Brianne Chantard stoops to new low… prepare to be nauseous!

July 27, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Brianne, ever questing for attention and fame, may have reached the peak of that quest with her latest blatant attempt to get back in the limelight. I say “may have”, because most likely NOT!

Many of us have always wondered what exactly was wrong with Brianne – then she hooked up with @Murtwitnessone and things have fallen into place. Everyone knows what is said about those who associate with Murt. 😐

Anyway, claiming “sources” told her a New York family was questioned about Caylee Anthony “yesterday”…… she has once again been “scooping” fellow liars, rumor mongers and trolls in yet another forum it seems… :roll:

Brianne is as looney as they come…. fortunately the Expert on her particular lunacy has blogged this hideous story by Brianne and all I have to do is clean the puke off my computer… :(

Read the full story here. Brianne’s Latest Lunacy


  1. Darn those Speeding Canaries!! bwwahhaa!!

  2. A gossip blog where everything is wrong, and set up to be possibly the most visually boring blog on the net. She most be rolling in dough.

  3. Oh this sounds so riveting. I must go down the street here in NYC and lead a search party for missing Caylee. Will you help me Bri, or will be giving birth to your sack of potatoes this weekend?

  4. I read here reports. I LMAO!! She had posted that John Travolta and his wife were getting a divorce. Fortunately it was not true. Most of the info she posts has to be coming from the National Enquirer of some other celebrity Magazine.
    Maybe Brianna believes what she read. Maybe Brianna needs to spend less time reading those gossip magazines and more time on what is really going on in life.
    There is more to life than sitting on your a** all day and reading those BS magazines.