Has a 2 tweet Savior shown up for MURT?? *eyeroll*

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  1. Interesting story on HLN about a man in Florida arrested for child porn and when Feds looked at his computer they found chats from chatrooms about what he wanted to do with children. Psychologist talking about characteristics of pedophile ” unusual obsession with children” hmm

    • Story claims that Feds starting probe into possible connections to others in Florida. Man arrested was a puppeteer who would state he wanted to rape children burn them or eat them. Would send photos of child porn to someone in Kansas City who turned him into Feds. Psychologist states people should be leery of anyone who has obsession with children wanting to be involved with children speaking inappropriatly about children. Anything could set them off from acting on these delusions. Interesting!

  2. What a sicko! I am glad my kids are grown up. Even when they were little I hated it if they rode their bikes up the street and I could not see them. I’d rather be overprotective to a degree then not be

    • Certainly is! Makes one wonder what goes on in the mind of these sickos. What happened in their lives to create such demented thoughts or if they were just born with such tendencies and it’s just a matter of time before they act them out.

  3. The link above doesn’t work.

  4. To quote the great Heather Dubrow, ” if everyone is telling you you’re dead, it’s time to lay down” he needs to lay down in that big ass hole he has dug and cover himself up with all the lies he tells!