William Murtaugh aka @Murtwitnessone stoops to hate speech & images….

July 24, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Too often Murt lets his hatred of women get in the way of better judgement… as with this outburst below on his blog… it seems to be what he does best. Definitely a man with limited mental capacities.


  1. He has a real fascination with Hitler and the KKK, doesn’t he? Makes me wonder about his offline activities. Bet if you checked that rape van of his you’d find a white sheet that was never intended for a bed.

  2. People with schizo affective disorder compulsively think they are very important when they aren’t. His problems are vast and he needs to feel important, but you are right, Hitler, Nazi’s, the KKK, and Anonymous oh and the church of scientology factor into his delusions. Really when you’ve seen this guy for years pulling the same stunts and LYING pathologically you realize he has serious mental problems. The police must arrest people he doesn’t like, how many LIES about the FBI has he told, prison sentences that never happened? Kids and sexuality he harps on all the time, pedophiles, he used to blog about pedophiles FFS. These are themes he can’t shake and he’s the star of his mentally ill fantasy where he rides in and shoots people he doesn’t like. He’s mentioned shooting people twice today because he’s mad people are telling true stories about him. He’s a real nutjob and someday he will lose it and I feel sorry for the people of Orlando because everyone will be asking why, when we’ve known for years how twisted this moronic, LYING idiot is. We will all know why.

  3. This guy did not have 75 dollars let alone 75 thousand.

  4. thank you. just stopping this parasite is enough.

  5. i want my 25.00 back.

  6. I’ll take one!!!LMAO!!! BTW, Deneale does not run a trailer park. She owns 3 trailers in the park and rents them out. I found this out when I read this badly written story that was sent to me. It was written by Deneale. Here is the link:


    After you read this autobiography of her, you will really see how psycho she really is.