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Eric Minor to leave WTOV9 to pursue career at West Virginia University | The RadioNewz Blog

Eric Minor to leave WTOV9 to pursue career at West Virginia University

May 24, 2013 |  by  |  Blog



After 16 years at NEWS9, Eric Minor will be leaving WTOV9 to take the position as the Director of Student Careers and Opportunities at West Virginia University’s P.I. Reed School of Journalism.

While pursuing his Masters of Science degree at WVU for the past three years, Eric applied for the position because it helps students locate quality internships. Eric interned at WTOV in 1992, 1993 and 1994, which he credits for his journalistic success.

With his family, Eric made the decision to take the position, which allows more time with his children.

“This year I turned 40. Last year, I struggled with health issues that left me sidelined for several months. The station was incredibly supportive during that time, even adjusting my schedule to allow me to spend more time with my wife and children. Our daughter is about to turn 12 years old and my son is an energetic 8-year-old. Even on this modified schedule, NEWS9 at Six will always be on at 6 p.m. That meant I was still missing band concerts, soccer games and family dinners. You only get to watch your kids grow up once,” Minor said.

For the past decade, Eric has served as anchor of NEWS9 Midday, NEWS9 Live at Five and NEWS9 at Six and NEWS9 Tonight. In his time at WTOV9, Eric has also hosted WTOV9’s public affairs program “One-On-One,” the high school academic “Quiz Bowl” and WTOV9’s live coverage of “Jamboree in the Hills.”

“I’m extremely happy for Eric Minor, his wife Tracy and their children,” said WTOV9 General Manager Tim McCoy. “Eric has been an amazing employee, ambassador and friend to all of us here at WTOV9. His devotion and passion to NEWS9 over the past two decades has been a model for everyone else in this business. I couldn’t have asked for a better leader or person to work beside. Eric Minor is a gentleman, professional, a wonderful co-worker and best of all a devoted husband, father and friend. All of us at WTOV9 wish Eric and his family the best.”

Eric’s last day at WTOV9 will be Friday, June 7.

More: http://www.wtov9.com/news/news/eric-minor-leave-wtov9-pursue-career-west-virginia/nXzPC/


  1. As the first commentator on the subject, let me be the first to give the perfunctory “Sorry to see you go” mantra.

    Gee! Eric! Sorry to see you go!

    Now, getting down to opportunity. Since Eric is now in charge of placing internships, perhaps the first intern he could find is one for Steubenville and Jefferson County. Preferably he could find an intern with a double major–one in journalism and one in medicine with a specialty in gastroenterology. That way the intern can report on the crap coming out of the local political establishment as well as try to stop the crap that is coming out of Trinity Hospital Systems.

  2. Running for the hills perhaps?? Or was it the mocking of having been there this long, his career as an anchor was destined for nowhere but there. Or maybe he couldn’t stomach the thought of being forced to report on his buddies coming shitstorm? Idk, I only hope he doesn’t influence students to be sellouts and censored.

  3. Although kudos on wanting to spend more time with his kids. May he Teach them well on certain things…

  4. Target 9 Investigation

    I have a great idea for a Target 9 investigative story. Why not do an in depth, hard hitting feature on where TV 9 anchors are today. Why not feature Eric Minor so we can refresh our memories about him and his accomplishments in the area. Maybe run the Target 9 investigative report on or about Saturday, June 8.

  5. Bring Back the Babes

    Hey Tim McCoy. Bring back the likes of Liz Habib and Kelley Olexia or do you still have a problem. I won’t say the problem.

    On another topic though, I went into a fine china shop the other day and the sign read: “Don’t Touch or Handle the Merchandise.” That would be a good Target 9 investigation!!!

  6. First Herbick, now Minor. I think Herbick booked because of all the heat 9 news was getting about non-reporting of rape case & she figured get out while the gettin was good. CM, I think you nailed it on Minor: He’s a censored sellout going Nowhere. Personally I think WVU deserves better. He showed what a censored suck ass he was in the interview with, as someone calls her “gravy legs”, lol!!! He’s been here 16 yrs and he tried to act like he knew nothing about or anyone in Steubenville. He was so freaking nervous, he was stuttering trying to read the questions that “gravy legs”, (sorry, I just love that one) was answering before asked! He didn’t even try to make it look like a real interview! Oh yeah, We ask the Tough questions!! Gag me!!

  7. So, after 16 years experience in Steubenville, all that the anchor of the local news is qualified to do is to be a placement officer for a hick school of journalism. That says a lot about the quality of journalism in Steubenville. He might as well have gotten the same job at Bethany College or West Liberty State College–Weirton Branch.

    I could place more students in internship placements today than he could do in a year. The Jerry Springer Show, Morey Powvich and Steve Wilkos are all advertising for internships in Stamford, Connecticut. Those studios are more impressive than any around here, especially the one on Eatamint Hill.

    Not saying Eric was not a nice enough guy, but in the news you don’t need a “nice enough guy.” You need someone who will ask the tough and important questions, not the sanitized, white-washed ones your news director and the political hacks hand you.

  8. Lesson for Young Journalists

    The story of Eric Minor and the dead end career he found in Steubenville should be a wake-up call to those who get their feet wet in the Steubenville journalistic and broadcast area.

    Eric Minor stayed for 16 years and never advanced to a more respected career goal.

    Down at the local Herald Star newspapers, there are dead enders like Mark Law who has been there for decades and has never accomplished any journalistic respect and never will. He has no ambition, is lazy and goes through the motions of summarizing county news, most of which is spoon fed to him by a political office holder. He wouldn’t know how to ask a tough or real investigative question if one were written down for him in crayon.

    For any new and ambitious journalistic upstarts that come to this area, pull up the credentials and histories of a reporter that worked for WTRF Television 7 for a year or two, made an impressive name for himself and has been able to advance in his career. His name is Ari Hait. In a span of ten years he started locally, moved on to Charleston, W.V., then to WTAE in Pittsburgh, and is now a respected, nationally known reporter for Hearst Corporation doing investigative reporting for WPBF 25 TV in West Palm Beach, Florida. He didn’t let himself simply rot in a rotten town. He worked on advancing his career and has done so. It won’t be long until the national networks pick him up.

    Don’t wither in a community that has no respect for itself and doesn’t care what the news is, as long as they don’t think it personally affects them. When the time comes—seize the moment.

  9. I like Eric. He had a job to do and an employer to answer to and anyone who has ever worked for someone else knows what that means. I wish him much success and happiness in his new career.

  10. Lesson for Young Journalists

    Eric was a great guy. A great family man. Sincere and caring. But if you work for someone else in a field that requires gumption, self-determination and personal integrity and they don’t uphold the standards you have or should have, then move on early in your career.

    We have a prosecutor that is pretty, nice, a mother, probably a good worker, but does not uphold the standards necessary to be a fighter for justice. She “works for others” even though she should be independent. She holds the party line and plea bargains almost every case to the point where the bad guys come back on the streets in no time and commit the same or worse crimes.

    You wouldn’t even want a cleaning lady that is friendly and nice that didn’t do a good job cleaning your house.

    We need more than “yes” men and fence sitters if we are ever to have a community that respects itself let alone earns the respect from those on the outside.

    I wish him success and happiness also, but if you start out in life with the knowledge and ideals that go with your career choice and don’t accomplish it—it’s a terrible thing to waste.

    • People leave in their own time. Was like that once for me. After 12 years in a job that for the most part I loved.. when I was asked to lie under oath, I said “no way and here is my resignation effective immediately.”
      There may have been other things that kept him there longer. Who knows? Its probably easier to be an independent journalist than one with family and the obligations that come with.
      We could theorize all night but theory and assumptions is all it would be. Instead maybe just a good luck and God’s speed will work?

  11. Now that he’s leaving, he should ask Jane Hanlin for one last interview for old times sake. Doubtful she would oblige.