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Jefferson County Grand Jury Hands Down Several Indictments | The RadioNewz Blog

Jefferson County Grand Jury Hands Down Several Indictments

November 7, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

Jefferson County, OH

Several indictments and a few interesting developments came out of Wednesday’s Jefferson County Grand Jury. The jurors met for 10 long hours and reviewed some violent crimes.

Jalontay Johnson and Dallas Crokie were both indicted and charged with one count of murder and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Even though they are charged in connection with two separate incidents the similarities between the two cases are striking.

The charges are exactly same and both admitted to their crimes the next morning.

“There doesn’t seem to be any reason that would justify this,” said Jefferson County Jane Hanlin. “We looked at issues of self-defense and provocation but there doesn’t seem to be anything that would justify what he did to that young boy that night.”

The 18-year-old Crokie for the fatal stabbing of 40-year-old Terry Shust on September 15th in Steubenville.

“You’re talking about some 93 stab wounds plus some blunt force trauma to the head,” said Hanlin. “It’s actually one of the more grisly crime scenes that we had. And again nothing that would seem to justify that level of violence.”

Where the cases seem to differ is with public interest. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin addressed some rumors concerning Johnson’s physical state prior to the crime.

“We’re aware of those rumors and whether they had done anything earlier in the night like that,” said Hanlin. “We don’t know but certainly at the time we talked to the defendant he appears to be absolutely lucid.”


More: http://www.wtov9.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/jefferson-county-grand-jury-hands-down-several-indictments-2171.shtml


  1. This would be the regular G J, not the special one called by DeWine I suppose.

  2. Stabbings and Shootings. So far from the grand jury indictments for murder, murder, felonious assault, felonious assault. Thank good we now have that Safe Neighborhoods program.

    Oh! So many case where Jane can recommend probation—so little time! Jane–isn’t she just so speeeeciaaal!

  3. Prosecutor Jane of Arc is giving a statement to WTOV 9 as to why no one was indicted for fatally shooting two people in Wintersville, Ohio on October 12, 2013.

    We never got to learn who the suspect was. It was always hush,hush. She says it looks like self-defense but no one gets to hear the details.

    As predicted more can be learned from who is not indicted by those who are indicted. The woman who was just bound over to Jane’s grand jury for stabbing her husband “in self-defense” didn’t get to have everything secret about her. She was arrested, her photo was plastered all over the media, she was charged with voluntary manslaughter. But, of course, she was black. Not an unknown secrete white person like the murderer in Wintersville.

    Inquiring minds want to know. But we should just trust Jane. You know her, you don’t know them. The black caucus be damned.

    Or maybe, the Wintersville suspect was a secret, special snitch for the Mountain State Task Force and has special status.

    We will never know in the Bruzzese/Hanlin secret society.

    • This case was self-defense all the way. Estranged hubby with a gun shoots and kills father-in-law, threatens everyone else. Wife shoots and kills estranged hubby. Case closed.

      • Even if case closed, shouldn’t there have been disclosure of names? Who decides whether names would be withheld?

      • Tragic case, better outcome for the surviving spouse. Thanks for the update.

      • Why do you know those details while the rest of the public doesn’t? Are you a police officer? Are you on the prosecutor’s staff? Why should we take your word for it. Is your name Therestof or what.

        How did wife get a gun? Has she shot guns before? Was it registered? Was the serial number checked? Did she go out to target practice before the shooting?

        How is different than the Steubenville woman bound over to the grand jury on voluntary homicide for stabbing her husband in a domestic violence case?

        Too many questions for only you and a few others to know. Aren’t the details you know confidential? What gives you the right to spout them off as if you are part of the investigation. If you are, you violated law enforcement ethics. Are you a relative of the shooter? If so your opinions are biased.

        Who attests to your credibility. Are you a special to the special of the specials also?

        Rumor has it that the shooter was a relative of Jane. Isn’t Jane from Wintersville? What is the relationship between the shooter that got off scott free without her name being revealed and you and Jane?

        Go ahead, take offense. Because we take offense by not be informed of everything you know. Why do only you and law enforcement get to supposedly know the facts?

        • All that info was in the newspaper.

          • Give the date that can be pulled up.

            Then please provide the date so we can see the name of the shooter and its circumstances. The only newspaper I can recall seeing is the one that gave the names of the deceased and that the matter was under investigation. Give us the name of the shooter please, since it was in the newspaper and where the details are in the newspaper.

            • Yes… good call. Read, please post the link.

            • I see what you mean – the names of he two deceased are given, but the name of the female shooter is protected.

              Many cities have experienced this type of discriminate disclosure. The city has to have a newspaper that will sue the police department to allow all records to be accessed by any person under the state’s Sunshine Law.

              Looks like even other le’s would need to be sued if they too are withholding information.

              The appearance is that local level has privately “tried” the female involved and cleared her of all wrong doing and protecting the release of her name, after declaring her not guilty of anything.

              Could be a massive cover up, Let’s get Criminal Minds and NCIS involved.

              • It’s not a cover-up these crimes happened in two different cities. Wintersville obviously operates differently than Steubenville. Just because Steubenville gave out the name of their suspect doesn’t mean Wintersville is going to. Wintersville is an even smaller town than Steubenville. Wintersville law enforcement more than likely had the main points of the case fairly quickly and felt the woman in question wasn’t a murdered but acted in self-defense. You can’t claim “cover-up” because two separate cities had different protocol.

                • The Sheriff was involved. The Ohio State Highway Patrol was involved. The prosecutor was involved. The Wintersville Police Reports are still public record.

                  Who are the Wintersville Police to determine whether someone acted in self defense or not. That is usually a jury question after an identified assailant is charged.

                  When one or two public officials decide what is or what is not a crime and keep everything hidden from the public–that is a cover-up.

                  Look up the elements of self-defense under Ohio law. A lot goes into it. Even George Zimmerman had to go through a public trial to prove self-defense. It is the assailant’s burden to prove self-defense. It is unheard of for the prosecutor and police to prove self defense for the defendant.

                  But, then again, it is unheard of for a prosecutor to go out of state to testify as a character witness for a convicted felon with a gun. They play by different rules on Planet Jefferson County. The only other planet in the galaxy where you could get away with this type of crap is on Youranus.

                  • “Even George Zimmerman had to go through a public trial to prove self-defense.”

                    That was after LE called some judge or someone who told them to let him go via “Stand Your Ground” law.

                    It wasn’t until a public uproar happened did he get indicted and tried for a crime. If the squeaky wheel hadn’t happened he’d still be doing his “neighborhood watch” while packing heat.

                    Unfortunately it sometimes takes an angry mob to get anything done. Small Town, USA at its worst.


            • Give the date that can be pulled up.

              The Herald Star newspaper on October 13, 2013 identified the victims. The story then states: “Abdalla declined to give more details, as the case is under the jurisdiction of the Wintersville Police Department and still under investigation.”

              Have you ever known Sheriff Abdalla to not give details of anything???

              All other newsreports after that say the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Wintersville Police would not give further details.

              Jane Hanlin on WTOV today also gave no details other than to name the victims and say it was self defense.

              Still a lot of unanswered questions. Thank God we have “Read” and “The Rest of the Story” to pinpoint the news reports that we can’t find.

              We’re waiting…and waiting…and waiting….and waiting….and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • So you say the shooter was Megan Bowers?

            • Who do you think you are? What makes you think you have the right to put her name out there like that? You are an ignorant person. You have no idea what that woman went through watching her own father being murdered in front of her eyes by the man she once loved. You don’t have a clue. Do you feel happy now? Did putting her name out there give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside? My god do people not think anymore? What is the reason you just had to put her name out there? Please don’t tell me it is because of something as PETTY as the fact SPD released a name while WPD did not. Why don’t you take a moment and think about the pain and anguish this family is going through right now before spouting off with your conspiracy theories. Have some respect, hasn’t this family been through enough already?

              • Thanks for verifying the shooter was Megan Bowers. It was not too hard to figure out who the secret shooter was. See, here is how it was done. You take the name of the victims. It was you who released the details of it being the daughter of one of the victims that did the shooting. You opened the door. Then you type in the name of the victim on google. His name will come up as well as relatives and children.

                So, in all your attempts to conceal her identity, had you not explained the facts of the case and the daughter having to shoot the ex-husband, etc. no one would have known.

                Remind everyone never to have you as an accomplice or confidential source to anything.

                It is you who have no respect for the family. It is you who started the conspiracy theories from day one when you posted under WeirSteuben and called everyone who was inquiring an ass.

                If you can’t play with the big dogs, stay on the porch. It shouldn’t take long to figure out your relationship to the family. Why not reveal it on your own so that we don’t do it once we do a little research.

                Nice job of leading us in the right direction. Whose the ass now? You should have kept your mouth shut in the first place. Blame no one but yourself. Me doth think you protested too much, which is what sparked the interest. Now go apologize to the family for your stupidity.

                • By the way Read or WeirSteuben, if you also post under the name Speechless, you should change that handle to “Blabbermouth.”

                • But it Was All In the Newspaper

                  Time out!! Disgusted (Read, The Rest of the Story, Speechless, Weir-Steuben) has just shown his outrage that the name of the shooter was revealed. But it was just yesterday, Thursday, at 8:02 pm he posted under the name of Read that “All that info was in the newspaper.”

                  You mean he was lying? It wasn’t in the newspaper? Now he is mad because no one took his lies at face value? He must be a Hanlin or Bruzzese.

                  He baited us into trying to believe that it was all fully reported. He must be related to Frankie and another Master Baiter.

                  • You really are delusional and paranoid. I am NOT Frank B, Weir/Steuben, Read, Rest of the story, or whoever else it is you claim I am nor am I a male. There are a lot of good and funny people who post on this site but unfortunately there are also paranoid schizophrenics like yourself who are nothing more than bored gossiping housewives who have nothing better to do than to further the anguish of a family who has already been dealt far more than their fair shame of pain. Are you happy with yourself?

                    • Huh? Sorry to disappoint but I’m not a, “paranoid schizophrenic who is nothing more than bored gossiping housewives.”

                      Why do you call names? You’re giving yourself away. You shouldn’t have started your, “In the know,” posts to begin with.

                      You’re more to blame than anyone else here.

                      “Are you happy with yourself?” Ummm….. It didn’t matter to me either way. But now that you’ve blown your top it makes this story more appealing.

                      Makes me want to research it. Thanks!

                • I have no idea what the woman’s name is. All the information I have is from News reports. You’re putting out a specific person’s name and for what? Are you sure that is the woman’s name and it wasn’t someone else? No, you don’t know! You’re assuming and assuming about something that isn’t any of your business to being with. If law enforcement felt YOU needed to know they would have told YOU but they didn’t so get over yourself! You are not some all-important busy-body who deserves or needs to know all the details about everything that happens in this county. Have you no soul? I sure hope you realize how ignorant, cruel, and heartless you are. The family has been through enough and yet you’re content trying to invade anyone’s privacy necessary just so you know the details of a tragic incident that isn’t any of your business anyway. What is wrong with you? Again I ask who do you think you are and what makes you think you have the right to invade anyone’s privacy?

                  • Again! Read CAREFULLY.

                    When someone, ANYONE, takes a gun and kills another human being IT IS THE PUBLIC’S BUSINESS.

                    As far as a “specific person’s name” goes? YOU gave it away by your over-the-top reaction. Can’t un-rig that bell.

                    You blew it.

                    • Your comments throughout are intelligent and “on the money.” 9 is an appropriate “handle” for you and is of much significance.

                      For those that don’t appreciate the significance–the number nine has long been used as a superlative. For example, The Nine Worthies were characters drawn from the Pagan and Jewish history and from the Bible. This distinguished group consisted of Hector, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Joshua, David, Judas Maccabaeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne and Godfrey of Bouillon.

              • The name Megan “Bowers” Shepard is reported in the obituary of October 16, 2013 in the Herald Star newspaper. Some family member had to have put the facts together and submitted it for publication.

              • I don’t even know the story but damn! If someone kills someone else their name is the public’s business whether self defense or not.

                There are consequences when one decides to pick up a gun and kill someone. That’s how it works whether the alleged shooter is going through heartache or not.

                No one is exempt from the consequences of killing someone else. No one.

      • Difference in Professionalism

        Attorney General Mike Dewine has been holding grand jury sessions for 8 months. To the frustration of many of us, not one word, not one leak, not one accurate speculation has come out of that grand jury. The oath of secrecy seems to be professionally adhered to.

        Prosecutor Jane Hanlin holds a grand jury for one day and people like “The Rest of The Story” already know the facts and details of the case. “It was self-defense all the way.” How does he know all the way. Maybe it was part of the way. Maybe it was none of the way. But “The Rest of The Story” (probably aka
        WeirSteuben) knows it emphatically. He even knows the details. One day and in Jane’s grand jury there is already a leak. What happened to secrecy?

        I guess the difference between the two prosecutors (Hanlin and DeWine) boils down to a matter of professionalism. DeWine is also not as “special” as Jane.

      I know of the case you’re talking about and personally my first thoughts were she stabbed him in self-defense due to the past criminal history of the decedent and the vast quantity of times the police were called because of a domestic dispute but that is for a judge to decide. Talk around town says the incident in Wintersville was in fact a clear cut case of self-defense. As in there was absolutely no question this was a case of self-defense. It may be that the stabbing case wasn’t as clear cut. I don’t know the specific details of either case but am confident in saying race wasn’t a factor in either case. A lot has been said about Jane Hanlin, how much of it is true or not I wouldn’t know but I highly doubt she harbors any racist attitudes toward people of color. I have questions myself but she’s not the devil in disguise.

      • I highly doubt she’s a racist, since she has an adopted son who is black.

        • I didn’t know she adopted a son who is black but I didn’t need to know that to know she isn’t racist. In my opinion the racism claims that have been made through-out this entire case were some of the most laughable because it is so off the mark and unbelievable.

      • Why is it that we’ve all heard the same rumors about the Wintersville case which seem to be right, but none of the rumors floating around after last August were right?

  4. This sounds bizarre. Doesn’t the Herald Star cover shootings/killings in the area?

    • The news is sort of covered, we never get the whole story, especially if whoever has committed a crime knows somebody.

      Not everyone arrested gets their name in paper, murders not followed by the paper, we are only informed that which they want us to know, much is kept from the public.
      Best way to learn what goes on is by working at the hospital, tongues always wagging there about anything that has happened. All the news they decline to print is known by the women of trinity. women just can’t shut their mouths, and it’s almost all women working there.
      they should double as investigative journalists because they got all the scoops on everything

  5. Thank you “the rest of the story”. <3

  6. Steubie is violent these days. Hey Jane-Now that you have Federal “POWERS” you should be investigating some of these drug crimes that lead to murder. Right?

    Hmmm…makes you think. Jane has SO much power in Jefferson Co. these days, but Steubie remains a drug haven and murdersville.

  7. Jane says the Grand Jury considered 23 cases but indictments were returned in only about 10. Wouldn’t it be nice if you or I allegedly committed a crime and no one gets to no our name, the details and it gets washed out. And Jane says, nada, nothing there. Usually after a crime is committed, unless your connected, it makes the paper. Your name is mentioned. You have to live under a cloud until the grand jury does nothing or you are found not guilty.

    What about those 13 cases considered. What type of cases were they, even if you can’t say their names for some reason. Were they gun cases, were they drug cases, were deals made to snitch on others, were they friends of certain people?

    Oh! I’m sorry Frank. We know you—we don’t know them. Do we protect those of the upper class–do we.

    I guess once you become a special-special, you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can tank a case and no one from the media asks why. Everyone was forewarned earlier this week what was going to happen—and it did.

    The police reports should now be public record with all the names of persons involved since there was no indictment. Why doesn’t some news media go get a copy and do a real investigative report. What’s that WTOV and Herald Star? You don’t know where the police station is located? You don’t know the procedure of how to ask for a police report? (Seems I heard that type of argument from Jane when she was supposed to ask for a special prosecutor in the rape case—didn’t know the procedure).

    Jane, you can fool some of the people, but some of us know and knew that some of those who got a free pass were of affluent families and were not charged and indicted if they became snitches for your Mountain State Task Force.

    If I am wrong–please respond with names, places and details. Or at least let Jeffy talk.

    • Lord.. I would LOVE to know who some of you people are. Damn.

    • 10 cases tried out of 23? Not bad for a part timer. Part time work for part time pay.

      • That’s why she can fool some of the people some of the time. Or you could say–part of the people part of the time. At least we`re getting our money`s worth–43% of the criminals get prosecuted. A little less than half, but still part time.

        If her frontal lobe every gets better, however, we may see an improvement. Because of that deficiency, she has a difficult time speaking. That`s why Frank or Jeff have to speak up.

        • On July 2, 2012, in the words of Prosecutor Jane (yesterday`s Herald Star–11-8-2013-) there was a gun battle between 2 convicted felons.

          This “gun battle“ took place between 3:30 and 4 in the afternoon. A 10 year old and 3 year old were playing outside.

          Stedmund Creech, on of the prior convicted felons fled the area to escape charges of having weapons while under disability (because he was a convicted felon) and felonious assault. (two children were outside and the other gun battler).

          After one year on the run–he was captured. But not before he was involved in the Mingo Jct. home invasion where residents were pistol whipped (children there) and one occupant shot in the leg during the burglary. If you recall, that is the case where Jane recommended probation to Precious who hid the gun used in the violent crime.

          And so, Creech got tried yesterday on the `gun battle` case and got convicted of the 3 weapons under disability charges. But what happened to the 3 felonious assault charges. Were they dropped. No conviction. Were they presented to the grand jury.

          Jane is pleased with the conviction, but it is only a part conviction. I guess a part conviction for a part-time prosecutor.

          Maybe, like the Wintersville case where the two men were found dead and the woman shooter( whose name won`t be revealed by anyone in law enforcement) Jane said it was self-defense so no indictment. So maybe she figured Creech was shooting in the gun battle against another felon with a gun and it was just self-defense.

          No matter that children were present. No matter that a bullet went through the house where the children usually play. What happened to the felonious assault crimes. Will they become `special“ federal cases.

          I think we have a group of part-time prosecutors and assistant prosecutors that are practicing law under a mental disability. Is that a crime—it should be.

          I think it is certifiable or, at least, worthy of a federal certification.

          • It`s still early in the morning, Frank or Jeff will tweet the explanation to us. Do we protect self-defenders–do we.

            Special interview with Jeff and George Zimmerman on WTOV 9 tonight at 6. See more about Frank and Jane on Dateline (that`s not a news show, that is a place where you can talk on the telephone with other lonely people–only $1.99 per minute unless you are talking part-time then it is 99.5 cents per minute.)

            • Under the assumption that some newspaper somewhere would have given more coverage to the Wintersville double homicide, a Google search turns up very little, with certainly no new information.

              Nearly all the articles made mention that details would be provided in follow up stories once the investigation was complete.

              Unfortunately the only detail revealed was that it was clearly self defense.

              This has to be one of the more remarkable failures of Google to return search information.

              Guess we will have to wait until more details are given, as has been promised. Helen Waite will be in charge of releasing details. If you want to know more, go to Helen Waite.

              • We pay money to get our news, local, state, national, and world news. We buy newspapers trusting that the newspaper publisher has the good of the public foremost. We have to be very disappointed when we find they are withholding information and do not report the facts.

                Considering the investigations have taken place with still no follow up of the details in the double homicide, it’s no wonder the 16 kids refused to cooperate with investigators in the rape case.

                We are outraged that we have a president that is not a legal citizen of our country. He lied to us about Benghazi, obamacare, and who knows what else.

                We have Congress and Senate that has vowed to uphold the constitution and says nary a word about all the mandates from lotus, and attempts to change our country to a Muslim world.

                There is only one rule in our country, whether it be local, state, or national. It is the Golden Rule. He who has the gold rules.

                Is it any wonder we have all these cover ups?

                Disclaimer: the writer’s personal opinion only, protected by free speech, if we have any right to that still left?

                It’s so easy to see now how the details of the rape were

          • Wait, what? This guy was involved in both the gun battle and the home invasion and there were no assaults in the charges? Wow, unfrigginbelievable.

          • Just FTR, Creech was not indicted with felonious assault in the gun fight, probably because he was the one being shot at – he returned fire and for that was indicted on 5 weapons charges and found guilty on 3. The original shooter, named Johnson, was the one charged w/felonious assault.

            Creech was indicted though on 4 counts of felonious assault, among several other charges, for the home invasion – that trial is scheduled for Nov. 19th.

            He was also indicted by a federal grand jury on Oct.9th for felon in possession of a firearm in Wheeling/May 2013 – probably during his arrest on the home invasion indictment. This federal indictment was part of a group of 75 indictments for 12 people on drug/firearm charges by The Ohio Valley Drug & Violent Crimes Task Force.

            The fed charges alone can put him away for 10 years, not counting whatever he gets for the various state charges. This guy’s toast, and needs to be.

            • You say “Creech was not indicted for felonious assault in the gun fight, probably because he was the one being shot at–he returned fire and for that was indicted on 5 weapons charges and found guilty of 3.”

              Under your reasoning then, since he was only after the shooter against him, why was he indicted for weapons under disability for the bystanders too?

              If there can be 5 weapons under disability, there can be five felonious assault indictments.

              Felonious assault involves any force that carries a substantial risk that it will proximately result in the death of any person.

              His actions carried a substantial risk of death to everyone present–all 5.

              Under your view, if someone tries to shoot someone in a crowd and misses them but kills 5 other people, since he did not intend to kill them, he cannot be charged with murder.

              Jane simply didn’t do her job. She is afraid of her own shadow. She only got 3 minor convictions out of the 5 indicted. Under he book that still gives her a 100% conviction rate.

              Some people, like you, try to defend the indefensible so much that you sound ridiculous. If you are simply a lay person, you are a misinformed idiot. If you are a lawyer in Jefferson County, you probably went to Ohio Northern Law School like lawyers Frankie and his brother Joe and it is a foregone conclusion you are an idiot.

              You are trying to justify the first crimes by saying that he can still be prosecuted for serious charges on the other crimes he committed at a later time. He shouldn’t have been out in the first place to commit those crimes. Now you’ll tell me he was on the run. I thought the feds could find anyone. If they put as much manpower into finding fugitive felons as they did (according to Frankie) in investigating Janie for her special-special certification, Jefferson County felons could be off the streets and locked up so as not to harm the rest of the public.

              Remind me to never as you to change a dollar, because you don’t make cents.

              • Can you ever reply to a correction without insults that don’t even make sense? It doesn’t surprise me that you read a post containing the facts of the indictments as somehow being a defense of anything. The short ‘probably’ comment was my guess, but a pretty good one considering the real facts of the shooting. The rest of it was fact, unlike your post and the implications you drew from incorrect facts. You specifically asked what happened to the felonious assault charges in the gun fight case/trial, and I simply pointed out that they were never charged in that case. They’ll come up in the right trial on the right date.

                Now to the one question you asked that has anything to do with my post, he was indicted on the weapons charges because obviously he used one and as a felon wasn’t supposed to have it. They apply whether or not he claims self defense. The other indictments he was not convicted on were improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon.

                You said; “Under your view, if someone tries to shoot someone in a crowd and misses them but kills 5 other people, since he did not intend to kill them, he cannot be charged with murder.”
                It’s not my view, it’s statute. But no, that would not be murder. It would be either reckless or negligent homicide.

                Just as the last time you went on the attack, you don’t make a single comment about your errors in your post…I’m getting bored with you.

                • How can they come up in the right trial? The guy’s conduct has already been tried. His felonious assaults against the innocent bystanders is over, done, finished, double jeopardy.

                  They’ll never see the light of day. Eventual plea bargains are going to end all of Mr. Creech’s problems and, at the same time, end all of Prosecutor Hanlin’s problems.

                  I didn’t mean to insult you. I meant to infuriate you.

                  • Let me say this slowly. The right trial for his felonious assault indictments was never the gun fight trial. Those indictments were for the home invasion trial which is scheduled.

                    And I’ll have to wait awhile to get to infuriated – can’t get there when laughing.

                • Kinder and Gentler Correction

                  To: All that. I am sorry that “Does That Make Sense” became short tempered and insulting. There, of course, is no call for that. I have read your comments and his comments.

                  I am afraid that I must agree with “Does That Make Sense” on the issue of felonious assault on unintended victims.

                  Ohio, under my research, shows Ohio follows the transferred intent doctrine in cases such as the one in Creech. The fact that there was no physical harm to the unintended victim does not matter. Under the law, the unintended victim is accorded the same protection as the intended victim. The intent is transferred, not the harm.

                  Ohio’s Supreme Court has decided this issue in 1992 in a case that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court in 2005 in Bradshaw v. Richey, 546 U.S.74.

                  In State v. Richey, 64 Ohio St. 3d, 353, 364 the Ohio Supreme Court held the following:

                  “The fact that the intended victims escaped harm, and that an innocent childe, Cynthia Collins, was killed in-stead, does not alter Richey’s legal and moral responsibility. The doctrine of transferred intent is firmly rooted in Ohio law. Very simply, the culpability of a scheme designed to implement the calculated decision to kill is not altered by the fact that the scheme is directed at someone other than the actual victim.”

                  Since, other than what has been posted, I can not determine why a prosecutor would not charge a defendant with felonious assault or attempted murder of the innocent bystander. Is he or she a new or inexperienced prosecutor? Did she not research the law or have others in her office that could have guided her to the right charges to be leveled?

                  Maybe that is the way it is done in your jurisdiction. It doesn’t sound like a tough on crime type of approach, however. Prosecutors usually “throw the book” at those who use firearms, especially when it is the prosecutor that controls the charges and the grand jury that returns indictments.

                  • You’re both right and you’re both wrong.

                    “Does That Make Sense” has the Creech cases confused and running the facts into each other. When Creech returned fire against Johnson, Johnson apparently was the only one in the line of fire.

                    There is another case where Creech is charged with felonious assault. So “All That” is correct.

                    On the issue of “transferred intent”, although it is not part of the most recent Creech case, the principle is accepted in Ohio. So `Does That Make Sense` is correct.

                    Now shake hands, destroy all the weapons of mass destruction, all chemical weapons and let an outside agency like the UN monitor the situation.

                    • Who is this Creech anyway? I maybe falsely presumed he was just another low life local drug person with illegal weapons and a rap sheet a mile long. There are so many of these characters slithering around and about the Valley, Steub. in particular, who are arrested over and over and almost always end up back in the street or their taxpayer subsidized sect. 8 housing going right back to doing whatever it is these armed, substance dealing or using, never employed, not very funny jokers who have made living in their midst, and that of their out-of-control spawns, the real delight that it is to be an ohio “Valley Girl.” Got lost there in my rant, sorry.
                      So, who is this Creech anyway and why is he so special? Seems just like one of now thousands of these creepers that just cost everyone here money for the sheer joy of their worthless existence.

                  • Yes, the intent follows the bullet, but I’d like to see the ruling that says transferred intent does not require harm. The case you cite, and it’s precedent both involve victims that were killed. Creech is closer to State v. Jason Reese where one of his convictions of felonious assault (with a gun) argued on transferred intent was overturned by the Court of Appeals because there was not harm to the defendant, but only to his car. The Supreme Court declined the case.

                    To clarify for anyone that thinks I’m defending this guy, I hope he is never able to take another breath outside prison. I also believe there is a lot of room for criticism of both Hanlin and Bruzzese, and hope it’s addressed legally, but there is enough that is serious & valid without misstating facts. IMO, and with that said I’m done.

        • Ah so. Then it figures the public should only get part of the details.

          Makes perfect sense.

  8. The salaries of your entire staff is a matter of public record. Many have been blogging and speculating about how much public money your private law partners make extra by being you assistant prosecutors.

    Why not be transparent to show your good intent and publish them here for the public to see. And why not have Frankie be transparent and publish all his salaries he gets from the public as well as his retirement benefits.

    Unfortunately, we are beyond the stage when any public official can just say trust me. Attorney Fitzsimmons said you tried to talk Jane Doe out of pursuing rape charges. You say you did not.

    • Hmmmm… I don’t recall Fitz saying that. I would like to see the salaries published though. Don’t get me wrong, I think that people should be free to make as much money as they can, as long as it’s being done legally and morally. What sucks about Jefferson County is that it’s been run into the ground and only a small handful of people are actually “responsible” for that. PLEASE publish the salaries and let the people see how much they are paying for your public service.

      • Since they are employed by the state, as all non profit agencies, the salaries of all are available, that goes for hospital execs, agency execs, the university faculty & administration etc. These salaries are all supposed to open to public to see. At one time I had a website that led you directly to this info. (it was during the time when the Trinity nurses were striking and they passed out a website where you could see exactly what Mr. Fred and pals were making then,) recall be astonished, at that time he was making more than the head of OSU Hospitals. We also accessed the salaries of other CEOs of local agencies, Board members of agencies, other facilities Franciscan, any non profit around. Again astonishing considering how the REAL staff, the hands on employees, who work their butts off at all such institutions/agencies were just eeking by and the big wigs, who excel at attending mtgs and conferences are living LARGE. Well, that was yrs ago, and I cannot remember what websites have that info. Know it’s available, just can’t find it.
        Anyone out there who knows the websites that provide that info., there a many of us who would be grateful if you let us know how to access this again.
        Thank you in advance to whoever can help us in this regard. Sincerely, a lowly “grunt” like most out here getting chewed up by our lords and masters.

        • Why do you need a website if it’s public record? Where can someone obtain an official document regarding this information?

          • For county employees you can obtain their salaries at the county auditor’s office. But who is going to go their and expose themselves for retaliation and repercussions from the cabal? You will be identified, branded and let to slaughter.

            • ***PERSONAL OPINION*****

              It is my opinion that once a person formally retires it is morally and ethically wrong to hold more than one public position in addition to garnering funds through a private law practice especially so if that person is receiving anything through their retirement benefits. I don’t know for certain about anyone else’s finances other than my own but will say if what has been alleged by other posters on this blog is true then shame on him.

              I wouldn’t feel comfortable going down there in person and asking for that information, who would? That is the job of the investigative journalists with the Herald Star and News9. One of these days they’ll hire someone who’ll end up being an amazing investigative journalist until then……we have who we have. I will give the paper some credit, they at least do an incredibly better job than News9.


          • I want the website so I can access this info from the comfort of my home.
            I am not going to go from place to place demanding the info. I don’t have that kind of time and that could be dangerous.

            The websites are out there, just can’t remember what they are.
            C’mon, someone out there’s gotta know the way to do this via the internet, besides I want the salaries of ALL those govt employess or at non profits locally. saw them about 6 yrs ago and I need to see this info. All locals need to see this stuff.
            Anybody???Where do we find this

            • The county’s auditor’s office has a website where you can look up several things, but the salaries of every employee of every department can only be obtained by personally requesting the same in writing or in person. Under the law, if you personally go, you do not have to give your name and you do not have to state the purposes for which you seek the information.

              But, that is under the law and this is Jefferson County. If you quote Ohio’s public records and access laws to them you will be considered a malcontent and an enemy of the throne.

              If they delay you enough in their office you may receive a tap on the shoulder. When you turn around you may find a tall man with a black metal hood and cape saying to you: “Luke–I am your father.” He will then slice off your arm which is holding the documents.

              Law enforcement will then say they are investigating the felonious assault but the name of your attacker will never be known publicly. There will never be an indictment coming out of the Grand Jury.

              When you get home, you will find that your wife and children do not recognize you. Another person will have taken your place. 911 will be called. Jane will decide it is a federal matter and you will tried in the federal court system for tampering with evidence. Upon conviction you will be incarcerated in a federal facility in Elkins, West Virginia where the special Mountain State Task Force will constantly monitor your activities.

              I’m sorry, I lost my train of thought. What was your question?

            • The closest I’ve found is 2009 and is a list of all counties. Happy reading!


      • public salaries are public records. LOOK IT UP!!!

    • “Why not be transparent to show your good intent and publish them here for the public to see”
      On here???? Is this a newspaper????
      You are NUTS!!!!

  9. So much crime, robberies, breakins, home invasions, drug related murders, drug addicted street walkers/hookers and their pimps, crime, crime, crime, so much for such a small town, yet few make it to court, few are arrested, those who are get out in a few days just to resume their drug trafficking. How many murders just this yr alone, not being investigated, no body charged. We are crime central in a Valley consumed by crime.
    Sadly, those who have the power, the prosecutors office, LE, mayor and all the rest promise us so much, but cannot or will not deliver us from the evil
    How are reasonable people supposed to feel about what a swell job our officials are doing??
    Can Jeff B or any of these folks supposedly running things so great explain how it gets more and more dangerous daily to live here, or any of the surrounding little towns in the county?
    We would have like to have faith and respect the jobs those who represent us our doing, but you have failed in making this area SAFE and prosperous. All we see are the criminal activities on the upswing, the ghetto expanding to nearly every neighborhood in Steubenville, and creeping into the smaller villages too. Jeff B, somebody, can you tell us exactly what you are doing positively for our community? That goes out to the mayor and all else involved in area politics. LE? What are you doing to improve things. We would like specific examples. Will be waiting patiently for someone out there, anyone, Repella, anyone in power to tell us exactly what you are doing for we, your neighbors, the community. We deserve answers. No spin stories like the HS prints, we want specifics and the results of such efforts , please. Thank you in advance, to anyone in authority who can give us something. until then, expect the critiques you have received.

    • It’s to bad that they got rid of the Steubenville Facebook page. That’s something that the HS should seek an “official” answer about, and actually, insist that it be republished. We have asst. prosecutors engaging Radio on twitter but we can’t even have a facebook page?! Does anyone else see the irony in this?

      • Good point, yes, we would like that website back.

        Same bunch of course, they didn’t like the criticism they were receiving, same thing poor son jeff has problems with, people saying mean things about officials, elected and otherwise.
        Very thin skinned bunch are they.
        Great at dishing it out, but ouch, say anything not nice about them and you get shut down,
        The Steubenville Way

  10. Time to Be Philosophical

    Is that all there is. And when I was 12 years old, my father took me to the circus, the greatest show on earth.

    There were clowns and elephants and dancing bears.

    And a beautiful lady in pink tights flew above our heads.

    And so I sat there watching the marvelous spectacle

    I had the feeling something was missing

    I don`t know what, but when it was over,

    I said to myself, ìs that all there is to a circus.

    Is that all there is.

    If that`s all there is my friends, then lets keep dancing
    Let`s break out the booze and have a ball

    If that`s all there is. (Peggy Lee)

    Steubenville and Jefferson County: It is what it is.

    Some say: Grin and bear it. Just accept an unpleasant situation because there is nothing you can do to improve it.

    We put our lives in the hands of the ones that claimed they truly cared and come to find out it`s all just been a lie and when we needed them most, no one was there.

    And so my friends, what do we do. Stop complaining, stop challenging, stop caring. Just do nothing.

    Not me – not some of you. Oh no, we`re not ready for that final disappointment. Let`s keep dancing, let`s break out the booze and have a ball, if that`s all there is.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  11. To “Read” and “The Rest of the Story”: You’ve both claimed that all the details and the name of the woman shooter in the double Wintersville homicide case were disclosed in the news media. You’ve been asked to pinpoint the news story so that everyone can see for themselves. We’re still waiting and waiting and waiting and waaaaaaaaaaaaating.

    Jane of Arch won’t reveal any names or details except the victims. Law enforcement won’t reveal any details. These shenanigans were predicted before the most recent grand jury met. What about the other 10-15 cases that Jane said were considered but wooolaa–disappeared out of sight. No names, no details. Did the potential criminals last names end in a vowel? You can’t cry foul or cry in your towel. When you lie and cheat like a milkless cow.

    • http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/FAQ/All-Frequently-Asked-Questions.aspx?tagid=49#FAQ134From the Ohio AG website Sunshine Law website

      Who can make a request for public records?
      Any person can request public records by simply asking for them. Usually, the request can be made in any manner the requester chooses: by phone, in person, or in an e-mail or letter. The requester cannot be required to identify him- or herself, or to explain why the records are being requested, unless a specific law requires it. Often, however, a voluntary discussion about the requester’s purposes or interest in seeking certain information can aid the public office in locating and producing the desired records. R.C. 149.43(B)(5).

  12. I literally can’t even read the comments on this website anymore. Everyone is so ignorant and paranoid of every little move made in Steubenville. Give it up. Grand juries decide whether to indict or not, the prosecutor just provides the facts to them. The grand jury decides. if somebody didn’t get indicted due to self defense, the grand jury decided that.

  13. It is not for the prosecutor to raise and argue defendant’s case of self defense. She has taken her right of discretion too far to the point that she now becomes the sole decider of who should stand for a crime and who should not. With that type of “special” power, the police should never arrest anyone. Just let the person of interest machine (Jane Hanlin) decipher everything and she can decide, in her own mind, what she believes is justice.

    Here are Ohio’s Jury Instructions, given by a judge (not a grand jury or prosecutor) during a trial in a case of alleged self-defense:

    “The Defendant raises the affirmative Defense of Self-Defense. The burden of proving the affirmative defense of Self-Defense is upon the Defendant. He must establish the dense by a preponderance of the evidence. * * *

    Resort to the use of a deadly weapon is not permitted because of words. Vile or abusive language, or verbal threats, no matter how provocative, do not justify an assault or the use of a deadly weapon.”

    How many of the Steubenville shooters have said that they acted in self-defense? Almost everyone of them. How many got to have their case thrown out of the grand jury by prosecutor Hanlin? None. All have had to go to trial and prove the affirmative defense of self-defense. It was a jury question, not a prosecutor tanking the case in the grand jury issue.

    It was not for the grand-jury to have a mini-trial on the case. Their only duty was that of “probable cause.” Was there probable cause to believe that a person caused the death of another by the use of deadly force. Not, was there probable cause for the prosecutor to believe a certain thing and only present the evidence she wanted or didn’t want to obtain the result from the grand jury she desired.

    That is unethical and prosecutorial misconduct.

    No one has given the Steubenville domestic violence victim who stabbed her husband that type of consideration. Tell me that it is not a black and white issue either. It is just coincidence that the black woman gets charged but the white woman doesn’t.

    Of course everyone is paranoid of ever little move made in Steubenville. Wait until you or a loved one is gunned down by a little move of a finger of an assailant with a gun. How would you feel if the assailant escaped judgement because Jane Hanlin wouldn’t let the case see the light of day because she said SHE has determined it was self-defense.

    The grand jury shouldn’t be deciding. They are controlled by whatever the prosecutor wants. The public, through the jury system, should decide after hearing all the evidence whether there is guilt, innocence or self-defense.

    Stay sad until it affects you or you’re family, then watch how your sad turns into mad. Those words are so closely aligned. Just like prosecutor, persecutor and prostituter.

    • I don’t even know what you are trying to say. I just want everyone to understand that the grand jury decides whether there is probable cause to charge someone with a crime. If you hear somebody was indicted, then you know the grand jury thought there was probable cause to indict them. Hanlin doesn’t make that decision….which is the exact reason why we have grand juries!!!!

    • Did you read the newspaper article? Hanlin did not argue that it was self-defense, she’s the one that sent it to the grand jury for them to determine if it was self-defense:

      “It is a good idea to present all evidence from the fatal shootings to the grand jury for its consideration so we can understand what happened that night,” Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said Tuesday afternoon.

      Everything is not a conspiracy, even though you would like to think it is. I, for one, am not a fan of Jane and company, but there was nothing wrong with what was done in this case.

  14. I understand about the indictment decision. The question is what is the name of the 3rd person at the scene of a double homicide, and what role, if any, did the third person play.

    • Double murder in Wintersville. That’s pretty all we knew with again the murky reporting, and vague at best info offered by LE.
      We are again supposed to ignore it, nothing to see here, just move on nibby public. Murders in your backyards is none of your concern. We’ve got it under control.
      To this day all we know two dead at the hands of a woman. But criminal activity is never anybody’s business in town. We are continually supposed to ignore the drug related murders on Labelle and PH (not so beautiful or pleasant in the last 2 decades)the break ins, home invasions, and all the other varied and assorted crimes we must accept as life now in the city run by who?? again??
      Crime completely out of control, drug related crimes, too many to keep track of, kids being raised in these horrendous conditions all over the valley, as the baby daddys and mommys don’t just deal and use drugs, they procreate, leaving yet another generation to fend for itself as all the good grammas hav just about died off. Crime is a part of every day life in the new Steubenville of the 21st Century. Info from media, good luck, we learn more from gossips in the beauty parlors than the HS or WTOV.
      The people in charge of running this town, cnty, the ones who are supposed to keep us safe, prosecute criminals, restore prosperity and try to clean up the human waste that have invaded and turned into little Chicago again??
      Where are these leaders? Mucci, you were voted in yet again, so what the heck are you doing? Do you really want your legacy to be the mayor with multiple DUIs or can u actually be a city leader? If not why are you even there.
      Same goes for all the other now well known city, cnty leaders.
      What are you doing? The cnty and Steub. are a MESS. What are you doing to improve this. If nothing, can you not please step aside and allow anybody with ideas on how to save a dying town from the suicidal path it is on.
      In twenty years it seems its been about you guys betting power and lots of money.
      How about actually giving back to this town, where you all grew up. Does it not make you sick too to see what a mess it is. If you are such great leaders, lawyers, whatever your talents are, for God’s sake, CLEAN UP THIS CNTY, STEUBENVILLE. Its your JOB, now please do it.
      Just DO YOUR JOBS, ALL OF YOU. If you had been working honestly and efficiently with some successes in the last 20 yrs since your ascent to power, you would not be getting the flack you get on this site. But the fact is, you all have been a disaster as city cnty officials. You have brought this area to the brink of self implosion, and you don’t care. It was all about the power and money, to heck with the citizenry.
      You owe us everything, Do you not think after all these yrs of accumulating power and wealth you could maybe DO YOUR FLIPPIN JOBS AND MAKE THIS COUNTY LIVABLE AGAIN???
      and please, no more intimidation tweets from the sons of the sons, OK already? With the titles you also set yourself up for being critiqued by the commoners, the serfs, the peasants of your fiefdom. Man up. If you had all done a really great job, doubt you would have been under the firestorm you have faced on this blog.
      Man up, Girl up. Do your damn jobs and maybe you won’t have to read all the mean comments.
      Unflippinbelievable, that’s what we think of the “powers that be” that have wrecked this town.

      • Where was it ever said that “two dead at the hands of a woman”? Please show us a link to an article that stated that. Otherwise, stop embellishing the facts of this case to fit some agenda that you have.

        • Agenda??
          the only agenda I have is that we are never privy to what is going on around here.
          Very little news can be obtained from local media. The agenda is “will our officials please be honest with us.”
          Is that really too much to ask?
          According to you, apparently so.
          Who the heck to do you work for or are you married to? If you are not curious at all about the strange way crimes are covered and handled locally, then you must be connected to those in power. IMHO

          Now, please, go away, you are getting on my last nerve, all of you out there who are offended that we just want the whole truth when it comes to reporting the local news.

          • Well your opinion is wrong, I am not connected in any way, shape, or form to anyone in power. I happen to know what happened in this case though a family friend.

            And I’m still waiting for you to either prove or retract your statement, “To this day all we know two dead at the hands of a woman.” Making false statements like this are how vicious rumors are started.

            • I can’t prove anything, anymore than anybody else can “prove” anything.
              Just write me off as one of the tin foil crowd.
              I can hardly see it as starting a vicious rumor. No names, nothing, mentioned. How is that a vicious rumor? No one blamed for anything because I have no clue who did what to who.
              I don’t know what your problem is , unless tied directly to someone involved. If that is the case, I still don’t even know who or what we are talking about.

          • At what point is it private family information versus public local news. Do you honestly want the local news agencies to start reporting news like “Local guy kills himself because of health issues, we’ll talk to the grieving widow and children to get their reaction, story at 6”. There’s such a thing as discretion and responsible journalism. What purpose would it serve to publicize the name of someone that suffered a family tragedy?

            • Every day the local newspaper reports from every police agency the names of people arrested or charged for speeding, stop sign violations, no seat belt, etc. etc. etc. All minor misdemeanors.

              These are just common everyday citizens who have not been found guilty of anything, yet their names get plastered in the newspaper. Is that fair? Even Wintersville reports those who are arrested for minor traffic citations.

              But when there is a double homicide and one person is alive and alleged to have been a perpetrator in one of the homicides, it is taboo to mention their name. But, I guess, under the Rest of the Stories and his other fake names, if the shooter got in her car and was caught going 10 MPH over the speed limit on Main Street in Wintersville, it would be all right to publish her name. But for speeding only, no serious crime.

              Some of you are failing miserably at your attempts to “split hairs” on a bald man. The only thing close is some of your bald faced lies.

              Some of you flip flop on your stories that you can’t even remember what you posted. First you say you do, and then you don’t. Then you say you will, and then you won’t. Let’s call the whole thing off.

              • Thanks, you made the point I think others have been trying to make, albeit not well. speeding, your name makes the paper, murder/homicide…..not so much.
                I personally am more interested in knowing what neighbors are shooting and/or stabbing folks than the ones who run stop signs.
                And not just out of nibshi*ness, I would at least like to know who to avoid in case they aren’t brought up on charges. makes perfect sense to me. Sorry that this has offended those close to those involved but hey, killing is killing even if not deemed a crime????
                See, none of this still makes any sense does it? Something is yet again amiss in the County of Jeff. son of Frank.

      • “If you had been working honestly and efficiently with some successes in the last 20 yrs since your ascent to power, you would not be getting the flack you get on this site.”
        Radio did you know the world power of your blog??
        You need to send a few more foil hats out..

        • Perhaps more of you should invest in that fine alcoa product(now to be outsourced to china but of course…….outsourcing was conspiratorial 3 decades ago before just about all US industry was destined to be out sourced, but I digress)
          conspiracies are generally based on pieces of truth, not just rumors at the barbershop.
          Even son, Jeffy must be getting the tin foil bug, because he like his father before him getting twitchy about “rumors” in the wind. Conspiracies against his locally famous family?? They must think so.

          We of the mindset to question the “news” whether MSM or local are just critical thinkers.
          This is of course no longer taught in public schools, where indoctrination is the main teaching tool. Yes, another conspiracy, if you are left of center. But then again the new lefties are incapable of thinking independently.
          Brainwashing is another word for it.

          So yes, we free thinkers are considered conspiracy theorists. Sadly, nearly every such “conspiracy” (most shoved upon us by an ever expanding govt) has proven itself to be true.

          So feel free to laugh at us, we are not laughing as our city has pretty much been stolen from us (does it even resemble the thriving town it was even 30 yrs ago?) and alas most of our freedoms are taken from us drip by drip.
          “the overton window”….look up the explanation for the phenomenon.

          So as we don our tin foil and pretend to make merry for the winter solstice (Christmas getting banned from more and more places every year…..Do you enjoy the lighting of the Unity Tree in Pittsburgh…….no longer can be called what we all know it is a Christmas tree?)

          You go right ahead and wear your backward ballcaps and watch football while you can(conspiratorialists believe it will be banned in 10 yrs) while the rest of us try to wake the rest of you out of your slumber.

          A soft coup took place and turned the country upside down 5 yrs ago and most of you haven’t even caught on to that yet.

          not much faith in those who chose to remain low info citizens…..it’s all being snatched right out from under you, but they’ve got you well distracted as was their master plan all along.
          The soviets predicted this in the early 60’s, but we weren’t paying attention.
          All that “drugs,sex,rock&roll” we presume. It worked. and we are toast.
          See you on the dark side of the moon

        • RADIO has indeed become quite a force out here.
          Parody/spoof/ yes, maybe, but a powerful force he/she has unleashed. And we are forever grateful for Radio allowing us to “vent” our tin foiled thoughts and ideas on this blog.
          Radio has been a blessing to a great many who had no voice, and who are not fond of twitter as means of communicating ideas.

          Again, a shout out and big Ohio Valley thank you to the most gracious of hosts/bloggers Radionewz.
          We love you

      • “6 Nov Wait…the Mayor of Steubenville was re-elected? Weren’t there hundreds of thousands that wanted him out?..oh yea…they don’t live there..Retweeted by Phantonym

        Just had to copy and paste this here..
        Maybe the angry poster here run against the Mayor and lost.
        Yep, that would explain the anger…..

        • lost on the road less traveled

          Att Common Sense:

          Perhaps you pick up a copy Thomas Payne’s “Common Sense” as I doubt it is allowed to be taught in public schools anymore. The rewriting of our American History is happening at record breaking speed which is why we now have the most poorly educated children in the western world. Just ask one of those brilliant college kids out there now anything about our history, the ignorance is dumbfounding.

          Anyway, if you chose to take that name, suggest you start with Payne’s document that along with General George and his voluntary militia brought the greatest miracle since Christ, the birth of a Nation unlike any monarchy that was all that existed prior to this once great country.

          When you learn your American History, perhaps then we can have an intelligent discussion.
          As for now, I find you foolish and your questions, threats?, challenges meaningless.
          until then,

          • Bravo “lost on the road less traveled.” Maybe common sense will realize that all he possesses is “commode scents.”

          • @lost, you expect more from someone who can’t spell common? @commom sense, get spellcheck!

            • lost on the road to spell checks

              Att: twerking, Aka Sister Mary Eunice,
              I’m old,terminally ill, and need new glasses, gee, you’re the testy one today, it seems.
              are punctuation checks coming next?
              That’s 2x you’ve nailed me in one day.
              gimme a break,(and yes, this ancient writer change names frequently, depending on the rapid cycling of my many moods)
              until we meet again, and let us hope we do not continue to find each other so annoying all the time.

              • Att twerking:
                I just responded to you inappropriately, thought you were commenting on my comment.

                It’s so easy to get goofed up even on here, this is why I never tweet. A
                Anyway, if my response confused you, it’s on me, misunderstood,
                though I hope you don’t start grading my papers. Still have nightmares about my 6th grade teacher.

                • Sorry, dude! LOL! Commom was driving me nuts, yeah, working on attitude adjustment myself. 🙂

                  • to twerking,Good deal, we can start again afresh tomorrow to go after all the dodos that plague this site.
                    Although, if we all agreed on everything here, I guess it might get boring.
                    The back and forth, especially with the REALLY annoying people is the joy in this, and hoping that maybe just one person might wake up out of their dulled thought processes.
                    Goodnight, ’til we cross paths on this road again.

                    • Come On Mom. Your criticism of common is so uncommon. If you are going to screw around with someone us a condom. They are common at gas station restrooms. Let’s not make a commotion over it. Even I don’t always use a comma when I should. Comma Comma Comma Chameleon are still words to a common song that is commingled with many other complicated compositions.

            • maybe you can give me a link to a good one?

          • lost on the road less traveled

            Friday, November 8, 2013 at 8:32 pm .Att Common Sense:

            …………………..I live and act by useing my common sense..That simple…
            Maybe that is to simple for you to understand.
            You have a blessed night.

            • road trips and catechism class

              come on commom:you know, I just joked w/someone
              re: spell checks, but in your case you really do have a problem.
              to vs too

              I am now forced to contact my fifth grade teacher, believe she is in retirement at Ohio Dominican University
              She may put you in the cloakroom and leave you there ’til Thanksgiving.
              You will most definitely NOT be promoted to 6th grade.
              No participation awards in Catholic School. I do appreciate the blessed day wish, and you also. Just brush up on that spelling.
              God speed young one
              and no, I do not consider myself a simpleton, it is you about whom I am a bit concerned.
              Learn to listen, think, ponder, do not be so quick to react, you just might begin to learn new ideas.
              Thinking for yourself is quite wonderful, waaaaay better than lock step group think.

              • I told my kids that every day, and still they would go over the cliff with smiles on their faces. smdh. Some say with maturity comes wisdom–except for those who revel in their lemming-ness.

  15. Crime stats of steubenville. http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/oh/steubenville/crime/

    By law all public employees salaries are obtainable by the general public. It just depends on your state. Some you have to go personally look up and others are online.

  16. It’s the story
    Of a lovely lady
    Who was bring up a wrestler and a girl
    All of them had hair of gold, like their mother,
    The boy could do a 100 curls.

    Here’s the story
    Of a man name Frankie
    Who was busy with children of his own
    He had a law firm
    All together
    Yet they were all alone.

    Until one day when this lady met this fellow
    And they knew it was more than a hunch
    That this group might somehow form a family
    That’s the way they all became the Bruzzese Bunch

    The Bruzzese Bunch
    The Bruzzee Bunch
    They took over the county while we were all out to lunch.

  17. Excellente’ sir/madam, whoever.

    So love your spin offs, maybe it was you who wrote the clever bit about Obamacare at the CMA awards the other night.

    If not you, you share that talent. You are wasted here in this death trap called Steubenville.

    Nashville, Hollywood that’s where your gifts could be appreciated, though we need you here to make us laugh. Please don’t go, we remain thirsty.

  18. What if it Just Isn't News

    Every day, the local newspaper (Hearald Star) gets bought by thousands of people in the Ohio Valley. Why? It is not really a “news” paper anymore. It is just a momento of social events that have or will happened. The only real purpose of the Herald Star is to sell advertisements and make revenue.

    What they publish is really just filler. Wouldn’t it be a lost smarter and cost savings for the company that owns and runs the Herald Star and other newspapers in their company to just put out a weekly shoppers guide with coupons. There could be, perhaps, intermingled among the advertisements for bananas, cabbage, turnips, chopped ham, chicken gizzards, etc. a few social notes, but nothing more.

    For example, these are the so-called “news” stories appearing in today’s paper. Similar such “news” worthy stories appear everyday along with every now and then an editorial to remind you to turn you clocks back, or to praise someone whom that someone says is worthy of praise. If they are friends of the editor or the social page editor, their picture gets posted also. Almost once a week there is a “news” story about some endeavor of the Herald Star itself, accompanied by a picture, like sponsoring a spelling be or a cookbook contest.

    Here’s some of today’s hard-hitting stories:

    * Herald Star Cookbook Contest-there is one every year.

    * Salvation Army Kettles to begin–they begin every year

    * Steubenville Christmas Day Parade Plans–it happens every year

    * The Landmarks Commission is going to have the N. 4th Street Arch Painted–I didn’t even know there was an arch. The only arch I knew they had in the area was Jane of Arch

    * Money for Charity is Needed–it’s always needed.

    * Students pay tribute to Veterans–everyone does or should pay tribute to veterans.

    * Toronto Chamber Talks About the Future–everyone talks about the future, even the chipmunks gathering food for the winter season.

    * A county office is moving to a new location.

    What if none of the above is really news? What is the purpose of the Herald Star’s existence? Now, because of the internet and blog sites such as RadioNewz, one can get more accurate and up-to-the-minute news the minute it happens.

    The only reason I can see for the local Herald Star newspaper to exist is to give people like me an opportunity to complain and write about it. I’ve got to go, Supermarket Sweepstakes is on and I had to kill a few minutes.

    • The Herald Star operates under the same principles as a prosecutor Jane Hanlin Grand Jury. If THEY think there is something you should know they’ll let you know. If SHE thinks there is something you should know, SHE’ll let you know after names, dates, times and places are redacted.

  19. Make the Bad Cabal Stop Talking

    If a family member of yours or a co-worker does something that you are proud of, normally, you would express that to them personally. By the same token, if a family member or co-worker does something that disappoints you, normally, you would express that to them personally.

    But with the Bruzzese mutual admiration society, that is not enough. For some reason, they believe they have to show the world that they have congratulated one of their vested interest people.

    Jane of Arc got a “special-special-assistant-to-the-assistant certificate. She got the PR she wanted with photograph and all and her story in the Herald Star (one of her PR representatives.)

    But her law partner, Frankie, and her assistant prosecutor, Frankie, and the person she made the attorney for the hospital, Frankie, had to publish a letter to the editor saying congratulations for the world to see. Didn’t he say congratulations in the hallway of the prosecutor’s office or at the hospital or in the private law firm’s offices.

    Then Frankies wife, Ruthie Ann, who is a member of the school board and president of the school board, apparently is proud of the organization she created. Her husband, Frankie, already expressed over the internet or through his facebook page how thrilled he was with coach Reno and the school. Her son, Jeffee already expressed on his facebook how thrilled he was with coach Reno and the school.

    So why does Rutie Ann have to write a letter to the editor so the world could see how proud she was of her own creation.

    These are all public officials. They can now never, ever become involved in anything dealing with the Steubenville School system (criminal or otherwise) because of their announced bias in their favor.

    How can Jane and her law partner team of prosecutors ever consider charges against anyone associated in any manner, as a student, teacher, administrator, janitor or whatever with the school system. That is thousands of people. It looks like those part-time prosecutors are now going to waste our taxpayers money by us having to foot the bill for special prosecutors because they can’t keep their mouths shut and their feelings to themselves.

    By the same token, why didn’t the Bruzzese cabal all write or post separate letters to the editor or twitter expression about how disappointed they were when Steubenville High School students were convicted of raping an unconscious girl.

    Are there no two-streets down by the high school. Only one-way alleys?

    You never see any other public official going to the lengths that the Bruzzese cabal does to publicize and re-publicize and re-publicize something that a member of their staff does ad nausea like these people do.

    With Frankie’s 4 public salaries (asst. prosecutor; bd. of elections; Stratton Law Director; public retirement) and private salaries-law practice–Trinity Hospital, couldn’t he have just purchased a full page ad in the Herald Star instead of going on the cheap through a free-letter to the editor?

    The cabal represents the height of cheap and the epitome of arrogance. And we, the people, are the recipients of all that is bad, corrupt and unfair with their ever growing empire and dominance. On November 22, 2013–Hunger Games II–hit the theaters. Maybe we, like the citizens in that movie, will decide that it is time to expose the local government for the totalitarianism they created.

    • Thank you saying much better than I could have all that is so evidently wrong with this incestuous band of whatever it is they are, well educated, very wealthy political thugs is what comes to mind, but that could very well get this pour old soul arrested, charged, and convicted of some trumped up charge in a cnty where only those who “know people” get a pass.
      Prior to the rape case and the negative attention from around the world it garnered, I don’t recall hearing so much so often from this group. Guess they were doing whatever questionable stuff they do, w/o anyone ever questioning their actions, inactions, multiple sources of income, some legit, others??
      But once their little fiefdom and all their multiple connections came under the scrutiny of the media(not local, God forbid) and finally locals who found a voice through the prinnie blog, and then Radionewz, and various other bloggers who were doing a good job of digging into the cabal (Joey Ortega? What did they do to you? it was actually he who was doing incredible investigative work on the powers here all the way from California. Through him, despite his less than stellar radio persona, and blogging, he learned stuff about this bunch that as a local I would never have had a clue about, living right in their midst for decades. But then of course, he switched gears midstream. Still find that most bizarre. Some suggested it was his jealousy over prinnie getting the credit for exposing the case. Maybe, but he went way farther, going into the behind the scenes garbage of the rulers of the Valley. Being a “conspiracy/tinfoilitis” victim, still think “they” got to him. Maybe by sponsoring his music career, just as they have sponsored that fabulous pseudo journalist Stranny.Anyway, still mystified by JO’s switcheroo.Oh well)
      anyways, this bunch has been everywhere since last year, dopey letters to the editor, half hr. self promo pieces on wtov for ms. jane, facebook, twitter, this blog,you name it. They have been peddling themselves and their beloved SHS for well over a yr., presumably to counteract all the bad press and bad feelings of many community members for the first time in their lives it seems.
      They’ve had a great ride, unchallenged,for decades now. And the human horror and tragedy of the hideous rape case exposed them to all.
      Their adoring sycophants are still out there for them, and they always will be, still thrilled to be considered pals enough with these oh so important community figures. They are their private twitter and facebook friends, I guess these dummies feel honored to be recognized by them. More likely, have used them or hope to be able to use them and their connections as needed. It’s good to have friends in high places, I guess, I wouldn’t know, as one of the Valley’s “black sheep.”
      And yes, for all their money, and it’s heard to be considerable, they are cheapies aren’t they?
      And I still would like to know, again out nibbyness, what the heck the SHS band was doing marching all the way to the home of F&R for their party or whatever.WHat the heck is that about? A visit from the band as a thank you, happy BD, what the heck was that about?
      Again, though this writer knows only what is heard “in the wind” from people who know stuff, but too fearful to go public, love hearing from those who comment on here who fill in some of the blanks. Obviously, some have legal back rounds and insider info only those w/political connections could have. Hope you continue to leak us stuff, even though often vague, we will take whatever you have as remain thirsty for your knowledge, humor, and great musical spin-offs. Again this writer has rambled too much, and said very little. Just grateful we have this site to voice discuss our concerns, complaints and find humor in the downright craziness of a valley apparently “controlled” by less than stellar leaders.
      Still praying that real leaders will emerge as the phoenix from the rubble of that which once was a genuinely nice place to live. Praying and waiting. We are more than ready for whoever you are when you make your appearance in our current desolate landscape.

      • “And I still would like to know, again out nibbyness, what the heck the SHS band was doing marching all the way to the home of F&R for their party or whatever.WHat the heck is that about? A visit from the band as a thank you, happy BD, what the heck was that about?”

        The band holds a fundraiser every year and pulls two raffle tickets. Each winner gets a performance by the band at their house. This year it was RA and another family. RA provided food for the whole band and a lot of the people in the neighborhood. What was left went to the Urban Mission downtown.

        • If You've Got it Flaunt It

          It doesn’t matter who won the raffle tickets. To have the band at your house serenading you and your neighbors is one of the perks of being in control of everything. It’s all part of their philosophy of “If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It.”

          Just wait until Super Bowl Sunday at the Bruzzese house. The band will be there and will perform it’s own half-time show just for the Bruzzese neighborhood.

          The adults will be in the house with the 50 inch television screen. The “kids” will be in the cleaned out garage with their own 80 inch screen television. Beverages for the children will not be monitored. (Don’t ask, don’t tell policy.)

          Medical personnel from Trinity Health Care will be present to take care of any unconscious girls. The Steubenville Police will have roadblocks on the street to check invitations. Those without credentials will be banned from the area.

          Red and Black clothing attire is required. (Roll-Red-Roll Sweatshirts is considered “Black Tie” in some circles.

          Song of the night–“Oops I Did It Again” and “I’m not so Innocent.”

          • But you wonder why..........

            There is no conspiracy here. Ruth Anne just happened to win this year’s fundraising raffle drawing. Like Big Red or not, they have an amazing band and it would be a pleasure to have the band perform at your home. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a raffle ticket, the Big Red band puts on one hell of a show for a high school band. What’s your conspiracy theory for the other family who won the raffle and all the previous years’ winners? There are a great many things that need to be questioned but when you go off the deep-end like this, it’s hard to take anything you say seriously.

            • What a coincidence! Ruthie Ann won the raffle! How amazing! Nothing shady there. Out of hundreds of tickets sold, the masters of the universe of Steubenville High School just happens to win the raffle. I’m sure that when Coach Reno or whomever pulled the ticket out of the hat (I wonder why he didn’t show his empty hands first before it went into the hat?) , it just happened to be Ruthie and Frankies.

              I would rank that in the same category as fair elections in Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Russia and other “democratic” realms. No questions there either.

              Do we protect our raffle winners—do we? You know them—you don’t know the other people in the raffle.

              Also, as you know—Oswald acted alone. Just read the full Warren Commission report in 2025.

              • “masters of the universe of Steubenville High School”
                If they’re “masters of the universe of SHS, why would they need to rig a fundraising raffle when as “masters of the universe” they could have them play at their will? I’m on your side, I think many things are off and don’t quite add up but I also think the conspiratorial theories are getting a bit out of hand. Not everything is a conspiracy. It was a fundraising raffle, nothing more.

            • It’s our conspiratorial nature. We cannot help but notice a few too many coincidences, behaviors to which others may be oblivious, a few too many things heard “in the wind” over the yrs that can turn even the most unlikely of teenage sleuths into adult nancy drews who can tell when 2+2 does not = 5.
              We’re not buying what they’re selling anymore. The stench is getting too bad for anyone to ignore anymore.
              We shall await further clues from the “man” and let us pray he/she does not end up in a plastic bag dumped over a hillside.

  20. The Cabal are Liars--So Says A Court of Law

    To Zippy and others. I have been in contact with “the man” who gives history lessons. He tells me that once he gets a break from his current endeavors (law school teaching; special counsel; private practice; government advisor, etc.) he has a history lesson that the Cabal thought no one remembered or uncovered. He says it is better to wait until a fresh “topic” comes up for posting so as not to be lost in the 100 plus comments now appearing under this topic.

    He says that before he “comes back” for a brief lecture to the student body of Jefferson County, it would be good for those interested to refresh their memory of past history lessons since the new lesson will dovetail into the prior lessons.

    He says that it would be helpful for those so inclined to google “Frank Speaks for Jane” wherein hundreds of comments were made concerning the same and dealing with “The Puppet Master” Frank.

    Until then, and as one of his assigned “ghost writers”, Stay Thirsty My Friends.

    • But who is the man?

      Is he:

      # The Most Interesting Man in the World?

      # The Man in Black?

      # The Man in the Iron Mask?

      # The Man in the Mirror?

      # The Man in the Moon?

      # The Man with the Iron Fists?

      # The Man Who Knew Too Much?

      # All, some, one or none of the above?

      Until then we will stay thirsty. We’ll keep the light on for you and the fires burning.

      • In my opinion, he’s just “THE MAN”.

      • I don’t care who or what he/ she is. If it’s the Cat in the Hat or SpongeBob, OK by me.
        Just know many are thirsty for the TRUTH, something we cannot ever expect to get from the Herald Star/wtov as they are obviously under the control, again, as is everybody and any place that employs just about everybody in this valley of an ‘entity’ that’s grown far too powerful and threatening to the community at large,. Enough people know tidbits here and there of what goes on, but to get a fuller picture as we had received from the mystery person/persons in the past would be great. Did save the Frank speaks 4 Jane and the puppet master comments, knowing they were very important to that which is SO WRONG w/everything here, so I shall reread to refresh my poor beleaguered brain. Thanks to you all, ghostwriters and Master Writer for keeping us, what’s left of this valley in your hearts and collective mind. Don’t even care what your motives are, whether altruistic or just plain “getting even,” we who are trapped here need help desperately and need the info with which to decide what our options are in dealing with the “beast.” We just want our town back, we want honest community leaders, and a pleasant, safe, respectable community with a chance for economic development. Would be nice to invite friends and relatives to visit w/o having to feel ashamed of our home county. Is that too much to ask for? A HS with a fire breathing horse and spoiled athletes just doesn’t cut it for this family.
        Thanks, and we will be waiting with baited breath. Getting dramatic now, just thanks & looking forward to hearing more from you and your associates. God bless you.

    • I can’t freaking wait!!!!!!

  21. I believe “The Man” is an attorney sitting right in the midst of the Jefferson County cabal territory. He is the last person that would be suspected of challenging them, thus giving him the opportunity and ability to strike at and expose their nefarious deeds without suspicion.

    Maybe he is a judge. Maybe he is a member, himself, of the dreaded Gestapo. Maybe he is the Sheriff. Maybe he is a “fed up” reporter from the local news media. Maybe he works in the courthouse. It has to be someone with access to documents and records right in the den of iniquity.

    To me, he is The Scarlet Pimpernel.

    [Sir Perry is a wealthy English baronet who rescues individuals sentenced to death by the guillotine. He soon reveals himself to be a master of disguise, an imaginative planner, a formidable swordsman and a quick-thinking escape artist. With each rescue he taunts his enemies by leaving behind a card showing a small flower–a scarlet pimpernel. The identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel thus becomes a topic of widespread popular interest and the hero himself becomes the subject of an international manhunt by the French revolutionary authorities. To hide his true identity, Sir Percy (The Man) presents himself in everyday life as a dim-witted, foppish playboy. (attorney) His secret is kept by a band of friends known as the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. The league operates as an undercover team in enacting Sir Percy’s rescue plans.”

    So, wait patiently ,stay thirsty my friends and wear a flower in your lapel.

    • Sometimes late when things are real
      And people share the gift of gab between themselves
      Some are quick to take the bait
      And catch the perfect prize that waits among the shelves

      But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man
      That he didn’t, didn’t already have
      And Cause never was the reason for the evening
      Or the tropic of Sir Galahad.

      • How refreshing to see others are intelligent enough to have read the classics. The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Wizard of Oz. Obviously Radio has a well read readership. I thought I may have the only one to have endured multiple classics in high school. Nice to see I’m not alone.

    • I shall, and I am so pleased with this scenario. Zippy, you see may be just a foppish playful chimpanzee/professional, by day, fooling all zippy meets due to it’s oft misunderstood foolish nature. Zippy, though, has been a super sleuth seen a mere teen, and has matured into an almost, let us say double agent.
      So, my guess is zippy, that would be me, is familiar with Sir Percy, as this chimp has managed to sneak into the inner sanctum of many an unsuspecting “consumer.”

      More than thrilled to learn that “Percy” is one of us, as this monkey’s uncle is more fun than a barrel of pimpernels.
      Enjoying this even more as the “game” becomes more fascinating with every shooting star.

      Though, in all seriousness, much is at stake, but do enjoy the mysterious angles this has taken. Suspected as much, as this chimp has been slithering on the edge for quite some time itself. Will enjoy the revelations as they occur. Can hardly contain my glee.

      ’til later, sweet prince said the preying mantis to the spider.

      • “Purity in body and heart
        May please some–as for me, I make no boast.
        For, as you know, no master of a household
        Has all of his utensils made of gold:
        Some are wood, and yet they are of use.”

    • There’s a good chance I may be wrong but I think “the man” writes for the Herald Star. I won’t name which one or say too much other than it isn’t that hard to notice similarities in writing techniques and style. Whoever it is I sincerely appreciate “the man’s” willingness to allow the people of Jefferson County to know the truth. Someone needed to stand up for the residents of Jefferson County, I’m glad it was someone who is obviously highly intelligent but also humorous.

  22. and don't forget the english poets

    “in my end, …is my beginning”

  23. and don't forget the english poets

    “We had the experience, but we lost the meaning”

    agh don’t forget the modern poets,

    me thinks this may apply to the residents of the City of Steubenville,
    and then, to those electorates of our forgotten little river town
    not just in terms of dom mucci’s latest dance, the display of his talents in the streets of his newly minted mayorality

    but to all so much my good friends,
    so much indeed

  24. the man in the plastic bag

    does anyone remember the guy found in the plastic bag down along rush run?

    it was a dark hallowed night and some
    say it led to a man who would become a fierce county law enforcement official

    a lawyer, a very capable backed by Frankie and the running bulls

    indeed dead men don’t speak, certainly about $50,000 downtown ville bank deposits and county officials running drugs

    {but plastic dna does and some a few know who still breathe human breathe]

    just mayb, a few dark tales of the crypt will yet uncovered the walking dead who yet haunt the old roads of Jefferson county, among us

    • Gasp! Not being from the area, have not heard anything about that. However, I am positive every detail has been covered and recovered by the superlative HS investigative reporter?

      If not, maybe the ville’s son of perdition can fill in any missing details? He seemed so willing to debate anyone about such things.

      It has been suggested many times that some clever writer pen a future best seller book titled “Steubenville, Caught Big Red Handed”. I can hardly wait to read the book, and watch the movie.

    • Not familiar with the guy in the plastic bag found in Rush Run? My knowledge of history of the area goes far back, but I’m stumped on that to which you are referring.

      All I can recall (from my past life) is the Indian uprising in 1772 in Rush Run. That story can be found by searching: Indian Encounters-Wells Township.

    • Unsolved Steubenville Murder

      WTOV 9 is reporting a story about a murder 6-7 years ago that happened on Kendall Avenue in Steubenville. The story is about Who Killed Joshua Schoonover. Neighbors heard an argument involving two men and a woman. Sounds like something that happened in the Wintersville case.

      Steubenville’s Police Chief says the it is still an open investigation. Boy are they stupid. What they probably don’t know, and under the Jane rule they will never know, is that the case probably already went to one of Jane’s secret grand jury wash out sessions. She probably determined that it was just a case of self-defense. Therefore, no one is entitled to know the names of the the alleged perpetrators, any facts or circumstances. It was probably just a domestic dispute to which the public does not need to know about.

      That’s Jane’s rule to which the news media accepts. They did so in the Wintersville murders. Can’t they figure out that it follows one of Jane’s rules. I think it’s called Catch 22.

      • Steubenville Big Red Star

        With due respect to the family, it should be noted that Joshua Schoonover was a Steubenville High School football star in his day. His friends were former Steubenville High School football players.

        Since those with knowledge of his murder could be people associated with the school and Roll-Red-Football, it is taboo to look into the matter any further. Chief Assistant Prosecutor Frankie, Prosecutor Janie-a former president of the Steubenville School Board, Frankie’s wife Ruth Annie, president of the school board and Frankie’s law partner’s brother in law, also a member of the school board, have made it clear in their letters to the editor, facebook postings and twitters that they will never say, do or investigate anything that could possibly cast a negative effect on the Big Red.

        In the words of Taylor Swift: They will never, ever, ever investigate or prosecute SHS criminals–never, ever. Too bad citizens, you knew the Cabal was trouble the minute you let them walk through the front door.

        • Just FYI, Jane and Frank weren’t prosecutors when this murder happened.

          • If you are talking about the Joshua Schoonover murder, that occurred on January 21, 2007. At that time, Thomas Straus, Frank Bruzzese’s law partner and Jane Hanlin’s law partner were assistant prosecutors. Straus took office in 2005. The cabal has controlled that office since then and into the present and (presumably) in the future. Straus, like Hanlin after him claimed the office for his “family.”

            If you are talking about the Rush Run murder that happened with the Indians in the 1700s, I would agree with you that Jane and Frank were not prosecutors when that happened.

            I believe the prosecutor of the Northwest Territories serving out of Ft. Henry at the time was a man named Joseppi Bruzzeppi who immigrated from the Calabria part of Italy. The Sheriff for the territory at that time was Fredrico Abbacadabra.

            • Omg! Too funny! My sides ache from laughing so hard.

            • So are saying Straus murdered Josh Schoonover?

              • You’ve got several posts jumbled up. The person that wrote about the “man in the plastic bag” is not the same person writing to correct the time line of who was prosecutor during the Schoonover murder. Straus was prosecutor during that murder. I still don’t know what the “man in the plastic bag is all about.”

                Maybe that is why Jane got her special special federal certificate to investigate that. Maybe the plastic bag was made in West Viginia and it requires Jane and the whole Mountain State Task Force to solve it.

                May Jane already knows who the murder victim “the man in the plastic bag” is and who the murderer is, but since it was a domestic case and probably self-defense, it will never become public knowledge.

                Maybe Jane now uses that “plastic bag” to carry her lunch to work everyday since she is on the go so much with all of her part-time jobs that she can’t meet the boys at Yurgo’s everyday.

      • Upon using Google, an article can be found that quotes a certain captain on the police force:

        “But even worse is knowing there is a murderer walking around free. There are people who know exactly what happened that morning and they know who murdered Josh. But no one is talking,”

        Gee, that sounds nearly identical to what was also said about those that refused to talk to the rape case investigators.

        So many shootings and murders in the ville, so little part time.

        • Steubenville High School and it’s players (administrators, teachers, select football players,) have their own code of silence. It is much like the Italian Code of Silence known as Omerita.

          That is why in the Josh Schoonover case, the police have said “there are people who know exactly what happened—but no one is talking.”

          Those that know are associated with the Big Red. The Code of Silence has been invoked and will be enforced. Reminders of that “code of silence” are periodically broadcast by the Bruzzese cabal when they write letters to the editor, make postings on their facebook and twitter.

          It is a subtle reminder to the “sheep” that the flock is being herded and watched.

  25. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the day for arraignments of Jane of Arch’s most recent indictments from the grand jury. It would be a good time for the local media to ask Jane what happened to the secret 10-13 that escaped indictment. But that would probably be prohibited by followers of Jane’s secret society and it’s followers which includes the local media. She is the leader and Frank carries the hidden books of The Priory of Sion and The Illuminati.

    Soon she maybe exposed, “In this year there came a young girl who said she was the Maid of France and played her role so well that many were duped by her, especially the greatest nobles…”

    Some of us know your true identity–Claude desArmoises

    • I continue to hope someone is getting everything worth noting to AGs office. Even though they would like to pretend what goes on here does not, and play the placate all sides game, they need to know, we know things are so not kosher here, and it’s time for honest politicians(realize that is an oxymoron, but let us dream)to try to get a handle on everything that is just so wrong here.

      Let them all retire to Hilton Head or wherever, we don’t even care, just make them leave political offices.

      Do believe the part about drug lords, payoffs to LE and others, again these stories are “in the wind” and you cannot dump hundreds of knowing bodies in plastic bags on remote cnty roads. Too many dead bodies in plastic bags may finally bring attention the unsolved murder and crime in general problem that exists is Death Valley.

      • Does anyone know anything else about the “man in the plastic bag”? A year, name, anything?

      • I meant, get these posts on this blog to AG office.
        Whether they want to ignore the ‘problems’ of Jeff cnty or not, they need to know we are alert and oriented to all that is so wrong here.
        Please, somebody, be sure all these post get to the AG office. It’s more important than you might realize.

        • The AG’s office reads here. In fact I’m told one female prosecutor stole my pic of the gun and the Preparation H bullets. 🙁

          That’s low. 😐

          • I am glad to know the AG office is following your blog because you have many smart, knowledgeable and at times very funny commenters who have valuable information re: that which is so dysfunctional in this forgotten part of the state. They can learn much from your blog from we the anonymous who cannot reveal ourselves, for safety sake. They do need to know that the people in charge have been destroying what was left of us, once the mills closed their doors, jobs gone, no employment except in “health care industry.” We are in our death throes here, have been, and the “leaders” of the community seem to be helping facilitate it. Sorry you got in trouble for your Prep H bullets. Sad, you can’t even make jokes anymore w/o somebody dreaming up something sinister. Most of recognized it as a silly joke, but in the new world where a 6 yr old gets suspended from school for a gun shape out of a pop tart, I’m not surprised.
            This is not the country we grew up in and they have been working “fast and furious” to take just about anything we can even remember about the America of old that some of us still fondly remember.
            So, in God this commenter still trusts, and I pray that God will not forget those who gave up EVERYTHING to give us this USA, though, tragically, THEY are trying to steal HER from us.
            Carry on sweet Radio person, and know we are behind you and your right to freedom of speech and expression, and all those freedoms which we should all hold dear.

          • LOL! It’s a govt agency, Radio, they definitely have a greater need. 😀

          • STFU Radio! Seriously? LMAO! I’d be so proud 😀

    • What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? If the grand jury decided not to indict the others then they are entitled to their privacy.

      • Who ARE “the others?” Do tell. LOL!

        • I have no idea. I don’t know anything about anything other than what information is already publicly available. I do think that innocent people can and have been investigated by the grand jury so they do deserve their privacy. If someone is arrested then yes, we as the public, deserve to know why but we don’t need to know all the details about police investigations especially if a person turns out to be innocent.

  26. Anyone know when the long suffering GJ to meet again?
    Would be nice if they got all of whatever it is there task is (been going on so long now, I can’t quite remember what they are grand jurying about anymore)
    Would be nice to get the rape case mess sorted out, finished, so we can then move on the lawsuits everybody wants to file against everyone on either side of this story.
    Also looking forward to the “mystery guest” who has indicated more info will be coming our way, via this blog, re: the powers that be we have learned over last yr and 1/2 are every bit or even more corrupt than we suspected.
    Maybe then WE THE PEOPLE can gather whatever our resources are together, as a united front against those who really do not have the best interest of the community, but have rather been self serving in using OUR money (tax dollars) to advance their personal agendas rather than seeking to make this a community worth living in again. Time to take back our cnty from those who have not served us well. Let them go back to private sector and tough it out, for community leaders we are now in need of people who are willing to put the needs of a community that wishes to again thrive before personal gain, power and control. Let us do this Valley people. Our time is at hand.

    • The Jefferson County electorate have already lost their “comeback” before it has even started.

      The next election wherein the voters of the county can start to replace the ruling cabal is the election of 2014.

      The filing deadline for candidates (Democrat and Republican) is February 5, 2014.(84 days from today).
      The first cabal member that could be defeated is Judge Joseph J. Bruzzee, Jr. An attorney from Jefferson County is the only qualified person to run for that office.

      What are the chances any attorney has the integrity, guts and ethics to run against the incumbent and face the wrath of the cabal. Absolutely none. So the B judge will be elected without opposition and serve for an additional 6 years.

      The next time the citizens have the opportunity to vote out members of the B cabal is in 2016 when almost all county offices (along with Presidential Elections) are to be held.

      In order to vote out the B controlled prosecutor, an attorney would have to file. What are the chances any attorney has the integrity, guts and ethics to run against the incumbent and face the wrath of the cabal in that race.
      Absolutely none. So the B cartel continues in their dominance and control.

      Thus far, the B cartel has already taken, without any or much opposition, all seats that were up for election in 2013. Dan Spon–Municipal Court (former law partner of the Bs; Ruth Ann Bruzzese–School Board, wife of Frank B, Mayor of Stratton John Abdalla–no one ran for that but he will be appointed by council in January. By him and no one running for that office he did not have to give up his seat on the Board of Elections. He will remain there with his Stratton Law Director, Frank Bruzzese, whom he appointed. The A & B will also remain as chairman and vice-chairman of the Democratic party.

      Judge Kerr can`t run for re-election in 84 days because of age disqualification. The democratic party has already promised that èlected“ position to Joseph Corabi.

      So all we the people can do is vent on this site. Stay vocal my friends!

      • Pretend I was qualified and wanted to run, what would they do to me, what exactly can I expect in the way of wrath from the cabal. I have led a clean life, no scandalous behavior, what exactly do they do to anybody that challenges their power. We out here have a right to know, if you all continue to discourage us from even considering running for office, please explain. They can have all the hissy fits they want, we just need to know to expect dead horse heads in bed or what. Thank you in advance for clarifying just what this bunch does when they are wrathful
        Maybe we are far braver than for which you give us credit. gracias mi amigo

        • The positions of power are the Judgeships and the Prosecutor’s Office. In order to run for those, you have to be an attorney that lives in Jefferson County. Your law license is your livelihood.

          If you are involved in the civil practice of law, to which almost every attorney is involved, your biggest paydays deal with personal injury cases. In personal injury cases, your client is making a claim against someone that they believe caused them damages and is liable for those damages.

          The person you believe responsible for you client’s injuries turns the matter over to their insurance carrier. The insurance carrier usually has a law firm in a local area that does all of their defense work. In Jefferson County, that law firm is most likely the Bruzzese and Calabria Law Firm composed of Frank Bruzzese, Mike Calabria, Jane Hanlin, Jeff Bruzzese and Emanuela Agresta. Those attorneys also happen to be assistant prosecutors under their law partner Jane Hanlin.

          If you cannot settle the lawsuit for your client with the insurance carrier, then you must file a lawsuit. There is a 50/50 chance that the Judge you get to preside over your client’s lawsuit is Judge Bruzzese. A judge can do many things to your case including throwing it out at the outset if a “motion for summary” judgement is made by the opposing attorney. The judge would have to find that there is no material issue of fact which you could prove against the opposing party. If you believe the judge has made a wrong ruling, you would have the right to appeal the case.

          All of this takes time and money which your client does not have. You would have to pay for those expenses out of your law office’s practice.

          Even if you go to trial, a judge has a great influence over what a jury does in your client’s case as far as permissible evidence, qualified expert witnesses, etc.

          If you represent a criminal defendant, then you are faced with the Bruzzese prosecutors. The prosecutors have discretion as to how to deal with the matter. Whether to give your client a plea bargain, to recommend jail time, etc.

          If you go to trial you could face not only a Bruzzese prosecutor or a Bruzzese law firm prosecutor, but a Judge Bruzzese.

          The law enforcement in the county is the Sheriff`s office. The Sheriff`s brother is the chairman of the democratic party and Frank Bruzzese is the vice chairman. They are also both on the county board of elections. The sheriff has to go to the Bruzzese prosecutors to get charges filed against your client.

          In the City of Steubenville, the law enforcement agency is the Steubenville Police. Bruzzzese prosecutor and law partner Jane Hanlin is married to a high ranking officer in the Steubenville Police Department. (The Narcotics Unit Officer). Many of the crimes in the area involve drug trafficking. You will therefore, always be involved with a Bruzzese person either as a prosecutor or law enforcement officer (the husband now has multi-jurisdictional powers) who can call the shots. If your criminal case stays in Steubenville it will be heard by a former Bruzzese law partner Judge Spahn.

          So, you as an attorney seeking to survive in your law practice and support your family needs to stay clear of doing anything to or against the powers in charge of the justice system in the county. If you do run afoul of them or are perceived as an enemy, you may not be able to survive. The citizens will know who has an in with the powers that be and who doesn`t.

          For that reason, no attorney, will ever challenge the status quo of power brokers. Remember, these are attorneys that have to run for these offices. If they ran for office, they would need to raise money and usually have a campaign committee.

          When Thomas Straus ran for prosecutor against Bryan Felmet to capture the final seat of power in the county, his campaign committee consisted of the Bruzzese law firm. Joseph J. Bruzzese, Sr. was the treasurer (the patriarch of the family). And Frank Bruzzese, Jane Hanlin and the rest of the law firm were active participants in the committee.

          A disinformation campaign and demonization of Felmet began almost immediately by the Bruzzese faction upon Felmet`s taking office. The Bruzzese faction got the Steubenville Police to publicly make a `no confidence`vote against Felmet. The FOP publicly endorsed Struas. Dirty and false campaign tactics were used. And basically, it was a take no prisoners mentality in that election. No attorney ever dared to open their mouths during that campaign that was negative to the Bruzzee candidate (Straus).

          If you can comprehend the above, that is just a small clarification of what the bunch can do when they are wrathful.

          They are dangerous Hombres.

          • Oh dear, well if nothing else, they will all have to die someday, like it or not, There is no escape for any of us, not even the most dangerous hombres of the Ohio
            Death will end their careers. And that of the son’s and the son’s of the son’s.
            good day

            • The citizens of the county have been sold a bill of goods. If you say death will end their careers, then someone ought to write a book called “Death of a Salesman.”

              • FB/willy lomax??
                perhaps, failures in that which really matters.
                few realize what is important until they’re in their deathbed.

                “We’re free” says wife linda/not R

                Say goodnight, Marilyn (Monroe DiMaggio Miller)

                • Go Back to the Rabbit Hole

                  You are too sophisticated, knowledgeable, clever and intelligent to be hanging around with the mad people. Nevertheless, the smile you see may just be an aberration made by an invisible cat.

                  • I cant but help it,
                    “We’re all mad here”

                    • My addiction is spelled out in iron:
                      Words have been stomped into my fate by elegantly gargantuan feet of Greek goddesses and in the metal lies every pretentious metaphor and ink-soul-splatter that will define the rest of my existence. There is no going back.

                    • dear gone mad,

                      I am a bit more literally challenged than are you, dear Cheshire.
                      Do enjoy the secret friendship that only those trapped within the maddening crowds here could

                      Hope to encounter the imaginary grin one day, or perhaps this sad Alice already has
                      You are correct, there is no going back
                      keep looking forward it’s the only way out
                      until later

                    • Glad to Have You in My World

                      If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?

                    • To the Mad Hatter:

                      Glad you’re in the world, and my little weirdo world, too.
                      You make me grin, no, smile as wide as the cat in the tree.

                      not to be confused with the cat in the hat
                      later my smiling/smirking? friend

                    • Alice, your words make me have delusions of adequacy.

              • I’ve not done acid
                I’ve not done pot
                I have no idea
                WTF you are talking about.

      • Judge Spahn is fair, just, and an all-around good guy.

        • Your opinion is accepted. Some people, however, are judged by the company they keep or kept. Question, however, since he has been on the bench, going on probably 14 years or so, not including bind-over hearings, how many jury trials has he had? Almost every case is plea-bargained with his approval.

          Not saying he is not fair or just, but by 12:00 noon everyday, as a “full time” judge he is free for the day. He follows the same “part-time” regimen that Judge Richard Powell did before him and Judge Mele Vukelic did before that and Judge Sedgewick even before that.

          The salary is not commensurate with the work-load.

          With Jefferson County’s dwindling population, the Municipal Court and the three “part-time” county courts (Dillonvale, Toronto, and Wintersville) our state senator and representative should follow the recommendations of the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and introduce legislation to combine all of those courts into one or two with “full-time” judges. It has always been resisted by the Jefferson County Bar Association because it is a cushy political seat wherein the county court judges make fantastic money (they only meet one night a week) and still carry on thriving private law practices.

          You sound like an attorney, so it will be interesting to see if you have any thoughts on the matter.

          • When President Obama starting talking about “health insurance” the Bruzzese group though he said “wealth insurance” and they’ve been sucking up as much they can from the public teat.

  27. Have you noticed how much “safer” and calmer Jefferson County has become ever since the Ohio Attorney General, Steubenville Police and our own Special Assistant to the Assistant Federal Prosecutor was certified with all that fanfare several weeks ago. Yesterday, the first arraignment of criminals were held by those people indicted last week in Jefferson County.

    I’m so glad we no longer have to put up with shoplifters and federal offenses like people who cut off other people’s beards. That was getting so out-of-hand. No one felt safe. I can now start growing my beard again and steal change out of my parents change drawer.

    Yesterday’s arraignment saw 2 people charged with murder, 4 people charged with felonious assault with firearms and a person charged with home invasion brought before the judge.

    How reassuring to know that we now only have about 7 people a month indicted with shootings in the county. I’m sure with the program we will eventually see the other 15 shooting suspects a month face the judge. All that has to be done is for law enforcement to remind those violent criminals that they are being watched!!!

    What a program—it’s so speeeecial! I’m so glad we can be so Frank!

    • I’ve sat in a court room in a different city where the judge knew the awaiting law breakers by first name. You see, they had been in the court many times before, having a long rap sheet.

      There were several lulls that day while atty’s were in the back room cutting their deals. The judge, to pass the time, began a conversation with one man awaiting his turn before the court. The man was a former basketball star on the local school team. He also had the namesake of his father, who was also the big basketball star of his time. The judge reminisced about his own days of basketball court glory with the father of that days proceedings. There were several conversations off the record between the judge and the perp.

      The point of my story is that the judge and the lawyers need these perps for job security. Their livelyhood depends upon it, as these perps with long rap sheets allow a continual need for judges and lawyers since the perps are the repeat customers of the court. Who knows the true percentages, but perhaps 5% of the people commit 90% of the crime? That day’s banter made it clear to me why repeat offenders get off so easy in the courts and have long rap sheets. They usually have no money or assets, so the judge goes very easy on them. The judge, the prosecutor, and appointed defense atty are paid by the taxpayer, so they need to
      churn these customers as job security.

      How many times do we see murders committed by perps with incredibly long rap sheets? It use to be 3 strikes and you’re out. Committing a felony with a gun was suppose to be zero tolerance. Today it is the norm. The courts will not punish the perps appropriately, but each time a mass shooting takes place, potus wants to disarm the law abiding American citizen.

      Is it any wonder why our cities have become so unsafe?

      Song of the night – We Got To Get Out Of This Place

  28. More Shoddy Prosecutor Work

    If you read the Herald Star newspaper today (Thursday, November 14, 2013) you will see, once again, how your part-time prosecutor did another shoddy job in protecting the public.

    She was trying a felonious assault (firearm involved) case against Corey Lyons yesterday when, woooola, she decided to dismiss the case in the middle of trial. This was one of the serious crime firearm cases she pledged to vigorously prosecute.

    But now, because of the dismissal, the defendant if free of those charges and placed in double jeopardy. Jane of Arch says that he is on federal probation from crimes years ago so they can take care of him. She says that testimony of witnesses didn’t jive with testimony given in the grand jury so she decided to dismiss the case in the middle of trial.

    I thought everyone defended Jane of Arch and her secret work in the Grand Jury. To some who insist the Grand Jury is the boss, I wonder what they think about Jane reversing their decision. Oh well, she got good P.R. for the indictment. Then she got her special-special certificate. So it still worked out good for her PR campaign at the time.

    Also yesterday another great plea deal was given by Jane of Arch. A woman who stole $1,643 from one person and $20,000 from another person got sentenced to seven days in jail. Not a bad job for the thief. She gets one day in jail for the $3,091.85 per day she averaged. Heck, I would spend 7 days in jail with free room and board if I got paid over $3,000 a day.

    How does that sentence jive, however, with the poor black or underprivileged family that shoplifts food from Kroger to feed their family? They go to the big house.

    Justice in Jefferson County. Isn’t it a beautiful thing if you know the right people. Safe neighborhoods programs, dismissal of gun violence defendants, probation for thieves who steal a year’s worth of money from unsuspecting victims–I think Frank should write another letter to the editor saying how proud he is of Jane and how proud he is to be part of the team. (The 20 mule Team).

    • Something about that name

      Lyons. Isn’t there a magistrate with the last name of Lyons?

      • Meeta Bass Lyons although I have no idea if he’s any relation to her. She is fair, just, and a very honorable magistrate. Even if they are related somehow that has no bearing on her whatsoever. She’s one of the ones the people can count on to be just and fair.

    • What a sorry excuse for dismissing the case. Jane says it doesn’t matter that she bailed out in the middle of trial because the guy will be taken care of by the feds on a prior conviction and probation violation there.

      So why bring the case in Jefferson County against him in the first place. Jane could have saved, time, money, court resources, grand jury resources, court reporter resources, court personnel resources, jury resources, subpoena of witness and all other associate costs if she just let the feds handle the defendant in the first place.

      Why the dog and pony show to begin with?

      In 2005, with the election of the Bruzzese cabal, the circus has come to town and it’s here to stay. Let’s reopen Buddy’s field (now Alexander Manor), put up the circus tent, and have a permanent three ring show all the time. How many Jefferson County Prosecutor clowns can fit in that little car??

      • But won’t she get to prosecute the federal case too now that she is cross trained and a special assistant to the assistant? This will give the firm a double barrell approach.

        In fact, this is a plus for the taxpayers, cause now she’ll be working illegally? for free.

        I think there is some little understood theory in play, some sort of shift in thinking, sort like the thinking outside the box thingy?

    • The charges were dismissed because 2 witnesses lied trying to get revenge and that was proven in court. The jury was there and heard testimony for 2 days. She stopped the proceeding because police testimony , police video and witnesses all were different in their stories. He was innocent ! Just because someone committed a drug crime doesn’t mean they are a violent criminal. Believe me innocent or not if Jane thought she could win she would of continued, she tried to make her self look good by saying she has a ethical duty to do what’s right. Jane, SPD and Jefferson County justice system is a joke. As for Lyons playing for Big Red, he only played there 1 yr and 3 for weir high, he played on Weir high team when they won state , he was a very talented football player! Sad someone couldn’t help him do better, instead of using to win football games !

      • Should Have Been Thrown Out at Grand Jury

        The royal screw up should have been discovered by Jane of Arc in the grand jury process. That is where the cases are screened. She has no problem in throwing out cases (like the 10 last Grand Jury) whenever she decides without having to give any reason or motive or explanation. If she says it’s done, it’s done. No local news media looking over her shoulders.

        All Jane cares about is keeping herself in the media forefront so she can run, someday, for a judgeship. Guilt or innocence means nothing to her or her corrupt organization. You say the defendant was innocent. That is not her standard or concern. If she can get good copy and had it her way–none of the guilty would go free, and damn few of the innocent.

  29. Someone by the name of Corey Lyons played football for SHS. It came up in a google search. My God, do they have their hands full in that athletic dept.

  30. Agree this one is strange. I noticed the testimony prior to Hanlin asking for a sidebar had to do with Lyons’ location at the time of the shooting, which differed from what was said in the indictment. Surely it had to be something more than that? Not much hope of the Herald Star getting more info, I’d guess.

    As for Lyons, it appears he was previously sentenced as a crack dealer for selling to a guy named Craig Elmore. Wonder if that Elmore is a younger brother to the Anthony Elmore that did the home invasion with Creech? You know, it’s bad in that town when an outsider like me starts recognizing repeated names in unrelated crimes…

    • Just to play devil’s advocate, if a primary witness says something completely different in the grand jury testimony and on the stand – you have to stop and figure out what the heck is going on. Move to dismiss and then just refile and retry the case after you get the witness to clarify. The wrong thing to do would be to continue the trial with bad testimony so that when he’s found not-guilty you can’t retry him (double-jeapardy). This is really normal criminal defense stuff, not the work of a conspiracy.

      • He's Already in Jeopardy

        Once the jury was impaneled, jeopardy attached. The trial cannot be continued. He can not be retried on those charges, ever. It doesn’t matter that the case never went to a jury, it’s over!!! Most lawyers know that. All prosecutors know that except for the one in Jefferson County, Ohio who is so great she has now become a special assistant federal prosecutor.

        I can’t wait to see what federal cases she gets to prosecute. Was it worth all the PR and publicity to now have a dunce on the staff of the federal justice department—at no pay. She certainly could use the experience however. Maybe put her on some federal food stamp fraud cases so she can cut her teeth.

        • Wrong. She can retry him with Federal charges instead of state.

          • His felonious assault happened in Steubenville. There was no federal crime here unless you can prove it was a hate crime under federal law or a violation of civil rights. Go back to Ohio Northern Law School. There was nothing interstate here either. I don’t mind you defending Jane of Arch but you have to make a little sense.

            Okay–have it your way. Since she is now a “federal” prosecutor let’s see what she does. I hope in several months when it doesn’t happen you will realize you don’t know what you are talking about. Ask your buddy Frank the law school professor, even he should know the answer.

            • What if the witness’s testimony at trial proved the defendant was innocent? Do you think she should have continued the trial anyway?

              • That's Why You Have Jury Trials

                It is up to the jury to determine if one witness’s testimony proves a defendant innocent. If all the prosecutor had in the first place was just one witness and no more, she should have never brought charges or had the defendant indicted by the grand jury.

                No one knows what a jury is thinking or is going to do. O.J. was found innocent when he was guilty of murder. He was found guilty of armed robbery in another trial when he tried to get back his football momentous.

                Casey Anthony was found not guilty when she was. George Zimmerman was found not guilty and he wasn’t guilty.

                You didn’t see any prosecutors bailing out of their duties in those case though.

                How could Jane determine that one witness was going to sink her case. She’s a weak, incompetent and scared prosecutor if that’s the case.

                • Maybe it’s just that Walter Madison is an excellent lawyer. I know if ever I found myself in a situation to need a defense attorney, Walter Madison would be at the top of that list followed by McNamara and then Lamatrice. There are good lawyers around if you just look.

          • Federal Prosecution-No Way

            If it were that simple to try a person found not guilty in state court in the federal court system, do you think Zimmerman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin would have been federally charged by now? But you think the feds will, instead, put all their energies against a street punk in Steubenville, Ohio.

            The reason the feds can’t prosecute Zimmerman is the same reason they cannot prosecute the guy Jane let go after putting him in jeopardy. The feds would have to prove federal jurisdiction by finding that the street crime was based upon race or civil rights violations.

            I’m sure, if it was possible, Zimmerman would face federal prosecution before a Steubenville punk. Maybe, however, Jane is going to go to Florida and prosecute Zimmerman federally with her new found federal credentials.

            Give it up—the rain on Jane stays mainly in her brain. Got it? I think you’ve got. The Rain on Jane stays mainly in her brain. And where does it remain—in her brain, her brain. And where does it rain–on Jane, on Jane. I think Broadway ought to make a play about her. The could call it Calamity Jane.

  31. He Deserves to Go Free-He Was Roll-Red-Roll Star

    Prosecutor Jane Hanlin, a long time member and a president of the Steubenville School Board, was prosecuting someone name Corey Lyons yesterday for felonious assault. All of a sudden, smack dab in the middle of trial, she dismissed the charges and Corey Lyons went free. Of course, one has to ask, if the Grand Jury indicted him, what business did Prosecutor Jane have to not follow the studied wishes and evaluation of the Grand Jury members. Did she not present all the facts and evidence to the grand jury? Did she mislead them?

    Is the defendant connected to someone? Was he a Big Red football star–they should never be held accountable under Jane and Frank’s book. So what happened. Jane’s philosophy is “don’t ask–don’t tell.” The news media’s approach is, what ever Jane says, Jane gets and we don’t investigate or question anything of the B-team (Bruzzese Team).

    Rumor has it that during one of the recesses in trial, a guy named Reno passed Jane a note. In the note was a copy from the Roll-Red-Roll website. It dealt with the state semi-final game between Big Red (13-0) vs. Cleveland Benedictine Bengals (12-1), at Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium on November 24, 2003. All the Big Red supporters were there of course, Frankie and his wife Ruth Ann–the school board president. Go-Red-Go.

    But according to the website: “The 2003 season came to a heart breaking end for the Big Red of Steubenville High School as they were overwhelmed by the Bengals of Cleveland Benedictine 47-7 in the Division III Semi-final game.”

    What a devastation. Corey never recovered from the loss. He justifiably went out and used the education he learned at SHS to become a cocaine trafficker. On August 29,2008 he was sentenced by the federal court in West Virginia to 97 months in prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

    West Virginia!!! That’s were Jane testifies when Steubenville Athletes commit crimes– it’s just an aberration.

    But, Corey, in spite of himself, still had that Steubenville High School mentality ingrained in him. So he engaged in a crime of violence with a gun to which Jane was trying him.

    But the note that was allegedly passed to her by the guy named Reno, said it all. The important part had been highlighted. It was from the story in 2003 at the Roll-Red-Roll website. It said: “Benedictine took the lead early on a long punt return and then added another score to make it 14-0 in the 1st quarter. The Big Red then marched down the field using 11 plays capped off by SOPHOMORE COREY LYONS 6 YARD RUN TO CUT THE LEAD IN HALF AT 14-7.”

    That’s all Jane needed. Even though Big Red lost 47-7, it was Corey who saved the team from a shut-out. Didn’t he deserve a good ol’ SHS break? So, after reading the note, what did Jane do? She did what any red blooded Steubenville High School former school board president would do if given the position to do it. She dismissed the case against Cory.

    Now no one can point to another former SHS athlete as being a violent criminal. Good job Jane. Frank will have a letter to the editor this weekend praising you. Picture in the paper on Saturday. Feature story on news 9 tonight.

    You’re so speeeeeciaaal!!!

  32. Re: “On August 29,2008 he was sentenced by the federal court in West Virginia to 97 months in prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.”

    97/12 = 8 years. 2008 + 8 = 2016. Did they let him out early so he could instantly become a repeat customer?

    The rap sheet grows longer. How long before he murders someone?

    Maybe he will go straight if the tell him they are watching him?

    • That’s unbelievable. Yet, true?

    • By Jane dismissing charges against a violent offender in the middle of trial, just before the case goes to a jury where they will find him not guilty, she and Frank get to keep bragging about her 100% conviction rate.

      She didn’t lose the case. She tanked it.

      That’s what the Big Red should have done in 2003 in the State Football Semi-Finals When they were down 47-7 and there was 5 minutes left on the clock, they should have just walked off the field and preserve their undefeated season. They could then still claim they had won 100% of their games. Just like Jane.

      What a school system!!! What role models the School Board is to those kids!!

      I’m 100% certain that we will never get a good explanation from Jane or an investigation by the local news media.

      And the beat goes on.

  33. Jane, you can’t go dismissing charges, especially serious charges, in the middle of trial against a defendant just because a witness surprises you and changes his or her story.

    That happens all the time. Your a special assistant to the assistant Federal Prosecutors, ask them. Ask all the former Jefferson County Prosecutors, I’m sure it’s happened all the time to them.

    That is simply the problem of having a greenhorn prosecutor who hasn’t fought in the trenches very much. What you do, is you show the prior statement to the witness. If it is inconsistent with what he or she testified earlier (in Grand Jury or elsewhere) then you ask him or her to explain the reason for the inconsistency. (Probably someone got to him or her.) If the witness continues to be recalcitrant, then you ask the Judge to declare the witness a hostile witness under the Rules of Evidence. Then you can cross-examine the witness. Sometimes guilt of the defendant can be shown even better when the jury sees that or presumes that a witness has become tainted.

    You just don’t throw up your hands, dismiss the case, and leave the courtroom with your tail between your legs.

    If you are that unsure of yourself or unprepared or knowledgeable in the law and procedure, why aren’t you having your chief assistant who is on the calibre of a Harvard Law Professor trying the case with you as either first chair or second chair.

    Most of the time, there are always two prosecutors trying the case to cover for each other and assist in presentation and legal research, if necessary. The A.G. had two to three prosecutors just to try the juvenile rape case of Jane Doe.

    There were, at least, three prosecutors involved in the Casey Anthony case, the George Zimmerman case, and before you and your “part-time” staff took over, almost every Jefferson County criminal case for 30 years.

    Is your team too busy, too arrogant or just too ignorant to get fully prepared for a trial? Where were your assistants, holding down the private law practice to make the big bucks?

  34. The B Cabal of prosecutors don’t even try to give a good “spin” on their mistakes like they used to. I guess they’ve decided no one can ever challenge them on anything they do or in any future election. So why spin when you can say, that’s the way it is—tough sh#*! They don’t care where they dribble anymore, that’s why they stopped wearing depends.

  35. now come on boys & girls, give poor Part Time J a break and realize a Zen moment has Come 2 JeffCo Enterprises

    now, I think there’s a bit of a ganging up on our poor beset 100 percent part-timer local law firm member here

    I mean what modern day red blooded American prosecutor would ever want to proceed when your perfect conviction rate in in jeopardy? isn’t that the point everyone here, that many are missing?

    I mean, why would one NOT merely dismiss a felonious assault gun case, while a guy is on federal probation using a weapon if one witness changes his testimony given one’s perfect record actually might be blemished by a unfavorable jury decision

    it must have been, this actual jury at trial, was actually not completely tampered with or completely convinced, of the cases facts to begin with and this was signaled to our most serious guardian of all part time public safety concerns here

    I admit, I have to give part time jane some kudros though, here please, so give her some space:

    after all, the part time girl was prepared but her zeal to be the chief part time Prosecutor of Jefferson county gave way to her even bigger sense of fairness and due process, and only equal justice was allowed to win out against, putting yet another black SHS graduate in prison for a young life that has spun out of control to some degree

    it kind of tells me as well, while the grand jury was probably compromised, and/or as others have inferred, even misled, or simply not given the whole story

    the trial jury represented a different kind of truly independent challenge to our most arduous, detail oriented, special assistant fed AG level, dedicated and ever most zealous part time chief law enforcement officer

    and my god, how could this b?

    a genuine independent trial jury in this court system that is truly and potentially capable of rending a verdict of anything other than guilty before a real court of law here in this town?

    miracles never cease, indeed.

    even when the Chief Part Time Prosecutor herself is trying the case?

    this is nothing short of a teaching moment; indeed, a very milestone moment in the annals of local bar association recent history and news

    as such, it needs to be placed along side the greatest moments in recent jurisprudence history in Jeff County

    our part time prosecutor fears the outcome of a criminal case, that just mayb, could be, possibly, not decided in favor of the perfect record of the part time chief prosecutor;

    guys and girls, this IS huge lets take a Zumba moment here, ok?

    {cant you just feel the winds of justice now blowing gently over the land?}

    then again, in the process, she also preserves the purported perfect conviction rate

    isn’t this what matters most of all?

    the image of perfect conviction record
    before the most demanding, seriously independent citizen jurors of Jefferson County?

    the pure sense of fairness and equal justice overwhelms the heart when I think of the majesty of the local court system

    a thing of pure beauty

    and what self sacrifice is involved in all of this? what equanimity?

    what relief to the accused
    and what a relief tonight among some folks in town

    the only thing missing is where Frank if not found telling the people,

    “the prosecutors duty is to seek the truth, not to merely convict the merely accused and those who are, under the law, presumed innocent?”


    can we NOT expect such words of insight and honor now be expected to fall the Master Lawyer’s mouth, our most cherished local legal oracle?

  36. Jane’s short duration as the chief prosecutor in Jefferson County has proven to be a disaster. She was too young, too inexperienced and too controlled to be in such an important position. She should simply resign and let the Democratic Party put in another flunkie. At least one with a C average and some common sense. There must be a few of them from Ohio Northern Law School around. How about Tony DiCarlintonio, the former Steubenville Law Director.

    • Hmmmm, would that be the same DiCarlantonio who was indicted on a federal level? Here’s some reading material to keep you busy


      • I’m just a little lady whose memory isn’t that great. I just read through that case summary and what an idiot that DiCarlantonio is…lol You can’t make this stuff up! Where does Steubenville find these people?

        When arrested he was found with a briefcase to which he told the FBI he didn’t have the key. After pointing out to DiCarlantonio that the lock is a combination lock he replies the combination is 1-3-3 and warned that the lock sticks. After getting a search warrant the FBI opened the briefcase in front of DiCarlantonio and his attorney to reveal $15,000 which would be his share of the $30,000 “bribe” money to which he replied “Oh, how did that get there?”. The FBI later determined the combination was actually 2-2-4 and that it worked smoothly.

    • Oh yeah..like she would ever resign.

  37. That’s it. That says it all.

    • I wouldn’t want to see anyone’s right to free speech as much as lessened however I do think the bashing of Jane crosses the line with posts like this. If you have a problem with the way she is doing her job, yes please point it out. It is our duty to call out our elected officials. I will point out though that her sex life is not anyone’s business and it has absolutely no bearing on her ability to do her job. Some look at her as if she’s doing a “man’s” job and would like nothing else than to see her fail. In my opinion that’s sexist and only makes me want to see her succeed. I often wondered since the beginning of this if there was a lawyer in the area who is jealous of the progress Hanlin has made so quickly and is the one behind many of these rumors. You may not agree but I find these personal attacks needless and juvenile. Have some tact. You can be better than this so why stoop to that level?

      • I am a lawyer from Jefferson County. I have been around a long time. I have not participated in any personal attacks against anyone. It was suggested that there may be a lawyer in the area who is jealous of the progress Hanlin has made so quickly.

        I don’t know that I am jealous as such. I am disappointed that I never had the opportunity to advance in my profession as some have with little or no work. Some, without paying their dues, so to speak.

        After my graduation from law school at Ohio State University, I came back to my hometown and opened up a solo law practice. I did well and was able to support a family. I left for several years to serve my country in the Korean War. Upon discharge, I came back to the practice of law.

        I represented clients to the best of my ability. I respected the judiciary and all public officials. I became involved in numerous service organizations and have been recognized throughout the years for my dedication.

        I held down a few “stints” in public office, being appointed to the positions of trust by prosecutors at the time. I was named to be on various “blue ribbon” committees in the past to help out county commissioners. I always felt that some day, I could take my experience, knowledge and dedication of the law further by running for a political office such as a judgeship or prosecutor.

        Those thoughts and dreams, however, never got to materialize because certain legal cliques took power and created “closed shops” which prevented lawyers such as myself, from ever entering the public sector.

        I will never have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of my legal profession because I am not one of the “chosen few” with the power and connections now needed to break through the “iron curtain.”

        This is not just my personal tale of woe, it is the tale of woe of many of my elder peers in the Jefferson County Legal Profession. Fortunately, financially I will be retiring soon and leaving the area. My children are all college graduates and hold down positions of trust and honor out of the area.

        I can still hold my head up, however. What ever accomplishments I made in life as an attorney I believe I worked for and earned. I am not obligated to any “machine” or “political” dynasty.

        If you believe this is a personal attack on someone, so be it. It is merely a personal legacy of some of us dedicated and “old” legal professionals from the area that never got the chance even though “we paid our dues.”

        • Thanks for serving the community in your profession. Few get to make it to the top of their chosen profession. Let us say Hypothetically of course, you are an RN with a BS from a large university, work hard for yrs, pay your dues, put up w/ all the bs you can stomach, you may never be rewarded with a promotion to one of those cushy jobs. Supervisor positions, M-F weekends off, and all because you are not quite connected enough. Not related to one of the physicians, or administrators, or the offspring of a political big wig/donor. And so it goes. We work our sorry butts off for decades, and finally retire with the very so-so retirement package, and even less in Soc Sec.

          But we have maintained our dignity, grace, never screwed, backstabbed along the way. And I would much rather be who I am then who those are who clawed there way to powerful positions destroying good people on the way.
          We are all older now. Wish I had enough to pack it in and retire elsewhere, but certain professions don’t pay as well as others, so it appears we are trapped in the town that once was.
          But, like you, we can hold our heads up know we were not weasels or witches in the workplace, or even worse, betrayed others. Sure there has been plenty of that in your field as in the health care field. Betrayals for a few dollars more.
          At the end of the rainbow, if we cannot respect ourselves, then surely no one else does.
          These rich and powerful will die alone as will we all. Just wouldn’t want to be them when they do crossover. It isn’t going to be pretty, I expect. Excuses will not fly in the face of final judgment. Foolish foolish fools, to think everyday they are not one day closer to the last. And yes only fools believe what we do here doesn’t matter. It is all there waiting for them, all of us.

          Live long God willing and enjoy, you’ve earned it. Peace be with you, my friend.

          • My hat is off to the both of you 🙂 We all paid our dues. May you live long and enjoy each day knowing you did right.
            God has given us life what we do with it is up to us. Only fools believe what we do here doesn’t matter.

        • If there was a like button, I would hit it.

        • Same Story--Different Profession

          Dear “A Confession”:

          Your story is all too familiar to many of us here in Steubenville/Jefferson County. I am a nurse at Trinity Medical Center. I and many of my colleagues have been blocked out of and/or fired from rising in our profession at the local level due to the exact same people that appear to have “closed the door” in the legal profession of this town.

          In hearing your story, I could imagine the same scenario here at Steubenville’s main hospital.

          It is so frightening similar.

          Rather than belabor the sadness and disappointment we have with the same “powers that be” at the local hospital,I suggest that anyone interested pull up the blogs posted on this website from May 22, 2013 labeled by Radio as: TRINITY HOSPITAL ENTRENCHED IN GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM.

          Read all the comments there and you will see how hopeless it is to practice our profession and serve our community with dignity and honor. My husband and I too, will move from this area in several years. If it gets even worse, however, we may just change our financial planning and `get outta Dodge`sooner. Our children have moved and will never come back.

          There is nothing left here for decent and honest citizens. We had always planned upon enjoying our retirement here, but we figure we all have sinned in the eyes of God. We may, in our afterlife, end up in hell. No sense living in it while we are still alive.

          • Just reread the post on this blog from May 23 as you so noted.
            I even recognized something I wrote that day under, yet again for the 100th x a different “name.”
            Well worth reading all the posts again. As one who once worked for that shi*hole know as Trinity, yes, the same Trinity with all the cutesy wootsy adds on wtov and everywhere endlessly.
            The worst place to work if you consider yourself a professional, expect to make to retirement, and an even worse place to seek medical treatment. It has gone steadily downhill every year for20 yrs, and you are putting your lifein the hands of many incompetents when you enter that place. It’s a 3rd world hospital at best.
            2 botched surgeries in just one yr. alone and that is just me. Talk to anyone who has been there or taken a loved one there. It is very bad in all ways. Some good staff of course, but again, it’s the ADministration with Mr Bigg at the top all the way down the administrative ladder. Yes during her time there, plain jane was rumored to be the Big Guy’s main Squeeze. True or not, who knows, I wasn’t into following people around as were some very nibby female staffers. Was she entertaining both FBs at the same time??
            These are things that never occurred to this nurdy hardworker just wanting to work, and get a paycheck. Was really not that interested in all the sleeze. And as anyone who worked there, there were always plenty of ‘affairs’ going on among staff. yes, Administration, physicians, nurses, all the way down to housekeeping and the exterminators. hospitals are cess pools of clandestine affairs of the “heart” though usually just lust. And let’s face it. Nice looking women will go after Doctors or anyone there who makes big bucks. Just creepy human nature I guess. I was one of the “nice” ones that was endlessly sickened hearing about all the philandering and cheating. Old school I guess. I just did not then, nor do I approve now. Too many broken families and broken hearts over the greedy lusty behaviors of the mid life crisis kids of Trinity and places nearby.
            But yes, Administration was/is evil there. Heartless for a medical ctr that repairs literal broken hearts.
            Do not miss the place, and learned to loathe people for the first time in my Christian upbringing.
            Wish the Sisters still still ran it. They may have been difficult, but not cruel like these heartless beasts.
            Every time I see their creepy PR guy, the one with the weird hair and too many teeth, I want to puke.
            The Quaker, who shuns people in his church who have been ‘unfaithful’ to their spouses. What a joke. in his spiritual life he actually shuns people while sucking up to the biggest cheaters in town everyday. Sick crew. Sick hospital. Lousy doctors, creepy young ppl grads from Jeff Tech or whatever it is called now, some of whom I wouldn’t let shovel the snow, let alone care for the sick. Some real swell youts they’re recruiting from that school (EGC). If we were closer to Cleveland or Osu I would recommend going anywhere but trinity for health care and/or employment.
            AS the B Bros have ruined much of Steubenille so has this place destroyed healthcare and the lives of many they employed. Be careful out there, if they employ you, you are never safe in your job. You have NO protection. They will fire you a wk before your due your fake gold watch. They are just plain evil, mean and cruel. Yes, this is where you know who seemed to have mastered the art of screwing others. Literally and figuratively. Many learned how to do so there. The Hospital from Hell.

        • Thank you for your service during the Korean war sir, and welcome home!

          Your narrative is highly appreciated, much more than you could know. You sound like a good, honest person, the salt of the earth.

      • Nobody’s sex life should have probably ever made to these blogs. But I must say, the comments re: this particular atty have been pretty darn funny. Realize she has family, and it must be awful forthem to have to read this stuff on line, but I’m guessing there are a lot of different sources for this revealing info re; the personal life of one of Steubenville’s finest.
        I guess the moral of the story, to you younger girls out there today, remember, your seedy escapades can and will follow you, even through cougarhood.
        yes people are catty, and no it isn’t nice at all, but this is what can happen when too many people know you are not leading the life of the saints.
        so, yea, it’s too bad, and yes there is definitely an unfair bias towards women who are loseygoosey, as opposed to men who are applauded for their conquests.

        Dangerous world out there, be careful girls, your private life may be all over blogworld one day if you are not careful.

  38. You want maturity? You can’t handle maturity!!! (And neither can they.)