Tard Brianne Chantal

May 22, 2012 |  by  |  Opinion, Smack, Spoof

Canadian internet troll/Tard Brianne Chantal recently reported this blog to the Atlanta PD. This bitch is so stupid that she thinks that the police department of the ninth largest city in the United States, cares about her online fuckery! LOL!!! That tells us all we need to know about this crazy bitch!

Brianne: Am I speaking to the Atlanta PD?

Atlanta PD: Yes, how may I help you?

Brianne: I am a Canadian citizen, but there is a blog called RadioNewz that is writing mean things about me. Help me!

Atlanta PD: This is an urgent matter, we will drop all of our murder, rape, gang, drug, theft and armed robbery investigations to investigate your very serious matter!



  1. Why doesn’t anyone love Bri anymore? Never mind, maybe the boy scout division can tend to this ‘urgent matter?’

  2. Bri Bri is not too bright bright. Took down all of her posts about this blog and this writer when the heat closed in on her after her wacked suicide stunt. Stupid girl doesnt know unless they are deleted they are still there. Too bad .. they are all now on their way to the nice constable I spoke with. She lied to them.. and I just proved it. BOO YAH!

  3. For someone who is anti-bullying, I’m very surprised to see you using the term “Tard.” Come on, you’re better than using words like that.

  4. Grant — Fuck off.