LocalLeaks: Steubenville rape case: What REALLY Happened That Night…

January 4, 2013 |  by  |  Blog

We have received an extraordinary set of particular leaks from a number of young people in Steubenville who were witness to various parts of this horrendous crime. From this material, we have been able to piece together a timeline of events on that fateful night in August 2012. During this description, we will refer to the victim as “Jane Doe”.

After being convinced, with some amount of coaxing – to attend the parties that night with the “Rape Crew” by by Mark Cole’s girlfriend Santoro, Jane Doe was picked up at a volley ball team party she was attending in the early evening of August 11th and transported in a vehicle with Richmond, Mays and Cole in it. Jane Doe was administered a “date rape” drug snuck into her drink almost immediately, possibly while still in the vehicle enroute to the nights “festivities”. In any case, she has no memories after being picked up. The first party of the night was at the home of Assistant Coach Rick Cameletti, where Michael Nodianos, Charlie Keenan, Cody Saltsman, and Anthony Craig were already engaged in heavy drinking and drug use. At this location Jane Doe was raped multiple times by Richmond and Mays and at least two other assailants from the “Rape Crew”. At that point the “party” went on the move. They first stopped at another Assistant Coach’s home, Coach Belerdine. Belardine didn’t like what he saw, and asked them to leave. Once again, they hit the road with an unconscious Jane Doe in tow. While en route to Mark Cole’s house, Jane was again raped and sodomized in the back seat of a vehicle – and this was video recorded by Charlie Keenan who was in the front seat. Her attackers in the car were again Mays and Richmond. Once they arrived at Mark Cole’s house Jane Doe was carried to the basement where she was again raped multiple times by multiple attackers, one of which was Michael Nodianos. Finally, having sated themselves and exhausted any further entertainment that Jane Doe could provide for these animals, she was unceremoniously dumped (still unconscious) onto the front lawn of the Cole residence – where at least one member of the “Rape Crew” proceeded to urinate on her.

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  1. OMG. Monsters.

  2. According to eyewitness testimony during the pretrial hearing, the video of Mays violating her in the back seat of the car was done by Mark Cole, NOT Charlie Keenan!

    In all accounts of that night’s activities, according to Prinnified.com, the 1st party was at Bellardine’s (who supposedly wasn’t home when the party began–his little sister supposedly hosted it). After he came home and kicked them out, they went to Jake Howarth’s house (as evidenced by Trent Mays’ tweet of “party at JH’s. Banger!!”). Do not know what happened there. Last party was at Mark Cole’s house (parents were out of town and when they came home and found out, allegedly marched him right down to the police station), where she was naked on the basement floor and the eyewitnesses testified they saw both Mays and Richmond violate her. Testimony was on prinniefied.com.

    Keenan, who is the son of Jefferson County prosecutor Jane Hanlin (who recused herself from this case b/c of a conflict of interest–she knew kids on the football and wrestling teams–her son does both), claims he was not present during the alleged rape.

    I’d suggest going to Prinnified.com and familiarizing yourself with the wealth of info she’s got and not rely on what anonymous teenagers tell you. I think they’ve all got an agenda, with many siding with the accused and wanting them to get off w/o any consequences.

    But this all is jmho, of course.

  3. omg. it just keeps getting worse. BRING these scum to justice. As a woman (mother AND grandmother) I’m sickened to read these reports.

    Go Prinnie, go Anon – bring this girl some justice and hold these skanks accountable. Not only for this young lady but for ALL the women (young and old) who have been brutally and sexually assaulted by punks like these “jocks”. Happens in towns all across the U.S.

    Thank you.

  4. And to the “parents” who host/provide the celebratory parties for your inbred moronic “lettermen” – let this be a lesson to you ALL. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE as well as your your offspring.

  5. I’m so goddamned mad I’m stuttering. LOL

  6. What a cover up for all parties involved. To the parents of jane doe im so sorry for the way these parents raised thier animal kids especially jane hanlin she should gargle with buck shot you nasty b/#^$ you and your crooked husband are finally gonna get what you deserve all the misery youve caused people how’s it feel

  7. Prosecute them as ADULTS! They are all headed to College and should PAY for their actions! They are adults and NOT children and knew what they were doing.

    Why should children of the County be any different or get special treatment? If all the above is true then they all should pay the piper for destroying this poor child.

    Could the already 2 charged boys have been coaxed for taking the fall for a slap on the wrist (BEING TRIED AS JUVENILES) to keep quiet for all of the other involved who saw and maybe even participated in the event to protect them?

    What do you think will happen if they are tried as adults? They will spend HEAVY TIME IN JAIL and then do you think they will protect the others?

    If they are charged as Juveniles then they will walk and laugh at everyone whom has tried to stand up for the poor girl.

    I say charge them as adults and try to get ALL OF THE TRUTH about what happened and bring EVERYONE involved to Justice for the sake of the Town, Community State and most important OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN!

    This should be For ALL including any county state workers if they are involved.

    Justice Must be served!

  8. White House petition to move this case from Juvenile Court into the actual justice system: