#WarriorTard @Pudders99 attempts to blog on the #TrayvonMartin case…

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Pudders99 attemps to blog on the Trayvon Martin case

Roach Queen @Pudders99 attempted to blog on the Trayvon Martin case and couldn’t get the basic information on the case correct. Puds, do a little research before blogging… You really need to drink a big ole cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP…

Trayvon wasn’t visiting his girlfriend. He had been suspended from school in the Miami area, and was living with his father in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon had been on the phone with his girlfriend right before his death. Also, Trayvon wasn’t walking to his girlfriends home, he was walking to the home of his father when he encountered George Zimmerman.

Furthermore, you need to realize that your “petitions” in this case, just like in the Casey Anthony case, do not amount to a hill of beans. The justice system doesn’t work based on what the court of public opinion THINKS should happen. Zimmerman has been charged, he has plead not guilty, and it will be up to a jury of his peers to decide whether this is a stand your ground case.

You are entitled to voice your opinion, but don’t be so stupid as to think you are going to make a difference with an internet petition.

And Puds, before you start petitons and blogging about “keeping up the fight” you just might want to get the basic facts of the cases correct… Until then be prepared to be called out by me on this blog, as well as people such as @YancyFaith on twitter! All of us are getting tired of your bull shit and fuckery!

Until next time Puds…


  1. She needs to stick to her dead e-babys

  2. The Caylee Warriors are morphing into TRAYVON WARRIORS and making complete asses out of themselves…

  3. You would think people could at least familiarize themselves with the basic FACTS before they start off on a tangent. But I guess that would be too much work for some.

  4. Its always good to have the FACTS before going in. Well, that and knowing how to spell the victims name.