The rise of @vlpate2 aka vlpate, tweeter & forum poster #Zimmerman

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It is very hard to miss all the attention vlpate gets these days! LOL! She has an entire battalion of haters following her around and making her famous!

Now, vlpate is a pro-Zim tweeter and poster, yes that’s true, but she is far from being the only one – or so I’ve noticed here and there. So, I’ve been wondering what is so special about V Pate! LOL!! Must be something special – right?

Twitters all over TwitterTown light up the skies like the 4th of July with tweets about Ms Pate. So, whether they love her or hate her, imo, she gets the Tweet Queen Award!! There is absolutely no way anyone can piss that many unstable people off without having some talent!! :)




  1. TyTy, lol. It’s perplexing, to be sure. Reminds me of the saying, “just keep talking sh** about me, you’re making me famous” lol.

    Do I get a glittery sash??

  2. REALLY hoping Christopher Joseph’s move went well!

    • For shits and giggles I looked up Christopher Joseph Pate -- hahaha -- did you pee your pants when you saw a sex offender with my last name?! Hilarious, and, considering the caliber of sleuth, not at all surprising. Just FYI, there are over 1 million Pates in the US and even more in Europe. Keep looking, I’m really not that hard to find. Just be mindful that I am a strong supporter of the Stand Your Ground Law, and I live in a state that embraces it.

      Happy Sleuthing!

      • Everything is NOT about you Ms Pate. My comment pertains to Radio, not you. Radio knows who I’m talking about.

        Oh, and Ms Pate, get over yourself. FGS! Your comment is ridiculous…. Talk about a sleuth. LOL! Can’t believe you googled all those Pates. DOH! SMH

        • That’s odd, Radio asked me who this person was. I’d be more than happy for everything not to be about me but you did write this on a blog…ummm, about me, so, maybe you were just lost?

        • I asked Vicki who this person was because I didn’t know who it was.

  3. I don’t know about “unstable” people and their opinions of vlpate. I do know that when I, a stable intelligent person, read some of her Websleuths posts long before the Trayvon Martin shooting, I kept finding myself re-reading her tagline, where she refers to herself as a child advocate, because some of the things she posts do not seem at all in line with someone who actually advocates for children. I work with child advocates professionally, and well…she must have had some very different training than all the child advocates around here. I sure wouldn’t want her to “advocate” for any child of mine! But it’s not like I stay up at night fuming about her or anything--we all know how to scroll past someone’s post and she has a much right to express herself as anyone else and not be berated because of it.

    Anyway, I found this site when trying to find out why the Trayvon Martin thread was closed, and saw vlpate’s name all over the place. I see she’s been accused of being the reason the forum was closed, but I have a difficult time believing one poster was the issue--maybe her post was the straw that broke the mod-camels’ backs? Does anyone have any more details on what got the forum shut down? I know this site seems to enjoy making fun of Websleuths, but it also seems like a lot of Websleuths posters read this site, so I was hoping for some dirt and gossip about the forum closure?

  4. The reason the forum closed is because of trolls like GER, DocFessel, FLALady, lexiechey, GrandmaJ, and other trolls on twitter known as the “Penthouse.”

  5. It seems I might have to break down and get a twitter account. I recognize the “names” mentioned above (thanks Executioner!) but I don’t recognize GER…oh, that’s because he/she is banned…and I don’t see any posts from that person since June of 2011, so I’m not sure how GER was involved in the Trayvon Martin thread. But it seems like a lot of this happened on twitter not actually on Websleuths? Am I getting that right?

    Does that mean the Websleuths mods closed it based on stuff that wasn’t even happening on Websleuths???

    Dang it, I’ve managed to avoid twitter until now, but I”m getting tempted!

  6. LOL, and I see I accidentally put “sleuther” instead of “sleuth” which I put earlier. That’s extra funny because one who sleuths is a “sleuth,” not a “sleuther” and I know that and it’s actually a little bit of a pet peeve.

  7. Sleuth/Sleuther -- whatever your name is, it is so obvious that you are one of the above named people who have just “found” this website and Twitter. Give me a break! What do you care about what one person says or does? Are you serious about thinking and saying that vlpate in any way got the TM forums shut down? It’s a known fact by anyone who can read that the forums were shut down because of the above mentioned people who came there under numerous names and stirred the sh*t until the mods were sick of it. They came to Twitter and were openly posting about the WS members and how they were enjoying pushing others and getting people on time outs. They were also posting direct links to posts that were in the private boards on Twitter. They were making fun of mods and posters alike. It was obvious that they were only there to cause trouble. Fessel, UVA America, badme, Rhyme and Reason, GrandmaJ (a mod no less, Deelytful, CIV is me, FLAlady, Joyce063, and others. This Penthouse group on Twitter who is also on Websleuths single handedly got the Websleuths Trayvon Martin forum. And, now they have their Twitter accounts locked, which is good, because Websleuths doesn’t need that crap floating around. By making them lock their accounts and by Websleuths banning them as they find them returning under new names like ants, at least those of us who are there for a real purpose don’t have to deal with the fools.

    So, sleuth/sleuther, here is the information that you requested on whether anyone else had any information on the Trayvon threads being closed. vlpate had nothing to do with them being closed and the only ones who think that are the idiots above who are trying one last ditch effort to turn people away from the real people who caused the threads to be closed. They all go by Penthouse names on Twitter. They are all troublemakers.

    • “the only ones who think that are the idiots above who are trying one last ditch effort to turn people away from the real people who caused the threads to be closed.”


  8. Thank you for sharing what you know and for telling the truth publicly, nrftw. Obviously the information you provided needed to come out. I wish the mods on WS had been more specific as to why they closed the forum as that way there’d be no baseless rumors and incorrect finger-pointing going on. The mods though decided to “keep it classy”. Kudos to them!

  9. Wow such a nice welcome. Please feel free to reread my post. I clearly stated I had heard vlpate was the problem but that I didnt buy that. I am mostly a lurker there and dont follow twitter stuff except for the stuff I found in the past couple of days which led me here. I havent even heard of many of the people you accuse me of being. So I have to wonder…if you make wrong assumptions about me then who else are you ignorantly wrongfully accusing? Obviously you guys here dont really know anything about what happened there to get the forum closed and prefer to accuse those that seem to be on your shit list. So whatever I came here and tried to start a dialogue. It was in good faith and look how I was greeted. You guys bitch and moan about ws but then act just as rudely and ignorantly as those you scorn. Nice.

    • Relax Sleuth! :)

      Sharp elbows everywhere these days.

      I do spoof at WS some, but it’s not because I dislike them. Not at all. They are just fun! :)

    • You say you aren’t making/believing any accusations but then you also say “maybe her post was the straw that broke the mod-camels’ backs?”. This isn’t accusatory? Seems you might want to pick *one* point of view and stick with it to keep any sort of credibility :)

      • Hence the question mark at the end. Geez, you guys.

        • And the question mark made it less of an accusation?

          What is more easier believed: that one person had a whole forum shut down or several twits were responsible (because they couldn’t cope with the fact that others believe Zimmerman did in fact act in self defense and the mods did not want to deal with their sh*t anymore)? Think about it: if it was one person, that one person would be given a time out or even a permanent banning. But neither occurred… vl still has FULL posting privileges.

          Seems some common sense and deduction should’ve led to a similar conclusion instead of your *accusatory* question. If it wasn’t an accusation, how about an apology to vl? That would be only fair in my opinion…

  10. Sleuth,

    My post was not meant as a welcome or greeting to you. It was simply to clear up the rumors and to answer the question you asked. Just because you don’t like the question, don’t discard the answer. that IS the reason the forum was closed and I do have it firsthand. I never accused you of being any specific person. However, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, so I find it quite unbelievable that you would just happen upon this page in your pursuit to find out why Websleuths closed the Trayvon thread. Yet, when given the facts of the matter, you discount it. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what you are up to.

    And, on the contrary, I have never bitched or moaned about Websleuths, so you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. I’m sorry you find this rude, but, rudeness is subjective and some of us are just sick to death of hearing about vlpate and what a horrible person she is. If you want to see rude, look up the bunch I mentioned above. Some of these people are beyond rude, going into pure insanity.

    THIS is the real story!

  11. thanks radio…I sim0ply take offense when I am accused of being a troll for asking for information. Is it really that hard to believe a random out of the loop ws poster wants to know what went on behind mod doors? I would have thought yor readers would jump at the chance to disillusion me. I really did not expect to be accused of ill intentions. and duh of course i used a generic handle here…as if i am going to use my ws name?

  12. Obviously that was not a greeting. Google “websleuths closed trayvon martin” and see if you are not easily led here.

  13. Well, it seems that you guys here are rather insufferable, defensive people. I’ll repeat that I’m not one of the aforementioned posters and am absolutely not Dr. Fessel. Geez, he doesn’t have a monopoly on the word “dang.”Also, I’m guessing all the names of people I’ve been given include people who have been banned and then now use another name? I have no idea who used to be who, etc.

    My QUESTION about vlpate was me trying to make sense of why she was being blamed for the closing of the Trayvon Martin thread on Websleuths. I thought that maybe the people accusing her of that got the idea because maybe a post of hers was the last straw. Regardless, it’s crystal clear that no one here is willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and feel better making assumptions. So I’ll leave you to your jumping to conclusions and defensiveness. Enjoy.

    • The people who accused her have no ability to know truth if it hit them on the head. The people who accused her are 100% responsible for why the forum was shut down. The mods got fed up with all their alerts and snippy remarks to posters they disagreed with.

      No one here is jumping to conclusions. You don’t want to give your real name on WS so unless you do, we don’t know who you are or that your intentions are as you say. Should you have chosen to tell who you are on WS, then you would have the integrity that wouldn’t make others question you and your motives. If you have been unfairly accused here, I do apologize for my part. But, all the attacks against vl and all the sneaking around and re-inventing with new nics as soon as one is banned makes one wary of who is “trustworthy”.

      No one is being defensive. Defending a fellow poster who was unfairly accused and ridiculously mistreated (but thankfully she has the ability to just laugh it all off; To her and her friends the immaturity and crassness of the attacks is immensely amusing!) is a totally different thing :)

  14. I signed up for Twitter, and I see where I was getting confused. I didn’t realize that people were identified there by both a twitter “user name” and an “@whoever” name. I also didn’t realize how many websleuth members tweet their posts verbatim on Twitter. Also, I read around here some more and I think I understand better where the defensiveness comes from…although considering the posts about Websleuths members here, I doubt anyone here is surprised at the trolling that does occur. So, I apologize for my lack of understanding of twitter and how that lack of understanding impacted my comments here. Anyway, have fun and I’ll leave you alone now:)

    --flourish (hope I don’t get banned from WS now for commenting here! LOL)

  15. I don’t think anyone commenting here will be banned unless they diss Tricia LOL

    I think you did come here with good intentions and again I’m sorry that you got caught up in the mix of twits that created all the drama (on WS, on Twitter and here) and were judged to be one of them. I feel bad. I too have been bashed unfairly on sites (by people I thought were friends no less) and it’s not fun. Glad you (like vl) seem to have a hard head and don’t hold grudges. Peace! :)

  16. Thank you claudia. LOL re: Tricia--you’re probably right:)

    I’m pretty sure that if vl knows who I am I’m not her favorite poster, but as far as I remember we’ve been respectful to each other.
    I’ve been bashed on an alleged perp’s facebook page, which has not been pleasant, so I hear ya!

    In any case, I appreciate the kind words. Headed to dance class now! Peace out!

  17. This shit is funny as, well, shit. Abosolutely hysterical.

    Sleuth posts “Google “websleuths closed trayvon martin” and see if you are not easily led here.” Well, duh, you posted those exact words here. That proves Google Works as expected!!!

    With all the accusation/speculation about why WS closed down the TM forum maybe WS should start a new forum for that subject. Put on your thinkin’ caps.

    FTLOG people.