Deneale pens true life experience!!! “Terrorized in a Trailer Park”, the move from Ohio to Florida and more….

July 25, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

We didn’t make it a month, at there house, unfortunately. My mother-in-law managed to get drunk and have a fit, and all hell broke loose. Needless to say, she had my husband and brother-in-law thrown in jail, because of her games. And she of course had to involve other family members, and make it a big time scene.



  1. She is true trailer trash. Who airs their dirty laundry like that in public on the internet? The bitch really has no shame. The woman is pushing 400 lbs, and she takes pics of herself with her tits hanging out and now this. What a freak.

    • Peeps better brace themselves for a wild ride on this story!! LOL! LOL!

    • When she came to court for the restraining order, I was shocked how she dressed to go to court. I would have figured from her being a “Criminal Justice” major she would have at least understood there is a dress code and etiquette. However, she was dressed in a NASCAR jacket (which I didn’t know they made them that large); a dingy, low-cut t-shirt; and, a pair of pajama bottoms.

      I was once heavy. However, at no time was I obese. I also have had my thyroid removed due to cancer. I pride myself in how I look. I wish she did the same. She actually is easily 400-425 pounds. She is literally two and half of me. Disgusting.

  2. Terrorized In A Trailer Park. Sounds like a title for a badly written slasher movie. IF half of this stuff happened why in the hell did they stay there, that is my question. And if it did surely there must be Police reports that Im just too tired to care about looking into right now.
    All this being said, Ohio breathes a collective sigh of relief and sends its condolences to Florida.

  3. If true, what a pathetic life. Someone should tell her she can’t write worth shit. Poor kids.

  4. Pssstt Deneale .. Read it. Know it. Refer to it often:

  5. Thanks Holly I needed for that link. Now I can get a better “A” when I write my psychology papers for school. Too Bad we don’t know anyone who lives in that trailer park so we can post a copy for those people to read. Imagine how much they hate her now, they will hate her even more.

    Ps. I win! I always win Too Bad Denial (Deneale) loses

  6. Wait, I thought she “managed” the park. At least according to her postings on Twitter she is the manager. If you Google her trailer park, it is nothing more than a graveyard for broke down pull behind trailers or shells of what once was a trailer. The trailer park is a perfect environment for her. The level of trash that seeps in and out of that park provides her daily dose of like-persons.

    As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather….”

    I have driven through her trailer park, and spoke with the owner/manager. The owner/manager doesn’t like her and now you can see why. Deneale is nothing more than a professional victim. She thrives on drama, attention, and trash. I honestly think her life long dream is to be on Jerry Springer.