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Questions Raised About Attempted Murder Suspects And County Prosecutor, Steubenville | The RadioNewz Blog

Questions Raised About Attempted Murder Suspects And County Prosecutor, Steubenville

October 5, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

There is some scuttlebutt about this on twitter… I don’t know any of the names mentioned here or how they relate to a county prosecutor in Jefferson County, Ohio. Maybe some of the readers here do.

STEUBENVILLE – A Bloomingdale-area man was shot twice outside Unionport Wednesday evening in a case that is being investigated by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said John Hartsouk, 36, was changing locks on a house he owns on county Road 39B around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Randy Ewing, 52, of county Road 39B drove past the house, and what happened after that is split into two different stories, Abdalla said.

Hartsouk was shot in the arm and the abdomen. The bullet to the stomach area went through his kidney and was lodged next to his spinal cord, Abdalla said. Hartsouk drove himself to the Unionport fire department. He was driven by the fire department to the county airport, where he was transported by medical helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital.

Abdalla said he spent about three hours early today at the Pittsburgh hospital interviewing Hartsouk.

Hartsouk is claiming Ewing drove past the house and started yelling obscenities at Hartsouk, the sheriff said. Ewing then drove to his father-in-law’s house on county Road 39B, Abdalla said. Ewing and Rockwell Good, 72, the father-in-law, went back to the Hartsouk house, according to the sheriff.

Statements given by Ewing and Good and Hartsouk differed, Abdalla said.

Ewing and Good said Hartsouk came at them and assaulted Ewing and then went after Good, who fired the shots, Abdalla said.

Hartsouk is claiming Ewing and Good came at him,” Abdalla said.

No charges have been filed. Abdalla said he was in contact with county Prosecutor Jane Hanlin throughout the night.

“There are conflicting stories, but we will get to the bottom of this,” Abdalla said.



  1. This begs the question, how is she tied to the suspects??

    • questions are always begged here regarding who gets prosecuted, who doesn’t, and if crimes are even investigated.
      Still at least 5 murders here and we have heard nothing about any of them.
      Only two solved are the ones where the murderers turned themselves in. Which begs the question, why turn yourself in here? Nothing comes of most murders. We have murderers running lose all over the valley, because we are left to believe they either don’t care, don’t investigate, whatever. Great place to be a criminal, if you know the right people apparently.

  2. The county prosecutor, Jane of Arc, will never bring murder charges against anyone unless she thinks it is a sure thing–a slam bang winner. She doesn’t know how to “work a case” and build it from the ground up. Unless there is an all out confession, with no contradictions, the case goes nowhere. Then, even if there is a dead bang winner, she will find an excuse to plea bargain it down to almost nothing. Murder to her is the same as shoplifting.

    The SHS Rape case is a perfect example of her incompetence. It took her two weeks after the rape to finally realize she had a conflict. Of course the fact that her son’s name was involved, his friends and her friends and public officials were suspects in a cover-up still didn’t register in her mind. (Time for a blonde joke, I guess.) Then after the case is turned over to the Attorney General, she and her puppet master Frankie says it’s all wrapped up and put together.

    Gee, then why has it taken the Attorney General over one and a half years to conduct a Grand Jury investigation, if it was “all put together”?

    Add to the fact that someday we will probably find out that she may intimately know one of the suspects (I didn’t say she was intimate with him-common, let’s be Frank) the case will never see the light of day.

    Every criminal in Jefferson County knows the rule with Jane in charge—-don’t ask-don’t tell.

    • Blonde my fat behind. That is her cougar do. Plain Jane of the nineties until she began to work for or under a Harvard Law Professor wannabe. Who is in charge anyway? We still haven’t figured that out.

  3. If any indictments or charges come out of the Attorney General’s Grand Jury, no matter how minute, then Jane Hanlin should immediately resign from office. She and Frankie insist and insisted that when Jane was done it was all wrapped up. If charges come out against others, then that is all the proof that is needed to show that she is incompetent and needs to take her staff with her. Something like running away with your tail between you legs. In this case, running away with Frank between your legs.

  4. John Hartsouk – Jane Hanlin was this guy’s ex-wife’s divorce attorney. He is said to be “crazy”. It’s also said it’s the ex-wife’s uncle and father in law who shot him… They are saying it was self defense and that John Hartsouk attacked them.

    All the info I have on this.

    • Another Jane Hanlin conflict kept under the covers! A special prosecutor should have been immediately brought in to evaluate the evidence, but this is Jefferson County and this is Jane Hanlin.

      In Jefferson County Divorce Case 11-DR-00396, Kasey L. Hartsouk, represented by Jane Hanlin (also the county prosecutor) and a member of the Bruzzese Law Firm (also all county assistant prosecutors) filed for divorce against John Hartsouk.

      In another case in Jefferson County, 12 CJ00054, Trinity Health Systems (Jane Hanlin’s employer where she is or was an administrator and Frank Bruzzese is the attorney for Trinity Health Systems) sued the Hartsouks, obtained a judgement against them and put a lien on the property which went for foreclosure.

      Maybe Jane again will say she doesn’t know how to file the paperwork to get a special prosecutor. Maybe Jane investigated the case like the rape case and will say the victim (Mr. Hartsouk) like Jane Doe doesn’t want to file charges.

      Afterall, it only happened on Mr. Hartsouk’s property. So what if the alleged perpetrators came back and trespassed on his property?

      I expect Jane, if the local media ever raises the question, which they won’t, will pull out the old Jane Doe rape playbook or the Reno playbook, and say that the alleged perpetrators didn’t know that assaulting someone on their own property was a crime. Maybe Reno knows the Ewings and already told them that he knows Jane and Reno “will take care of it.”

      Just another rape to Jane—a rape of the system.

      • Your assertions don’t hold up under scrutiny:

        If Hanlin represented Kasey L. Hartsouk against John Hartsouk in a divorce proceeding, wouldn’t that make John her former enemy? Why would she cover up for an enemy?

        The Trinity Case you cited was filed in 2012. I believe Hanlin quit Trinity in 2008 or 2009.

        You people are all nuts. It’s only been a week and the blogosphere is screaming that there hasn’t been any charges. You watch too much TV. 1 week isn’t abnormal – especially when everyone has conflicting stories. Plus, you may have noticed there are bigger fish to fry in Jefferson County like murders and drug busts. This battery, which may have been self-defense, probably isn’t a high priority.

        • John is the victim. He was shot on his own property. John is Jane`s enemy, that is why she won`t prosecute anyone that shot him. Dah!!

          Also, a crime is a crime. Who care how big the fish are. I didn`t know you take priorities. If that`s the case, then this week all shoplifters, petty thieves, and men that feel up the breasts of teenage girls should get a free ride because Jane has bigger fish to fry.

          Maybe if she worked full time, she could catch and cook more fish. Right now she is just like the fish she lets go—a bottom feeder.

        • PULEEEZE, 5 murders, nothing, we have heard nothing.
          Part time jane and frank are too busy with keeping that third world hospital running amuck to do anything about the crime here.
          Don’t know if you’re her twitter sock or law partner, but we are not happy here in the cnty.
          Prosecute or private practice, decide before the Governor does.

  5. Fun Facts linking Jane to suspects family and other questionable actions as prosecutor/lawyer/what is she doing

    1. Jane Hanlins son (Charlie) has been dating suspects niece/ x-wife’s cousin (McCall) and Jane has been witnessed at family cookouts and parties with suspects.
    2. The day after the attempted murder Prosecutor Jane Hanlin communicates with Ewing family about the case and directs x-wife to not send victims children to court appointed visitation to see wounded father in critical care Pittsburgh. Victim and victim children does not see or hear each other for 8 days after the attack.
    3. During duration of time leading up to divorce hearing between victim and x-wife, Prosecutor Jane Hanlin directs x-wife of victim to file false police reports against victim to use as leverage in divorce hearing after victim gained knowledge of x-wife’s affair, pregnancy and abortion with a married man from Washington Pa.
    4. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin and her office are well aware that victims property were attempted murder had take place is located directly around and land locked by properties owned by the suspects family(s), as well as their desire to purchase the property at the lowest possible opportunity. The property is in the victims name and at the time was working with the mortgage company to fix up and sell for minimal loss to him financially. The facts are that the property was awarded to x-wife in case 11-DR-00396 and she abandoned it under her legal council because she could not afford to obtain loan to take over the home under the stipulations of the final divorce decree. The suspects and their family desire to obtain the property via foreclosure/sheriffs sale to keep all of the property linked to the Ewing family is motive enough to harass and attempt to murder the victim in an area were there would be no witnesses to tell the truth of what actually transpired.

    • “Prosecutor Jane Hanlin directs x-wife of victim to file false police reports against victim to use as leverage in divorce hearing”

      LOL. Risking her license to practice law and jail time just get get leverage in a little podunk divorce proceeding? Riiiiiiight. Do you people even read what your write?

      • They don`t call Jane an ignorant slut for nothing. Jane risked her license to testify for a convicted felon with a gun in West Virginia. She risked her license by helping coverup the rape case.

        She risks her license by her more than cozy relationship with her law partners. She risked her license by going after Magistrate Meta Bass Lyons because the magistrate ruled against her new hubby in a juvenile (paternity) support case.

        She risks her license by protecting relatives who are gamblers and bookies.

        She risks her license all the time. Do you Mr. Nope (or is it Dope) read what you write. She would risk her licence on a Podunk divorce case because she is a Podunk attorney and as her defender you must be one of her Podunk law partners.

  6. Why the heck is the prosecutor still handling all these dirty little divorce cases and other such garbage. With all the real crime in jeff cnty you would think she should be way to busy for this piddling stuff. Either she is the prosecutor or not. If so interested in the bucks from this type of law wish to he77 she’d just get out of politics all together. Can we get a serious prosecutor willing to devote themselves to prosecuting the hundreds of slugs making it HELL here.
    Jane figure out what exactly you are interested in. If you wish to remain a political anaimal then due it full time. Otherwise, go back to whatever you and the bruzzeses do best.
    And please, we are not requesting jeff bruzzese now be prosecutor. Isn’t there anyone else out there?? Felmet, please come back. We liked you before all the craziness, corruptomundo style happened.

  7. It is quite obvious that Jefferson county prosecutor Jane Hanlin uses her position as the prosecutor to boost her private practice and ultimately her pocket book. I mean come on if you needed a lawyer to get things done in a cival case why wouldn’t you want the top dog of the county in your corner to use her position and influence to get the job done. Any way you swing it, it is a conflict and as the full time prosecuting attorney she should not be allowed to practice privately because of such conflicts. I’m wondering why the attorney general or at the very least the ethics commission hasn’t investigated and addressed this issue with the prosecuting attorney position and the fall out that can accure do to such?

    • Exactly, conflicts of interest abound here when it comes to the law. So why oh why does DeWine allow this and or the governing bodies supposed to look at unethical behaviors of attys esp. cnty prosecutors. Someone out there knows. Please tell. some have implied it’s because the Bruzzese boys went to school with DeWine. Aren’t they the head of the Dems here and DeWine is a R??
      what gives. We want answers and we would like this cnty run appropriately. Is anyone in the AGs office reading this?
      We want answers, why you put up with the lack of ethics if not out and out law breaking here.

  8. All you have to do is ask around to find out that one of the suspects is a huge gambler and has a close friendship to the the Jefferson County Prosecutors cousin who is a local bookie that was mentioned in blogs during the Steubenville rape scandal back in January.

  9. Ok, now which bookie/gambler would that be. We have more than one. Just kidding, will ask around. is the triple play the ‘place’ we are referring to?
    I must clearly be the only ‘disconnected’ person in this valley.
    but then again, I am not of a descendant of the south end families. our parents advised us politely from hanging out with them at CCHS back in the day. We asked no questions, just actually listened, unlike kids today.
    Could be connected, a coach, or even dead had I not heeded their advice.
    (To the nice south end families, we know you’re not all a part of the mess, but enough of you have contributed for way too long to the destruction of the valley.)
    long live St Stans.

  10. Jane Hanlin chose, after her appointment and later uncontested election to prosecutor, to designate herself as a “part-time” prosecutor so she could reap the monetary benefits of her private law practice, hospital administration jobs, and everything else. She takes half the salary of a full time prosecutor but she quadruples the other half with her outside legal interests.

    For thirty years before her, the Jefferson County Prosecutor was full time with no private or outside legal practice because that was what was needed and required. Before her, Straus, Felmet and Stern were fulltime. But Jane must think that there is such little crime in Jefferson County that she can do the job part-time with a part-time staff-her law partners, Frank Bruzzese, Jeff Bruzzese, Michael Calabria, Emanuela Agresta, and part time juvenile prosecutor Samuel Pate.

    The county, which needs full time prosecution and prosecutors now, after 3 decades, gets part-time prosecutors which work only about 20 hours per week. Nice job if you can get it plus hospitalization, retirement benefits, sick leave, etc.

    The democratic party and Frankie put it all together. And of course, Frankie, who retired at full retirement pay, was rehired as the chief assistant prosecutor and now gets to double dip at double normal salary. And you thought our congressmen were greedy. They can’t hold a penny to the fist full of dollars that our “part-time” prosecutors rake in.

    Well, public, you get what you ask for and what you deserve. Don’t expect any help from the local media either. They are bought and paid for by the powers that be.

  11. Thank you, I refuse to believe that there is no hope. So many are so disgusted in this county that I do believe enough real voters are more than ready to see that we get real representation here.
    Yes, half the town is drug addled and dumb, but they rarely get out of bed and unlikely to remember when election day even is (now that BO can’t run again unlikely they’ll ever vote again.)
    Enough in the cnty are sick of business as usual. We got rid of Charlie Wilson, we can unload these part time double dipping losers too.

    • Naw. They scoff and laugh at you. Why do you think they enjoy $100.00 bottles of Wine.

      • You don’t know how much we really despise these crooks and are willing to go the long or short haul to finally rid ourselves of them.
        They don’t own everybody in Columbus. We have our connections too. WE ARE DONE WITH MOB RULE.

  12. There was a 6 month old child death in Yorkville yesterday. The Sheriff is investigating. It’s a tragedy, but Jane and Frank have got their heads together and have determined already that the child committed suicide so no one needs to be prosecuted and the investigation can end. Jane says the child was dressed provocatively anyway by only wearing a pair of pampers. She told the Sheriff to stop delving into the matter under her “don’t ask-don’t tell” rule to avoid having to do any real prosecutor work. Anyway, she says she is busy in court all week handling divorce cases so she doesn’t have time to set aside her civil paying clients for criminal work.

  13. A white van with a bunch of antennae was spotted in the area. An alleged private investigator was found to be sleeping in the van and believes he knows more to the story and promises a full outing.

    Scoop: This Just In: An alleged former Yorkville attorney is preparing a brief for the Howard Star, an alledged newspaper.

  14. Jane You Ignorant Slut

    First indictment just came out of the special grand jury investigating the Steubenville Rape Case. It came against a Steubenville High School employee for tampering with evidence, perjury, etc. I thought the case was all rapped up by you and Frankie two weeks after the rape. There goes your credibility. There goes your buddies at the Steubenville School Board. Shouldn’t your law partner’s spouses now resign from the school board? (Mrs. Frank Bruzzese and Mr. Agresta). Shouldn’t you now resign from you prosecutor’s position. The gig may be up. Some leadership you must have given when you served as president of the school board. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    It’s time to take coverup, conflicts, dirty deals, incompetence, etc. off your menu. You can now resign and give an excuse that your are going through menu-pause.

    • It is so very difficult, but I must turn over in my resting place. Back in my day, we didn’t have U-Verse. It is incomprehensible how some corrupt lawyers can take control of a town and bring such shame.

      But wait! If U-Verse is so great and we can watch WTOV in every room as well as on those new fangled dangled IPhones and I-tablets, how was all this corruption kept from the nation? Pray tell, why didn’t that much esteemed newspaper, something about a star, ever let the nation know that something was rotten in the valley?

      Wouldn’t you think the reporters would have asked questions and demanded serious answers from a few of the major players? And I’m not talking about football players either. What is this new term I am hearing about “throwing softballs” to persons that were suppose to be “civic leaders”?

      The valley has some big BIG problems, and a very large part of the blame needs to be shared by the local TV and newspapers for having reporters paid by the businesses but “owned” by the local cabal.

      To me, that is as much of a shame as anything else that happens in that god-forsaken town.

    • I am rolling over in my resting place. Isn’t there a local TV starvation or newspaper in that town? Pray tell, how did the cabal keep all this underhanded collusion from the nation? Wouldn’t one think that some true “reporters” would have uncovered all the strange situations for the citizens that bought the paper and watched the TV?

      Back in my day, we didn’t have U-Verse to watch TV in every room as well as on those new fangle dangle iPads and iPhones.

      I say the lack of coverage about secrets that the big red horse was whispering about is also an indictment of local TV and newspapers. What the hell were they covering, anyway?

  15. Any prosecutor with a 100% conviction rate would have to have a “Rabbi” and that “Rabbi” would appear to be Judge Bruzee, she not only tries cases in front of him, but is also a member of his law firm as his son, and partner in the law firm likes to Facebook about. Junior was bragging about Jane’s 100% conviction rate. I think she’s the only one with that particular record in the United States. The ‘Ville is a very interesting town. Of course for a town with 18 thousand people it has a crime rate rivaling Chitown. Per capita that is…

    Personally I don’t even know what to make of a county as crazy as this one. The whole place is like an insane asylum with some pretty crazy characters in top spots running things. Where else would a principal get on the PA system calling a child a whore and telling students to stick by their football players. But no one at the school knew anything about the sexual attack of a child? Yeah… No wonder the place is shriveling up and dying, who the hell would want to live there and raise a family?

  16. Sad that this case involving Jefferson county prosecutor Jane Hanlin will be dwarfed (hopefully not) by the other case and rulings against her….eh hem…..involving her and her law firm. But it doesn’t take but to ask around to a few fellas to know that not only does she use her bravado to pollute her clients into less actions of integrity to have the best possible out come for herself and them. She also behaves in a similar type manor in her personal life that warrants mistrust. Just take some time during your day to witness her less than perfect (somewhat opportunistic) husband stalk the courthouse to keep tabs on her. But she is only validated by his actions of still picking up young girls for cash in downtown…