Mary Lee @McGreggorsBack has a meltdown

July 26, 2012 |  by  |  Smack, Spoof

Now, you can tell executioner.. I said Fuck Off!!!  Do you see me doing anything on the web?? Tell the executioner she needs to worry about her own shit, and stay off the damn cell phone..

Have you lost your damn mind?  You really want to piss me off.. back off, you know damn well, I have nothing to do with this shit.. and you know I’m not traveling around doing shit… caution, don’t go to libel..


  1. HOLY BATSHIT BATMAN!! I scrolled that pic up and nearly wet myself …..

  2. How can the truth be libel. Has she been drinking or are her implants leaking?

  3. LOL… where did her latest meltdown happen? She’s had them on HaLeigh boards all over the entire internet throughout the past 3 years.

  4. What man wants his wife to photograph other women? That sounds Garrido like doesn’t it? All these two loons would have to do is go to one concert, with a photo/missing poster and most of the attendees would help them spread the word to other concerts/Deadheads. Deadheads would not want a child to be missing and they would help for free anyone who knows anything about the Dead would know this. The word would be out all over the country in less than 2 weeks, especially during the summer tours. Deadheads follow the tour or legs of the tours, Deadheads would do anything to help these two geniuses, as Deadheads consider each other family. They wouldn’t want anyone to hurt the group or their name if someone who HAPPENED to be a Deadhead took the child. If this were real they would have gotten the word out a long time ago this way, so they are just blowing smoke up everyone dumb enough to believe them asses. They want to find attention, not Haleigh.