Calling out @TheLooWho

July 29, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Lindy Marie Lopez is on twitter bitching about being exposed on this blog. The LOONwho is doing what she does best! Playing victim!

But we all know you have a history of attacking and freaking out on others Lindy. You cannot throw a rock and hide your hand. You are now facing the heat.

When your account was locked, one of your followers sent me these tweets that you had been making. We all know how you like to talk shit behind a lock twitter, and then open your twitter and play victim! But nobody is buying your “victim” act…


  1. Wow. I’ve never met or spoken to this lady in my life. Nice to meet you, too, Ms. Lopez. (Shaking my head)

    • Lindy has opinions on everyone and everything -- whether she knows anything about them or it -- doesn’t matter to Lindy the expert!