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@AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI Press Release | The RadioNewz Blog

@AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI Press Release

June 23, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

CONTACT: Susan Basko, Lawyer
phone: 310-770-7413
NOTE: Please do not send inquiries to the emails/ phone number previously associated with Aaron Bale, as those have been seized by the FBI.

Re: AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, at about 6 am., the FBI raided the Louisville, Kentucky, home of Aaron Bale, also known as AnonForecast, with regard to the so-called KnightSec, also known as OpRedRoll, an online activity seeking justice for a high school rape victim in Steubenville, Ohio.

NO INVOLVEMENT. PUBLICLY DENOUNCED. Aaron Bale has not had any involvement whatsoever with KnightSec or OpRedRoll and had actually been publicly outspoken in not supporting the project because the rape trials had not even taken place yet. Mr. Bale felt sympathetic to the rape victim, but did not approve of the pretrial timing of the online protest activity, and stated this online, as well as on a radio program.

FBI FISHING EXPEDITION. Mr. Bale appears to have been raided as part of a “fishing expedition” by the FBI. He may also have been raided because he also happens to live in Kentucky, where KYAnonymous/ Deric Lostutter resides, although Aaron Bale does not know Mr. Lostutter and has had no dealings with him.

NOT ARRESTED OR CHARGED: Aaron Bale was not arrested or charged with any crime.

RAID. ITEMS SEIZED. LIST OF SCREEN NAMES. FBI Agent Detective Dan Jackman came to Mr. Bale’s door at about 6 AM on June 20, 2013, and showed him a list of dozens of screen names. FBI Detective Dan Jackman asked Mr. Bale to provide information about any screen names that he recognized, but Mr. Bale refused to discuss without a lawyer present. The first page of the list appeared to have two columns of screen names. Agent Jackman then presented a search warrant signed by U.S. Magistrate Dave Whalin. Eleven agents with guns entered Mr. Bale’s tiny one bedroom apartment. They seized Mr. Bale’s computer, his phone that doubles as a medical device/ cognitive orthotic, a diary/ writing/ poetry journal, many old, broken, outdated pieces of computer repair equipment previously owned by others, blank CDs, old music CDs and tapes Mr. Bale has not listened to since high school, etc.

Good Cop/ Bad Cop. During the raid, Detective Jackman and another FBI agent attempted to play an obvious game of “Good Cop/ Bad Cop” with Mr. Bale, telling him that “his friend” KyAnon (Lostutter) had “ratted on” him and others and that the Agent leading the KYAnonymous case was really responsible for and orchestrating the raid. Mr. Bale did not fall for this, and knows that he has never had any dealings whatever with Mr. Lostutter and that Mr. Lostutter is represented by an attorney (Jason Flores Williams).

BRAIN INJURY. FBI TAKES CRUCIAL MEDICAL DEVICE: Aaron Bale is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a jeep accident in 2003, and also has narcolepsy, facts that he openly publicizes. Mr. Bale’s cell phone that was seized by the FBI is a medically-prescribed “cognitive orthotic” that is part of managing his activities of daily living (ADLs) as well as a mandatory tool in his neurological rehab. Because Mr. Bale’s cognitive orthotic has been seized by the FBI, causing him to be able to adhere to the program’s requirements, Mr. Bale’s insurance has cancelled his neurological rehab. This is devastating. Mr. Bale has been specially trained to use the phone and its special “smart alarm” apps for such things as taking his medicines, observing his breathing to prevent it from becoming depressed or stopping, waking, sleeping, scheduling and reminders for activities of daily living (ADLs), such as eating dinner, showering, washing laundry, and other crucial living functions.

Aaron Bale’s phone/ cognitive orthotic is absolutely crucial to his daily living and struggle to stay alive and healthy. He cannot afford to replace the phone and its service. It took a lot of money, time, effort and professional help to get the phone applications set properly and get Mr. Bale trained in use of the phone for his health needs. Mr. Bale’s health and safety are greatly and immediately endangered by the FBI seizing his crucial medical device.

FBI REFUSES TO RETURN MEDICAL DEVICE. Requests by this writer/ Lawyer, Susan Basko, to FBI Detective Dan Jackman as well as to his supervisor, Mike Russo, both of the Louisville, Kentucky FBI Office, have not resulted in return of Aaron Bale’s cognitive orthotic/ phone. It was suggested to the FBI that if the FBI felt the need to seize a crucial medical device from a patient, then the FBI should readily and immediately provide the funds to replace the device and the services supporting it. The FBI has not done this, either.

Posted 12 hours ago by Cliff Potts
Location: Louisville, KY, USA
Labels: Aaron Bale AnonForecast Louisville Kentucky FBI OpRedRoll Ohio Steubenville



  1. THIS is somebody that I can throw my full support behind, not the famefag KY. Despicable that the FEDs would take a medical device such as that and not help replace it. Fuck the FBI. Fuck the FEDs.

  2. Still think Ky’s not singing like a canary?

  3. It’s weird they would put so much money in this, they must really be looking for commander X…

  4. A simple means to serve a greater purpose. Busting Anons for far grander things, than wasteland Steubenville.
    Maybe Ky was just a “favor” to someone, only because his data was of hopeful benefit to seize, and access?
    As in potential contacts, that lead to other contacts, and so on. Until they get to what they really hoped to find.

    I doubt seriously the FBI gives a rats ass about Big Red, or their “cheerleader” website. Sorry to burst some bubbles. Logic says, you aren’t that important!
    No Franky, FBI does not incorporate your initials! Nor does the FB for Facebook. 🙁

    Just as someone recently pointed out, little rinky dink, private websites are hacked daily. When was the last time Feds invaded Any Town, USA for? Nor was it really hacked, only some joe guessed a morons not so “tightend” password, no?

    At least Twitterville Cyber Gang best hope so, there’s been a few laws broken over yonder.
    Wonder if they are praying nightly, outside of delusional dreamland, the efforts of the big guys, are truthfully more on task with cleaning up the local corruption?
    Or having much bigger fish to fry, that has nothing to do with HS sports? Far, far from wishful threats made, by way of Mr “connected.” That is so cute!

    Sweet Dreams Twitches.

    • I doubt either him or KY are the real targets anyway… I’ll chip in for KY and Anonforecast’s legal funds if they get indicted, but it would be kind of outrageous, and even if they did can you get more than probation or a suspended sentence for hacking a high school website? It would be such a bad PR op for the FBI, with the NSA scandal going on a that….

      I don’t know, it looks like they’re looking for someone else to me, and since commander X is the one with the serious charges who jumped his bail I suspect it’s him. They’re going to over charge the others to scare them into giving him away and drop everything, or that’s how I see it.

      Also I don’t get why the lawyer feels like she needs to state that he didn’t feel like it was appropriate to comment on a case prior to the trial. I mean, it’s not like he’s a public official that would be directly involved right? Is the FBI going after half of America over the Trayvon Martin case?? Or the Arias case? Should I be worried because I still think that OJ did it?

  5. Oh! You doubting Thomases. Have you ever heard of sabotaging your own territory, armies or assets then blaming it on someone else. Remember, Frankie is a master in “The Art of War.” He believes in “acceptable losses” or “collateral damage” to achieve strategic success.

    Just like Syria today, the regime destroys and kills their own and then blames it on the rebels.

    But a clever and astute investigator can many times find a clue that can identify the real culprit. Is there any coincidence that the letters FBI can be interchanged to provide anachronisms for the person really “connected” and pulling the strings? “I Be Frank” or “Frank B. I” or “Frank’s Been Involved” or “Franks Been Identified” for example.

    There is word on the grapevine that the real treachery of Frank and Jane have been exposed and they are now looking for asylum somewhere. It appears they flew to Hong Kong this past week-end and may be going to Iceland, Argentina, Ecuador or Dillonvale (where Thomas Straus will hide them in his Embassy.)

    If they cannot get asylum in any of those locations they have a Plan B. They will go to Cambridge, Ohio and check themselves into the Insane Asylum.

  6. I really think this all started with justbatcat and not ky. One leads to another to another etc.

    Hoping anonforecast gets replacement phone soon.

  7. oh dear, guess the faggots going to need some legal attention.

  8. supposed he deserved it making up those lies.

  9. His attorney has a “gmail” email address. That’s not a good sign. Good luck staying out of jail with that level of representation.

    • I use gmail because it is the best-designed email with the best security. Gmail was designed and is regularly updated on a mega-millions budget by the smartest programmers in the world at Google. I’m cyber-smart, so I use gmail. There is no email service that compares to it for high quality usability, interface, and the ultimate in email security and filtering.

  10. My guess, a gmail account was specifically created for this case. And are usually synced to cells, to alert new emails immediately.
    More people with “info,” are likely more inclined to contact a generalized gmail account, than a law firm’s. IMO
    So… No Scooby snack for you, Scrappy ;b
    Granted we are all under the watchful eye of Big Bro. Those “honey badgers,” do what they want, take what they want… “HB don’t give a shit.” JS

  11. We have your back Aaron, and your fist.

  12. Anon with a brain injury? I’m shocked, just shocked.

  13. @lol- You might try educating yourself about TBI before mocking it and anyone suffering from it.

  14. Scrappy,
    Sheesh, I might have been on to something? I’m so sorry to disappoint you. Truly. But you’ll just have to deal with that personally. I can’t please everybody.
    I simply made a suggestion, didn’t feel the need to investigate her credentials. Odd you did.
    Anyhow, It was pointless criticism of the attorney… Chosen Email address host? Really??
    I tend to stick up for those being needlessly bullied. You are 0-2.
    Fyi: The “;b” face- indicates a teasing comment, not meant to be malicious. Put on your big boy pants.
    Clearly if all you can come up with, are juvenile insults at those you feel threatened by, your input loses merit. Just saying.
    No hard feelings though. Just try a little harder to contribute points that actually support your stance on the topic at hand. ANY stance relevant to topic, would be helpful. 🙂
    Carry on.

  15. @BC,
    Thank you for making that point.
    I don’t care what this person does, living with a brain injury is a heavy burden to carry in life. And for their loved ones too.
    I spent years helping in looking after my uncle, a Vietnam Veteran. His souvenir? A shrapnel is his brain.
    Having no short term memory, he has to be reminded to do everyday simple tasks. Paralyzed on one side too. His memory prior to accident, all there. Ask him the year? 1971. Think of “50 First Dates.”
    I also have a cousin, car accident @ 17. In much the same state of assisted living, 30 years later.
    The phone idea is ingenious in my opinion.
    Point being, brain injuries are nothing to mock!
    I have respect for the attorney that’s representing him too. Choosing to publicize his case to get his medical device back. It only takes minutes or less, for data to be downloaded by the FBI off of a cell.
    Unless Vestige wiped them clean of course! /:

  16. soo, why are people supporting a criminal such as aaron? not understanding it!

  17. None here 🙂
    But rutro, aka “Stalker,” aka Scrappy- might have a little burn hole on his PC screen. 😉 JS

  18. @CM: The medical advances coming out regarding both PTSD and TBI are encouraging and a result of the large numbers of combat veterans returning with these injuries. Having apps that can assist TBI sufferers improve their quality of life is nothing short of amazing. I hope Aaron has his phone returned before a catastrophe ensues.

    • Thank you so much. We are working on getting him a new phone/ cognitive orthotic. It is absolutely shocking to me that the FBI can seize a prescribed medical device from a disabled person and leave his life in danger.

      I, too, am impressed by the array of apps that assist Aaron in his daily living. There is a smart alarm that keeps his breathing going by alerting when his respiration becomes too depressed. There is one that helps him sleep. There are others that remind him to take his medicine. There is an app that causes him to do little math problems or puzzles to make sure his brain is alert enough for other activities.

      From this experience, I have seen that the whole area of law dealing with cognitive orthotics needs to be revamped. We cannot have these devices snatched by the government on some flimsy premise. The people using phones as cognitive orthotic are among the most vulnerable of our population.

      • Your being an attorney, I would assume that you have already thought about a lawsuit against the federal government under Section 1983 or other federal rights legislation, even under the Americans With Disabilities Act for violations of his civil rights.

        If nothing else, report it in writing to the Justice Department’s ADA Enforcement Section for investigation and possible damages. It would create a great conflict of interest for them in the future.

        Write to U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section. NYA, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20530.

        Attention: J. Bentley, Director, Complaint Intake and Adjudication, Disability Rights Section.

        • Thank you so much. Complaints and lawsuits will likely be forthcoming in the future. At the moment, the goal is to keep Aaron alive and get him back as healthy as he can be. The situation is utterly devastating. Having 11 FBI agents with big guns enter the home of a disabled man is bad enough. Having them snatch his mandatory medical device — that he needs to regulate his breathing — his breathing! — is just way too much and indicative of a police state way out of control. The situation is shocking.

  19. Another point, having lived beside it, and witnessed it.
    A consistent Daily Routine is commonly crucial for brain injury sufferers to feel secure, calm, & in control. Having these routines, allows them some self-sufficiency in a variety of ways.
    Upsetting this routine in even the slightest way, can be devastatingly upsetting for. It is cruel!
    Taking away that device, I would correlate to taking away a caretaker of someone dependent upon, and telling them, “fend for yourself.”
    And The breathing part alone, is a frightening thought.
    There are times exceptions must be made, this is one of those, a medically necessary one.
    I absolutely agree on the disability legal pursuits, when feasible. JMO

  20. That is so crazy wtf were they thinking, why would they take that SMH. Are government sucks!

  21. Lostutter must be singing like a canary.

    • We don’t know, but we doubt this, since Lostutter has a very good legal team that is not likely to let him talk to the FBI or police without the lawyer being present. Also, if Lostutter was “singing like a canary,” which is highly unlikely, he would not name Anonforecast, who was not involved. Lying to the FBI is a crime.

  22. I doubt KY is singing, but I would venture a guess that batcat sang and got a deal. You notice, he hasn’t been charged with anything. Those who make the first deal, get the best deal.