Stranahan’s motive in Steubenville a little clearer?

March 16, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

Full info:  A report by @funnyb34r

  1. Let’s have some fun with Twitter Geolcation using a program called Cree.Py
  2. Target @Stranahan because people want to know A) who’s paying him, B) How he affords to travel there C) why his interest is there and D) Who would want his help.
  3. Why is Lee Stranahan so against the victim and for the defendents winning, and above all else why is his timeline centered around the importance of football and the coaches innocence?
  1. (Nevermind that he mentioned Jane Doe’s name on the 13th and left it on his timeline of almost 30,000 followers on twitter for over 8 hours before removing it just months after he attacked the activist group KnightSec for releasing the un-edited probable cause transcript for free download.)
  3. 40.36093994, -80.61135365 OH-7 S, Steubenville, OH 43952 (irrelevant)
  4. 40.3604, -80.614852 3/13/2012 12:55:44 PM (BINGO!)
  5. We have an address 162 N 4th st Unit 205, Steubenville OH 43952  using a converter.
  8. Timothy M Belardine Matts father lives there.
  9. Son Matthew source :
  10. Tampering with witnesses Lee? Getting paid by them to bash the people outing the truth?
  11. Person of interest Matt Belardine
  12. Assistant Coach at Big Red
  13. DOB:    11/10/1987
  14. (740)
  15. 113 Wilma Ave
  16. Steubenville, OH 43952
  17. (source
  18. Matt’s sister allegedly bragged amongst classmates that they lied and got away with it.
  19. This address is one of the parties listed in the probable cause transcript located on Stranahans blog a copy can be requested from the courthouse or downloads may be found online as well. The transcript describes how Matt supposedly “Broke The Party Up”.
      1. So you see, Lee does not have steubenville interest’s at heart, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lee Stranahan is capitlizing off of others pain and even other people’s desires to remain under the radar in this prosecution in Steubenville Ohio.
      2. I am not anonymous, however I do feel that all involved should stand trial, and I will do my part to ensure that there are no stones left unturned, no shady back alley dealings with biased political bloggers who use the trust of the company that hired them to construe the truth in the case of a victimized young woman.
      3. Lee’s Possible Defense, Brought To You In Advance:
      4. Lee’s defense will be that he checked in at Yorgo’s on yelp, with this picture as proof,
      6. No food, just a building right up the street from Matt’s father’s house. Fake check ins on yelp are not only probable, they are possible, and I encourage you to download the application and try it for yourself, HOWEVER geo-location based on where that cellphone is on the checkin is accurate to the DECIMAL of the longitude and lattitude therefore the ACTUAL address he was at when he posted that picture as his allibi is Matt Belardine fathers house as noted above. In fact, Geo-Location based on GPS of a mobile device is SO accurate many people use their cell phones in place of the outdated GPS units for turn by turn driving directions, real time traffic updates, and hiking trails.


  1. Stranahan’s such a loser. This is going to be his final demise, thank God. He’s so over that his wife will have to return to the oldest profession for them to be able to eat.

  2. well I'm literate, how about you?

    I’m sorry I really don’t like to talk about a person’s physical appearance however I just don’t see how this man, Stranahan, could provide anything of value to anyone. I feel that he continually disregards the facts in the case. The judge found both of the defendants guilty and is calling in a grand jury so obviously there is more than what meets the eye. Our only option now is to wait out the grand jury and see what crimes they deem to have been committed. Although I still am a firm believe that Belardine was out of line and should have never permitted all those drunken teens to get behind the wheel of their vehicles. Driving drunk is dangerous for an experienced driver, lives are lost all the time to this. My family has personally suffered from the effects of a person choosing to drive drunk without regard to other people who are out on the road just driving home from a long day at work. That SUV where 6 teens lost their lives could have very well happened in Steubenville that night. Luckily, it did not but there were lives ruined that day none the less. Had Belardine chose to do the appropriate thing by either having each person sleep at his home until sober, or had them call their parents to come get them I don’t think any of this would have happened. You can’t expect drunk teens to make the right decisions, they make wrong choices while sober for crying out loud. I’m guessing there could have been a variety of things done by a variety of people that could have prevented this horrible thing from happening. If nothing else I hope this is an eye-opener for the entire nation, not just Steubenville. The best we can hope for is that people can learn a lesson from this incident.