with a gentle saline solution. Sinus flushes with Ohio River water may also be helpful, along with acetaminophen for headache and facial pain. Imodium is the only thing known, at this time, to help with the pain of the lower abdomen and the diarrhea.

The CDC spokesperson said the tinfoilitis outbreak should be over by the Christmas holidays.

Did Murt’s Gizzard Get Fried?

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Murt is another who has gone quiet on twitter and his blog. Rejoicing has been seen and heard all over twitterverse and actually all over the blogosphere.

The air is cleaner on twitter!! Tweeps are smiling again and the flowers are even smiling.

The last word from Murt concerning all this was that he was tired. Burnt out maybe. Maybe he is in treatment for his fried gizzard. Who knows?

Well Murt, no one is sad to see you butt out of all the things that are none of your business.

No one is sad to stop receiving crybaby emails from you.

No one is sad to see you STFU!

Stay that way!!

McGreggors Says A Final Goodbye

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Mary has said goodbye to the light. The light being this blog. LOL!

Now, it’s all darkness for the poor old gal – but lurking in darkness is her thing!

Dark conspiracies, dark thoughts, dark deeds. Yep, that’s old Mary.

Having been thrown off twitter by Executioner, a poster on this blog, Mary has decided to just stuff it all and say she is ignoring the light. No doubt light is irritating to a dark brooding mind.

Mary, we hope you are good for your word. It’s doubtful, but we can hope. Goodbye!! :)

Oh, btw Mary, what is that attorney’s name and address?

What Happened To The Steubenville Facebook Page?

November 7, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

My goodness! Comments popping up here wanting the Steubenville Facebook page back. Few of us knew it had been whacked. What happened to it? Where did it go? Citizens want it back!!

All things Steubenville seem to induce deep dark conspiracy theories. LOL! Even a missing Facebook page.

Conspiracies have run wild about Jefferson County Prosecutor, Jane Hanlin, and then we find out she has been appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney!!

This all happens with the Steubenille rape case followers believing Hanlin is corrupt and orchestrated a cover up. It was tweeted, posted and blogged endlessly.

How bad can things get? :(

A missing Facebook page and Jane Hanlin investigated and cleared of any impropriety whatsoever. It’s known to most that Hanlin has been investigated several times by DeWine himself, due to anonymous complaints and the petition calling for her ouster from the Ohio Bar, and cleared!!

What happened? Enormous supplies of popcorn were bought waiting for the show and now all we really have to talk about is a missing Facebook page. :(

Jefferson County Grand Jury Hands Down Several Indictments

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Jefferson County, OH

Several indictments and a few interesting developments came out of Wednesday’s Jefferson County Grand Jury. The jurors met for 10 long hours and reviewed some violent crimes.

Jalontay Johnson and Dallas Crokie were both indicted and charged with one count of murder and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Even though they are charged in connection with two separate incidents the similarities between the two cases are striking.

The charges are exactly same and both admitted to their crimes the next morning.

“There doesn’t seem to be any reason that would justify this,” said Jefferson County Jane Hanlin. “We looked at issues of self-defense and provocation but there doesn’t seem to be anything that would justify what he did to that young boy that night.”

The 18-year-old Crokie for the fatal stabbing of 40-year-old Terry Shust on September 15th in Steubenville.

“You’re talking about some 93 stab wounds plus some blunt force trauma to the head,” said Hanlin. “It’s actually one of the more grisly crime scenes that we had. And again nothing that would seem to justify that level of violence.”

Where the cases seem to differ is with public interest. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin addressed some rumors concerning Johnson’s physical state prior to the crime.

“We’re aware of those rumors and whether they had done anything earlier in the night like that,” said Hanlin. “We don’t know but certainly at the time we talked to the defendant he appears to be absolutely lucid.”



WePay Donation Scams – Should We Support The Steubenville Rape Case Players?

November 6, 2013 |  by  |  Opinion  |  6 Comments

A lot has been said about the wepay begging of Deric Lostutter.

Don Carpenter shook that scam out for what it was. Check his twitter and the blog he blogs on for details. It is detailed and extensive. His twitter is here: and the blog he blogs on is here — you can search it for Lostutter articles.

Don has been very open he got fooled by Lostutter in the beginning – but saw the light as the lies mounted … and then came the donation business.

We all have to ask ourselves when is enough enough. Do we owe the Steubenville players in some way? Do we need to support them?

I say no we don’t. They are all adults and have the skills to earn a living and pay their own bills. Just because they got involved in the Steubenville rape case does not come before our own families and their welfare.

If you see anymore Steubenville rape case players begging for money – remember they are adults and can earn a living and make their own deals.

The Steubenville rape case should not become a “cottage industy” for anyone. No one.

This begging on good people has become ridiculous. Say no.

Thanksgiving Turkey’s Expected To Riot In Steubenville, Ohio

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The Hannah Rhinaman Big Red Disco Dance Theme

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Ohio Attorney General Speaks To Steubenville

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