@Blaiss temporarily suspends #CaseyAnthony twitter boycott

July 24, 2012 |  by  |  Blog



  1. What a ridiculous deluded narcissist this woman is! Out of “respect” for the Aurora victims she’s suspending a failed boycott that nobody but other so-called Warriors were honoring? Did this woman have any kind of life before she heard of Casey Anthony? I doubt it.

  2. Harry, that is what I’ve been saying! These people ceased to live in reality the minute they heard Nancy Grace scream Tot Mom accross the airwaves. They choose to live in the past and facebook and twitter their lives away about something that is past history and it won’t change the not guilty verdict no matter how much they drone on about it.

  3. “Working behind the scenes” get a fucking life you bitch. What is there to work on? Caylee is dead, she aint coming back and Casey was found not guilty. End of story, move on.

  4. Well said folks!!!!!
    The problem with these #WarriorTards, is they seem to be on a tirade against Casey all while spouting ‘Justice for Caylee’. Yet not a single one has attempted to figure out the truth & find out how Caylee actually died. Casey did not commit murder, and there was ZERO evidence to suggest she did. Just because Nancy Grace
    & Jane Valez say it -- doesn’t make it so!!!
    The OCPD dropped the ball on the investigation & spun tales to cover up this fact because they jumped the gun & arrested the wrong person. It was easier on them to try to point the finger at Casey than have to admit they messed up large.

  5. I couldn’t of said it better folks!!!!
    My friend of Misery….. Misery loves company.