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.@Murtwitnessone Rants About New Blog And German Porn Stars

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What in God’s name is Murt ranting about now. He denies owning the new Prinnie bash blog and then thinks it is a German Porn Star hoax?!! Bahahaha! Does that even make sense? NO!!! LMAO!! His marbles are all over the floor!!

This is the new Prinnie bash blog.
WARNING: Make sure to go there on an empty stomach!!

.@McGreggorsBack Magnifies Murt’s Many Failures

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Murt has failed at about everything he has ever attempted. He had a very fun cam service during the Caylee Anthony case and many enjoyed it, but he ruined it by lying and running scams in his chat rooms and forums, etc.! His members got tired of his begging for money and outed his scams over and over, yet he still denies he did any such thing – despite all of it being in black and white.

To this day his twitter profile reads:
New Media streaming. Live, on the move, mobile webcasts. …

That’s all bullshit. He does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just a big blowhard and a wannabe significant! He’s significant all right – as huge luzer in the Florida Transplants Luzer’s Club.!

Even though @McGreggorsBack called him out as untrustworthy – he even tries to deny his publication of a Holmseth court document.

Steubenville Charlatans

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This post is not about the Steubenville Rape Case – not really. It’s about those who have no dog in the fight, but have joined in for the sole purpose of bashing Prinnie, along with Michelle. These fuel the Prinnie hate train. These individuals have done more hating on Prinnie than anyone! Why? Who knows –  I guess hate feels good to them. They have tweeted and blogged all kinds of outrageous claims against Prinnie and Michelle, too. One now defunct blog even claimed to Michelle in a blog post that thousands of people were reading their blog about her! LMFAO!! Every blogger knows what it takes to have readers in the thousands and know that blog might have had readers in the low dozens, if that many!! LMAO!!! These are the individuals who pretend to tweet and blog for Steubenville, but they are well known haters out to get even and nothing else. These individuals have never even been to Steubenville, with @QueenBewbs aka Brianne Chantal living in Canada… Charlatans! Or each one could be called a “Hey Look At Me”!

This is Brianne Chantal masquerading as @QueenBewbz …

GosspingPens Blog Attacked On Ripoff Report

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Gossiping Pens Gossip Website Is Run By Cyberbullies And Liar Liars, Scammers, Cyber Bullies, Stalkers,Wannabe Gossip Bloggers Burnaby British Columbia Burnaby BC

The wannabe gossip website known as The GossipingPens is run by notorious cyber bully and stalker Brianne Chantal aka Brianne Chantal Patterson from Burnaby British Columbia. Helping her is Brandon Ballard a student at LSU.

This website stalks, harasses and often times bullies those it does not like and has at times attempted to extort people in an attempt to get information taken down. While it claims to write about celebrities most of the writings on it are aimed at those the writers do not like, normal everyday people.

In this past it has falsely reported events such as Princess Kate already having had her baby and stated their “sources” confirmed it was a girl. This was hours before she even delievered. When their information comes up wrong, as it often does, they simply delete the story.

They have made fun of people with physical disabilities and enlists other people to join in. [continued below]….

….. A quick look at their twitter and their deleted twitter accounts on Topsy would reveal more than you might want to know about this group. The owner of the blog, Brianne Chantal is now claiming to be an anti-bullying advocate but her long and sorted history of this behaviour casts much doubt on how true she is to that. She may no longer bully under her own name, but she does under other names such as @QueenBewbs and @GossipingPens @Briadoublene to name a few.

Her current target for the past 2 years has been a woman in Ohio named Holly Briley. She now has Branden Ballard assisiting her in this endeavor.

She also bullies other more reputable gossip sites and demand they pull stories that she believes she/they wrote.

This site is also parterened up with though I highly doubt they know what she is really all about.

Its a bully and revenge site pure and simple and if you want to know all about Brianne visit and just read this woman’s nightmare of a story concerning Brianne and her co-horts under the tab ‘My Experience of Being Cyberstalked’ and follow the blue links.

Steer clear of this one and her co-horts because if you get on their bad sides, they will stop at nothing to destroy your life Blows LSU Student Brandon Ballard!!

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Oh my! And the pictures on that site are worse!! :shock:

Prinnie’s Glam Photo Gets Dissed

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Get Your Very Own Big Red Debit Card #RRR

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It’s true!! You can get your very own Big Red Debit Card with Huntington Bancshares, Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ohio! I saw one of Jordan’s tweets and thought it had to be a joke, but after checking for myself – nope – it’s for real!! #RRR

Message Goes Out To Captain Crazy Pants

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Oh, wow – we all know who Captain Crazy Pants is!! LOL! Sounds like he may be getting a knock on his door soon!

Since we know Murt is Captain Crazy pants – we can also mention he has quit blogging on his usual blog site. Why? Because life isn’t fair!! LOL!! Wait! Multimedia sites? What multimedia sites? All anyone is hears is “lights, camera, action” [then silence] What a joke!! LMAO!!

The Prinnie Tour To NYC #NoShameTour

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Prinnie is going to NYC, per her twitter!! I wonder what she’s gonna be doing there? A media appearance? A seminar? A book agent? All kinds of possibilities!

Another comment on her twitter states just how she feels about her role in bringing the Steubenville Rape Case to national and international attention! Most would agree Prinnie is responsible for a new invigorated discussion about rape and football culture, which is a very good thing!

.@QueenBewbz International Super Troll

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Brinocchio Busted As Murt’s New Puppet! Meet Brianne Chantal aka @QueenBewbz

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Instead Of Pondering Criminal Charges Against Holmseth, @MURTWITNESSONE Needs To Apologize

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Tim Holmseth has reported Murt to his local Minnesota LE for extortion stemming from Murt’s getting demanding, bullying and pushy regarding information about Holmseth’s two children.

Murt denies all of this of course, but it isn’t much of a stretch of the imagination to see him doing exactly that. Murt needs to apologize to Holmseth – these are his children, not busybody Murt’s and are none of his business.

Murt has posted all of this babble below on his blog – but no idea if it contains any truth. Murt likes to twist his apples and oranges. Who knows!

.@Murtwitnessone Claims Anonymous Is A Nest Of Pedophiles

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One night of tiny chat fuckery from a very stressed out Shadowrapz… and Murt is off and blaring the entire body of Anonymous is a nest of pedophiles. Of course in typical Murt apples and oranges style — he claims a rumor caused him to say this. I’ve never heard such a rumor. Sure, jokes about the members calling each other fags – but never do they call each other pedophiles. Never! Shame on Murt!

Flip Wilson In Drag Contest At The Fupe Fupe Lounge

September 9, 2013 |  by  |  Spoof  |  3 Comments

Brianne Chantal aka @QueenBewbz Winner!!

.@MURTWITNESSONE Manure Market – Apples And Oranges

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Step right into Murt’s Manure Market. Along with burlap bags of bullshit, you can also get some apples and oranges. The bullshit is obvious, but you’ll have to take your chances on whether you get apples or oranges. In the front of the store you might get apples and by the time you get to the back of the store you might look down to see you actually have oranges in your basket.

Just like this bullshit ferris wheel ride Murt tried to take McGreggorsBack on — up above it was a moral argument, then he switched to a legal argument and danced all around the apple bobbing tank. He didn’t want to accept McGreggors argument that he didn’t like being called a pedophile, so why was he calling a teenage girl one? He doesn’t know. He isn’t smart enough to know. All he cares about is Michelle and Prinnie called him one years ago with good reason, so it gives him the right to call anyone he wants the same without any reason at all. He has called me a pedophile, Levi a pedophile, Pops a rapist and countless people on twitter pedophiles. Murt never takes responsibility for anything he does. Oh no!

Murt should be smart enough to understand at least one basic fact. LLMPapa used to explain it this way – if you get into a ring with a boxer and start throwing punches, you will most likely get punched back. It’s the same, says LLMPapa, when you get into the ring with an aggressive blogger and start throwing punches – that blogger is most likely going to punch you back. Murt likes to throw the punches, but screams bloody murder when he gets a hard punch thrown back at him. He whines “victim” and blames the world! McGreggors whipped the shit out of him here – as any blogger can do and always does. Murt can keep track of his market’s bullshit, he just can’t keep track of his apples and oranges. They spill out of his basket and roll around all over the floor. Poor Murt!

UPDATED: Status Of KYAnonymous

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  • 14 people like this.
  • Don Carpenter looks like someone is still mad about being exposed. nor is there any lawyer signatures on these documents, just your signature on a voluntary release.
  • KYAnonymous My lawyer lives in brooklyn, he called to vouch for my safety and the fact hed follow up with me. Feel free to contact tor eckeland yourself since you follow up and whatnot and dont just blindly attack people that your trying to get your journalistic start from. Reaching a new kinda low attacking someone going through withdrawles arent ya? Its cool. I expected it. Call tor. Pretty please.
  • Don Carpenter lol funny how that’s not mentioned there and it looks like you signed yourself which requires no lawyers to vouch as rehab is a voluntary process since you weren’t court ordered.

    just like we expected u to be out and back to ego fagging once again.
    how bout you address the people asking you for refunds
  • Joe Casper Fisher Can you not see the therapist signature?
  • KYAnonymous Anyone wishing for a refund can contact tor, we have a refund policy in place and have refunded 5k in donations already. Next question you pathetic excuse for a human
  • Joe Casper Fisher Just leave it KYA, he isn’t worth it.
    27 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • KYAnonymous I have asked anyone who wanted. Refund from my personal donation to contact my lawyer with name as well. Anonymity will be protected. Then cross referenced with my paypal statement to verify donation. Thanks for playing.
  • Shannon Noelle Patch I wonder if Don realizes he’s only getting more eyes on you by doing this? And therefore, giving you a bigger audience.
  • Ashley Senkel Seriously KY, just block him. He isn’t worth the stress.
    23 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • KYAnonymous And dont broadcast your obvious vendetta corrupt articles on my page. The only reason i havnt banned you is to show everyone what a worthless jackass you really are.
  • Kenneice Tolliver Welcome back Deric! Ignore the naysayers and continue to move forward in your own recovery. I applaud you for standing up for yourself. xoxo
  • Laurie Bates It doesn’t matter if the truth smacked them in the face Deric. They don’t care, they just like getting a rise out of ya. There are a lot of people out there that need to get a life. Worse than a bunch of bullies!
    17 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 1
  • Joe Casper Fisher I asked Don why he thinks rape shouldn’t be exposed and he seems unable to reply. funny.
    16 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Shannon Noelle Patch i don’t suppose any real journalist will get much of a start if he uses words like “fagging.” i wouldn’t worry much.
  • KYAnonymous Thank you all for your support. These withdrawles suck enough without asshats adding to it. I need to get clean for myself, and for you all as well.
  • Don Carpenter ooh big vendetta wshowing how full of shit that yuu are. why not post the discharge papers showing u were discharged AMA instead of merely 2 pages of doctors advice
  • Laurie Bates @ Don, how old are you seriously? This shit seriously reminds me of Jr.High.
    7 minutes ago · Like · 1
  • Ashley Senkel Its called doctor-patient confidentiality don. He doesn’t have to.
  • Linda Lippylulu Busch Somach I would think the details of someone’s hospitalization should be nobody’s damn business. ANyone can go AMA. If the doctors really thought he needed to be there, they could have held him. I am not familiar with this situation in particular, but I know psych hospitalizations and just hope KYAnonymous is OK. That is ALL ANYONE, friend or foe, should hope for when it comes to someone else’s health.

College Frosh Pro-Rape Chant

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The cluelessness of it is exceeded only by its ugliness.

Yesterday, 80 student “leaders” at Saint Mary’s University led 300-to-400 newly arriving students in a chant advocating rape: “Y is for Your little sister, O is for Oh so tight, U is for Underage, N is for No Consent, G is for Grab that ass.”

The chant was caught on video and posted to Instagram, apparently by a female student who found it amusing. (I find no reason to embarrass her, so I won’t name her.)

After CBC aired the video last night, the response was overwhelmingly, understandingly and appropriately one of disgust. As of this writing, the CBC headline says the chant was about “underaged sex,” but that’s obviously missing the point that it is also about rape, and bluntly so.

The story went national, and ever since the student association, SMUSA, which organizes the “Frosh Week” events that included the chant, has been in disaster response mode.

Today, SMUSA president Jared Perry held a press conference at The Gorsebrook Lounge, the student bar at SMU. Many dozen of the student leaders, probably most of the 80 present for the chant, were present as well. It was clear they are deeply troubled by the turn of events.



Twerking Video Goes Viral

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Stranahan Lets It Fly On Prinnie

September 7, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  27 Comments

Stranahan is back in the Steubenville mix with scathing comments, verbal and in print, about Alexandria Goddard aka Prinnie.

He makes it quite plain he holds her in the lowest of regard – even calling her a vicious and bitter liar. His radio show found him calling her worse than that.

More amazing is that he called her a “rapist” and mocked her status as anti-rape and anti-rape culture.

His blog on the subject is here: And his radio show link to his latest attacks on Prinnie is here:

How far will Stranahan go?

@MURTWITNESSONE Calls Upon Old Flame For Assistance With @THolmseth Problem

September 7, 2013 |  by  |  Smack  |  37 Comments

I don’t know if anyone has noticed or not – but Murt had to call in some assistance to help him hide from Holmseth. LMAO! Yep, none other than his old love interest @BrianneChantal aka @QueenBewbz.

The two have been frisking all about twitter with shit so old it’s less than remarkable, but nothing unseen before. Ho hum!

Brianne Bewbz put up a twitter and loaded it up with tweets Murt could then retweet! LOL! Then they went to Holmseth’s twitter and retweeted a bunch from there and then on to @Loowho’s. Along with all of that – Bri Bri then whipped out all of her links she had posted on Levi. Bahaha! Can we call them geniuses? Not exactly, no!

Brianne has had a wad for Levi for a long time. In fact, long before Murt.

All of this to avoid Murt having to address Timothy Holmseth’s breathing down Murt’s shit collar.

So, let’s all just roll back, relax and see what these 2 lovebirds can come up with next from their love nest. LMAO!!

The Joy Of Painting Lies With Murtie

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Example of Hater Mentality

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Well, here goes Murt and his twitter cow once again trying to make something out of something that is nothing.

As soon as I started blogging about the feud between him and Holmseth – up flew his blogs on how I was sticking it to KP. How in the hell is doing a blog of what is going down between these two on social media turning on someone? You’re right it isn’t.

Now he has as is predictable – a huge lie on his blog why he isn’t responding to the charges of Holmseth. Truth is – he can’t deny them.

It’s a perfect example of a hater mentality. They think you should only sit on a blog 20/7, like Murt, and bash people. That’s how they do it and can’t image anyone being objective and just blogging what’s happening. Dull witted, yes!!

Some outrageous things have been on this blog about Holmseth. There have been no changing minds here.

It’s the same drill as always…. it’s what’s going on with social media. That my friends is no endorsement as Murt and his twitter cow, @BringItAlready would hope for you to believe.

Haters gonna hate… and in this case – lie!

I took a look at his blog and it was so disorganized – I only read a few sentences. Ugh

Goddard Bashing On Stuebenville Rape Intensifies

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

Everyone is used to seeing Prinnie aka Goddard bashed on a regular basis, but recently it has has gotten new life.

First a reporter, Ariel Levy, from The New Yorker, spent an unusual amount of time giving the reader an image of a beer guzzling, uneducated redneck. One that didn’t hesitate demeaning other women. Apparently Levy was not impressed with the “gravy legs” name Goddard had pinned on Jane Hanlin.

Two hours later, I found Goddard’s house, a large, two-story rental missing bits of the ceiling inside. “It’s awesome,” she said, drinking a can of beer on the balcony. “I’ve got shit tons of jackrabbits, and they will get about five feet away from me, ’cause I’m like the animal whisperer.” She had also met a man she liked, a drill sergeant stationed at a nearby Marine Corps base. “Prinnie got her groove back,” Goddard said, blowing cigarette smoke into the hot, dry sky. “I got a little boyfriend, and he’s dark and delicious and twenty-six.”

But Goddard’s manner has sometimes been discordant with her newfound status as a voice for women. She frequently refers to Jane Hanlin—a trim, blond, conventionally pretty woman—as “Gravy Legs,” because “gravy spreads easily,” she explained, with a giggle. “My roommate says, ‘You are a catalyst for change,’ ” Goddard told me. “She’s right. I cause change. Look at Steubenville right now.”

Levy also made sure the reader got the message that little you thought about the Steubenville rape case was true.

That prompted another journalist, Richard Cohen, to write a very critical article of the case as it was reported on the internet and tv.

“The next thing you should know is that just about everything you do know about the case from TV and the Internet was wrong. One medium fed the other, a vicious circle of rumor, innuendo and just plain lies. It made for marvelous television.”

The twitter bashers had found some new heroes. They feel the tide is turning and there will more MSM exposing the stuff carried by the internet will be corrected. They are especially upbeat that Goddard will be outed as a liar and instigator. They believe she is on a personal grudge mission from slights and hurts while she lived there years ago. She denies this adamantly.

Anonymous got involved and the case went national… and international – with mostly incorrect information.  Anonymous pushed there was a cover up, corruption and no intention to bring justice to the case. 2,000 people descended on Steubenville to protest and demand justice for Jane Doe. Steubenville defenders insist they were inflamed with false information and outright lies.

Prinnie is being accused of creating and feuling an internet mob that went on to hound Steubenville and it’s citizens. She is considered a hero by others and a spokesperson about rape and woman’s issues. The feminist movement hails her accomplishments. Local rumors and gossip, which were false and some just plain lies, ended up on her blog in the comment section and she is being held accountable by Steubenville.

The story is pretty much getting quite old to those who followed it from beginning to end, but some hardcore hang on to see the end. A Grand Jury is soon to conclude.

Regardless of what happened or which side you are on … the crime of rape was given a new look and lots of teaching information is now available to teens and parents.

If there is any danger of your child not knowing digital penetration is considered rape in your state – better make sure they do… and that you do. That is one of the lessons of Steubenville.

Joey Ortega’s New Twitter Image

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

New Website:


Why Does @MURTWITNESSONE Cower From @THolmseth?

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

It’s very interesting to note Murt cowers in silence as both Holmseth and McGreggorsBack aka MLee lash out at him. LOL, what a coward, but apparently he can’t deny their charges.

First, Holmseth accused Murt of asking for inappropriate information about his two children. There was bullying and threats involved, so Holmseth reported him to LE.

Next McGreggorsBack revealed some whopper lies Murt had told to numerous people. He said he was in Tucson, AZ investigating someone who Kim Picazio had told him was me – Radio. He also told numerous people there was a DHS investigation of myself, Levi Page and no doubt others… said we would soon be getting warrants.

Murt was not in Tucson investigating anyone. It was another one of his whopper lies about another imaginary trip. You know – his ‘wheels up’ bullshit.

Kim Picazio didn’t tell Murt I was anyone living anywhere. He made it up. Murt lies with great ease.

There is no DHS investigation of me, Levi Page or anyone else he conjures up in his imagination. Murt likes people to believe he is on the inside with the Feds, as he likes to call them. He isn’t. The Feds – don’t operate that way as we all know.

Murt has been harassing and defaming Levi Page for some time now.

McGreggorsBack is another one who likes to believe the Feds are swarming those she doesn’t like. However, she doesn’t go to the extreme Murt does with lies of being briefed by them and of being part of the investigation.

Murt will not counter blog either one of them. He’s been caught with his pants down, so to speak, and he is hunkered down having a twitter war with his own sock twitter account. This is what Murt does when he has nothing else to do. Fight with himself on twitter. Sickening. It’s his attempt to divert attention away from the Holmseth problem.

Murt knows Holmseth is an investigative author and should he decide to investigate this bum – no telling what would be found. McGreggors has also indicated she is looking into Murt.

It doesn’t look good for the coward Murt!

Holmseth Reports Pedo Remarks of @MURTWITNESSONE To Local LE!

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

Timothy Holmseth has turned in the chat conversation of Murt aka William Murtaugh to his local law enforment, with hopes they contact Murt’s local law enforcement in Florida. You can read it here:

This conflict started when Murt approached Holmseth and requested what Holmseth called “inappropriate information” about his 2 children. Murt’s creepy behavior and unusual interest regarding children is catching up with him.

Holmseth sent this entire chat conversation to his local sheriff:

This Is Why @Murtwitnessone Was Labeled A Pedo – By His Own Words

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  9 Comments



Richard Cohen’s History Of Downplaying Sexual Misconduct

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments


Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen dismissed the real-life rape of a minor as “manhandl[ing]” and refused to acknowledge the realities of the sexual misconduct, a longstanding and common practice for Cohen.

In a Post op-ed on September 2, Cohen highlighted singer Miley Cyrus’ recent MTV performance where she infamously twerked in order to bring attention to a New Yorker report by Ariel Levy on the horrific rape of a minor in Steubenville, OH in August 2012. Cohen euphemistically characterized the victim as being stripped and manhandled:

The first thing you should know about the so-called Steubenville Rape is that this was not a rape involving intercourse. The next thing you should know is that there weren’t many young men involved — just two were convicted. The next thing you should know is that just about everything you do know about the case from TV and the Internet was wrong. One medium fed the other, a vicious circle of rumor, innuendo and just plain lies. It made for marvelous television.

The New Yorker piece was done by Ariel Levy, a gifted writer. When I finished her story, I felt somewhat disconcerted — unhappily immersed in a teenage culture that was stupid, dirty and so incredibly and obliviously misogynistic that I felt like a visitor to a foreign country. That country, such as it is, exists on the Internet — in e-mails and tweets and Facebook, which formed itself into a digital lynch mob that demanded the arrest of the innocent for a crime — gang rape — that had not been committed. It also turned the victim into a reviled public figure, her name and picture (passed out, drunk) available with a Google query.

And yet what indisputably did happen is troubling enough. A teenage girl, stone-drunk, was stripped and manhandled. She was photographed and the picture passed around. Obviously, she was sexually mistreated. And while many people knew about all of this, no one did anything about it. The girl was dehumanized. As Levy put it, “[T]he teens seemed largely unaware that they’d been involved in a crime.” She quoted the Jefferson County prosecutor, Jane Hanlin: “‘They don’t think that what they’ve seen is a rape in the classic sense. And if you were to interview a thousand teen-agers before this case started and said, “Is it illegal to take a video of another teenager naked?,” I would be astonished if you could find even one who said yes.’”

Illegal is sort of beside the point. Right, proper, nice, respectful, decent — you choose the word — is more apt. This is what got me: a teenage culture that was brutal and unfeeling, that treated the young woman as dirt. “‘She’s deader than O.J.’s wife. She’s deader than Caylee Anthony,’ ” one kid exulted in a YouTube posting. “‘They raped her harder than that cop raped Marsellus Wallace in “Pulp Fiction.” She is so raped right now.’ ” Yes, I know, they were all drunk, woozy and disoriented from a tawdry cable TV and celebrity culture.

After bizarrely emphasizing that what happened in Steubenville did not involve rape by intercourse, Cohen later referred to the crime as stripping and manhandling without ever definitively acknowledging that the assault amounted to rape. Of course, an Ohio jury found that the victim was raped and two teens were guilty of the crime.

Cohen has a historically dismissive stance when it comes to cases of sexual misconduct.

The Washington Post columnist previously excused the actions of convicted statutory rapist and film director Roman Polanski, referring to his 13-year-old victim as a “victim” who was seduced rather than raped.

He also dismissed allegations that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sexually harassed Anita Hill, writing that regardless of whether or not the accusations were true, the media should “forget” about the story. Cohen added that none of Hill’s accusations made sense anyway, because if she had been sexually harassed by Thomas at work, she would have taken advantage of the benefits of affirmative action and found a different job. According to Cohen, Thomas was merely accused of “being a man.”

When then-Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment, Cohen supposed that the accusers were most likely being truthful, but made sure to include his belief that “some sexual harassment claims arise from misunderstandings — a remark that went sideways or a ‘victim’ whose shoulder is nothing but chips.”

More Steubenville Rape Case Media Reporting Controversy

September 3, 2013 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

By Robert Stacy McCain
The Other McCain Blog


Strangely, the New Yorker magazine article about the Steubenville case that Cohen cites as context — “Trial by Twitter,” by Ariel Levy — basically vindicates Lee Stranahan’s reporting and arguing about the case: Alexandria Goddard led an online lynch mob on the basis of conspiracy claims for which there was no evidence, wrongly stigmatizing as members of a “rape crew” teenagers whose only real involvement was their presence at a party where a drunk teenage girl was certainly abused, but not actually raped. Levy writes:

One afternoon, I met Jane Hanlin in her office, around the corner from the police station, where she sat at her desk underneath a poster of Snoopy standing with an American flag. She told me that she had watched with increasing frustration as the story spun out of control. “Here comes Goddard, here come the bloggers, and we’re sitting here watching this, knowing that we can’t respond,” she said, because the case was still open. But by the norms of social media there is little difference between confidentiality and obfuscation; if something isn’t broadcast, it must be furtive. “If you do anything to say, ‘Wait until we get to the truth,’ you are ‘pro-rape’ — whatever that means,” Hanlin said. “You are part of a conspiracy, a cover-up.”

This was the basic problem: A hysterical witch-hunt fueled by Goddard’s ax-grinding and by rhetoric about “rape culture.” If you can read the entire article and still think the result was justice, you have an alarming deficiency of skepticism. Discerning the real truth of what happened that night, when everyone involved was hopelessly drunk and the victim herself had no clear memory, is perhaps ultimately impossible. But merely to admit the ambiguity of the situation is to risk the accusation of being “pro-rape,” as Hanlin said — “whatever that means.”

Some people are more interested in “winning” an argument than they are in getting the facts right. Finding myself compelled to agree with Richard Cohen isn’t as bad as rape, but it’s still pretty bad.

I’m a victim. Don’t blame the victim, haters.

UPDATE: Well, this is very interesting. Cohen’s column is now a Memeorandum thread with Gawker, among others, deliberately misrepresenting the whole point, e.g.:

Richard Cohen Thinks Miley Cyrus
Raped That Poor Girl In Steubenville

See? This is how the Left nowadays turns common sense into thoughtcrime. What Cohen was saying — perhaps not clearly enough — was that the youth culture in which Miley Cyrus ostentatiously sexualizes herself on national TV is the same youth culture in which two buddies take turns with the drunk girl at the party and her naked photos get passed around as cell-phone souvenirs.

Degradation of women transfers from pop culture to the basement of a house in Steubenville, Ohio, and the Left expects us to believe that the one phenomenon has nothing to do with the other.

God forbid anyone should express the common-sense view, but then again, the Left has also made mention of God off-limits.


Vicious Chaos At Websleuths

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Everyone has opinions about what is happening at Websleuths concerning the lawsuit, but here is a thread that developed over a blogtalkradio program and an email that was sent. Numerous large hosts have been having problems and timestamps on emails can be tricky. Often it involves the Greenwich Meantime off set and also whether your server is on the same EDT, PDT, etc..  As you can see quite a dust up here over a few simple things.


Does Murt Have Another Bad Boy?

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Maria "Murt" Callas

Maria “Murt” Callas

Just what everyone wanted to see! Another imaginary bad boy battle to be fought by Murt. He says if the bad boy can’t handle the stuff on a blog by a 62 year old… bummer. (how many years now has Murt been 62?) Unfortunately there is nothing on the blog about any bad boy — :shock: unless he means Levi Page. Levi is his current favorite bad boy! Before him was young Monoxide. Oh my! Do you suppose Levi has sent Murt another private message on Facebook and that’s what’s behind all this. OMG not a private message!! But if so – if follows the usual pattern established by Murt, doesn’t it? Get a private FB message and run to his blog to tell the world! Now, we will have to all hunker down and see if we get to see the actual private message. Oh – Murt says someone is worried. 2 of them! If someone, anyone is – I got a message for Murt – it would have nothing to do with you!! LMAO!! Holmseth is so far up your ass, you sound better than Maria Callas!!

@McGreggorsBack Reveals The @Murtwitnessone Investigation Service Travels

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When I first saw this… I didn’t know what to do – laugh, roar, fall on the floor laughing or what. So I did all of them.

First of all MLee, no I do not feel even one wit responsible for Murt telling the kinds of lies he does. I’ve been telling readers for some time that he will lie about anything, anyone and do it anywhere, anytime. I suspect you know that now.

Secondly, Murt wasn’t in Tuscson. Murt was in Orlando. He doesn’t have enough money to get out of Orlando. He often takes these imaginary trips. This was another one, such as his pics of Camp Pendelton and the Marine facility at 29 Palms were not taken by him. If anyone ever wants to call him on his pictures – simply ask for date and timestamps. He’ll never do it. Ask for a pic of him in the picture. He’ll never do it.

Thirdly, Kim never told Murt my name is Judy Sholes, nor did she did tell him I live in Tucson. He made it all up.

Whoever believed Murt was working with the FBI and HLS – as in the know and on the inside is mortally stupid.

Murt, this whopper comes close to the ones you have been caught telling before trying to inflate your importance. The FBI, NASA and all kinds of shit. I believe all those other lies were told to a group of older women and some even gave you money. Right? Yes, I think so and I hope this current crop of older women from the CayleeWarriors hangons and leftovers are not being milked by you, but if they are …. LMAO!!!

It also seems you’ve been involved and on the inside of many high level federal investigations for some time. All imaginary, but hey – older women believe this kind of crap don’t they?

Another Journalist Slaps At The Steubenville Rape Case – From Twerking To Steubenville

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By Richard Cohen

Miley Cyrus twerked . I had to look up the word since my indefatigable spell checker had no idea what I meant. I discovered from Wikipedia that twerking “involves a person, usually a woman, shaking her hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer to shake, ‘wobble’ and ‘jiggle.’”

That’s precisely what Cyrus did at the recent MTV Video Music Awards and for which she was amply and justifiably criticized. She’s a cheap act, no doubt about it, but for me her performance was an opportunity to discuss one of the summer’s most arresting pieces of journalism — a long New Yorker account of what became known as the Steubenville Rape.

Cyrus should read it.

The first thing you should know about the so-called Steubenville Rape is that this was not a rape involving intercourse. The next thing you should know is that there weren’t many young men involved, just two — and they stood trial and were convicted.

The next thing you should know is that just about everything you do know about the case from TV and the Internet was wrong. One medium fed the other, a vicious circle of rumor, innuendo and just plain lies. It made for marvelous television.

The New Yorker piece was done by Ariel Levy, a gifted writer. When I finished her story, I felt somewhat disconcerted — unhappily immersed in a teenage culture that was stupid, dirty and so incredibly and obliviously misogynistic that I felt like a visitor to a foreign country.

That country, such as it is, exists on the Internet — in emails and tweets and Facebook, which formed itself into a digital lynch mob that demanded the arrest of the innocent for a crime — gang rape — that had not been committed. It also turned the victim into a reviled public figure — her name and picture (passed out, drunk) available with a Google query.

And yet what indisputably did happen is troubling enough. A teenage girl, stone-drunk, was stripped and manhandled. She was photographed and the picture passed around. Obviously, she was sexually mistreated. And while many people knew about all of this, no one did anything about it. The girl was dehumanized.

As Levy put it, “The teens seemed largely unaware that they’d been involved in a crime.” She quoted the Jefferson County prosecutor, Jane Hanlin: “They don’t think that what they’ve seen is a rape in the classic sense. And if you were to interview a thousand teenagers before this case started and said, ‘Is it illegal to take a video of another teenager naked?,’ I would be astonished if you could find even one who said yes.”

Read more:

@MURTWITNESSONE Says @McGreggorsBack Behind Feud With @RadioNewzBlog! How Shameful!

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Maybe Murt has come to his senses. I can hope so, along with everyone who has had to watch this nonsense. Now, Murt admits it was McGreggorsBack who started the whole thing. A few bit players were in there too, of course. It isn’t like I don’t know who they are. Everyone knows and that they wanted Levi Page and Kim Picazio gone after, bashed and attacked too.

Once again, McGreggorsBack aka Meddling Mary involves herself where she had no business, along with some others. I always liked Murt fine until this started out of the blue. Guess they took care of that, didn’t they? LOL!!

I hope they all are proud of their accomplishments. LMAO!!

I have been patient with you and with all of your theories no matter how wild or how way out there that I or or others may have thought they were. I gave you a sounding board. I allowed you to come here and post whatever it is you wanted me to to let you post.
One important thing to think about, I confronted Radio SOLELY because of what you and others told me she was saying about all of you. It was You who persuaded me to investigate Radio and it’s actions.
Had I stayed away from Radio, a great deal of the problems that I have had to face and will continue to face would not be there. I tried to help a friend and for it I got kicked in the ass.

Do Tweeters Speak To Jane Doe & Family?

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Twittter is never quiet and today was no exception concerning Jane Doe. Some sharp tweets were posted on @Judicious1_ that had been directed to me early morning. :-| LOL!

Late evening some rather cryptic tweets were posted straight, not to anyone in particular, but with a very direct message from @Phantonym

From @Phantonvm

I would like to tag on here with I’ve often seen @Sadssoswaggz asked about Jane Doe, as he is close to the family, but Sads only says stuff like she’s ok, etc.. Nothing ever braggish at all. Sads is a nice guy!

Not Everything Has To Do With Jane Doe

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That’s right Michelle – not everything has to do with Jane Doe. How much did? Maybe you can tell us.

This isn’t my first rodeo and won’t be my last either.

Rena and her Facebook page doesn’t have anything to do with Jane Doe.

Scaffidi’s signage doesn’t have anything to do with Jane Doe.

Hoping the DOJ comes to Steubenville doesn’t have to do with Jane Doe.

And then there is this monstrosity! @ShadowMarshallT WTF is this? Fonz dayz? I can’t even stand to follow it. Tweeting hardcore old shit? GMAB! The peeps moved on. Less than 20 followers should tell you that.

Is Jane Hanlin going to be indicted? According to you – yes. According to common sense – no!

No one wants to fight ongoing battles with Steubenville. A few do. But to hope a large mass of tweeters and bloggers will sign on to the mission is nuts.

Steubenville is over. Get it  - over. Yes, there is still the Grand Jury… and?

As a blogger I have no intention of signing on to a blogging campaign against Steubenville’s social and/or political ills – whatever they may be. I live in Atlanta. Plenty of social/political ills to join up for here if I want.

There is a group of commenters here who have the social and political scene covered!! LOL! Just ask them! I love them – they are smart!

Oh – Charlie Keenan isn’t going to be strung up either. He wasn’t there. Remember? Jane Doe said it at trial.

You @ShadowMarshallT make me vomit in my mouth. We have cars now – trade your Conestoga in!! We also have indoor plumbing – so stop the shit.

**This is a WordPress scheduled tweet. Hope it works. :)

Nose Of @MURTWITNESSONE Stuck In Wrong Place

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You always fail. You are an idiot. A remarkable idiot. You don’t know when to stop. You don’t know when to take your cards and leave the table. You are ignorant. You are a pig. Now everyone sees that.

Explain to your friends …. you know…. Oh! And keep your nose out of Holmseth’s children’s business…they don’t want you or need you.

A Desperate @MURTWITNESSONE Now Posting Private Email Conversations

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You all thought you could trust Murt… take a look at this… he will stoop to any level he believes he needs too. This man is a pig. I won’t post the private conversation he is claiming to have had with KP. I don’t have time right now, I’m at Dragon Con with an interesting event coming up. LOL!!

I’ve never said Tim was a new found friend. I’ve known Tim for a long time. And yes, this blog bashes Tim. What I’ve said is that he was a prominent blogger and he was in the Haleigh Cummings case. I didn’t like a lot of his blogging, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a prominent blogger – he was. He was also the first as far as I know… Murt twists everything. He lies in simple terms.

The Secret Asian Fetish Of @MURTWITNESSONE

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There are a lot of things Murt’s latest friends don’t know about him. His Asian fetish is probably one of them.

You may like or dislike Michelle McKee… but ask her and she’ll tell you or sleuth it out for yourself.

There is a lot about this man you don’t know.

@MURTWITNESSONE Threatens Charges Against Prominent Blogger Timothy Holmseth

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Bahaha – this is rich.

Murt bullied and harassed Holmseth to the point he filed extortion charges against him.

Now, Murt wants to file charges against Holmseth in Florida for false accusations.

This will get hilarious if Murt files on a little known defamation law, seldom used and never enforced. Yep, that’s Murt.

Maybe Murt should learn Spanish and get a job picking fruit for the rest of us who can afford it.

Levi Page is waiting for his box of Florida Oranges right now.

Message To @MURTWITNESSONE Blogger Of Blundertown

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Murt, you have asked, through a 3rd party (Kim Picazio) for my support in defending you against the extortion charges by Timothy Holmseth.

You have asked, through a 3rd party (Kim Picazio) for Levi Page’s support defending you against the extortion charges by Timothy Holmseth.

This takes the kind of nerve only a batshit pig has. You blundered. You clean it up.

I have spoken with Levi Page. He will not support.

I will not support. This blog will not support.

End of story!

The Burr Up @MURTWITNESSONE’S Ass Concerning KP!

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Murt has a serious burr up his ass with Picazio. Kim Picazio is a successful attorney in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She represented the mother of Haleigh Cummings for 4 months and when the child custody and visitation issues were resolved, she left the case.

For having been involved in a high profile case for only 4 months – she has endured untold grief. I won’t even go into it here.

A couple of years ago Murt contacted me, asking if I would ask Kim if he could call or email her. He was having problems with some people on the internet.

I called Kim and told her this guy, Murt, wanted to talk to her about some internet problems. She said “Who is Murt”. I explained and she agreed to talk to him. So, I told him and gave him her phone number and email address. He began contacting her.

It’s my opinion the burr in Murt’s ass with Kim is that he wanted her to pro bono him and go after his internet enemies. She explained to him no attorney would be interested in such a case and it wasn’t actually a case. I have no idea if he ever point blank asked her for free representation, but probably not.

Murt was not happy when he heard the bad news about the value of his internet troubles. So, he simmered around and then attempted to get Picazio to not only tell him who Radio was but to use her influence to stop my blog. How ridiculous. Kim doesn’t own this blog. Doesn’t write on this blog. Rarely reads this blog. She is a busy attorney with a busy family.

The largest burr in Murt’s ass is that not only does he not know who I am – he can not influence this blog in any way, shape or form.

When you introduce someone to a good friend and then that someone starts trying to undermine the friendship and even have the friend interfere with your blogging style and activities — you know what this person is. A pig!!

Wooo Pig Sooie

@MURTWITNESSONE Solicits Inappropriate Information On Prominent Bloggers Children

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Murt is having to deal with an extortion charge slammed on him by Timothy Holmseth, an investigative journalist and blogger. Holmseth is located in Minnesota.

Based on Holmseth’s own statements, Murtaugh was demanding inappropriate information about Holmseth’s 2 children. Why Murtaugh is interested in these children is anyone’s guess, but it seems to be the result of a spat he got into with Levi Page. Page is often a guest on such HLN shows as Jane Velez-Mitchel and Nancy Grace. Murt has often blogged outrageous accusations at the young crime blogger and radio host claiming he is a pedophile, stalks children and is into child porn. All made up. All blown straight out of Murt’s ass. Defamation at it’s dirtiest.

Page had contacted Murt via private Facebook message. “Private” messages which Murt published on his blog. Page was attempting to get Murt to understand a situation and Murt in turn made the whole thing public. This resulted in Levi Page sending Murt a public court document for further understanding by Murt. There was no further understanding by Murt, because he immediately rushed to his blog and published the whole thing.

When Murt becomes angry with a certain group of friends and he has run out of names to call them – he runs straight to the names of Haleigh Cummings and Timothy Holmseth and starts blogging spooky spooky about this group of friends and maybe they should be investigated. He does it every time. This time his grab for attention got him burnt.

Murt can not be trusted with the simplest of things, such as private messages, emails, etc… much less court documents about children. He has proven that. He has also proven he will backstab anyone for attention. He thought publishing those documents would result in his blog getting more visitors and attention for himself. McGreggors pleaded with him not to publish. He ignored those pleas. He finally caved when Michelle McKee tweeted some sharp words to him. He has said he will redact the children’s names and republish. The man is walking bullshit.

He wants to make a story out of it. The story is old. The story is known by everyone who has followed the Cummings case. It’s a ridiculous attempt to get attention. That attention will be scarce at best. Few will be interested in Murt’s batshit opinions or new conspiracy theories.

McGreggorsBack blogged about Murt’s being interviewed by the police in Florida concerning actions he had taken which resulted in the extortion charge.

So, Murt after your confession.. you mean they actually let you go??  I so hope they have opened an investigation.. and Murt its your ass they have access to.. Not Michelle’s..  all she did this time was make you man up and do the right thing.  After all it seems like there was a 62 year old who was acting like a 12 year old..   Oh they did it first, so its not my fault..   Just plain Ass Stupid..

Full story from McGreggorsBack here as of today:

Based on Holmseth’s statements, Murt was emailing him, badgering, being pushy and bullying to extort information from him about his children. No one likes to be bullied regarding their children.

Some of Holmseth’s press release accusations below:

All of Murtaugh’s actions show he was strategically extorting Holmseth, and after sufficiently harassing, intimidating, and demanding information, began to publish the names of Holmseth’s children surrounded by false and misleading content.

Murtaugh, a retired truck driver, holds no degree in journalism but operates a blog that focuses very heavily on missing children cases, pedophilia, and rape.

In his emails to Holmseth, Murtaugh relayed statements he had obtained from Levi Page, and then let Holmseth know he (Holmseth) would be required to disprove what Page was saying about him and his children.

The full story as it stands today:

Murt’s nuts have been so rattled he has blogged he will never blog anything about Timothy Holmseth again! Scared much Murt? Think so *wink*!

Tricia Griffiths Responds To Websleuths Lawsuit

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“I understand this is just the beginning and there is more to come. Megan Hassan is her lawyer and has won some pretty high profile cases.”

Below is the PDF link you can click on to view and read.

Tricia Lawsuit Answer PDF

Here is some additional information about Tricia’s attorney.

FORT WORTH (CN) – A Tarrant County jury awarded an attorney and his wife $13.7 million from online tormentors who falsely accused them of rape, drug dealing and molestation.
The jury ruled for Mark and Rhonda Lesher in a libel complaint against 178 unknown Internet users, which was narrowed down to Shannon Coyel, Gerald Coyel, Charlie Doescher and Pat Doescher of Kennedale, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.
Meagan Hassan, the couple’s attorney, told the Star-Telegram that the judgment set a record for Internet libel.
“This was clearly a vendetta,” Hassan told the newspaper.

More at link:

Extortion reported to Polk County Sheriff – @MURTWITNESSONE Is the Target

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August 30, 2013

Extortion reported to Polk County Sheriff

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

“An organized crime apparatus based out of Florida recently attempted to blackmail Timothy Charles Holmseth, author/journalist, East Grand Forks, Minnesota.Evidence supporting a felony occurred has been turned over to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.On August 24, 2013, William Murtaugh, Orange County, Florida contacted Holmseth by email and solicited innapropriate information about his children.Evidence, exhibits, facts, and circumstances show Murtaugh was acting as an agent of a CNN commentator, Levi Page, and several others.All of Murtaugh’s actions show he was strategically extorting Holmseth, and after sufficiently harassing, intimidating, and demanding information, began to publish the names of Holmseth’s children surrounded by false and misleading content.

Evidence of extortion by a Florida group against Timothy Charles Holmseth has been turned over to the Polk County Sheriff. FA



Investigation Watch Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman

Murtaugh, a retired truck driver, holds no degree in journalism but operates a blog that focuses very heavily on missing children cases, pedophilia, and rape.

William Murtaugh contacted Timothy Charles Holmseth requesting innapropriate information about his children. FA



Investigation Watch William Murtaugh

Publications and correspondences authored by Murtaugh show he is in regular communication and contact with several individual(s) that regularly discuss Holmseth.

One name (being witheld from this article) will likely be of great interest to the law enforcement community.

In his emails to Holmseth, Murtaugh relayed statements he had obtained from Levi Page, and then let Holmseth know he (Holmseth) would be required to disprove what Page was saying about him and his children.

Murtaugh’s actions fall within a tactic commonly referred to as reverse-blackmail and extortion. It is used by organized crime to intimidate, control, and/or silence a person/witness.”


@MURTWITNESSONE Reports @MichelleLMcKee To Police – Is She Headed To The Slammer?

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Well folks – the pictures of Murt at the police station are apparently FACT!! :shock:

Yes, I am shocked. The gossip mill, and this comes from numerous sources, tell me that Murt and his supporters believe McKee crossed the line from trolling, harassing, threatening and badgering to criminal. :shock:

Granted Murt shit talks Michelle all the time, tweeting and blogging wild wild things about her. I, for one, don’t know if all that stuff is true or not. Based on the non-factual stuff Murt has blogged about me – it makes me wonder about his credibility…. and stability,

But anyway, Murt never stoops to the level on twitter that Michelle has been – so I don’t know what’s up, but I’m smart enough to know if the police believe Michelle has ventured into the criminal world – they will either warn her or arrest her. :shock:

As long as this bitter feud has been going on – Murt must have a thick folder of all the tweets he says are criminal harassment. Will the police believe they are criminal harassment? Time will tell. I support what Murt has done. The noose was offensive. Enough is enough and if Michelle doesn’t have the inner controls to stop – then eventually she will be forced by the courts to stop!

A mugshot of Michelle McKee would be priceless!! LMAO!!

And if all that mess wasn’t enough for one day on twitter – Michelle got pissed over a tweet Holly Briley sent to her and she blew up implying Holly was a Judas. A traitor. That’s damn low! I won’t even post Michelle’s tweet or the subtweets. Holly denied it as seen here in her tweets… she is the 3rd strong supporter of Prinnie to be attacked. I was 1st, Don Carpenter was 2nd. Peeps naturally wonder what’s going on, but it sure does put a chill on things. :-|

I don’t know why Holly and I were attacked, but the attack on Don Carpenter, in my opinion, is clear. He was blogging all the lies of KYAnonymous. Michelle didn’t like that one bit and it’s easy to figure out why. It hits too close to home. KY has said is several print media articles where he got his information. It doesn’t look good for Michelle and Company at all.

I don’t enjoy blogging any of this, some of it hurts, but that’s what I do – blog what’s happening on social media around our community good or bad… and this is what’s happening. Love it or hate it – that’s up to you.

I’m sad to say the majority of people believe, in the light of both Michelle and Prinnie declaring they are BFF’s forever, they are tied at the hip and whatever Michelle says goes for Prinnie too. It doesn’t matter if that is true – it’s what is believed. If people believe it – it’s true to them. The talk is all in the silent background, but that silent background is growing with anger that 2,000 people rallied in Steubenville based on gossip and emotion not fact. The gossip from Prinnie’s blog, coupled with a ridiculous disgusting Local Leaks, stoked an internet mob. Gossip is on all the blogs – including this one. It will be a sensational story for whoever goes for it. The power of the internet fascinates. I hope The New Yorker was not the rip of the iceberg.

Did Jane Doe benefit? Depends on who you ask, but I believe she did. She became the greater good that developed. Some believe she was sacrificed for the greater good. That’s possible I suppose. That’s the way things work in general. Lots to think about.

Prinnie, Michelle and KY are heroes to many. Prinnie had many positive articles and tv appearances – and one bad one from The New Yorker. She’s way ahead in that area, but vultures, lol, are circling. There are those who want the real story. Once the GJ is finished and do whatever they do, it’s possible we could see MSM articles about how an internet was fueled by lies and gossip. Tidbits of that have been in Gawker and The New Yorker. Most of us gloss over those parts. Don’t talk about it. It’s not a feel good moment. The media can be kind or they can be cruel. If the GJ indictes someone or several someones considered “big” … media will explode with that… for awhile.

The Steubenville defenders or the SteubenTards simply want to be heard. They believe their town was attacked by what became a personal vendetta. They believe that and belief is a powerful thing. They do have some facts in media print to back up what they believe – that lies fueled the relentless social media attacks. We may get tired of the twitter wars, but these people have no intention of stopping. They know a rape occurred and the girl was further humiliated on social media. They know this, but they fight against the lies and exaggerations about that event. They deserve to be heard just as anyone does. Love them or hate them – it doesn’t matter.

This is a direct quote from someone who once was a strong supporter of KY, Prinnie and Michelle. The tide is turning….  The twitter behavior has become repulsive to many. They remain silent – but for how long?

“They’re both full of shit. They fried ky at the stake. The using of others trickles down leaving only one left as queen of the shit hill.”

What next peeps? What next? :-|


Holly handled this situation with class and dignity! And honesty!  ^5 Holly!!

Proof Of Habitual 24/7 Tweeting Wars And Weight Gain

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This guy needs more execise! Look at the tits, gut and lard ass on him would ya! Just look at the jowls on this old boar hog! Wooo Pig Sooie

Twitter Scramblins

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Last known location of @MURTWITNESSONE

Is it heels up for McKee?

New Reward Posted on @Judicious1_ For Crimes Committed

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@I_am_Phoenixa Offers A Twitter Solution For Steubenville Rape Case

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However, hardy tweeters, LOL, there is a new front to be opened upon the citizens of Steubenville soon.

Among other issues, Prinnie (and Michelle) are livid over a local, Rena Koski White, who posted a picture of a passed out drunk or crack whore, not real sure which on her Facebook page and then her and other locals howled with laughter about it. To grind it in a bit deeper, Prinnie reveals this Rena Koski White is the niece of Coach Reno. So, all you social justice junkies get ready! LOL!