The jealousy of @McGreggorsBack and @TheLooWho

July 29, 2012 |  by  |  Smack, Spoof

Those that have faithfully followed the Haleigh Cummings case are well aware of the names Mary Lee/McGreggors, TheLooWho/Lindy Lopez, and Kim Picazio, the former attorney for Haleigh’s biological mother.

Kim Picazio is a well-known attorney in the South Florida area, with law offices located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Picazio is known as a bull-dog litigator in the areas of family law, child custody, and divorce. The South Florida Legal Guide awarded Picazio as a “Top Lawyer,” and she has appeared on Fox News, HLN, and many other outlets as an expert discussing high-profile crimes, investigations and trials. For more on Kim’s career, click here.

Mary Lee and Lindy Lopez are two vocal haters of Kim Picazio… Mary Lee is an older woman who has accomplished nothing in her life, and lives with her daughter in their rented home. Mary Lee has been in trouble with the law for writing bad checks. She has paired up with disgraced Haleigh Cummings author Timothy Holmseth, who is currently facing legal problems of his own for harassing Kim Picazio.

Together, they have been attempting to smear Picazio for years. However, they have failed miserably. Holmseth’s book was a flop, with a ton of negative reviews on Amazon. While Mary Lee is a disgraced blogger, and a laughing-stock for her conspiracy theories.

While Mary Lee represents the “Ronette” camp of the Haleigh Cummings case, Lindy Lopez represents the “Crystalite” camp. Lopez is a vocal hater of Picazio, and is known as a loon on twitter.

Why does Mary Lee and Lindy Lopez hold so much hatred for a lawyer involved in a high-profile case? Most likely because both of them have not accomplished anything in their life and they are jealous of the success Picazio has garnered in her career.

It is a common trait among male hating women such as Lindy Lopez to hate and harbor ill feelings towards more attractive women. The same applies to older females such as Mary Lee. Mary Lee is old as dirt, and isn’t aging gracefully…

Jealousy is an ugly thing, and both of these Haleigh-LOONS are full of it!


  1. Did this hit a nerve looN?

  2. LMAO!!!

    I doubt Mlee was ever graceful -- never mind “aging gracefully”!!! And Mlee sure as hell does not represent the Ronette camp.

    And LindyLoon didn’t always represent the Crystalites. She used to say she “sat on the fence”. Then she fell off that fence into the loon camp.