Steubenville Defamation lawsuit against Prinnie and the John Does has been DISMISSED…

December 27, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Please check out Prinnie’s blog for the details… wonderful news….

On behalf of myself and the John Does, we are very pleased to announce that the defamation lawsuit filed against us has been dismissed with prejudice. Dismissals with prejudice mean that this case can never be refiled again and this lawsuit is officially over.  On December 20th, the plaintiffs approached us about settling this case, and we were quite happy to oblige.  Lawsuits are costly and very stressful, and this suit has taken a toll on all involved.  As part of the settlement  we did not pay any money; we did not agree to retract any statements, nor did we agree to stop covering the case or discussing it.


  1. YES!! It’s about damn time!! It’s a shame not everyone will be happy, but those who matter are pleased!!

  2. That is Awsome, when the heat gets turned up people often do the right thing. #rollredroll #occupysteubenville

  3. Here is why it was terminated the officals in steubenville have bigger worries. Judges steal $, big shots in town are ripping people off, they illegally jail people there. They don’t want all this other stuff exposed by people from “OUTSIDE” the area coming here. Im sure law enforcement told the saltsmans to drop the suit, that its attracting to much heat to their corrupt system. Saltsmans own a big maintance company in town, im sure they are looking at the “big picture”. apparently this would cost them and their friends to much $ in the end. Maybe even the FBI coming in?

  4. Matt Bellardine is the one who hosted the party. He’s a former player, current asst coach and an adult.

    Check him out. He needs to be held accountable.

    Coach Reno needs to retire or get fired. The principal and superintendent need to be replaced because they don’t have control over their school.

  5. Wahoo!!!! Congratulations Priniie!!

    Oh Lordie, @Murtwitnessone must be slobbering and wailing “Noooooo!!!” After all he did to offer support to Cody Saltsman, just to spite a brave blogger named Prinnie, offering aid and info to the Saltsman family, their lawyers, even posting updates from Prinnie’s lawsuit docket encouraging the Saltsman lawyers to “get her!”- so what, oh what, will William Murtaugh of Florida blog about now?! Hahaha!!! As recent as yesterday, the guy tweeted to Cody Saltsman’s “aunt” offering to send the Saltsman lawyers (and I quote) “a MOUNTAIN of info to assist them against Prinnie. Ha! Little did he know they’d already wrapped up the deal to dismiss the case. EGG ON YOUR FACE MURT!! Whooowaaahh!!! Take that @Murtwitnessone!

    Good job, Prinnie. You’ve helped many victims with your personal victory. You serve as a fine example to all bloggers.

  6. I would guess right about now @Murtwitnessone, @McGreggorsback and @BringitAlready aka &VoicingMy2Cents have crapped their pants by now!

    Unfortunately, they will probably post how CS was threatened by Anonymous to drop the suit. But all if us who supported Prinnie know that this lawsuit should never have been filed in the first place.

    Congratulations Prinnie, You stould your ground and you showed people that you support the people who post on your blog. Some blog owners might have turned over the info to save their own ass. But you didn’t. You stuck up for them and helped them by getting others to help defend them.

  7. Prinnie did a great thing. Not only did she bring this case to light, she also chose to stand up for her commenters when the suit was filed. There were other avenues she could have taken but she chose to stand up for others.

    Murt is already claiming that the anonymous movement is the reason the suit was dropped. Once again, he’s spouting nonsense. Perhaps he should read and learn. Prinnie was approached for settlement on December 20th. One has nothing to do with the other. Of course, Murt won’t let a little thing like accuracy stand in the way of his propaganda.

    Congratulations to Prinnie and the Does. Thank you to the attorneys and members of the ACLU who stepped forward to insure our 1st amendment rights, and finally, thanks to the Saltsman family for recognizing that this suit was without merit and that Cody needed to make a public statement of apology for his bad actions. Although it was a long process, perhaps now, others who were equally as responsible for the public ridicule and shaming of the victim will see fit to publicly apologize.

  8. Yay!!! A toast to Prinnie, all of the Does and their fantastic attorneys for the work done on this case. I’m so glad that this is over for all of you!

    Happy commenting and see you on the blog!

  9. Prinnie posted this on twitter today.

    Prinnie ‏@prinniedidit
    I cannot tell you how much pride I feel that there r people out there willing to put themselves out there to support the victim(s). THANK U.

    My response was that we should be thanking her for being the one who let the world know about this rape. If not for her it would have been swept under the rug and this girl would live the rest of her life being victimized. Now there is a chance that justice will be served in this case and that hopefully some of the people that did nothing that night will have to pay the price for their actions. It may not be prosecution but hopefully apologizing to this innocent girl for what they did.

    As for the few people who blamed Prinnie and blogged that she would throw people under the bus, well she never did. I have a feeling that Prinnie herself would have gone to jail just so she would not have to release the names of the bloggers who posted on that blog. I know those few bloggers would have thrown these posters under the bus to save their own neck if they were in Prinnies shoes.

    To the one poster named Murt, I hate to tell you this, but this case doesn’t mean you can post whatever you want about Prinnie or Michelle.
    You see Murt, there is a difference between FREE SPEECH and STALKING.

    Not only is it just a few of us that have noticed it in the last 5 years MURT, but several others that never heard of you before. Just remember this the next time you post Murt, there isn’t just a few watching what you post but it’s now people all over the US that know all about you and your harassment of Prinnie.

  10. Congratulations to Prinnie and the Does! What a wonderful victory for all involved. I hope that very soon in the future, the young woman at the center of this case will have a victory of her own very soon. I hope she can feel the support pouring in from all around the world. I’m so grateful that Prinnie brought this to light!