@BrianneChantal enlists a Drug Gang from British Columbia – @HollysHere expected to enlist the Gun Bunny for protection!

July 31, 2012 |  by  |  Blog


  1. They’ll have to pry my Nexium out of my cold dead hands! LMAO !!!!

  2. Damn, one brother dead, another in prison, the list of suspects has dwindled down to the only one out. I guess the coppers will have to keep an eye on him. I’m sure the gang is pleased that Candace Paterson of Burnaby is putting hits out so publicly on twitter with the Red Scorpions. Those subsidized housing gals sure are connected. Does the housing authority know she’s bringing crime into the projects?

  3. Holly: The RS gang is still on the radar as organized crime in B.C. By using that Twitter name miss BC has opened up a can of worms she never should have…