Brianne Chantal Patterson’s addiction thwarted – and she turns manic!!!

July 29, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

After Brianne Chantal Patterson decided to hook up with @MURTWITNESSONE to help him in anyway possible continue the bashing of this blog and one of the writers – she apparently thought she could then sneak off and publish her wares undetected. WRONG!!

Never mind that she also hooked up with Pudders and the Puddettes to do all the same stuff, which failed as well…. she trolled on thinking Murt and the Pudds were getting all the attention and taking all the heat – WRONG!!

Brianne is a moron in her own class and she continues to do the same ridiculous things over and over again! She does not have the capacity or the ability to learn from past mistakes. None, nada, zip, zero!!

There is a reason Brianne is so desperate to harm this blog and the Busted Bitches Blog, but she will never tell you what it is, LMFAO!!! Brianne is addicted to certain internet behaviors as if they were her cocaine. Damaging other peeps blogs is her COCAINE!!! She is no longer able to do that to this blog or the Busted Bitches Blog and it has made her completely insane looking for that “missing fix”… she will use any unsuspecting person she can to accomplish it in fact!!! And has!!

With my having removed Brianne’s ability to “SNORT HER COCAINE HERE” she has been on an unprecedented bender from HELL!! LMAO!!! Poor Brianne – I could care less!!!

You can read here about her crazy desperate habitual trashing of a Twilight star. HERE

Stay tuned!! :mrgreen:



  1. She’s like a brain damaged hamster on the wheel of life.. goes round and round and never gets anywhere!


  2. True Story – SHE put me on the dirty.. LMAO .. ME!
    I have to be the oldest hot bitch on there.. !!!!