Michael Nodianos is no longer a student at The Ohio State University…

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Link: https://www.facebook.com/osu


  1. Excellent!

  2. It seems that it’s his education and future that are dead, not the victim. No matter what happens in his life, no matter who Googles him, his disgusting video will be found. I have to admit, Karma is sweet.

    • How dead are his education and future? Deader than Big Red! Deader than corruption in Steubenville! Deader than a POS who drugs and rapes underaged girls!
      I’m gonna tell you how dead his future is! His future is deader than 8-track tape! Deader than a pervert bleeding to death in a ditch! Deader than that other POS, Ted Bundy, after he fried in the chair.
      (y’all can fill in the high-pitched maniacal giggles, right?)

  3. Nodianos: “Would you like to add fries to your order?”

    • Does Michael have siblings? Because I can’t imagine even the Steubenville McD’s being desperate enough to hire a sorry shitstain like him.

      Maybe we can all agree on a word to add every single time we type one of these shitstains’ names, so it starts to show up every single time someone Googles them long into the future?

  4. One down….NEXT

    • Agreed! Let’s keep the pressure meter on HIGH, and go after these SCUMBAGS! ( I know that is too good of a term) Anonymous and all of us who have been doing our part and it is WORKING!

      If we win here (the Steubenville battlefield) imagine how things can be elsewhere!

      Imagine people making more changes for good!

      • Exactly! The only conceivable upside to this is the golden opportunity it provides to galvanize nationwide, reassert human values w/ unambiguous voice… Let’s go, Justice Dept. Thank you, Ms. Goddard. Thank you, Anonymous. Get w/ it, Mainstream Media (try not to ruin it.) Finally, OSU (very slow on the draw.) Hang in there, India… We got it going on, too, right where we live!

  5. Abbott, rapist? Sociopath? Loser?

    • Any of those works for me! As long as enough people are adding the same word(s) it will become part of these scumpiles’ online identities forever.

  6. I think letters or emails should be sent to all colleges in Ohio asking them to not give them scholarships for football.

    • Or baseball, like Shitstain Nodianos haD, or wrestling at Kent State like Shitstain Charlie Keenan (son of Shitstain Hanlin, soon-to-be-former prosecutor so far still has, but it’s rapidly circling the drain.

  7. I am not sue who is deleting my post but I agree that there should be NO special treatment for any of these people that are nderinvestigation. Police, Coaches, Attorneys, RAPIST! NONE!

    To let one of the Charged Rapist cross state lines and go on VACATION and compete in a sporting event!

    Why not let the next Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy all take VACATIONS TO HAWAII before their trials? I have a TON OF FLY MILES I WILL DONATE!

    Come on People! What is wrong with the judicial system in Steubenville!

    These people should be in JAIL NOW waiting to be tried as ADULTS! Get these scumbags OUT and the sooner the better!

    Why stop short.

    If you start to quiet down they will WIN and let everything slip through the cracks and they will set these CRIMINALS FREE and this poor girl will be the laughing stock of the town.