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Sad Announcement On Facebook Page Brianne Chantal Created | The RadioNewz Blog

Sad Announcement On Facebook Page Brianne Chantal Created

December 19, 2013 |  by  |  Smack, Spoof

I sadly assume Brianne has departed…
Such a tragedy. So young. So talented. So beautiful. So successful.  RIP!

****LAST MINUTE UPDATE – I’ve been informed it may be someone else who off’d themselves on a Facebook page, but I’m still going with Brianne, as we can all hope!



  1. I can assure you many people smiled at the news. You little jokester.

  2. It’s her pity me holly’s big and bad oh no ploy. Stupid nut.

  3. You can’t attack and stalk another woman for over two years and then pretend to die in order to get some pity when no one likes you because you are thoroughly unlikeable. Which she is. Something most of us have mastered by the second grade, giving you an idea about the mental capacity of Briannneayewayyad Chanbelloootacobutt aka Candace Patterson of Burnaby BC Can. She also spent years stalking Kelly Clarkson the singer, notice it’s always women she stalks, I mean this Candace person is really broken.

  4. WUT?! “Someone” PASSED AWAY after being tormented online by a cyber-bully?” Oh, next it will be that they took their own life. *rolls eyes*

    Seriously Brianne? You must be really desperate for attention. That story is too out there. Bad strategy on your part. Just stupid.

  5. Why doesn’t everyone settle down and take a lesson from yesterdays well publicized (Herald Star story today) meeting of Congressman Johnson and all other law enforcement, business and community representatives dealing with Steubenville Crime.

    If you recall, the last well publicized meeting with the Ohio Attorney General also present said that the Steubenville Safe Streets initiative was going to cure all the crime, drug, shooting, assault, etc. problems in Steubenville. The plan was to call those potential criminals and those on probation and parole in and say” “We are watching you.”

    Unfortunately, since then there have been more murders, felonious assaults, gun violence, street crime, drug dealings etc.

    So yesterday, a new approach has been made. As the U.S. Representative said with apparently all in agreement, the new “buzzword” is not “we’re watching you” but “communication.”

    I guess now the approach is to approach all the criminals, murderers, gun shooters, street criminals, drug dealers etc. and simply talk (communicate) with them. “Hello Mr. Chicago Gangbanger, it is very nice to personally meet you. Could you take your guns, drugs and murderous intent out of the area–why thank you–it was nice talking to you.”

    Our city and county are safer already. “Hello Mrs. Prosecutor. Would you mind stop making plea deals that let the drug dealers back on the streets. That dismiss murder charges. That throw cases out in the middle of trial if you don’t like what a witness says.” “Oh thank you, and have a Merry Christmas.”

    Now let’s use that successful approach on this blog site. “Hello, insensitive, slandering, pieces of shit. Can we talk?”

    • I just cant with this.

    • I see you are as pissed off as am I re: the non approach to dealing with the horrid crime, thanks to all the drug dealers and their fine customers. And a special thanks to the prosecutorial persons, with all their phony accolades, for not prosecuting the thugs in this town. One trial with the home invaders not enough mam, not enough at all. Do your damn job or exit the position for a tough prosecutor willing to take them out in numbers. Until then, none of us are safe here, that includes you and all the city officials who live and have to do business here. IT’S NOT SAFE.

      • We need former Prosecutor Stern to come back to put our community on the right track again. He was the most interesting public official to ever come out of Jefferson County. Here is why:

        1. He lives vicariously through himself.

        2. He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.

        3. When it is raining, it is because he is thinking of something sad.

        4. His shirts never wrinkle.

        5. If he were to mail a letter without postage, it would still get there.

        6. The police often question him just because they find him interesting.

        7. His blood smells like cologne.

        8. On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him.

        9. Cuba imports cigars from him. Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect. In museums, he is allowed to touch the art.

        10. His business card simply says: “I’ll call you.”

        11. He has won the lifetime achievement award twice.

        12. If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.

        13. He is fluent in all languages, including three he only speaks.

        14. He tips an astonishing 100%.

        15. Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut.

        16. Panhandlers give him money.

        17. His passport requires no photograph.

        • I didn’t know the man, obviously you did, he does sound quite fascinating. How in the world did we, lowly Steubenvillians ever come to enjoy such a treasure?
          Would still take Mr. Most Interesting over the killer Bs and those they employ.

          • If he came back to this area though, he would have to switch from his Canadian Club and Canada Dry to the local favorite, Red Bull mixed with Mountain Dew. That way he could be as mentally spaced out and as hyper as the rest of the elected officials in the county.

  6. How is this about steubenville? It’s not.

    • It’s about our Steubenville, not your Steubenville and your buddies. We are not all “connected” like you. Go drink your twelve pack, watch replays of the Big Red v. Cardinal money football game and wait 10 more days to cash your welfare check. By the way, the other team was called Cardinal Mooney not Carnal Knowledge. Just hit fast forward to the half-time show and the cheerleaders so you can get your perversions satisfied like others of your mind and the football rape crew.

    • What Steubenville are you from? Are you one of the nitwits that knows only football and nothing else going on here?
      We have elected and appointed politicians that not all here are thrilled with. It is a Steubenville issue. We know you only worry about your Chinese manis and pedis, HS sports, and who you can cheat on your spouse or your boyfriend with, but just maybe you could find 15 minutes out of your very important life to find out what a real mess this city is. Or just take a drive down Market St. or up Sunset. Take a look at the crud who comprise about 75% of the city and ask yourself why??
      Good grief, get your head out of your a** and talk about something real instead of your phony victimhood at the hands of masked marauders. We are sick of it already.

    • You told us you were leaving this blog, you are too misunderstood here. So why do you keep showing up?
      Just go back to your twitter friends, they are waiting for you at Scaffidis right now, go please. We can manage w/o your brilliant questions and comments.

    • Anonymous, are you under the delusion that this blog is only about Steubenville? WRONG! Radionewz.net has been around a lot longer than your “current” drama. The world doesn’t revolve around your town or any other.

      There is a world outside of Steubenville. You aught to check out where the road leads away from downtown, or the Big Red stadium.

      PS. The earth is round.

  7. That’s right. You promised you were leaving this blog, never to return. You must be an elected official or an appointed (or anointed) one since you certainly know how to renege on your promises. One day you’re hear making a nuisance of yourself, and the next day you’re hear again making an ass of yourself.

    I guess tomorrow you’ll blog about how great the prosecutor’s office is because there were some heroin indictments with a bit news release. Now Jane doesn’t have enough PR but is starting to give new releases and 30 second sound bites. Isn’t that what other prosecutors were criticized about by your kind in the past.

    Now we get to see more plea bargains. At the commissioner’s meeting yesterday they complained that they had to pay more money for court appointed attorneys than any other time in history. So Jane talks, the drug dealers walk and the court appointed attorneys get humongous pay-it all boils down to a crock.

    Everyone gets rich in your little paradise called Steubenville.

    • Soundbites? We had soundbite Ted in the Governor’s mansion for 4 years, worthless pos imo. Does the soundbite prosecutor have her eye on a higher office?

  8. Well, it didn’t take long for Prosecutor Jane to tweet her self praise to everyone about 8 local indictments on drugs. (@ Jane Hanlin Twitter). Of course, then her love fest with WTOV got to play out also.

    When she plea bargains the cases down, let’s see if she tweets her reasons. Or maybe she’ll just waste the taxpayers money by dismissing the charges in the middle of trial when a witness doesn’t say something she doesn’t like. No matter, the court appointed lawyer will get paid by the taxpayers. Why doesn’t Judge B make them get their own lawyer. The live here. Are able to sustain themselves with lots of money. So why do we have to pay their lawyers. If you read what was confiscated during the arrests, there appears to be thousands upon thousands of dollars. Use that money for their lawyers.

    It appears that the indictments were the result of supposedly a two year investigation. Two years??? That means that for the 730 days the drug dealer was selling drugs, he was only charged with one day’s worth of sales while he had a free ride to sell for 729 days. Why is that such a fantastic job of law enforcement? All it is, in the long run, is ignoring on-going drug trafficking, polluting our children and our community with drugs and the off-shoot of other crimes for the users to buy the drugs, just for a one day publicity splash. I suppose we’ll see an editorial now from Jane’s PR advisors, the Herald Star. But no editorials about how terrible the rape and rape mentality is involving the same public officials.

    Jane has become the typical political publicity hound. As if no other prosecutor before her ever went after the drug dealers. As a matter of fact, except for Straus, her predecessors did a much better job than her, even without the Mountain State Lumberjacks and certificates of achievement.

    How about a wake up call. She hasn’t invented sliced bread. She’s closer to inventing penicillin because the bread she bakes is rather moldy.

    • Maybe they were waiting for the large haul in cash before they busted the guy. More money to go towards their *cough* efforts.

    • Let me admit this upfront… I’ve always wanted to own a newspaper. Now may be the time?

      There seems to be a pent up desire for more coverage on the violent crime task force efforts. There is a locally renowned softball pitcher that would make an excellent interviewer.

      Folks in the valley complain they have to get their news from twitter and Facebook about all the success stories resulting from watching criminals. State grant monies may be available if we allow state officials some press coverage about turning over stones. This would certainly help the valley heal.

      We could document each time someone is watched. We could attend chamber meetings and give a full report on all the speeches about the success stories.

      Folks are hungry for good news. Each athlete at Big Red would be given free reign to submit articles about their prowess, accomplishments, and conquests. We could reward them with some kind of benefits, not unlike those little stickers on football players helmets.

      One section of the paper could be like a dating thing. Coverage of the most eligible bachelors would be given high priority.

      Since this is still in the exploratory stage, comments and suggestions are welcome. A name the paper contest will be beginning soon.

      What say ye?

      • The name of the newspaper should reflect something significant about the area whether it be a person, place or thing.

        You could honor the former coal industry here and call the newspaper: The Mine Shaft

        Or, you could honor the boys on the SHS football team and call the newspaper: My Shaft or The Fickle Finger

        You could honor the football coach and call the newspaper: Renal Failure

        You could always honor prosecutor Jane and name the paper: The Plea Bargain or Hair-old-Times of Aberration

        Or you could name it after her son and call the paper: The Oedipus Complex

        You could always honor Jane’s law partner and boss while at the same time acknowledging religious significance by calling the newspaper: St. Frank’s A Sissy.

        There are so many names that would reflect the people and the area. Maybe just name it either The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits or The Walking Dead Times.

        • Those are all excellent names, thanks for your input. I especially like the idea of honoring prominent people of the area. The folks around the ville are full of honor.

          Early production and printing will need to occur on my tablet. I was supposed to get a much bigger and faster one that was no longer in use from the school system, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I probably shouldn’t have paid in advance, but it was too good a deal to pass up.

          We will be accepting applications for part time workers soon, we’ll keep you posted.

  9. It’s a shame that this post will probably get lost among everything else but there is no present topic available where it can be placed. In my opinion, it deserves to be headlined with it’s own separate heading called: THE BIG SCAM. (maybe Radio can think about it as there should be many comments following its publication.)

    Normally, I write about or give a history lesson that deals with the appearance of corruption amongst the political, elected and appointed elite or those that envision themselves as such in Steubenville and Jefferson County. Sometimes, the history goes back several years or decades.

    But with the Big-Spectacular-Sensational Dog and Pony Show given by Prosecutor Jane Hanlin and her cohorts on Friday about the indictments of heroin traffickers in the Seubenville Area, all that is needed to expose the scam being perpetrated on the reading public is going “back in history” several months to a year ago.

    This information is being exposed today so that when the predicted Herald Star Newspaper praise of Jane and law enforcement appears in tomorrow’s newspaper editorial (Sunday, December 22, 2013) those that read this blog site will be fully apprised of how far the scam on them has gone.

    Keep in mind also, that Jane’s “excellent adventures” were verbalized by her as the guest speaker at Steubenville Rotary yesterday with another great Herald Star publicity stunt story.

    Listed in the great news announcement yesterday, Friday, December 20,2013 were the names of those dangerous hombres, the heroin drug dealers, which took 2 years to investigate and apprehend. But all one had to do and what the Herald Star newspaper could have done to expose the truth was to simply type in the names of those indicted to see that they could have been stopped in their tracks numerous times in the court system prior to those “secret indictments”. Most of them could have been put away right from the beginning had Jane’s Husband, the Steubenville Police Narcotics Chief done his job.

    What happened, however, the criminals got to roam the streets of Steubenville, commit mayhem, threaten our safety, until the time was right to arrest them for a big news splash.

    Here is the information right under the noses of law enforcement, prosecutors and the Herald Star newspaper that has not been reported. I only bothered to review four of the locally indicted “dangerous heroin dealers.”

    Kinlawed Hendrix: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago, he was tried in Jefferson County Common Pleas Court on around May 13, 2013. Mr. Hendrix faced prosecutor Jane’s top assistant prosecutor and potential Harvard Law School Professor Frank Bruzzese on the crime of felonious assault. The jury found Hendrix not guilty of felonious assault (there goes the 100 % conviction rate.) He was found guilty of the minor crimes of stalking and tampering with evidence. The sentence was supposed to be 30 months in prison. So how come he was able to be indicted 7 months when he was supposed to be in jail under 30 month prison sentence?

    Robert L. Simmons: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago, he was convicted in Steubenville Municipal Court on or about May 2, 2013 for drug abuse. This dangerous drug dealer was fined $250 and permitted to be on his way to continue with his profession of drug dealing.

    Then on or about July 15, 2013, in Steubenville Municipal Court, Mr. Simmons was charged with felony drug trafficking. That case was amended to misdemeanor drug abuse. He was supposedly sentenced to 90 days in jail.

    Then, on or about September 8, 2013 in Steubenville Municipal Court, while he was supposed to be serving his 90 day sentence in jail, Mr. Simmons, who had been charged with Felonious Assault, had his case reduced to misdemeanor assault and was supposedly sentenced to 75 days in jail. So how has he been indicted two days ago for activities in which he should have been in jail for 90 days and an additional 75 days?

    Jessie O’Birden: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago for drug trafficking in heroin, he appeared on or about March 31, 2013 in Steubenville Municipal Court on a charge of driving with a suspended license. He could have received at least 90 days in jail, thus preventing him to continue with his drug trafficking business. Instead he got a $300 fine and a $100 fine for improper backing. But he doesn’t work, will probably get a court appointed attorney, but can come up with money to pay fines.

    Berryon F. More: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago for drug trafficking in heroin, on or about December 26, 2012, in Steubenville Municipal Court he had his reckless operation of a motor vehicle charge dismissed. (Shucks, it was the day after Christmas–everyone deserves a Christmas present.)

    Then on or about August 6, 2013, Berryon F. More had his OMVI charge, which could have put him in jail for months, reduced and he was sent to the “driver intervention program”. He paid a $375 fine and another $100 fine for speeding. He too will probably be unable to hire an attorney so the taxpayers will foot the bill. He can come up with his money to pay fines though.

    So, the above is just four simple examples of how allegedly “dangerous heroin dealers” of Steubenville were permitted to continue with their trade in spite of the fact that they could have and should have been off the streets a long time ago. I thought Jane said that because of the great cooperation amongst law enforcement, everyone was on the same page and could work together to get these people put away. It’s a start she has said. The fact is, the whole task force, news conference, mutual admiration society, federal certification thing is just a publicity scam.

    It should have worked because the local newspaper would never check the names of those indicted with the names of criminals that have already appeared earlier in their newspapers.

    This short history lesson is probably worthless to anyone on the outside because only those on this blog, if they see it, will get to read about it.

    In the final analysis, you just can’t believe anything Jane and her buddies in law enforcement say or do. Their only concern is not to get criminals off the streets, but to have a big public relations, media event to keep Jane’s name in the forefront until she runs or is anointed to her next political position. Do I hear an amen? Do I hear a here come da judge?

    • Clueless in Steubenville

      Wow! That’s just aggravating, HS. Indictments for serious crimes dropped to misdemeanors and non-existent jail time? I found it funny in the Rotary article it was stated that heroin is now a large problem in this area. Just a few points regarding that. Several years ago it was mentioned in a newscast that Rte. 22 was known as heroin alley…oh, wait, that journalist isn’t working in this area any more. Ummm, then there was the other journalist that mapped all the shootings in the area…right he isn’t working here anymore either. If pointing out the obvious is a death knell on your career, why speak up?

      Someone’s clueless, and I don’t think it’s the majority of the residents. The esteemed Rotary speaker talked about the Chicago boys but made no mention of the Cadillac Boys. Why is that?

      • Caution-Do Not Over Inflate

        Jane seems to be forgetting to read the instructions on the tires she has on her Cadillac or the Circus Balloons she carries around with her from public relations stop to public relations stop.

        It says “Caution-Do Not Over Inflate”. That means Jane, that your over inflation is going to eventually burst in your face. If the “team” is around you (Frank will probably be up your behind) they should go down with you.

      • Here is more verification that the entire Jane Hanlin getting tough on heroin dog and pony show is nothing but a publicity scam.

        On October 24, 2012, the Herald Star Newspaper ran the following news story: Seven men arrested in a drug bust. That story was over a year before the most recent arrests. (You can pull up the story itself. The Herald Star does not know how to research it’s own past stories even if the same reporter wrote both stories.)


        “Area law enforcement officials said the arrest of seven men in in a State Street house and the seizure of 50 grams of heroin put a SIGNIFICANT DENT IN THE SUPPLY OF HEROIN TO LOCAL USERS.”

        “We are going to send a message to people looking for drugs to stop coming to Steubenville because we are going to target the suppliers and the buyers,” stated Hanlin. (Another “message” statement that is being used over and over again. Former Prosecutor Stern and Drug Enforcement Expert John Myers earlier this year wrote to Steubenville offering their free assistance based upon the success of their Stern Message program of the 1990’s. Their offers were outright rejected by Steubenville Council saying they didn’t need any help–and yet, Hanlin and the group keep saying they want to send a Stern Message.)

        “We are going to continue to send strong message to these dealers” said (Jefferson County Sheriff) Abdalla. [Wouldn’t it have been better than using fake butter to use the real thing–like a cheap message as opposed to a Stern Message).

        “Arrested were:”

        “Jessie o-Neil Birden–one count of possession of heroin.”

        “Kinlawyed Hendrix, one count of possession of heroin”

        Yep, same guys just secretly indicted. What was their STRONG MESSAGE back then a year ago. They went to Steubenville Municipal Court, got plea bargains and a small fine and sent on their way to continue in the heroin business. Now a year later we get another heroin strong message by the Hanlin crew. Why not do it right the first time. Who knows what crime, mayhem and drug pollution of the valley they were permitted to commit during the year they were allowed to roam free until this new and improved “strong message.”

        More plea bargains on the horizon. Another dog and pony show PR campaign coming in a little bit because that is the scam that is being perpetrated against the citizens just so Jane can move up in political ranks. If they were giving out federal certificates for scams and shams, Jane would get a Presidential Certificate this time. (Of course a big newspaper spread would follow with Frankie posting letters to the editor and all over his facebook.)

        If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

    • Harvard Business Professor

      It’s the same in every city and area. The lawyers and the judges are feeding off the taxpayers expense. It is big business that affords them the $100 a bottle of wine, $100 a plate dinners, the all inclusive suites at the most luxurious accommodations in the world.

      It’s known as churning the accounts. The druggies and thugs are their best customers. The more often they appear in court, the more often the lawyers feed. No business in the land would want to guarantee their best customers could never return.

      Judges and lawyers know to keep freeing the thugs to get high paying repeat business. That is why criminals always have a rap sheet a mile long. Once upon a time committing a felony with a gun meant long term lock up. Not today. Even bank robbers are getting light sentences.

      • Years Ago In Jefferson County

        A long time ago, there was a pretty much incompetent(in my opinion) Common Pleas Judge. He was there in the 1970s and early 80s. But, in his incompetence he had the right solution to the repeat criminals that keep getting 4th and 5th chances to commit crimes here. That judge would permit criminals to “plea bargain” and get probation only on the condition that they leave Jefferson County and never come back.

        It was illegal, but that condition was never put on the “record”. The defendant liked the idea, his attorney liked the idea and you never heard or saw the criminal again.

        We need creative judges and prosecutors again. Instead, the present ones love to recycle the same criminals over and over again to make it appear that they are getting tough on crime. They can’t afford for those criminals to leave the area because without them, they couldn’t try to convince the public how bad crime is and how they are sending their strong messages to them.

        A scam by any other name would smell as rotten.

        • Harvard Business Professor

          I think the Chicago judges operate the same program now, and recommend a nice little town on Ohio.

        • Who was the Judge?

        • Not only did the judiciary “encourage” criminals leave the cnty and never return, so did LE. Was it legal what they were doing, hell no, but it was a hell of a lot safer around here when those in charge used questionable methods to get rid of the creeps. At this point we don’t care if they ship off all the Chicago boys and the local punks who emulate them off to Siberia or a North Korean labor camp. We want them gone. Any which way they can get rid of them.
          Yes it may be the slippery slope to tyranny, but at this point we would just enjoy feeling safe going to the grocery store. The crud needs to go, that is the only message we want from our LE and judges. Lock em up, ship em out, whatever. Get them out of here. And send their baby mammas with em.

          • Social Worker With A Degree

            It seems as every generation pushes the envelope of propriety further and further. If the Big Red Rape Crew 2012 were total slime balls, imagine what the Rape Crew of 2020-2025 will be like when the (father unknown) children of the baby mamas are on the athletic teams.

            Let’s all work 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs so we can support these low lifes and their children. Since Detroit filed bankruptcy, we need to not only guarantee the federal pensions of all the city’s gov’t workers, we need to also care for the thugs that move to the nice, quiet, soft on crime ville.

    • Thank you! I knew those names seemed familiar to me but I couldn’t figure out why. This is just a shame, if these people were being investigated why would the prosecutors allow them to plea bargain? Why wouldn’t they be sent away for as long as they could right then and there being this investigation was going on for the past 2 years so the prosecutors had to have known these people were violent heroin dealers wreaking havoc in Steubenville and Jefferson County as a whole. I just want to move, I really do, this is ridiculous.

  10. Thank you HS. These comments deserve to be in a real newspaper, or at least under a Steubenville related heading on this blog (who is brianne chantel anyway and why would I care?)
    Again, thank you for the detailed info on the thugs and the fine job LE and JH are doing. We appreciate getting the truth, because we know there is always a behind the scenes story on everything in the local paper. We can never expect to get the truth from anyone in power around here.
    Sad you have no where else to get the news to us. I do forward your comments to those who are interested, and there are many here who do know the HS is sham paper and that they just do PR for the cabal. So please know there are many out here who do appreciate your comments as well as the other good commenters on this sight. This is the only place we can get any info and we are grateful to Radio for letting you and others help in this regard. We really do need a website to expose the truth about the mess we have in this county, but for now Radio is our only outlet.
    Thanks so much Mr. Harold. We have grown fond of you, our mystery intellectual informant. Please stay well, and keep the dirt coming. W/O you and select others, we are lost and thirsting for the truth.
    Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

    The Truth is Out There

  11. Steubenville's Heroin Problem over a Decade in the Making

    The Steubenville Heroin Problem has been in the making for over 13 years. Steubenville Police knew about it, the Jane gang and her B boy group knew about it, but let it grow and grow. It all started when our former prosecutor of 20 years and his non-nonsense drug prosecution ended and a new prosecutor followed by even more inept prosecutors (Straus and Hanlin with the aid of the B cartel) took over.

    A minimum of two national newspaper articles pointed out the problems in Steubenville beginning in the year 2000.

    * Washington (AP) June 16, 2000: Arrests spark fears of new heroin threat to mid-size U.S. cities–Coast-to-coast Mexican heroin trafficking ring smashed.

    “A 13 month investigation into an international drug smuggling operation led to the arrests of more than 200 people and sparked fears that an inexpensive, but unusually potent form of heroin is entering mid-size U.S. cities nationwide. (Deputy to the chief of special operations for the DEA Rod) Benson said the gang sold heroin in San Diego, Los Angeles and Bakersfield Calif; Portland, Ore.; Honolulu; Anchorage, Alaska; Las Vegas and Reno, Nev.; Phoenix and Yuma, Ariz.; Albuquerque, N.M.; Sale lake City; Denver; Cleveland, Columbus and STEUBENVILLE, OHIO; Nashville, Tenn.; Atlanta; Chicago; Detroit, Pittsburgh; and Corpus Christi, Texas.”

    * Juneau Empire.com-posted Thursday, June 15,2000, by Michael J. Siffen, The Associated Press.

    Washington (AP) “Federal agents made dozens of arrests Thursday as they broke up a multi-million dollar Mexican heroin ring alleged to have smuggled unusually pure and cheap black tar heroin into new markets from one U.S. coast to the other.”

    “The purity rise by the Mexicans over the last few years is their way of competing with high purity heroin the Columbians bring in. But the Mexicans also have brought the price down to compete with Columbians in areas east of the Mississippi River that they were not in before, including Cleveland, Columbus and STEUBENVILLE, OHIO.”

    Isn’t it interesting that over a decade ago a Juneau, Alaska newspaper reported about the heroin problem in Steubenville yet the local newspaper, law enforcement and prosecutors were clueless. The heroin problem in Steubenville has been over 10 years in the making while the local political establishment was more interested in cementing their control over everything than making the area a safe place to live.

    At the rate our prosecutor and her federally certificate buddies get around to it, the whole area will be speaking Spanish and Steubenville will look like Tijuana (although it already does.)

    • The heroin and Chicago gangs rooted down during Harold’s…I mean Steve Stern’s time as prosecutor

      • No one cares who Harold is accept for the cabal. Maybe you should focus more attention on mastering your craft and a little less attention on trying to unmask the authors of non-defamatory commentary. You people really know how to show your asses.

      • So They Are All to Blame

        Fine, Stern left office, if the news articles are true, right when the heroin problem started to take root. (Assuming it would take a two year investigation, like the most recent one) something should have been done during the next prosecutor’s tenure which ended two years later, then after that, it would have been the Bruzzese cabal’s responsibility. So the cabal let the heroin problem ferment and grow for almost ten years.

        So let’s get new blood all together in that office. Stern, Felmet, Straus and Hanlin did not do their jobs. Stern’s gone; Felmet’s gone; Straus is gone and now Hanlin needs to go.

        You will get no argument from me. I won’t defend any of them. Good riddance to them all. I think we are both on the same page. I am not, and I do not defend any of them. If you were honest and true, you would not defend any of them either, unless you are on the payroll and must.

        Stern must really haunt you and your kind though since any time someone posts who has some knowledge of “the way we were” you attribute it to him.

        So to feed on your paranoia, I will sign off with:

        Stay paranoid my friend. The Bartender; anonymous, lsd, iud, Harold, asap, R.O., lenny, rhinamen, observer; 9; 5; 10/4; just an observer; a shrew; Frank, Jane, Jeff, Jane Doe, A.G. DeWine and every other name that causes you such fear.

        • I love it! It is clear that the cabal and its supporters read this blog. It puts them in a terrible quandary. They don’t like what is being posted about them. They can’t refute the truth. They can’t punish their detractors even if they try to guess who they are.

          Here’s looking at you Harold–where ever or whoever you are!!

      • If Harold is he, then he is who we want and need!

        • They, the cabal, are like vampires. The truth is our cross to shine in their faces. Keep it Up and they will be destroyed. Or simply, let the sun shine in and they will turn to dust.

      • It’s not in the stars.

        • Oh they will turn to dust eventually, could be 10 yrs. from now or maybe tomorrow…..none of us really know what is going to happen. Everybody forgets that they have no control over certain things. If “you know who” decides their number’s up tomorrow, it’s up. Even the fabulous B Bros have no control over these things. The big G can take them or you and me out whenever.
          That knowledge should keep everyone on their toes. But, alas, even the knowledge that everything can be taken from you in a hot minute isn’t enough for the privileged and powerful of this world. But, they, as have all the powerful of the past will meet their demise or joyous reentry, depending on how they have chosen to live their lives.
          See you all on the dark side of the moon

  12. Wall Street (AP) Darden Industries, owner of Olive Garden, Lone Star Steak House, Bahamas Breeze and Red Lobster eateries has announced that it intends to sell off it’s Red Lobster franchise. A group of wealthy investors from Steubenville, Ohio have expressed interest in the chain. The investors include wealthy business men associated with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce as well as a group of wealthy political office holders. The son of one of the wealthy politicians, Jeff, said that the franchise would go well in the Steubenville area. They intend to change the name of the eatery from Red Lobster to Red Herring. Jeff said that the locals should eat up the fare hook, line and sinker. Jeff said that the Steubenville investors expect to promote more Red Herrings in the Ohio Valley Area. Jeff said that they expect what they feed the public to be out of this world. He said many will think they are eating out of Uranus.

  13. Entertainment Weekly: A & E Network has announced that because of the controversy involving Duck Dynasty, it will be replaced in 2014 by a new reality show called the Bruzzese Dynasty. The show will feature a family of real people who have taken control of the local political scene. It will be a cross between Cops and Married to the Mob. It will take place in a town and county in rural Appalachia whose citizens are gullible, out-of-work, on welfare and eat spaghetti and lasagna dinner with the family every Sunday at papa and mamma’s house. The show has obtained sponsorship from the makers of Preparation H, Vagisil and Adult Sized Depends.

    • Frank’s Red Hot isn’t a sponsor?

      • There were a lot of Frank sponsors but they dropped out because of the Sea World boycott. No one wants to sponsor someone that now sounds fishy.

        We do have 3 Frank Sponsors though:

        Frank n Berries Cereal
        Heinz Frank & Beans

        and for Christmas the spice Frankmakesnosense

  14. As I was trying to sign up for my mandatory health insurance for myself and my family, and once I saw the cost for decent coverage, I was wondering how others in the valley can afford it. I now have to try to figure out what my family will have to do without in order to pay for the premiums.

    I thought, I hope our local public officials are happy with Democrat initiated Obama Care when they have to pay their premiums. Then it hit me–these democrat public officials do not have to pay one cent for “top of the line” health care for themselves and their families since the public pays it for them.
    Jane Hanlin; Frank Bruzzese; Jeff Bruzzese; Joseph Bruzzese; Ruth Ann Bruzzese; Lisa Bruzzese. The county’s free health care coverage for them alone costs the taxpayers approximately $100,000 per year. And that’s just a free fringe benefit for them.

    How can I get appointed to a janitor position at the prosecutor’s office, the school system or the court house. I would quit my unemployment now just for the insurance coverage. My current job is an out of work rocket scientist who used to work for NASA until Obama shut down the program.
    Maybe I’ll get a law degree and get to be a court appointed lawyer for the drug dealers in Jefferson County. That seems to be a thriving business with good steady pay. I’m talking about both the lawyers and the drug dealers.

  15. Radio-Come Back and Save Us

    Calling Radio! You deserve a life outside of this blog, but when you are gone and not monitoring us, there is no where to post except under topics that don’t pertain to the subject of the post. Post a picture of the horse spewing fire out of it’s behind again so that our comments about the sad state of affairs in Steubenville can pertain to the issue at hand. Or at least, re-post Harold Star’s topic on the scam of the big heroin arrest announcements so that we can comment over Christmas. All we want for Christmas if for you to clean up our mess and give order to the orderless. And when talking about Steubenville odor to the odormess. We’ve been smelling rats there and want to comment before they jump ship.

  16. Festivus For The Rest Of Us

    Happy Festivus, Radio and all my dear friends here!!

    In honor of this day, I’ll forgo my list of grievances, as there is just not enough bandwidth. As for my feat of strength, I’ll be lifting a glass of my favorite adult beverage to try and quench my thirst–it can be classified as a minor miracle.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  17. Herald Star Year in Review

    Each year the Herald Star gives their year in review by what happened each month. This has not appeared yet and may not appear this year since each month it was the same old same old.

    If the Herald Star does not give their year in review, as a courtesy below are the highlights they would have printed.

    January 2013–Rape Crew Trial is coming–Jane did everything she could a long time ago. Shootings and crime gets worse.

    February 2013–Rape Crew Trial is coming–Frank says Jane did everything she could a long time ago. Shootings and crime gets more worse.

    March 2013–Rape Crew Trial any day now–Jane says she can’t speak because of ethics Shootings and crime is at its worst.

    April 2013–Rape Crew Defendants convicted–Jane gives soft-ball interviews and says she did everything she could a long time ago. Attorney General calls for special grand jury. Shootings and crime gets more worst.

    May 2013–Jane says she did everything she could. Shootings and crime combines with murder.

    June 2013–Jane says she did everything she could. Murders and felonious assaults walk free.

    July 2013–Jane says she did everything she could.

    August 2013–Jane says rape victims didn’t want to prosecute so she did everything she could.

    September 2013–Jane loses cases and her 100% conviction rate. She says she did everything she could.

    October 2013–Crime gets even worse than before. Jane says she did everything she could.

    November 2013–Jane gets special federal certificate–crime gets worse and worse.

    December 2013–Rotary honors Jane as woman of the year for re-arresting previously convicted drug dealers who got simple probation or fines for drug dealing while supposedly serving time in jail. This time, however, the arrests of the same people becomes one of the largest dog and pony shows ever held in the county. Jane says she did everything she could.

    • Well when you put it like that, it seems kinda depressing for those of us in Steubenville right in the middle of all this violent nonsense. Now, I must say though that there are nice parts of Steubenville that are still safe to be out in at night but not everyone can afford to live in those neighborhoods. From my understanding most of the violent crimes are directed toward rival drug gangs however it isn’t that uncommon for an innocent bystander to get caught in the cross-hairs. That is where my fear lies coupled with the fear of our home being broken into. Drug addicts are becoming more and more brazen. This problem is not unique to Steubenville and I don’t want it to seem like I’m blaming the city because I’m not. Unfortunately every community in America has a drug problem. Steubenville leaders are stepping up to the plate and doing what they can, let’s just hope it’s enough to at least put a dent in violent crime. It’s time we take back our streets and the only way we can do that is by reporting criminal, drug, and/or suspicious activity to the police.

      • The criminals are going thru a revolving door. Their activity is reported to the police. The police charge them. They show up in court. They get their charges reduced and pay a fine. They go out and do it again even when they are sentenced to jail (which they don’t serve). Just stay tuned for last weeks bunch of drug dealers to get their plea bargains.

        After all, some of them are still young, went to Big Red and their acts are simply aberrations.

        Now, to whom do we report the “suspicious activity” of the police, prosecutors and judges. Not the feds because they are part of circus. Not our Congressman or A.G. because they will invent a solution called safe politicians. The solution is similar to their safe neighborhoods program to get rid of crime. You simply go up to a policeman, judge or prosecutor and say “we’re watching you.” Or, if that doesn’t work the buzz word is communication. You can then say: “He scumbag–can you hear me now?”

        • Re: “….they are sentenced to jail (which they don’t serve).”

          Wonder what the line is at the local spot bar: “Will the kid be let out of juvie detention again this year so he can go to the Rose Bowl on vacation like he did last year?”

          We take care of our own, don’t we?

  18. Prinniefied suspended! Why?

  19. Federal Prosecution for Rape Victims

    The national media is reporting a story about a young girl from Henderson High School in Tomball, Texas who reported being raped from a male student at her high school. The school board, instead of doing anything, kicked her out of school for public lewdness. The federal government finally got involved through the 1972 Title IX Federal Law dealing with sexual discrimination. The U.S. Department of Education is also involved in its enforcement.

    So here is an idea for our federal prosecutors in Columbus, Ohio. Instead of coming to Steubenville to give out certificates and accolades to prosecutors that don’t do their job, why not come to Steubenville, with all your resources, and probe the April and August rapes of high school juveniles under Title IX of the federal law like your counterparts are doing in Texas and looking into that School Boards handling of the matter?

    Maybe a rape of young girl in Steubenville and incompetence of their school board is not as important as an investigation of school board in Texas.

  20. ^^^^5 Excellent post. There was a great article in Newsweek way back in November wondering why the April rape isn’t being addressed. The article minces no words.


    It sure seems like the state is also in on the cover up.

    • “Newsweek”! I wonder why not the Herald Star. Today’s news in that paper is another story and picture about the Christmas Parade held several weeks ago. If they like old news so much—why not report about a rape in April. It would be old news for the main street media, but for the Herald Star, it would be new news.

  21. Steubebenville's Safe Neighborhoods

    Yesterday, a woman delivering Chinese Food from New China Garden restaurant on North 4th Street, was robed at gunpoint by two black males at the corner of Tweed & McKinely Avenues. The armed robbers took approximately $300 and her new wedding ring.

    The Steubenville Police are investigating.

    Just another example of how the newly implemented Safe Neighborhoods Program announced in August with much fanfare from the Ohio Attorney General, Congressman Johnson, the Steubenville Police and the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office is taking shape.

    When Prosecutor Jane gives her news conference about this after the holiday in front of the admiring eyes of WTOV and the Herald Star, she will probably make her investigation and her desire for strong prosecution a major announcement. She will probably be the guest speaker at one of the social organizations, maybe the Garden Club, to talk about it.

    Right now Frank is putting the spin and writing the speech and news release for her. They have decided to make this case a hate crime against the Chinese so Jane can put emphasis on how lucky the community is for her to have a certificate giving her federal jurisdiction. The speech will also refer to how black men from Chicago are known to like Chinese food-especially Jane’s favorite Won Hung Lo.

  22. jumbo(gumbosfatmrs) & freinds

    Very funny, sort of, now LE, Jane, et al Please……..will you all just quit with the stupid speeches, the PR stunts, and all the other foolishness you engage in, GET RID OF THE CRUD THUGS IN THIS TOWN. That is all we want from you. We do not care about your stupid kids, your fancy clothes, your faked press conferences and all the stupidity in which you engage. Just get rid of these thugs. And no, last weeks round–up is not enough. Get rid of all of them. We are not interested in your campaign slogans, the ‘we’re watching’ you bs. GET RID OF THEM or WE WILL GET RID OF YOU.
    that is a promise……..we will find other candidates and you will be gone. we know you read this blog, even on Christmas. clean this town up, make it livable again or it’s back to whatever it was you all did before you ran the town into dirt.
    the citizenry

    • Something’s Up on the Bruzzese/Hanlin political horizon. There’s been too much effort attempting to get good P.R. over the past year. We are now getting bombarded on a daily basis with fake news releases, photo opportunities, social service club speeches, catchy phrases, etc.. It’s a campaign that is going on. The question is for what in particular.

      I suspect that with the February 5, 2014 filing deadline for candidates for judicial office in Jefferson County, we’re going to see a Bruzzese/Hanlin move. Bruzzese is going to run again or Hanlin is going to announce her running for a Common Pleas Judgeship, or Jeff Bruzzese is going to make a political move. They know, they’ve been planning, deals have been struck and alliances forged. We, of course, will be the last to know. Henderson has announced his intention not to run. A Municipal Court Judge in Columbiana has announced her intention to run for Court of Appeals. But in Jefferson County, it’s a secret until the last moment.

      They’ve been trying to come up with slogans or 30 second sound bites that will stick and launch them into a political campaign.

      Frank Bruzzese has been trying some for the past year, none of which have been too impressive:

      * You Know Us–You Don’t Know Them
      * Do We Protect Our Own–Now Do We?
      * The best prosecutor Jefferson County Ever Had (after only 1 year of appointed office)
      * She has a 100% conviction rate–you can’t do better than that.

      Jane Hanlin has been trying a few in her p.r. speeches. She likes “collaboration” and “strong message”. The problem with the latter is that it sounds too much like Stern Message (which was a great political slogan for the prosecutor with that name.) She could use. “Don’t Worry, I’m Hanlin It” though. Or, “When you go with Jane, Nothing is Plain.” Or, “You’re so Vain, Your Probably Think This Song is about Jane”

      An announcement is coming, though. A campaign slogan needs to created. If no one would notice, the Bruzzese/Hanlin campaign could use one of the following well recognized slogans and make it their own:

      * Outwit, Out Play, Outlast (Survivor)

      * A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (United Negro College Fund)

      * Live in Your World, Play in Ours (Playstation)

      * Keeps going and going and going (Energizer)

      * Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s)

      * Flop, Flop, Pizz, Pizz (Alka Seltzer)

      * Does She or Doesn’t She (Clairol)

      I guess we’ll just have to wait for about 30 days to see what their move is. It will probably show up about the same time as the new season starts for television shows like The Walking Dead; Revenge; and the Duck Dynasty Replacement–The Bruzzese Dynasty to be named after Frank by replacing the D in Duck to an F and then add the word Dynasty.

  23. Yesterday, Friday, December 28, 2013, Steubenville Municipal Court sentenced Sasha M. Simms, to serve time in jail for the misdemeanor stabbing death of her husband during a domestic dispute.

    This alleged crime happened about the same time that the Wintersville woman shot her husband to death during a domestic dispute.

    Both cases basically have the same fact pattern. The difference is, one got indicted for homicide by Prosecutor Jane Hanlin’s Grand Jury while the other did not.

    If you understand the game of ping pong, you will understand Jane Hanlin’s ping pong justice. Once you are given the facts, you will see what is happening in Jane’s criminal justice mentality in black and white. The Wintersville woman who was set free by Jane is white while the Steubenville woman who was not set free is black.

    In Wintersville, a woman shot her husband to death. She was not arrested. Her name was never revealed. No facts were ever permitted to be publicized. She was not charged with anything, but Jane presented the case directly to the grand jury. Jane announced the grand jury returned no indictment claiming it was a domestic violence matter. She would not elaborate on any details or give any reasons or information about the woman or the case. She basically said, it’s for me to know and no one else to find out.

    At about the same time, a woman stabbed her abusing husband to death during a domestic dispute. The woman, Sasha M. Sims, according to Jane Hanlin, was being assaulted by her abusive husband. The police had been called to the home dozens of times because the woman was being beaten by her husband and she was in fear for her life. If you read today’s Herald Star newspaper, Jane, herself, tells of the horrible abuse the woman had gone through. Jane even admits today as she did earlier that the woman was the victim of domestic violence and the stabbing was in self defense.

    But here is the difference between the white Wintersville woman’s no charges and the black Steubenville woman’s charges. The Steubenville woman was arrested. Her name and the details of the case were plastered all over the media. She was charged with a felony homicide. She had a hearing in the Municipal Court and was bound over to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury came out with a misdemeanor homicide. Jane had the case sent back to the Municipal Court where the woman pled guilty to the misdemeanor and was sentenced to the county jail-PING PONG.

    Why didn’t Jane try the case in the Common Pleas Court? Because she would have lost and blemish her allegedly 100% conviction rate.

    Why was the case plopped back to Steubenville Municipal Court? She can’t say because it was a misdemeanor. Almost all of the Steubenville Rape scenario indictments are misdemeanors, some even minor misdemeanors and they are being tried in the common pleas court.

    Why is there no news conference and public relations news release by Jane in this case? Isn’t a death by homicide as news worthy and important as arresting some repeat drug offenders? Why isn’t Jane speaking to Rotary, Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, the Garden Club, the DAR, the Sons of Liberty, the Democratic Women’s Club, etc. at one of their luncheons about how she is sending a “strong message” to those who commit homicide?

    Why does the community tolerate unequal justice, slanted justice, no justice, spinning justice, corrupted justice and ping pong justice without even a whimper? Is Jane being Frank? Or is Frank really Jane?

  24. Harvard Business Professor

    The wintersville woman probably was a sister belonging to the eastern star?

    They take care of their own, don’t they? Don’t they?

    • How do I get to be pals with this bunch in charge of everything? Heck, I might consider a life of crime here if I know I can be take of. What exactly must one do? or where or how to I connect with the ruling powers? Did I have to go the HS with them? Since I didn’t is there any other way to get connected? Where do I go to hang out? Please don’t tell me Big Red games, as I have 0 interest in football or HS sports. Is there another route into their hearts and minds? I think I could use some fake friends to get me out of jams as needed. Thanks for any advice for those familiar with our dear leaders.

  25. Normally, those who are elected to office are sworn into office on the day their term of office begins–usually January 1st. But this year, there have been many elected office holders who are talking their oaths of office, sometimes as much as a week earlier than the official date they take office.

    You have seen this with various city officials, trustees, etc. in the cities and counties. The ceremonies are conducted by one of the county judges.

    The reason for the early swearing in is because these are minor officials in the scheme of things. They are not on a par with the political power elite. The judges will not be available to swear them in on January 1st because the important political powers, judges and privileged few will be at the Steubenville Country Club, a place where minor peons don’t belong.

    The “big judges”, the “big public officials” the “big movers and shakers” will be at the Country Club New Year’s Party. That is where the powers will be and so that is where and when important office holders will be sworn in. The word is that the Steubenville Big Red Band will also play to honor the new office holders. They will also appear at the afterglow to be held at the Bruzzese home.

    WTOV and the Herald Star will cover the big bash in the January 2, 2014 news. No sense in spoiling the big show with minor or inconsequential players.

    • You think these people of which you write are actually clueless enough to be at the SCC on New Years?! LMAO If so……. that’s SAD.

      • Actually, the big New Year’s eve bash for the political elite is going to be in Steubenville at Club 106. That is the Club that has been raided time and again by the state liquor agents since they have no liquor license, where guns have been found, where heroin and other drugs are found and where every time law enforcement tries to close it down, Judge Joseph Bruzzese permits them to stay open.

        That must be the place where the cabal and its allies are celebrating the New Year. Power had its privileges.

        • Has his big secret been revealed yet? Is he running for re-election or is Jane going to sneak in at the last minute filing deadline of February 5, 2014. We all see the game that THEY are playing! The lawyers are permitting it. Most people running for office (except incumbents who want to keep their election a secret) have announced already and seek publicity. The only publicity hound so-far is Vain Jane. Looks like another year of elected office for the incumbents by default.


          Club 106 had proven to be nothing more than a hang out for the lowest of the low, the violent criminals we read of regularly in our dear Herald Star. I can not comprehend how anyone could actually support this establishment being open to the public. Never mind the fact drugs and guns have been found in this “club” and never mind the fact the owner of this “club” has been found to be in violation of codes on more than one occasion, let’s not forget that shootings have occurred not only inside of the club while full of patrons but also outside on separate occasions. It’s widely accepted that our best predictor for the future is the past. With that thought in mind, the type of people who frequent this club are violent gun-toting drug dealing criminals. I’m no Harvard professor but I am bright enough to realize putting these types of people in a small space while getting intoxicated is only going to perpetuate even more violent criminal behaviors. Common sense seems to be lacking with our leaders these days. I would love to see them forget about being politically correct all the time and instead start using their common sense and stop caring so much about what people are going to say. People are going to complain no matter what they do, so why not use common sense from now on? You can’t make everyone happy so why not do what you can to keep everyone as safe as possible?

          • There is one way, and only one way the owner of Club 106 gets to pass go and collect $200 week after week. You are correct that all the dregs of society hang out there. The druggies, the street criminals, the gang bangers, the shooters, etc. That is why Jane Hanlin, the prosecutor, her husband Jason Hanlin, the Steubenville P.D. narcotics chief, and Judge Bruzzese permit it to stay open and do everything in their power to keep it open.

            The owner is the best snitch they ever had. He tips them off as to what is going on and where it is going on. Each scratches the others back (or other bodily part). He stays open, they get to make great headlines by the information he gives out.

            It’s not real law enforcement. It’s playing cowboy which is all Steubenville Narcotics squads have ever done. Now instead of wearing a tin badge, they get to wear a U.S. Marshall’s badge because they all got certificates which says they can make up the law as they go along.

            • If the guy who runs that hellhole is a snitch, can’t the dumb dealers, shooters, and junkies figure that out?
              If so, don’t bad things happen to snitches when they are revealed? or is that bunch just too dumb to know or care? Confusing.

          • Now that Greg Moray has been given his job back with back pay perhaps he can catch some bad guys there.

  26. http://www.hsconnect.com/page/content.detail/id/593893/Woman-given-180-days-in-county–jail-for-stabbing-death-of-Mingo-man.html?nav=5010

    No comments allowed on the Herald Star? This is crazy. How does someone stab someone TO DEATH and get less than a year in jail? These people disgust me.

    • Another Character Witness Case

      I read the story in the Herald Star. Why did the person who stabbed someone TO DEATH get less than a year in jail? The answer is because Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin, instead of being and acting like a prosecutor became a character witness for the criminal.

      It is not much different than when she went to West Virginia and testified for a convicted armed robber that he was a good guy and what he did was an “aberration.” That felon got probation because of her testimony.

      She also was a character witness for the secret un-named Wintersville woman who shot her husband to death by making sure she escaped any scrutiny or publicity by no charges coming out of her grand jury.

      With prosecutors like her, who needs defense attorneys? She seems to be the Rodney King of criminal justice—“Can’t we, can’t we just all get along?”

  27. Life Imitates Art-An Analoagy

    In 1987, a movie called Broadcast News was released. Its stars were William Hurt, Albert Brooks and Holly Hunter. The movie received rave reviews and was nominated for 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture. It had already won numerous other awards from other entertainment industry organizations.

    It was a story about a news room and the people that worked there. William Hurt (Tom Grunnicki) did not know a thing about his job as an anchorman and didn’t even understand the news he was reporting. Nevertheless, because he was good looking and made a good appearance he rose to stardom. Holly Hunter (Coincidentally named Jane in the movie) was in love with the character William Hurt Played while Albert Brooks (Aaron Altman) couldn’t understand the whole situation and was, himself in love with Jane.

    At the network, people were getting fired for downsizing, there was hardship all around, people’s lives were in shambles, but life was grand for the “star.”

    Just before air time, the rising “star” says to his colleague.

    William Hurt: “What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?

    To which Albert Brooks responds: “Keep it to yourself.”

    AN ANALOGY? In Jefferson County, life for most is in shambles. There is hardship all around. Drugs, violence, shootings, murders. People are looking for a real “star” to understand and empathize with their plight. Maybe a prosecutor who, even during time off and vacation time (she is part-time so there is a lot of time off and vacation time) keeps her nose to the grindstone and attempts to be as concerned about the community and people as the citizens and victims are.

    So, what does our prosecutor say or do? Almost the exact same words and actions as the rising “star” in Broadcast News that doesn’t understand his job or understand the news–she broadcasts how great her life is and shows her real life exceeds her dreams.

    Jane Hanlin’s Titter the past two days says it all:

    “Watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and home movies.”

    “After a six hour Sex and The City marathon with @keenanmegan last night, what else could we do except head straight to Ross Park Mall”

    Now isn’t that just “special”!!

    She is entitled to her grand life and her real life does exceed her dreams. But keep it to yourself—just do your job!

    • Usually I agree with what you write, but not this time. You seem a little jealous actually. Who cares if she is tweeting about watching home movies and heading to the mall? Most people in America wouldn’t consider those things to be any big deal and considering that she has to drive over an hour just to get to some above-average shopping, her life doesn’t seem all that “special” to me.

      • Wouldn’t it be nice if every public official, instead of private facebook or e-mail communications with friends, tweeted for the world to see their life. Sheriff Abdalla can’t because he is a full time law enforcement officer on duty 24/7 and doesn’t have such luxury. Neither do any of the other full time elected officials. While they may have a family life, most of their spare time is spent working after hours at their elected positions.

        It has nothing to do with jealousy, it has to do with work ethics. If you’re on top of the world, most people aren’t and don’t have the luxury of watching Sex and The City and shopping at the malls. Many hold down double jobs and are too humble to publicly broadcast their problems or their achievements.

        Jealously is by no means the word here—lack of humility may be.

  28. Sounds like Steubenville and Jefferson county are a wide open lawless town and county. Reminds one of the old west when one wealthy but crooked man could rule the entire town. Such a pity the state won’t clean that mess up.