A note to @Murtwitnessone

July 29, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Murt – you can sit wherever it is you sit and pound out all the bullshit blogs you want – all you have the stomach for – go for it!!

Just be aware you have now joined the ranks of Brianne Chantal Patterson and every dishonest thing you try to pull over on the peeps will be noted on a blog near you!

Your jealousy of and fascination with the blogs of female bloggers has dumped a ton of sand out of your hourglass — hope you enjoy the fruits you worked so hard to get.

You’re an asshole, a loser and those are the kindest things you will ever be called no doubt.

You should have taken what cards you had left and cashed them in days ago – but you were too butt dumb and stupid… so here you are Murt!!


  1. He really really does hate women, that is so apparent. And all that sand out of his hourglass has been dumped into his heavily soiled underoos … itch .. itch … itch!

  2. If he has proof that those PM’s are fake which in the past he said he did, then he needs to post them for the world to see. Since he has never done so and has used tons of excuses why he won’t, then it proved that he is guilty of saying those things.