#Cougar #Loon @McGreggorsBack thinks Trenton Duckett is alive!

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Trenton Duckett has been missing for over 6-years and loon Mary Lee thinks he is alive. Maybe Trenton Duckett is with Haleigh Cummings and being used as a Kohl’s model as well!!! ((rolls eyes))

trentonmleeNext time you are at the mall people keep an eye out for Trenton and Haleigh… Give me a fucking break. The sad part is that this alleged former cop is serious. Here is the deal Mary, when a child is missing over 48 hours, they’re most likely dead. Much less 4 years like Haleigh, or 7 years like Trenton Duckett.

You do realize that Elizabeth Smart is the rare exception don’t you? And, just because law enforcement thinks the child is dead doesn’t mean they have given up. It just means they are looking for their body, or at least a trace of their body and evidence that will bring their killer to justice.

The ignorance of this alleged former cop is astonishing!


  1. Why do I accuse him? Because HE said he murdered the child. He showed up in the Caylee Anthony case Discovery stating that he trolled the malls for children under 5 & that he murdered Trenton Duckett. Those are HIS words, not mine. He’s the one who implicated himself. All I’ve done is repeat the words he is on record as saying.

  2. Michelle, do you think it is possible that Murt was doing this for attention or because he is just a “plain ass” (as mlee would say) weirdo? Kinda like John Mark Karr, trying to insert himself into the case? Either way, it is disgusting. Murt is disgusting.

    Murt is sick. Every fiber of his being is just sick. He needs to be on medication. Something is wrong with him.

  3. Well Mary seems to have her facts completely wrong on Melinda Duckett not having time to kill Trenton. Melinda refused to tell LE where she was the entire day Trenton went missing. All she would tell them is she was out driving around and she couldn’t remember. Let’s not forget, she didn’t even call the police when he was supposedly missing, one of her male friends who were there watcing movies with her that night did. The first thing Melinda did when the police got to her house, was to waive a message she printed out in front of their faces. A message that she claimed came in court from Josh Duckett’s myspace account threatening to kill both her and Trenton. Myspace records showed the IP address that was logged in at that time that message was sent WAS HERS!

    Oh and just so Mary knows, on her way out of her house that night to go to the police station to file a report, Melinda had her male friends throw away some “trash bags” in the apartment dumpster. What was in those bags? Trenton’s age appropriate clothes, age appropriate toys, his school lunch bag with his name on it. Toddler food not open and not expired. Oh and the best yet, his sonagram pictures. Ironically Melinda’s myspace page picture went from a picture of her and Trenton, to a picture of just herself on the same day he went missing.

    The only thing Mary is correct about is, Trenton is not listed as dead. They don’t list anyone dead unless they find a body or a family member requests after years go by for a death certificate. Sadly, everyone feels he is dead. Melinda was seen on many security cams that day with out Trenton and it was at a time when he wasn’t with his Grandparents or anyone else for that matter.

    See the problem for Melinda was,the chickens were coming home to roost. She had custody of Trenton at the moment but she knew her lies regarding the message sent from Josh’s myspace was going to come out real soon. Josh’s computer was being looked at by LE and Myspace was Subpoena. She knew it was going to come out that she sent herself that message and she would end up losing custody of Trenton. Unfortunately for Trenton, that information came back after he went missing.

    As for Murt, He did say he killed Trenton and he did admit it on his Blogspot blog! Mary watch this in full screen and explain how Murt can admit to those PM’s then and spend the next 4 years denying he said those things.

  4. Here’s the real deal folks. Carla Massero and Josh Duckett have been repeating all their previous tactics to get Trenton away from Melinda, but this time it’s new victims: Josh’s 5 year old son and his mother – the one he got pregnant when Trenton was missing 6 months and the young girl was a junior in high school. Josh should have been charged with rape. And he should have been charged with contempt of court for keeping her son from her for over 4 months not even allowing her to talk to him on the phone. His wonderful mother who doesn’t want to be a grandma but wants to be the “mommy” to her own sons’ children was going to have the mother arrested for coming into her flower shop because she wanted to see her own son. But luckily thwe court is aware of the goings on. This young girl was falsely accused, even including putting a knife to her son. Sound familiar? History repeating itself, but this time eyes are watching them. Read this: http://duckettbucket.blogspot.com/2012/02/august-27-2006the-getaway.html Get a new perspective on what really happened.

  5. And to further the motive in this case I just purchased the complete paternity settlement agreement from Sumter county Court. You can read that on the blog as well. But the most important information on that document is twofold. Josh Duckett signed it July 6, 2005 – over one year before Trenton went missing and three days after he married Melinda. This document would take precedence over any other document. The only way that Josh would get custody was if Melinda Duckett was dead. Now isn’t THAT interesting.

    • MTP, my personal feeling is neither Melinda nor Josh made good parents and neither one of them should of had custody of Trenton. He was just a pawn to ALL of them (that includes Carla). I do believe Melinda killed Trenton and that he never left out the window that night. I understand why you feel differently and your relationship with Melinda’s family and I completely respect that.

      You know Murt and the crazy shit he had pulled when Trenton’s case was the top story. You know all about his caretaker letter, his banner that never was placed up, his claim of something happening in January to blow the case wide open that never came to be, his claims to be friends with both Chen and Josh to get on the Bud Hedinger show, and his claim to have permission to speak on behalf of Melinda’s parents on forums (which got him banned from forums). If I am not mistaken, it was you who notified Admins of the fact that Murt did not have permission to speak for Melinda’s parents.

      I’m also sure you heard about Murt making claims in those PM’s of killing Trenton. Do I beieve Murt actually killed Trenton? No I don’t but he DID say it and he DID admit to saying it. The best part of it all is, his BFF Laurie Konnerth is the one who took the screen shots of those PM’s to LE and Detective Casey in the Caylee Anthony case. She bragged about doing it. He even blogged about it saying she admitted that to him. But now he wants to blame Michelle for it.

      He says and does shit like that to inject himself into cases. You know it, I know it, everyone who has known Murt for years knows it. Personally, I would love to see him pull his usual shit on the wrong case and get his ass handed to him on a silver platter. I have no doubt one day that will happen and not only will he go down but, all his hags who blog nasty shit for him will too. I have no doubt he will bring them with him when it happens.