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Herald Star: Steubenville praying for peace and unity | The RadioNewz Blog

Herald Star: Steubenville praying for peace and unity

March 12, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

STEUBENVILLE – Religious leaders from throughout the city called for unity and peace in a community that is embracing for national attention this week when two Steubenville High School students go on trial facing rape charges in Jefferson County Juvenile Court.

“Some of the media are here listening and waiting to hear something about the rape trial, the shootings and drug activity in our city. We can say the steel mills are long gone. There are shootings and rape. And we can say the last person to leave should turn out the lights. But we can say Lord we don’t have the answer, but Lord you know the answers,” stated Pastor Vaughn Foster of Christ’s Community Church.

“We as a city are in need of God’s hope. And we get that hope by being in God’s presence. We pray that God will invade our city,” Foster added.

Article Photos

GATHERED FOR PRAYER — Clergy members of Faith in the Future gathered Monday night at St. Peter Catholic Church in Steubenville calling for unity and peace in the community. Taking part in the one-hour prayer service were, from left, Pastor Vaughn Foster of Christ’s Community Church, Pastor Gary Hallberg of Word of Life Fellowship, the Rev. Calvin McLoyd of Second Baptist Church, Bishop Jeffrey M. Monforton of the Catholic Diocese of Steubenville, the Rev. Ashley Steele of Urban Mission Ministries and the Rev. Richard Davis, TOR, of Franciscan University of Steubenville. – Dave Gossett

 Approximately 150 people attended the prayer service Monday night at St. Peter Catholic Church to hear several calls for prayers and hope.
Entire article at website: http://www.hsconnect.com/page/content.detail/id/584158/Praying–for-peace–and-unity.html?nav=5010


  1. Here is a website dedicated to giving a voice to all the people raped by members of the Catholic church in the Steubenville area. I wonder what these church leaders have to say about these stories?


  2. For crying out loud, these clergy members tried to organize a prayerful forum within, yes, a Cathoic church to bring community members an opportunity to listen to some hopeful words from these varied men and woman who have devoted their lives to God and their “flock”, and yet you, Nurse, must try to bring us down yet again. Having spent a lifetime dealing w/ victims of abuse I grasp the pain you/they must endure. But at every opportunity must you condemn an entire Faith because of the sins of a few.
    You will never be of help or be helped if you and yours continue endless condemnation of others.
    Though your faith may have been altered because of what may have happened to you, or if you’re just a zealot of your own choice, please leave those who do believe alone. We are sick of the endless jabs.
    If you want to help victims, I hope you learn to do so by also offering them HOPE.
    You and yours need to get a clue, you are now more part of the problem than the solution to the cuture of rape.
    Get back to me when you figure this concept out.

    • “You and yours need to get a clue, you are now more part of the problem than the solution to the cuture of rape.”

      So you want to solve the rape culture problem by ignoring all the church rape that goes on in Steubenville?! You are right, I can’t figure this concept out.

      I guess when a football player rapes a 16 year old girl it’s bad…but when your priest rapes a 10 year old boy, it’s totally acceptable?

    • Nurse and others of same mindset:As far as the Snap Judy or whatever the group is called, though their initial motives may have been good to pinpoint Cath priests as the primariy predador group is insulting to the 99% decent Cath. clergy and to Catholics period. If you want to know who the pervs really are, They are your neighbor, father, uncle, son and brother. they can be your teacher, coach, mentor, favorite car dealer, your familily mortician, your physician, lawyer, yardboy, handyman, house painter, fav. TV personality, your elected politicians, local, state, Fed. There are thousands prowing around DC in their Armani suits, lobbyists, congressmen? you name it. They have nice day jobs and fool many around them, but I assure you they are everywhere. Most have been hiding in plain sight, or protected by family and others. They are everywhere and look just like the “goodguys.”
      So enough with targeting of priests as the largest group of creeps out there. Better open up your eyes and follow your “gut instincts” because the guys you trust may well be the real “boogyman.” WAKE UP, Nurse, for your sake and the good people at Snap Judy. Demonizing clergy because of the very bad egg clergy isn’t helpful. Go after the bad guys wherever they may lurk. As I just informed you, they may be hiding in plain sight in your own little world you feel is safe. Be vigilant, but attacking a whole Faith because of your dreadful experiences really isn’t helpful.

  3. No one is denying that there are good men and women in the Catholic Church. What is also undeniable, is that the institution as a whole has tended to coverup abuse, instead of aggressively rooting it out. Bishops, priests and nuns are bound by vows of obedience, and the orders issued by Rome were to avoid involving the civil authorities, and to handle this matter internally.

    It has been reported that both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both believed that this crisis was exaggerated by Church critics and the media.

    It is perfectly understandable to want to protect an institution to which you have devoted your entire life, but both the Popes and the Curia alike erred in their assumption that coverup would be the best way to protect the Church. What this has done is to cause even more people to leave the Church. It has been estimated that, in Ireland, which used to be known for its piety, that the percentage of Catholics attending mass each Sunday dropped from 90% a generation ago, to 4% today. That is the payback for the pedophile priest coverup, the Magdalen laundries, and the recalcitrance on sexual and reproductive rights.

    • It is so easy as an indiv. to figure out that which makes sense and that that which doesn’t (since some are man’s rules not God’s) to pick and choose wht u can live with and still embrace the Sacred tenatnts. Those who ditched their faith, unless directly affected as victims, just use it as an excuse for th laziness and “fun” of secularism, which demands little of you except complete devotion to Jon Stewart.

      • Branflake, that has to be the stupidest comment I’ve ever read on this blog, or any for that matter. I’ve been reading these comments like ladeeda and then I come to yours.

        I am actually stunned at your defensiveness, ignorance and total lack of empathy towards others. It’s people like you that make unbelievers, of whatever faith, never want to believe in anything…. other than Jon Stewart.

        Your comment is exactly the mindset that caused victims of clergy abuse to never come forward. It’s people like you that put the guilt on other “believers” on top of their huge guilt, and doubt, of being abused. It’s people like you that cause victims to suffer in silence as they cut themselves, drug themselves or drink themselves to death! It’s people like you that cause victims to commit suicide! It’s people like you that cause people to give up on GOD.

        God doesn’t need your kind of “witness.” You disgrace God. It’s people like you that made Jesus weep. God’s probably weeping right now.

        It’s people like you that MAKE ME SICK! You’re an embarrassment to me, personally, as a Christian. I’m not Catholic but I do know that it’s people like you that think being pious will get them stars on their crowns. But guess what? People like you are the biggest sinners of all. You’re turning non-believers away from God. Good job. You’re doing great!

        Quit sticking out your chest and prancing around like a peacock. You’re nothing but a man-made rule keeper who judges others for things you don’t agree with. You aren’t God, THANK THE LORD!

        Hit your knees dude, or dudette, and ask God’s forgiveness for your hatefulness and pride. I’m serious.

        • Uhaventtacluewhoiam/noriu

          You don’t know me, and or any any thing about about me, i am right now the real walking dead. Before you judge me, demand i get on my knees and beg for forgiveness, I do so daily. Being human i have failed as we all have. I am paying dearly and my only wish now in old age and ill health is to go “Home.”
          That is the problem with this stupid sites. There are real people behind the words we throw out which may or may not make sense, though they might seem to when we type impulsively. Too old and sick to get info here. I shall return to my deathbed where I should have stayed before so offending you. Was not not my intention. Only hoped to wake up some I thought too were enthralled w/ celebrity and entertainment. Prayers to you if they really do listen, we hope, but Faith falters often as you seem to understnad. Apolgies. This is just a blogsite, nothing much real going on on hear,just stranger s offending/supporting strangers. A tragedy in and of itself. Lost souls crying into blogworld. Pitifully sad and lonely. Again apologies from a guilty bystander former participant in a world once kinder.

          • You’re so right. I don’t know you. I actually don’t know anyone who comments here.

            I too apologize. We all have our moments. ALL. You hit a sore spot with me. I’m a Christian. There are Christians out there who feel they have the right to judge others because of their “works.” You and I both know that works don’t get you anyplace without the love of God in what you’re doing.

            I see a lot of personal pain on this page. People speak out of anger because they’re hurting for things in their past, or current.

            I too am in bad health. I can’t wait to go “home.” This world is too mean for me. Unfortunately, but you never know, I’ve got a few miserable years left. Years of physical pain.

            But it sure good to know that in the next life there will be no pain or sorrow.

            I’m so sorry about your health problems. I’m sorry for blowing up and “judging” you. I had no right. I did exactly what I was accusing you of doing.

            We’re all weak and fall very short in the glory of God. But praise The Lord that our God is a loving, forgiving God.

            I’ll pray for you and everyone else on this page. I’m hitting my knees…. Well actually I can’t do the knee thing physically, but I’m asking God for forgiveness for my anger. I have an anger problem. Can you tell? Ha hum…..

            We’re all flawed humans who hurt in our hearts. We just express our pain in different ways. I’m good at anger :\ It’s really hard to be obedient to God when you’re angry and commenting on a blog where you feel anonymous. Wow!

            I guess I didn’t even thing that what I was typing may actually hurt a living breathing human being. I just see fake names, ya know? Not real people.

            But again I’m so sorry for reacting rather than responding. Please forgive me. I’m truly sorry.

            • To Really, Thank you so much

              Dear Really, It’s OK, I guess people wander to these sights, such I as I to blabber what I think at the moment means something, only to realize whatever stupid thing I may have typed has offended someone though that wasm’t the intent. No longer even know what I was trying to say, ’cause it clearly wasn’t imprtant at all. So sad that so many of have to try to make our voice heard through stranger blog/blab sites such as this, where if we all actualy knew each other we would find most of us are just lost ones reaching out to whoever. Whatever else, friend, if I may call you that, unlike the “brillant” ones who rule the world,country our communities,filup up tv with their fake fame, we were actually able to brake down our own facades to find that we are real, people not just the b…sh..ers we pretend to be on these sites. Glad to have met the real you and you me, if only for a brief moment in time. Thank you for your honesty and humililty, I do so respect you for being genuine, whereas most of the bloggers here there and everywhere still pretend to someone they are not. God bless you and may you find Peace in what I see as a sad dark world now. I am still searching, and still praying for that Peace.
              So long my friend, may we meet again, either here, there, or anywhere.Hopefully we can again speak Truth. Hopefully yours, YKW

  4. I never said I devoted my life to the Catholic Church, Well aware of the cover up crap of the Church. Just trying to tell y’aa (appalachian) pervs come from everywhere, to go go after one instituttion (could it be cause when caught in the lies they had the money to pay out?) Just a reminder that that creeps are in every corner of everywhere, hiding behind other facades. Go after all of them and, remember again not all priests are perverts, any more than all coaches(sandusky?) are rapists or rape apologists. Do appreciate your civil, sensible tone. An improvemnt over many in bloggoworld, including my own at times.

    Penn state and the Church could pay out, hope a lack of financial backing does not prevent people from going after your every day joe kinda creepo.


  1. Dear Conservative Christian Leaders: Why Are You Silent about Rape? | RH Reality Check