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Herald Star: Jim Emmerling – Online growth spreads | The RadioNewz Blog

Herald Star: Jim Emmerling – Online growth spreads

June 16, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

STEUBENVILLE – Jim Emmerling didn’t necessarily start out embracing Internet advertising, but times have changed, and the owner of Em-Media said his arms, and eyes, are now wide open.

“In I’d say 1990 or so, Mike Guess was hitting me up and asking about the Internet and wanted to start some advertising program there. He was totally for it and seeing it, and I told him the community was not ready for that,” Emmerling said. “I was totally wrong, and Mike was totally right.”

The statistics for local newspapers show the online readership growth is real and dramatic.

ONLINE PRESENCE — Jim Emmerling, left, owner of Em-Media, and Keith Murdock, community relations director for Trinity Health System, hold up their cellphones displaying Trinity ads on the Herald-Star app. The app is available for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems and exemplifies the growth of a new local advertising opportunity, led by Em-Media.
— Mike McElwain


I’ve always had the goal of acquiring a professional building for our agency, and with the encouragement of Dave and Tom D’Anniballe, who shared my desire to maintain the history of such a landmark, the dream of the Em-Media Center was realized. It was a big investment, but the timing was right – our agency is growing. We’ve added two new employees and 12 clients in the past year,” said Emmerling.



  1. I posted this information to show local media outlets are doing quite well.

    At first they didn’t want to report on the Steubenville rape case beyond an article or two at best and very meek.

    Then Anonymous hit the scene, MSM started reporting, and local media had to follow. And they did – follow.

    Local Media has an obligation to report all of this in a way that supports diversity of community opinions.

    If Jane Hanlin supporters want their side out there — they’ve got to push the local media to get it out there… and hope it gets picked up by national media.

  2. Good point.
    Thus far, the local “fluff” pieces- have only served to raise more eyebrows on certain agendas of some.
    Example- falsely throwing rape victims parents under a bus, to imply blame for someone’s inexcusable delays in recusing themself. Or making excuses for a criminal being on the streets harming people.
    Where is the real, and rest of the story on the “field party” busted?? It’s VERY relevant to current events. I’ve heard the rest of the story from a very reliable source. But await the local news spin on, if any, to compare… Ho hum.
    I personally don’t see the spins on stories changing, or minimal reporting if connected, anytime soon.
    But you are right, they can prosper from online advertising, if they so choose to become more credible. JS

  3. The problem as I see it, Radio, is that there are a lot more citizens who are completely turned off by the actions of these people, in twitworld and the power structure. I doubt seriously the local media would like to stir that pot. So much easier to pretend it doesn’t exist and report on the local –insert club name here — luncheon…

    Although HS did do a comprehensive report of Friday’s hearing in the Saturday paper.

    I’m also hearing people speculate that the GJ will be continued until it’s forgotten.

    • Good comment Lori and ugh on the Grand Jury. I think a lot share the sentiments of those you heard it from. And I suspect you are right about local media not wanting to stir the local pot/pots. Maybe that is why such roughness has been displayed online by a few.

      To everyone else and to the issue I posted… there are moral failings here which incense people, absolutely outrage them. Then there are the legal issues – which are simply legal and I am willing to accept the trial and move on. Some of you will be the same and some of you will not. I simply want to provide a place where people can vent this stuff and hopefully get it out of their systems, one way or another.

  4. In all honesty I think they just need to keep their mouthpiece shut. That trolling group on Twitter will do nothing but make people not care besides MSM will never lead a story with a headline they want, never. No reputable news agency is going to run a story about the poor boys who took pictures/video, laughed at, and bullied a minor rape victim.
    If there issues are because of what mammabear posted let’s take a look at it compared to what actually did happen and see if it even makes that big of a difference.

    Mammabear lie #1
    CS sent the picture to JD’s dad
    The truth- CS did not send or text anything to JD’s father. CS did however upload the photo to instagram and Twitter with the comment “sloppy” as well as tagging JD’s Twitter account.

    Mammabear lie #2
    JD was left naked in a field
    The truth- JD woke up not knowing where she was missing her phone, shoes, underwear, and earrings

    Mammabear lie #3
    JD was transported in the trunk of the car
    The truth- JD was in the backseat of the car being sexually assaulted by Mays while another boy was capturing the assault on video.

    Mammabear lie #4
    CS was the mastermind
    The truth- There has not been any evidence to even suggest that CS was the mastermind or that there even was a “mastermind”. In my opinion, those boys took advantage of the situation they found themselves in.

    Mammabear lie #5
    JD was drugged
    The truth- There is no way to know for sure if she was or wasn’t. Just as you can’t say she was you can’t say she wasn’t.

    • What boggles me is that these people seem to think that somehow what came out of the march trial make it better for Cody Saltsman and the others. Are they serious???

      So we tought that, maybe, but that’ just an internet rumour, Saltsman sent that traumatising picture (I’m still in shock) to the dad, JD was left naked in a field, transported in a trunk, Saltsman was a mastermind and she was drugged.

      Now we know for a fact that :
      – Saltsman put the picturee on full display on his instagram, with insults and the works, where obviously not only Jane Doe could see it but her entire family and world. Better???
      – JD was left naked in Mark Cole’s basement, where she was gang raped, videoed and photographed, and the vids/pics sent over to the Howarth house to be shared and laughed out, and the Nodianos video was shot. Better??
      – JD woke up at Mark Cole where Trent Mays tried to bullshit her, made up a ton of lies, lied even to her father with the help of Saltsman who kindly offered to give him the number, asked for the video where the rapist slapped his dick on her and promised to lie to cover him up. Better???
      – And we still think that it’s possibe that Saltsman was the mastermind (see tweets, just because it was not yet proven doesn’t mean it didn’t happen) and she might have been drugged (she didn’t make it on time to the ER and apparently they messed things up)

      I said it before and I’ll say it again, what came out of the march trial was far worse than my worst expectations, which were made primarily based on the Nodianos video and what I knew to be online speculations.

      Frankly, I never heard of that mammabear, but what she said about Cody Saltsman makes him look good compared to what we heard at the trial.

      The Saltsmans and their supporters are complete clowns for believing that their son is a “good kid” or an “innocent child”, and for assuming that the reason why he’s so hated is mammabear.

      His own online wrongdoings and the march trial are what made the world see him for the worthless POS he truly is.

      Hopefully indictements and civil suits are coming. This video sharing can’t be a crime for Mays and noone else, and he did offer to cover the rape up.

  5. Name, I agree with you. Well done showing the contradictory statements. At the same time clarifying some versions, were not exactly as horrid as the parallel truth.
    And Yet again, silence would have far more benefitted the long ago, skewed, Twitts-Tweeter-meter. /;
    Technically on point #5, this is the unfortunate reality of. But it also begs the question- why??
    When you apply the avoidance of critical physical evidence + JD medical record content + state laws regarding sexual abuse victims seeking medical care + hospital standards and protocols (some stemming from DOJ set guidelines) + standard criminal investigative procedures + trial expert testimony from BOTH sides + known or implicated details per trial evidence = It appears to become far more crucial to question the circumstances resulting in vs. the actual “was or was not” serving as the basis for. IMO
    The many comments there will explain in detail, my point. Forgive the length, I was “researching aloud.” There is additional pertinent info at provided links, undoubtedly supporting the theory, I likely missed. But I tried for the “Readers Digest version,” per some lengthy sources.
    Obviously my intent & limits, was only to conclude with valid probable cause… for some serious speculation.
    I’d greatly appreciate yours, & any others-> constructive input on. :-)


  6. Guest,
    I do stand corrected. I was reading at face value, trial temporary conclusions anyway.
    And in thinking on the Cody debate. Yes, the trial failed to produce that, true. But I honestly have a great doubt that linger too. Those you mostly covered.
    To add- On recent reading of a page of the JD med record of account. She referred to just the 3 boys that I noted. JD referenced TM as her “boyfriend.” And known CS as her “ex- bf.”
    what this says to me is, Trent’s actions during, and especially right after, onward… He was playing her the entire time to set her up. Given her misconception by his intentional misleading, she was totally manipulated!
    he confirmed this in texts, then tried to bully her bc of football??!
    She was Conned into coming to the party under false pretenses. Don’t forget the suspicious, days before, online chatter.
    She comes to meet him at a “his crowd” party. Thinking he’s her bf, she would undoubtedly Let her guard down amongst his friends. Bf’s protect and look out for!
    Regardless of “how” she got into a incapacitated state- Trent’s first instinct was to humiliate her, violate her, allow his buddies to do the same? Mocked her online during this time of horror. While many join in to Illegally photograph, film, & distributed media of her… While unconscious?! (sickos!)
    Meanwhile Cody among others, intentionally posts pics of, says vile things about her, just so her family will see, along with her friends and the world.
    Bc how dare she have dumped Cody Saltsman! Clearly he was reveling in her torture & humiliation! Following leading bullying of her, torment her, further defame and degrade her.
    Now is that not the malicious actions of 2 boys, same agendas, different motives? Trent the sociopath, with no hesitation in being used to set a young girl up. Nor any qualms about deceiving her in doing so.
    You got Malik who even tweeted- about getting in trouble for doing a friend a favor. Favor? For some bigoted, asinine reason, it was important in the scheme of, (was said) that she be ousted for “sleeping” with a black guy for the aftermath, to further “destroy” her reputation?!
    And Cody the classic narcissistic punk, that cannot handle the emotion of shame, empathy, or remorse. That substitutes with anger. He Holds grudges, and seeks revenge.
    And god knows who else violated her in some way! A few unheard of names claimed to have, in trial texts read.
    Let me be very clear. My opinion of, is solely based upon the firsthand accounts by, and before, during, & after. Mostly social media, trial texts, and a failed lawsuit that could never be proven false information. He had already incriminated himself online… and labeled himself as a slimeball. And yet, his sick & selfish need for equalizing his “embarrassment,” likely got them all busted via pic on JD feed. And yet never charged, letting his grunts take the fall.
    Strange isn’t it, how social media was vehemently “discounted” from the start?? While elsewhere, warrants are served on social media and used to prosecute, especially in cases of teens. The Nodi video, irrelevant, no crimes there! Uh, except multiple people acknowledging a felony rape in progress, yet do nothing but laugh about it? Admit to witnessing by some?
    Regardless, their live narration of the crime and well beyond, while sober too (we hope). All obvious actions and reactions, of a vicious premeditated act stemming from revenge, having zero boundaries or respect.
    And This is a partial community culture that breathes personal vendettas… for any perceived loyalty violations, or for “snitching.”
    The consequences, may or may not come.
    Must go puke now /:

    I’m sorry for the duh moment! You already read the link… Did find & add the laws/protocols etc… /;

  7. Just to clarify, having just learned this myself through SANE… Varies by state laws & protocols- but evidence can be collected up to 96-120 hours following a rape (vaginal). Oral & anal up to 20 hours following. The sooner the better.
    And most sexual assaults cannot be verified by physical evaluations only. JS

  8. May as well forget the errors and the woulda coulda shoulda. The whys and how’s will never be answered, the full truth will always remain in the heads of that group of highschoolers who chose not to step up and speak the truth, the whole truth….Be thankful that at least two are paying a price, even if that price is small. Be thankful that the continued coverup over the years of Big Red athletes crimes was exposed. Be thankful that the city’s leaders showed their true shameful colors so there are no doubts who you are dealing with. Be thankful the parents and coaches were shamed, maybe it will make a few of them wake the hell up.
    And, be thankful for the ones who stood up and had JD’s back in the months after. Her strength and courage to go through this trial and face these living pieces of filth was amazing and knowing she had all of you standing up for her in love and support was huge. Your actions for her benefit will stay with her for life. What a great gift you all gave her. That is what is important. When you read or hear, ‘their movement made no difference or hindered’, don’t you believe it for one moment. She needed us, locals stood with us, we were all there for her and that’s all the truth we need. The rest was just icing on the cake, leave the crumbs behind.