@YancyFaith, @vlpate2 attacked on twitter, called shocking names!!

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In the peace and tranquility of the early morning a hideous attack was launched on 2 stellar tweeters! LOL!

Anyway, I’ve seen some vicious attacks, but I must say I’ve never seen anything as malicious as what @lynnmorg spewed at these 2 lovelies! Never! It was brutal! :)

Skin runs thin in the Martin-Zimmerman case and peeps are very vocal about their opinions on the case and mostly of each other!! 😯

Poor Yancy and vl were called cowards, racists and then lowering the bar – one was called an idiot I think!! Maybe both were and both were definitely called bitches I think – the whole thing startled me so bad I accidentally clicked off of @lynnmorg’s twitter and couldn’t find it again!! :mrgreen:

Never fear, the 2 ladies who were sneaked upon and attacked without mercy were quick to get their own mojo going and return fire! Oh yes they did!! Words flew. Tweets burnt computer screens before it was over. Bitch slaps could easily be heard loud and clear through computer speakers and mine aren’t very good ones at that!! :(

An insult or two was even thrown at Tricia and a mod – @beachws. Now, these 2 were definitely referred to as idiots and it was alluded to that Tricia might even be a bimbo! 😐

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  1. omg, the twitter bird avatar cracks me UP.

    This all sounds like she of the never ending ass-hat generator, or maybe a WS misfit doing her bidding?

    I have to say I would be flattered to be among such a group of strong, witty, and intelligent women. Why are these types always be her target? When someone you don’t know gets so personal, it is obviously just a lack of self-esteem, jealousy, and feelings of inferiority. Clearly, this is the reason she surrounds herself with internet/forum groupies who are so dim witted they actually make her look bright (to them). Pathetic on so many levels :-(