To say Holly Briley supports Casey Anthony is more than ludicrous

June 8, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Back in the day when the Briley’s released the CA video, a decision they have publicly stated they regretted, a rumor got a foot from those who didn’t like either one of the Briley’s. That rumor was that the Briley’s were cozied up with CA as supporters and were, in fact, helping her make money. Website after website proclaimed it, along with numerous twitters, blogs and Facebook pages….  while it got the blood pumping and curiosities flaming – it wasn’t true. Simply not true. Still isn’t.

Everyone who contributes to any online community has haters and the Briley’s are no different. Haters hate for different reasons, normal and to be expected, but to take a dislike or even a hatred of someone’s ways on the internet and jump into a skillet with those who would have the Briley’s joined at the hip with CA is ridiculous and a tad bit desperate.

If Holly doesn’t want to sign a petition – the petition pusher feels rejected and takes offense of course, feels worthless, less than adequate and decides to dump all those feelings into a Pud Pile of – they are involved with CA, have made $50,000 and own multiple homes… hahahaha!

Even the haters prattling the rumor of collusion with Casey Anthony don’t believe it – know it’s an untruth, but it feels and sounds so damn good they just can’t give it up. That suck teat has given up sweet milk for so long and to be without it would be unimaginable, so they suck on.

They are their own bitter deluded wet nurses.


  1. Pile of Pud .. LOL!!! And it is so ridiculous on many levels. I dont know what kind of house(s) I was supposed to have bought but they couldnt have been much for only 50 thousand dollars.. unless we’re talking a giant ROACH motel..

  2. I should thank them on some level.. the linking of my Busted Bitches blog on the lie blog they have has been bringing me shit tons of traffic! Keep it kids.. its really helping MY cause!