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What will future fiancées and their parents think of “immunity boys”? | The RadioNewz Blog

What will future fiancées and their parents think of “immunity boys”?

March 15, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

I know this trial is not over and both sides have not been presented, but I want to give people an opportunity to sound off on the immunity deals in exchange for testimony, if you want to.

Immunity to testify is a normal court practice and it’s always assumed the person accepting it has something to fear. Assumed they know they did something wrong and could be held to account.

A “alleged” rape… immunity … sounds like the immunity acceptors know it was more than “alleged”.

I find the teen who actually filmed his friend with fingers in Jane Doe’s vagina appalling. Who films something like that? But kids do stupid things. SMH! He will always be remembered as the boy who filmed fingers in the vagina of an unconscious teen girl for that regardless of how this trial turns out.

And another kid admitted he was saying “piss on her”…. nice boy! :roll: Appalling times how many times over?

Can’t wait for the future fiancées and their parents to hear this shit about all of these boys. LMAO! Oy!


  1. I never really understood why these kids’ attorneys accepted the initial letter from the AG’s office so as to testify at the probable cause hearing. IMO, the letter left a lot on the table and in no way shielded those witnesses from prosecution. I don’t know if the witnesses got better representation or if the attorneys were given a teachable moment by the AG’s office. Sheesh.

    In some cases, immunity is necessary and I think that this is one of those times. Unfortunately. What they did or didn’t do that night was disgusting. I hope they have to live with it for a very long time…jmho.

  2. I was absolutely horrified by the immunity boys testimony. How morally bankrupt do you have to be to video a sexual assault, upload it on Youtube and then admit in the trail that you did not believe fingering an unconscious girl is considered rape.

    I am disappointed immunity was given, these guys deserve to be in jail right along with the Rape Crew however I understand it was important to have this testimony – basically nails in the coffin for the Rape Crew. The only comfort i take is their lives are ruined forever, no school or employer will want to get close to these creeps. No self respecting woman will want to date these creeps. Their lives are over. Fuck em’.

  3. I think all the families involved will be sued within an inch of their lives, these boys – all of them will carry this stain of being rapists around for the rest of their lives. Society is a much crueler form of punishment than they realize, and it will follow them until the day they all die. Ask the Nodiamus family how they are doing right now. It will never be over for any of them. That name is ruined for generations. So is the Saltsman and Westlakes. No one will want them. No one will thrive with a member of their families joining another family. It’s over for all of them.