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Developing: Has Online Steubenville been jeopardized or worse? @sam7cook hacked! | The RadioNewz Blog

Developing: Has Online Steubenville been jeopardized or worse? @sam7cook hacked!

April 13, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

The @sam7cook twitter was hacked earlier today. Accusations flew as to the hacker was, but regardless of who it was, terrible damage has most likely been done to the effort to reconcile Online Steubenville. Trust at all time low!


  1. Same Old Tricks, Different Day

    Nobody cares.

    • Oh really? I care. I don’t know Sam but had DMd her several times about my own PRIVATE life experiences that were personal. Why did I DM them. Because they were PERSONAL! If I wanted my personal business out there I would have tweeted it!

      I don’t appreciate anyone hacking any person’s account. That’s like reading someone’s personal mail.

      And right! Faceyet was at the grocery while all this took place? Oh please! Faceyet was tweeting bs throughout the hacking while grocery shopping? Faceyet is truly a loon. A shit stirrer.

      I’m not from Steubenville and I’ve watched this bickering happening. It makes me sick. Obviously people such as faceyet and judicious1_ feel threatened by peace, which is really sad…. To me anyway… Then there’s the “truth” person. Truth? Really? You don’t want truth. All of toy were just waiting to throw the BS card because you’re haters. Well Faceyet certainly helped you out there.

      So all the people complaining about false narratives have their own hateful false narratives. They want to keep the hate going

      From what I read Sam had a life altering experience when she was in hospital. It put things in the proper perspective for she and Steve. They are truly trying to bring Steubenville together as one to right the wrongs. They’ve apologized for their part, as everyone should do. Local Leaks did a Huge disservice to the people and town of Steubenville. Steve and Sam have lost a lot of “friends” when they started trying to right the wrongs. Squash the rumor mill of lies.

      Have Faceyet & company tried to do anything to help with anything? No. All they have done is keep the hate going. PLEASE explain that to me? You want things rightened and yet you attack the ones who’ve had a change of heart and realized that there ARE, in fact, A LOT of lies out there.

      WHY would someone try to sabotage peace? I don’t understand it. The haters are just making Steubenville look like the stereotype that people around the world believe it to be. It’s disheartening. Why even try anymore. I give up. Things were so much better as far as I’m concerned.

      People change! People realise they were misled! People are human! What don’t the haters “get” about that?

      CLEARLY someone didn’t like the online people of Steubenville reconciling. Sad indeed.

  2. Most people that don’t live there don’t care. As for me I stayed out of it for Steve and Sam’s sake, it’s their community not mine. I feel it’s not in the hate mongers nature in that ratty town to really make peace and they are wasting their time. I’ll still stay out of it again as they try to mend fences, but I watched how fast they went back to snakes, good luck with that

  3. Very strange situation. To not know who or why is rattling a ton of ppl who may have had DM’s (hopefully erased b4 hack) with that account. I cannot say I am surprised of the hack, I am surprised that nobody is taking credit which usually occurs after every twitter hacking. Why is this situation so different than the others? Most hackers love to put their name on a hacked account. Seems too weird to me.

  4. Faceyet seemed pleased as punch, funny how nobody watched her as this went down. Her name was on the hack from the very start

    • Oh I was watching as were the haters. Everyone was watching. They only see what fits in with the hate agenda. Talk about “False Narratives.” We know what their narrative is. And that’s to keep this hate-fest going and to do anything in their power to gain any type of resolution or peace.

      True colors have really shown. It’s a loss cause, sadly. I know there have GOT to be GOOD HONEST people in Steubenville. But these five or so have overruled the masses. Now I’m thinking that Steubenville people actually want this hateful drama. I wish they’d stop this craziness. It makes me sad for humanity.

  5. So effing what. If you lay with dogs, you get fleas. You tweet the bull that they do and whom they tweet it too, your setting yourself for retaliation.

  6. I guess there is confusion regarding what the account said. when I logged on I noticed it said #Taken as the name on account, then quickly was #fuckyoufaceyet. The mannerisms and communication style was not even close to faceyet in anyway shape or form. I guess if you look at it from two different perspectives it could be taken two different ways. If the verbage was read aloud as “F you faceyet!” it would be directed to faceyet. But if read aloud as “F U~faceyet” it could be construed as being from faceyet. But again the language and everything was not the same as tweets from faceyet. I did indeed read a tweet from faceyet that stated twitter passwords should be better or something like that but it is a given. When using mobile devices or tablets you can have one person on the mobile and another on a tablet or pc and make changes to the account.

    My bet is someone she knows very well hacked it and is trying to put the blame on someone else that is an easy target.

    If you are giving out personal info online via any social media you are asking for it to be hacked. I would think those who DM her in the future consider what may have already been SS from her account and perhaps quit doing so for the very near future.

    Something is not smelling right with this situation.

    • It smells like bullshit. I’m hearing she wasn’t hacked at all. She just wants to blame faceyet for something.
      I don’t think faceyet has those skillz.

      • I wouldn’t doubt it. Seems highly suspicious that someone so low on the totem pole would be hacked. Based on the disgusting tweets and pictures that this, dare I even say, ADULT is putting out there I would hate to see what is in private DM’s. YUCK!

        I gotta call bullshit myself. I think this attempt to seem important backfired completely. I wouldn’t trust this person at all. On either side.

        It’s people like this who give the Anonymous idea a bad rep.

  7. P.S. if you did DM her via twitter you could be compromised as well so I would have changed my password yesterday.

    • “Calling”…… Gee wiz! Wow! Thanks SO MUCH for telling us to change our passwords etc. You’re SO techie! I wish I was as smart as you. You assume everyone (other than yourself) is an idiot. Get your big fat head out of the sand. You’re a hateful POS. Did all of that already, got the t-shirt and the bag of chips. DUH

      And for your followers on here, “guest” & “say what,” get a life would ya? Your hate is showing …….. badly.

  8. There was no motive what so ever for her to call out faceyet. Really easy to point fingers behind fake names, and you follow a person who hides behind an icon. Who is faceyet other than on one line bully with cowards for fans?

  9. Faceyet doesn’t have the skillz. They’ve been at war for along time despite trying to make peace.

    Shouldn’t call out people w/o proof. There is no proof it was faceyet.

    Faceyet harasses and trolls, but other than that he/she is useless.

    If she was hacked it was someone who knows her.

  10. Or someone that wanted to make it look like face. Either way blaming Sam is not warranted. I saw the tweet that said Sam’s was the easiest one to hack.

  11. Lemme say this again for the slow people. Had had access to my account AT all times via my phone BUT I was not the only one….Someone else was also in there and if u think this was a scam ur just a fucking idiot. #taken was written by whoever “password cracked” (yes thats a program) my account. BUT I am done explaining myself. I am DONE.Why would someone hack me?? P.S. I never keep anything of any importance in my DMs so THE ONLY thing this accomplished was some IGNORANT FUCK terrorizing me. Again YOU WIN I AM OUT. Fix the shit urself. As for putting “stress is a scapegoat” on my bio F U C K YOU. Anyway…lynda, hoo and er body else sticking up for me thank you and I love you. As for the “ney sayers” EAT ME. I am an adult…will put whatever I want on my twitter!! And I am NOBODY..continue to hack u got nothin!….butttt my friends do #ExpectUS (hacking me when I have a house full of anons was wise!)

  12. Well put, Sam. These bullies with nothing better to do than harass individuals from whom they apparently feel threatened are pathetic. As for “fighting the good fight”, you have amazing support. Fuck the haters. If they have such a problem with you, then stop creaming their pants over hacking and slamming you. Just go the fuck away. Those who count support you, Sam. I know that I for one am a big fan. Support Sam and go to hell fucktards!

  13. P.S. I am not and HAVE never been anonymous. (Except by injection) Never claimed it…and considering a shit ton of then r in my home and WITTNESSED the hack I am pretty sure they know I SUPPORT THEM and “giving them a bad name” pfft!!!! #FuckOff