CNN to replace Howie Kurtz with @YancyFaith!!!

July 30, 2012 |  by  |  Spoof

Word on the street has it that CNN is building a state of the art studio in Palatka, Florida and giving “Reliable Sources” host Howie Kurtz the boot! Because CNN is losing in the ratings war to HLN, Fox, and MSNBC they have decided to revamp their program schedule and have made some shocking changes!

Yancy Faith will be the new CNN media critic!!! But Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace should NOT be breathing a sigh of relief! Just becaue they work for the same company doesn’t mean they are safe from Yancy’s razor sharp criticism!

When anonymous & the occupiers heard about this, they decided to travel to Putnam County, Florida and burn some trash cans in protest! Looks like ole’ Yancy is causing Sheriff Hardy some problems!


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