Brianne Chantal Admits Being An Expert At Fraud And Deception!

July 24, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Earlier today on this blog I posted a screen shot of a text that Brianne sent me. You can see it here.

Anyone with half a brain knew it was a complete fake, but as usual Brianne cant help but comment and show her expertise, and she should.. SHE is the one who told me about doing this. Its even the same program she used to fake up texts that I supposedly sent her.

The very ones she was stupid enough to show to my local Police Department as authentic, which backfired poorly on her, again.  This is also one of the many programs she used to fake threats from her former boss at Scallywag & Vagabond.

Im sure you’re asking well how do you know that Holly? Simple, if there is one thing Brianne likes to do more than cause trouble for people, its bragging about causing trouble and during the time she thought we had a truce.. she bragged .. A LOT!

Brianne commented –

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Like I said, the one thing she loves bragging about is her expertise, and who else but an expert at fakes and fraud would really know all the in and outs of this? And who else would care?

Sometimes it really is like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to outing this girl and her deceptions.


  1. Notice how Candace Peterson doesn’t really bother Canadians? She focuses her harassment on people she thinks won’t travel, she doesn’t want to risk getting her ass kicked by her own countrymen for her stunts? Clever people don’t file false police reports and create false evidence, at least not here in the US, no matter where you live.

    I’d ignore the parasite, she’s been doing this for nearly a decade and she has nothing to show for her life. This is supposed to be the most fun time of a young woman’s life, her twenties, parties, friends, boyfriends, trips, Europe, Australia, skiing, dating, getting engaged, finishing college, being bridesmaids for friends, being in wedding parties, going to clubs. She has none of this in her life. It’s all passing her by, and she’ll look back someday and wonder why she’s got nothing and no one, why people don’t like her in real life and she won’t be able to figure out she missed out on her own life.

    You can tell she has terrible self esteem issues and host of problems. I’d almost pity her but she’s a pest of her own making. She could change but she won’t and someday she’ll end up doing time for some fraud while her peers are having children and buying homes, getting promotions, she’ll be getting mug shots and blaming everyone for the problems she made herself.

    • Ive told the RCMP just that.. one day she will cross someone who doesn’t care and will get to her. Wont be me, I wouldn’t throw my own life away for trash like that, but it will be someone. They really didn’t seem to care much, at least they didn’t acknowledge that they did.

  2. I think they are just tired of her, you can read how many people have called to complain about her over the years. That’s one of the reasons they aren’t bothering, she’s a unemployed shut in who must seem so bizarre in person, the way she looks, all these dramas with KELLY CLARKSON, I mean really, the cops must shake their heads? I believe she’s on some mentally disordered stipe end, who can be 26 and accomplished so little? Who has this for a life in her twenties? I had so much going on and such great memories, most people have so much going on, what has she done in 10 years? she sits behind a computer, obviously eating herself to death, doesn’t care about how she looks or how she presents herself, a little Photoshop and she’s thin, hairless, her hair is pretty and her photo has make up. She doesn’t have to bother with any of that in real life. When I saw her photos on the Dirty I understood more about her and why she does what she does. If you aren’t attractive you can make up for it with a great personality, she kind of short sticked in every area. It must be hard to know this is the best you are going to be, and it’s pretty bad. Personally I think she enjoys getting people to hate her. It might be the only enjoyment she gets making people feel as miserable as she is even for a few minutes before they click her off and go about their fun, being productive and Candace just finds new people to bother. Sad huh?