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The Adventures of Tardo part 1 (@MURTWITNESSONE)

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@BrianneChantal enlists a Drug Gang from British Columbia – @HollysHere expected to enlist the Gun Bunny for protection!

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@MURTWITNESSONE in all his attention seeking glory!! LOL!

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This scooter should be the color silver – like Murt’s real one – but red will do! :)

Terrorist twitter threatens @HollysHere

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Terrorism is once again on the increase in TwitterTown!! Law Enforcement is on the move with Swat Teams and Anti-Terrorism forces being deployed!!

Suspicions of who the terrorists may be are running high, with all Government Agencies supporting TwitterTown’s Dept. of Homeland Security!! All major networks are showing the followers of Red Scorpion as being the most likely suspects of this outrage.

Hot new blog hits the news blogosphere!!

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Congratulations to Vicki Pate on her new blog!!!

I enjoyed getting to know Vicki when she guest blogged here and appreciated her contribution. She has her blogger’s wings now and is bound to be a big hit with this terrific new blog!!

It looks great and a resource on media bias and bullshit is needed.

Much luck to Vicki as she goes forward with this great blog!!

@SatsumaLegacy & @Stormy2919 star in Big Brother spin-off

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CBS has announced a new “Big Brother” spin-off, “Big Brother: Putnam County,” casting has just started but two women have been confirmed to be competing on the show… Wendy aka @Stormy2919 and LeAnn French aka @SatsumaLegacy! They will be under the same roof and cameras will capture it all! Lord have mercy!!!!

Word on the street is that a local Putnam County psychic by the name of Sue Curry may also be competing on the show.

I’ll keep you all updated on this new show! It is sure to be a hit.

Radio to join the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

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Radio is known for kicking ass on this blog, but she will be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 5!

To get a sample of how these ladies rock it out, watch the video below… Do you think Radio can hang with them?

CNN to replace Howie Kurtz with @YancyFaith!!!

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Word on the street has it that CNN is building a state of the art studio in Palatka, Florida and giving “Reliable Sources” host Howie Kurtz the boot! Because CNN is losing in the ratings war to HLN, Fox, and MSNBC they have decided to revamp their program schedule and have made some shocking changes!

Yancy Faith will be the new CNN media critic!!! But Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace should NOT be breathing a sigh of relief! Just becaue they work for the same company doesn’t mean they are safe from Yancy’s razor sharp criticism!

When anonymous & the occupiers heard about this, they decided to travel to Putnam County, Florida and burn some trash cans in protest! Looks like ole’ Yancy is causing Sheriff Hardy some problems!


.@CobraStaubs doing what he does best

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Looking for pubic hair, canned milk, and McDonald’s waste… What a highly respected private investigator and fugitive recovery agent!!!

LeeAnn French should be jealous of @YancyFaith

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GER aka SatsumaLegacy, aka LeeAnnMFrench, aka BishesUnite is another well known loon from the Haleigh Cummings internet flame wars that continues to troll online. GER was once a beloved blogger in the Haleigh Cummings community because she lived in Haleigh’s home town and everyone appreciated her photographs of the community, and knowledge of the area where Haleigh vanished.

Somewhere along the way GER became bitter, and just straight trashy. While YancyFaith represents the classy blogger from Putnam County, GER represents the trashy, people of Walmart type of blogger…

You can read a little bit about GER’s antics here:

GER should be jealous of YancyFaith, because while GER is trolling Yancy Faith is popping out witty tweet after witty tweet and handing the media their ass on a platter. Yancy is everyone’s favorite media critic on twitter, while GER is disgraced and banned from most internet crime forums.

And most recently GER’s trashy and psychotic behavior was put on display, as she tweeted to herself using her multiple twitter handles… How embarrassing.

Calling out @TheLooWho

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Lindy Marie Lopez is on twitter bitching about being exposed on this blog. The LOONwho is doing what she does best! Playing victim!

But we all know you have a history of attacking and freaking out on others Lindy. You cannot throw a rock and hide your hand. You are now facing the heat.

When your account was locked, one of your followers sent me these tweets that you had been making. We all know how you like to talk shit behind a lock twitter, and then open your twitter and play victim! But nobody is buying your “victim” act…

Good Advice For @BrianneChantal And @Murtwitnessone

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Story of @MURTWITNESSONE’S life – always doing everything wrong, but thinking it’s right!! LMAO!!!

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The jealousy of @McGreggorsBack and @TheLooWho

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Those that have faithfully followed the Haleigh Cummings case are well aware of the names Mary Lee/McGreggors, TheLooWho/Lindy Lopez, and Kim Picazio, the former attorney for Haleigh’s biological mother.

Kim Picazio is a well-known attorney in the South Florida area, with law offices located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Picazio is known as a bull-dog litigator in the areas of family law, child custody, and divorce. The South Florida Legal Guide awarded Picazio as a “Top Lawyer,” and she has appeared on Fox News, HLN, and many other outlets as an expert discussing high-profile crimes, investigations and trials. For more on Kim’s career, click here.

Mary Lee and Lindy Lopez are two vocal haters of Kim Picazio… Mary Lee is an older woman who has accomplished nothing in her life, and lives with her daughter in their rented home. Mary Lee has been in trouble with the law for writing bad checks. She has paired up with disgraced Haleigh Cummings author Timothy Holmseth, who is currently facing legal problems of his own for harassing Kim Picazio.

Together, they have been attempting to smear Picazio for years. However, they have failed miserably. Holmseth’s book was a flop, with a ton of negative reviews on Amazon. While Mary Lee is a disgraced blogger, and a laughing-stock for her conspiracy theories.

While Mary Lee represents the “Ronette” camp of the Haleigh Cummings case, Lindy Lopez represents the “Crystalite” camp. Lopez is a vocal hater of Picazio, and is known as a loon on twitter.

Why does Mary Lee and Lindy Lopez hold so much hatred for a lawyer involved in a high-profile case? Most likely because both of them have not accomplished anything in their life and they are jealous of the success Picazio has garnered in her career.

It is a common trait among male hating women such as Lindy Lopez to hate and harbor ill feelings towards more attractive women. The same applies to older females such as Mary Lee. Mary Lee is old as dirt, and isn’t aging gracefully…

Jealousy is an ugly thing, and both of these Haleigh-LOONS are full of it!

Lindy Marie Lopez @TheLooWho

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Lindy, I wonder what Adam would think of your man hating ways online? Does it cross over into real life?

More of @MURTWITNESSONE lies and bullshit available… get it here!

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Here are even more facts about Murt… just for the reading!


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This is the link to the Murt and Anthony Family links of this man’s behavior.

Brianne Chantal Patterson’s addiction thwarted – and she turns manic!!!

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After Brianne Chantal Patterson decided to hook up with @MURTWITNESSONE to help him in anyway possible continue the bashing of this blog and one of the writers – she apparently thought she could then sneak off and publish her wares undetected. WRONG!!

Never mind that she also hooked up with Pudders and the Puddettes to do all the same stuff, which failed as well…. she trolled on thinking Murt and the Pudds were getting all the attention and taking all the heat – WRONG!!

Brianne is a moron in her own class and she continues to do the same ridiculous things over and over again! She does not have the capacity or the ability to learn from past mistakes. None, nada, zip, zero!!

There is a reason Brianne is so desperate to harm this blog and the Busted Bitches Blog, but she will never tell you what it is, LMFAO!!! Brianne is addicted to certain internet behaviors as if they were her cocaine. Damaging other peeps blogs is her COCAINE!!! She is no longer able to do that to this blog or the Busted Bitches Blog and it has made her completely insane looking for that “missing fix”… she will use any unsuspecting person she can to accomplish it in fact!!! And has!!

With my having removed Brianne’s ability to “SNORT HER COCAINE HERE” she has been on an unprecedented bender from HELL!! LMAO!!! Poor Brianne – I could care less!!!

You can read here about her crazy desperate habitual trashing of a Twilight star. HERE

Stay tuned!! :mrgreen:


@MURTWITNESSONE digging in his ass at a public Caylee Anthony memorial

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A note to @Murtwitnessone

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Murt – you can sit wherever it is you sit and pound out all the bullshit blogs you want – all you have the stomach for – go for it!!

Just be aware you have now joined the ranks of Brianne Chantal Patterson and every dishonest thing you try to pull over on the peeps will be noted on a blog near you!

Your jealousy of and fascination with the blogs of female bloggers has dumped a ton of sand out of your hourglass — hope you enjoy the fruits you worked so hard to get.

You’re an asshole, a loser and those are the kindest things you will ever be called no doubt.

You should have taken what cards you had left and cashed them in days ago – but you were too butt dumb and stupid… so here you are Murt!!

Murt in front of his keyboard!! LOL!!

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Man hater @TheLooWho in action!

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With #CaseyAnthony’s probation over Puddettes to take their show on the road!

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Is Deneale ignoring her health and family? A blog commenter thinks so and sends a warning!

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By your girth and age you will be losing limbs in the not to distant future and a state nursing home is going to be your pathetic end, don’t shame your already shamed family by associating all of you with a man who wants to fuck kids and kill them. 

Murt’s successful blog war! Really? More green kool-aid is all!

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Murt has been working on his blog war with this blog since March!! It’s now almost August and he finally got my attention in late July.

So what has Murt accomplished with his latest blog war? You decide.

All of the nasty stuff he has done has now been revisited for all to see… and all the stuff is now on 2 more blogs than it was before he started. His denials are on his twitter and blog – with no one still taking him seriously.

If that’s what Murt calls success – Holy Cow!!! :shock:

As usual Murt is drinking his OWN ghoulish green Kool-Aid. Drinking it alone as usual with possibly the net pick up of a couple sojourning loons.

You know when the Dog Days of Summer have taken over!! LOL!!

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You know when the Dog Days of Summer have gotten to everyone – it’s when Murt, as usual, tries to leg hump another blogger – always female – for attention, sympathy, notoriety or whatever he’s looking for! :mrgreen:

@TheLoowho whoring for Murt”s blog? LMAO!!

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@TheLoowho, a long known loon, from the Haleigh Cummings case seems to be offering up that reputation to whore for Murt!! :shock:

Wonder what other crazy things Lindy will be seen doing in the coming days – no telling to be honest. :-|

OUCH! Looks like Brianne learned about Murt’s intimate ways, my goodness – poor Brianne Chantail!

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Brianne Chantroll trolling for stardom!!

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Brianne Chantal aka Chantard aka Chantroll has become the 4th blog reader over on Murtwitnessone’s blog!! He had 3 before, so it’s getting crowded!

This is amazing, but she is trolling and posting there as about 7 different names!! She must be trying to make Murt think he is Grand Central Station!! LOL!

She had about 9 here and had worked up to 15 or so over on Holly’s blog. She has been thrown off both this and Holly’s blog — but has become quite the star at Murt’s… wouldn’t you expect that!! LMAO!!

Brianne Chantard stoops to new low… prepare to be nauseous!

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Brianne, ever questing for attention and fame, may have reached the peak of that quest with her latest blatant attempt to get back in the limelight. I say “may have”, because most likely NOT!

Many of us have always wondered what exactly was wrong with Brianne – then she hooked up with @Murtwitnessone and things have fallen into place. Everyone knows what is said about those who associate with Murt. :-|

Anyway, claiming “sources” told her a New York family was questioned about Caylee Anthony “yesterday”…… she has once again been “scooping” fellow liars, rumor mongers and trolls in yet another forum it seems… :roll:

Brianne is as looney as they come…. fortunately the Expert on her particular lunacy has blogged this hideous story by Brianne and all I have to do is clean the puke off my computer… :(

Read the full story here. Brianne’s Latest Lunacy

Mary Lee @McGreggorsBack has a meltdown

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Now, you can tell executioner.. I said Fuck Off!!!  Do you see me doing anything on the web?? Tell the executioner she needs to worry about her own shit, and stay off the damn cell phone..

Have you lost your damn mind?  You really want to piss me off.. back off, you know damn well, I have nothing to do with this shit.. and you know I’m not traveling around doing shit… caution, don’t go to libel..

Mary Lee Tracker: @McGreggorsBack trip to Key West

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Before Mary Lee headed to Oregon to search for Haleigh and track down the dead head that abducted her, she went to Key West, FL and sleuthed around on the many sand bars available. Word on the street has it Mary stumbled upon a topless beach, and started questioning the ladies trying to relax in the sun. Showing them photos of Haleigh, various dead heads, photographs of children in Kohl’s catalogs, and other people of interest to her.

Timothy wanted Mary to take photographs of the ladies and send the pictures back to him, so he could review them, he thought they were relevant to his investigation into Haleigh’s disappearance.  When Mary tried to snap a few shots, the ladies didn’t take to kindly to it!!!

Lord have mercy Mary!!! We thought you had escaped the abyss!

Has a 2 tweet Savior shown up for MURT?? *eyeroll*

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Mary Lee Tracker: @McGreggorsBack in Portland!

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As I previously blogged, perverted Haleigh Cummings author Timothy Holmseth and his girlfriend Wayanee aka Wackanne Kruger claimed Haleigh is alive in Oregon and was snatched by a group of dead heads.

Timothy Holmseth is afraid of flying, and sent his “researcher” Mary Lee to Oregon to investigate. Mary has been spotted sleuthing around Oregon, and even attempted to interrogate a couple of dead head’s but they were too high to answer any of her questions. When asked about Haleigh Cummings, most of their responses were “Haleigh who?”

I also heard that Mary took a trip to Florida, and visited some sand bars in Key West, and you won’t believe what the old woman engaged in! But I’ll save that for the next post!

Leslie @civ_is_me takes a beating on twitter for race baiting!

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Leslie @civ_is_me race baits Karla @KSinCFL

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And Karla didn’t take to kindly to being called a racist…

 Is CIV turning into the white woman version of Al Sharpton on twitter? What is going on?

Deneale pens true life experience!!! “Terrorized in a Trailer Park”, the move from Ohio to Florida and more….

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We didn’t make it a month, at there house, unfortunately. My mother-in-law managed to get drunk and have a fit, and all hell broke loose. Needless to say, she had my husband and brother-in-law thrown in jail, because of her games. And she of course had to involve other family members, and make it a big time scene.


BOMBSHELL: YancyFaith considering image change?? Say it ain’t so!!

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Murt Says Wheels Up – We Hope On The Way To The Bermuda Triangle!! Woot!!

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@Blaiss temporarily suspends #CaseyAnthony twitter boycott

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William Murtaugh aka @Murtwitnessone stoops to hate speech & images….

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Too often Murt lets his hatred of women get in the way of better judgement… as with this outburst below on his blog… it seems to be what he does best. Definitely a man with limited mental capacities.

Brianne Chantal Admits Being An Expert At Fraud And Deception!

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Earlier today on this blog I posted a screen shot of a text that Brianne sent me. You can see it here.

Anyone with half a brain knew it was a complete fake, but as usual Brianne cant help but comment and show her expertise, and she should.. SHE is the one who told me about doing this. Its even the same program she used to fake up texts that I supposedly sent her.

The very ones she was stupid enough to show to my local Police Department as authentic, which backfired poorly on her, again.  This is also one of the many programs she used to fake threats from her former boss at Scallywag & Vagabond.

Im sure you’re asking well how do you know that Holly? Simple, if there is one thing Brianne likes to do more than cause trouble for people, its bragging about causing trouble and during the time she thought we had a truce.. she bragged .. A LOT!

Brianne commented -

Click On Image To Enlarge

Like I said, the one thing she loves bragging about is her expertise, and who else but an expert at fakes and fraud would really know all the in and outs of this? And who else would care?

Sometimes it really is like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to outing this girl and her deceptions.

Murt caught with his pants down again!!!

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Just read this man’s twitter!!! Talk about a mess!!! 


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JUST IN: Murt spotted outside of a mall in clown hair… shameful!!

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Murt to star in BOOGER NIGHTS!!!

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MURT showing off his fake balls today!! smh!! Look at those bully balls!!

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OMG! MurtMoobs…. gag!!

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Did MURT take money? Looks like he did!!!

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