Mary Lee Tracker: @McGreggorsBack in Portland!

July 25, 2012 |  by  |  Smack, Spoof

As I previously blogged, perverted Haleigh Cummings author Timothy Holmseth and his girlfriend Wayanee aka Wackanne Kruger claimed Haleigh is alive in Oregon and was snatched by a group of dead heads.

Timothy Holmseth is afraid of flying, and sent his “researcher” Mary Lee to Oregon to investigate. Mary has been spotted sleuthing around Oregon, and even attempted to interrogate a couple of dead head’s but they were too high to answer any of her questions. When asked about Haleigh Cummings, most of their responses were “Haleigh who?”

I also heard that Mary took a trip to Florida, and visited some sand bars in Key West, and you won’t believe what the old woman engaged in! But I’ll save that for the next post!


  1. Perhaps Wayanne went crazy when she woke up and saw what her plastic surgeon did to her tits. Worst.boob.job.ever.

  2. You’d think before making a trip based on a rumor, you’d at least utilize one of the most loyal and organized fan bases on the planet. Had they gone to one concert, to the parking lot which turns into a mini city, word would have spread all over the country. The fans consider each other family. No one would protect a kidnapper, and if the child had been seen by anyone they would turn the people who had her in. They would never protect something like that, anything that would make deadheads or their favorite band look bad. So why is she trying to find random deadheads and ask them one at a time. There are millions of them, Haleigh will be 80 years old at the rate they are going. Her boobs won’t last that long.