@Pudders99 #FAIL, trashed #CaseyBoycott, Boycott #FAIL

June 11, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Unfortunately some very nice and well intended tweeters involved in the boycott Casey Anthony “rumored”  interview with @katiecouric and the Jose Baez book deal have not only failed, but have hung themselves out to dry as #loons, #nutcases and worse. Unfortunate but true! Fortunately for the rest of us in this proud and active online community, it’s less than a handful.

Looking around twitter and all the twitter search platforms available – it seems only our very own Boycotters are even tweeting @katiecouric and even less tweeting the publisher of the Baez book!

So, what happened?

First of all a well known CayleesWarrior and supposed Boycotter, @Pudders99, became more involved with trashing those she didn’t like or had issues with than being a Warrior or boycotting.

@Pudders99 led a Facebook page bashing Levi Page for starters and then piled on with doing anything possible to bash and trash Holly and Jon Briley.

Levi Page decided to move on from the Casey Anthony case, as it was over, finished, adjudicated and Anthony was found not guilty by a Jury! A huge miscarriage of Justice, yes, Levi knew that – but it was over and time to move on. There were so many more children and cases to highlight. @Pudders99 tweeted that Levi would learn to not mess with the #Warriors and she began her bitter and vitriolic campaing to harm him in anyway possible.

@Pudders99 began a campaign directed at Levi’s budding career with HLN! She wanted to ruin, if possible, the hopes and dreams of a young man who wished nothing more or less than to contribute to the news industry more information about child murderers and child abusers. Seriously, how low is that shit??!! This young man’s career is none of @Pudders99’s business or is it anyone else’s. #FAIL!!

If that wasn’t enough to feed the insatiable vicious appetite of @Pudders99, she began a campaign to establish her own Caylee Facebook page in hopes of destroying any credibility the Briley’s had built over time with their No Money 4 Murder Facebook page and to accuse them of being Casey supporters … a dismal @Pudders99 project, to say the least!

@Pudders99 went on from trying to destroy Levi Page to telling one lie after another about Holly Briley! She twisted Holly’s intentions, her financial status, her real estate holdings! It was appalling at the lies this woman, Pudders, was willing to tell and is telling, but if it comes out of @Pudders99’s mouth about Holly Briley or Levi Page – you can rest assured it’s a lie and comes from jealousy and her own desire for internet fame. She #FAILED and should be ignored by all right thinking individuals – she is a #LYINGLOON!

More to come ahead on this horrible display by @Pudders99 of malicious behavior, which has affected us all!

In the days ahead, more will be published on this blog as to how far @Pudders99 actually went and how far she is willing to go to harm anyone and everyone she is silly pissed at. Shocking behavior by a mother and grandmother for sure. You may be surprised – but most likely not!

@Pudders99 and the deranged Puddettes crossed the line of decency, with attacks on innocent people so many times – I for one won’t forget it!! Promise!!


  1. Maybe SHE is getting PAID to NOT boycott? Hmmmm… she has been uncharacteristically quiet lately. Even on her Caylee page, barely a mention of this interview.. mostly just old links posted and stories having nothing to do with CA’s reported interview w/ Katie.


    -- What’s up Pudd? Me thinks you got some explaining to do!

  2. Maybe she’s quiet cuz she’s busy herding her harem of roaches.

    Pudders I wish you would come at me bro.

    Fuck with Levi Page some more and let me find out.

    • I agree Queen -- she fucked up big time on that adventure!!! Baseless and completely selfish… and not to mention -- IGNORANT!!

  3. Love that pudders is being exposed!

  4. Rumor has it she was sleeping on a heap of trash in her home with her mouth open and a giant cock roach crawled in there. Apparently it was so big that it suffocated her to death. I heard there is so much trash in her house that it may take months or even years to find the body. The stench is so bad in her house the police can’t distinguish the smell in the house from the odor her dead body gives off.

  5. Pudders got pissed at me when I refused to give her admin status and a password on http://www.nomoneyformurder.com which I told her Holly had already set her up on blogger with her own. Time has passed and as Much as Caylee will always be in my heart, there are other children that need our attention also. In the time I have been on facebook,I have met some really good people that I have become personal friends with, Ive also met some ugly useless people too. Nuff said.

  6. She is a waste -- I see that now and have so many regrets I ever listened to a word she said! She needs to go away.

  7. She needs to go away. So sorry I ever believed a word she said.

    >Hangs head in shame.<

  8. I regret believing anything she ever said.

    *Hangs head in shame.*

  9. i see a lot of bullshit flying around here, but nothing to back it up. care to post evidence? no? you may want to crawl back in to your holes before the shit you’re flinging around comes back to bit you. silly silly rejects with nothing to do but troll. if only you knew how many are laughing at you. LOL! curious if any of you actually graduated from high school. my 7 year old writes better than this :)