Steubenville: Jill Watkins faces arraignment 3/22 for DUI

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  1. Who is this? A description would be nice.

  2. Yeah, make sure the reader knows how this impinges on the larger story. Who is this and why is their charge important?

  3. You guys must not have been following this in the media!

  4. If I am not mistaken Jill Watkins is the woman who made an ass out of herself on Dr. Phil, claiming that because of all the coverage of the rape in Steubenville, high school students were hiding under the desks and pissing on themselves at school.

    Watkins started screaming at another guest, Robin Sax, who is a respected legal analyst and former sex crimes prosecutor.

    She is fucking crazy!

  5. Steubenville: Jill Watkins’ Dr. Phil innocence of rape questioned over son’s tweets

    ** for those who haven’t followed this case in the media, Gino Atkins is Jill’s son.

  6. What you want to bet she’ll blame “mean bloggers, press and Anonymous”?

  7. Maybe she and the mayor can switch off between who plays designated driver.

  8. The Dr. Phil appearance makes so much more sense now that we know Watkins is a drunk. The DUI is probably the least of her worries at this point with the Grand Jury now set to hand down charges to others involved.

    • Where do you come up with this stuff Fack? Watkin’s son is no more in jeopardy of being indicted than Ronald McDonald.

      • Being on TV and slandering the victim is grounds for a civil case – it’s the same thing Prinnie was sued for by Saltsman but it failed because she proved what she was saying on her blog was truth.

  9. I do not know about you but if this is something that happened due to her being threatened then it’s not very funny.

    If the threats can not be substantiated and it was all made up then this will be freaking hilarious!

    SayWhat? I believe people are under the impression that the texts messages admitted into evidence support the claim that Geno perhaps knew more than he was speaking about on the Dr. phil show and perhaps he may know more about previous rapes (April and 2 other unnammed naked girls on phones taken). I guess the grand jury will see but it still is a tragedy that someone could have been killed due to Miss Watkins personal choice to drive drunk. Nothing positive about that.

    • ” someone could have been killed due to Miss Watkins personal choice to drive drunk. Nothing positive about that.”
      – That. Right. There.

  10. Horrible example of a woman for her teen children. Then she wonders why her teens and the teens in Stupidville have no respect for women. She’s probably the town whore. I saw that fat pig on Dr. Phil. She’s what you call a beauty queen in Stupidville.

  11. And I had heard all those antics were stemming from a cougar protecting her club of cubs? Guess that was just a rumor. But if you look at that screenshot of Phil video, idk… kind of looks like claws & a growl??

  12. Jill Watkins spewing all her garbage on Dr. Phil, her son being disrespectful showed me the type of people they are.

    Now a DUI??????


  13. I’m assuming that Jill has been arrested… I can’t see the cops allowing someone to drive under the influence. That said, I have two questions:

    1) Why is there no report in the local papers? Other people arrested have found their names there; and

    2) There is no record of such a case number in the online courthouse records.

    Others have been saying Jill is saying that this is all made-up by her enemies.

    • Very odd indeed. If this is a fraud, Ms. Jill may very well have the makings of a legitimate defamation suit on her hands.

    • One thing is for sure, she is at a bar just about every night of the week.

    • Yes it’s there, I’ve looked it up. Maybe you’re looking through Jefferson County’s website instead of Steubenville’s where it is.

      • Yes it’s there, I’ve looked it up. Maybe you’re looking through Jefferson County’s website instead of Steubenville’s where it is.

        That explains the court record, but what about the local papers?

        • I don’t have an answer to that question nor do I have a valid reason why it wouldn’t be in the paper. If I were to break the law it would be in the paper so I really don’t know why it wouldn’t be printed.

  14. Must have learned it from Goddard

    • @PrinnieLies

      Yeah, right. Two months ago, I had never heard of Prinnie, or Steubenville. Not everyone here is an American, and not everyone is familiar with the American legal system.

    • What are you even talking about? Prinnie didn’t lie and who must of learned what from Goddard?

  15. Name: WATKINS, JILL E
    City, State Zip: STEUBENVILLE, OH 43952
    DOB: 07/03/1975

    Case: 13TRC00425
    File Date: 03/20/2013
    Status: TRIAL
    Next Date: 04/10/2013 √ Must Appear
    Next Time: 10:00AM
    Violation Case: 13TRC00425-A
    Section Code: 4511.19A1
    Ticket Number: A955741
    Violation Date: 03/20/2013
    Local Agency: STATE OF OHIO
    Arresting Agency: STATE OF OHIO
    Arresting Officer: TPR. JUSTIN COOPER
    Other Violations: 0
    Priors: 2
    Attorney: DAVID A. VUKELIC, ESQ.
    Judge: G. DANIEL SPAHN
    Prosecutor: JOHN MASCIO JR. ESQ.
    Date Heard:
    Original Charge: 4511.19A1
    Original Plea: NG
    Final Plea:
    Sentencing Conditions:

    Penalty: BOND M1
    License Suspended:
    Jail Term:
    Jail Credits:
    Work Release:
    EMH Jail Days :
    Probation Time:
    Probation Term:
    Probation Conditions:
    Fines Due:
    Fines Suspended:
    Victim of Crime:
    General Amount:
    Court Costs:
    Other Costs:
    Credit Amount:
    Total Amount: $0.00

  16. I love that trooper Cooper got her dumb ass off the street! Good job trooper Cooper! U have all us people backing u!!! Ty for taking her nasty ass to jail, to bad she’s out to do it again! Maybe she was upset on dr phill cause the “rape crew” didn’t want her!! Being shes old and got a pruned up ass! This little boys don’t want u JILL! Your stupid! Give it up u attention whore!

  17. Anyone notice the 2 priors? Not her first rodeo,it would seem, eh?

  18. In Steubenville they only print the names in the paper of people that are booked into jail. Most ovi arrest are not jailed. The Jefferson County Jail is in a budget crisis and only accepts felony arrests and very violent offenders at this time.

  19. But I though this wasn’t true??? I thought all the “BLOGGERS” were just making this up. Yeah, the joke is on you Steubenville Jill.

    I suppose you still back your son even those his disgusting texts were part of court documents. What a role model you are, be very proud of yourself = Mother Of The Year. LOL!

  20. This case has been resolved. Looks like driving while impaired was dismissed and a guilty plea was given for reckless driving with a fine of about $300 and 3 months suspended license.

  21. She probably was under the influence when she appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. BTW, that Steubenville Jill on Dr. Feel has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I LMFAO! I’ll have to say we should thank Jill for letting the world know all about the desk children of Steubenville. I’m sure the world will never forget.