Terrorist twitter threatens @HollysHere

July 30, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Terrorism is once again on the increase in TwitterTown!! Law Enforcement is on the move with Swat Teams and Anti-Terrorism forces being deployed!!

Suspicions of who the terrorists may be are running high, with all Government Agencies supporting TwitterTown’s Dept. of Homeland Security!! All major networks are showing the followers of Red Scorpion as being the most likely suspects of this outrage.


  1. Surprise Surprise on those followers.. NOT!

    Im going to pull a page out of Brianne’s play book (as she did months ago about me)and say --

    “If I go missing and end up a few weeks later in a trash bag or ditch.. look into Brianne Chantal!”


  2. As for this twitter mess, don’t people realize they can go to prison?

  3. If she goes missing perhaps Kelly Clarkson’s fans can look for her, I’m sure they’d be happy to help.

  4. I just stumbled upon this “blog.” I really don’t understand it’s purpose. Is it just a blog to make fun of people or what? I’m confused. Can you explain to me how “snark,” “spoof,” “satire,” and “parody” defends the the horrid posts about people you are blogging about?

    I’ve noticed all of the blogers on here defend the apparently harshly mean quotes on here with, it’s just “spoof,” “snark, or “parody. That’s no excuse for the really mean posts on here.

    You’re hurting people regardless of the intent. Is this a twitter thing or what? If this is extension of twitter, I am so glad that I’ve never been involved in twitter.

    If this is the way twitter works? This blog really seems hateful, with no regard for other people’s feelings.

    This blog is so sad to me. Peaople have feelings. Being purposly hurt can have devestating effects.

    Can you explain what the purpose of this blog is? I just don’t understand all of this hatred.

    Thank you for letting me comment.


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