Brianne Chantroll trolling for stardom!!

July 27, 2012 |  by  |  Blog, Smack

Brianne Chantal aka Chantard aka Chantroll has become the 4th blog reader over on Murtwitnessone’s blog!! He had 3 before, so it’s getting crowded!

This is amazing, but she is trolling and posting there as about 7 different names!! She must be trying to make Murt think he is Grand Central Station!! LOL!

She had about 9 here and had worked up to 15 or so over on Holly’s blog. She has been thrown off both this and Holly’s blog — but has become quite the star at Murt’s… wouldn’t you expect that!! LMAO!!

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  1. Bri? Isn’t she suppose to be giving birth to a sack of potatoes soon?