Tweeters memorialize #Trayvon with insults, spew & their most loved pic

May 27, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Icon of #Trayvon Supporters

I realize this silly racist pic being used by Trayvon Martin supporters, on twitter, against those who lean towards supporting George Zimmerman is to portray them as KKK nuts – unfortunately having witnessed the hunting down of those pro-Zim posters & tweeters – I think it has backfired.

All most see in this silly pic are those supporting #Trayvon chasing after anyone who disagrees with them. They have become their very own insult. :(

To use such a cartoonish depiction of a group who caused our AA population and Whites as well, so much fear and death is inexcusable! To further try dumping that image on the backs of those with differing opinions and label them as such is deplorable in this day and time.

No wonder Websleuths had to lock the Trayvon forum with such callous, mindless, undereducated fools trying to pass themselves off as real crime forum posters. What a shame!

If you are one who doesn’t hang around TwitterTown – now is most likely not the best time to start. The current bottom feeder crowd is much less than desirable.


  1. This absurdity has been seen on several twitters -- not as the avatar, but RT’d and laughed with… :(!/LeoSam6286

  2. These people are really sick. Do any of them have jobs?

    • God I hope not Caudia. For once I don’t mind that my hard earned tax money is paying to keep the boils on the ass of society confined to their trailers.

      By the way Radio, I have it from a very reliable source that C5150 is the rogue moderator, grandmaj, from Websleuths. She wrongly believes her cyber friends are loyal. Everyone has a price, even if it’s just to get into the favor of higher-ups, she of all people should know that.

  3. Social Media -- Keeping it classy. .. and I do mean that in the most sarcastic way. SMDH