RadioNewz presents Wild & Wonderful Dr.Fessel, family, friends & fans of West Virginia! Enjoy your Saturday movie! (courtesy of vlpate, lol)

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  1. Oh my gosh! Is that the Dr. Fessel who is on Websleuths? I sort of had pictured him as looking like that already. The women who hang out with him and who say all the crazy and vile things do completely look like they could be those people. I wonder if it’s really them?

    • Well I think it is. This picture of Fessel was tweeted. vl found it somewhere -- maybe off his twitter. He likes to tweet pics of himself so I’m assuming it is him. Looks like previous pics he has tweeted of himself anyway. And definitely looks like his sister Fiesty. He likes to tweet pics of her too!

      • That’s my dotter Bo White, y’all be knowin’ her as badme. She got the good teeth in the family, last count she had 13 still hangin on. People is always jelous of bad cuz of her purty smile an says thangs to get her riled. All you got to do is shake a bottel of vicaden at ‘er an she’ll colm on down. She ain’t colled me or her gramdma jay a kunt in near 20 years. Course I caint garantee a damn thang if gets holt of some Dew and syrup an starts a tweeterin. Nice knowin ya and thanks for reconizin.

  2. Gross!! I just threw up on my keyboard.

  3. You people that egg radio and her many fake names on this blog are as sick as she is. Get help Red. Get a real life. You have no friends. I almost feel sorry for you and your many user names on here. Dissociative Personality Disorder? Ever heard of it? Look it up. Mental illness gets worse with age. I hear you’re pretty old. So yours has waaaay kicked in “Sybil.”

  4. Badme? You’re sicker than I thought. You have “one name on this blog and twitter?” LMMFAO. This blog DOES say RadioNewz, right Red? That means its you making all of these posts basically then. You might be using different names like Holly, Executioner, Brianne or Nutjob. There all you! You’re responsible for every single itsy bitsy insane post. You just don’t remember all your alters. Guess they don’t talk to you. You’re a sick person Red. Please get help for the sake of your kid. Who is Badme anyway? Do you actually think you know everyone’s names that can’t stand you? You dont! Probably 70 percent of your twitter followers cant stand you. They and everyone else think your seriously mentally ill. Everyone is laughing at you. You’re the biggest joke on twitter. People feel sorry for you sweetie. People have tried to guess who you really are. Doesn’t really matter. Your just another psycho who has a blog do you can lie about people. Your sick. Big fish in a little pond on your own blog right? Does that make you feel like your powerful or special or something? You arent. Your nothing but a bitter old woman who hates anyone that doesn’t agree with you. What about Holly, Jon and Brianne? Your being used you idiot. Can’t wait for you and Holly’s falling out. Now THAT will be some blogging! Fun for all to see. Well Red, you keep on “rockin’ in Atlanta.” Try “rockin'” on towards the nearest mental ward. That’s where you belong. You and ALL your different blogger names on here. Oh damn I forgot. You only have “one name.” Forgot. Well get you and all your “one names” to the psych ward. FGS! And don’t forget, your a joke. No one really likes you. Everyone knows your SEVERELY mentally disabled. Everyone knows your a big fat liar who believes her own lies. Red, no one cares about your twitter, your blog, or you! Except maybe your alter ego. That Levi dude. Is he even real or are you him or him you? Now don’t you go not approving my comment now. Ya hear?

    • No, you are sicker than I thought. Just because you wish things like this to be true -- doesn’t make them true sister. Give it up.

    • OMG get a grip.

      Radio is real. And I know her name. Her real name. I don’t know what YOU consider old, but Radio isn’t old. LMAO, you really ought to check your facts. Then again, most people who act like you are don’t really give a damn about pesky lil things like FACTS.

      Holly is also real. Brianne is also real. I have no idea who “Executioner” is, but I’d imagine she is also real. LMAO, if you haven’t figured it out BY NOW, when Radio has something to say, she says it.

      Oh, and yeah, Levi is also real. Unfortunately.

      And when you come onto someone’s blog and try to “tell her off”, at least use proper grammar. You’re = you are. Yes, I know, grammar complaints are petty. But, continuously using your wrong is annoying. Most people learn how to use that correctly in elementary school. Hope that helps.

      Lastly, if you don’t give a damn about Radio’s twitter, blog or her, WTF are you even here commenting? You talk a lot about mental illness -- I suspect you know a lot about it.

      PS -- try paragraphs next time.

    • Narcissistic Abuser as Slanderer (Another Guest)

      On their way through life, narcissists leave a trail of trashed good names in their wake.

      The narcissist is a slanderer partly to get attention, but mainly because he must be one to create his phony image. He makes himself look good by making others look bad.

      Most narcissists display deplorable grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills.

  5. You see what I mean? I’m trying to help you. And all you do is tell me I’m the sick one. That not a good sign. Your SEVERE Mental Illness is rearing its ugly head sweets. You say I’m “sicker than you thought? ” Your “thinking” is off sweetie. Don’t you have family or friends that can help you get started out of this denial of yours? If not I am sincerely sorry. Red, sweetie I’m not your sister. I’m so sorry. Get all your “one names” on down to the psych ward. They’ve got a bed ready for you. Good luck with the integration. Some of your “one names” are not very nice. Hoping to see which “one name” is the real one. Hoping for a pleasant one, although I haven’t met him or her yet. Put yourself first for a change Red. You deserve the mental health treatment. Just do it….. for your kid if for no one else

  6. OMG! You have gone off the deep end and your scaring me. Well I’m scared for you. See you later Radio. Lie down or something. Maybe some herbal tea would help you. Better yet, go watch Braveheart with your warrior self. Your delusional right now. Poor thing. Good night

  7. “Anon” -- obviously another “one name.” This blog? I don’t care about it. I am actually a mental health provider.  Radio’s actions have worried me for quite a while.  Even if all those “one names” exist, they’RE all in desperate need of help. Who blogs rubbish everyday all day long? Someone who needs help. That’s who! Radion”Old?” Old enough to know better. PS. I don’t care about paragraphs, their, there or they’re. So there!  Red, don’t let these enablers stop you from getting the help you desperately need. They think THEY’RE helping but THEY’RE not. It’s your sanity not THEIRS! How’s that ANON? Radio I’m logging off your blog now. Remember to put “RADIO” first. Always! And Radio, be happy. Blog something uplifting about life. That’d be a GOOD start.

    • LMAO… I knew that you would suggest I’m Radio. How predictable. If you only knew the history that Radio and I actually have! I’m sure that she is sitting behind her computer right now laughing. I may be using the nic “anon”, but I am not anonymous to Radio.

      For someone who claims not to care about Radio, nor anything to do with her, you sure do care about her “mental health”. Get a grip. Her mental health is a whole hell of a lot more stable than yours judging by your actions. A mental health provider? Funny, I’ve seen that claimed before.

      I’m glad you know how to spell the different forms of “there”. And even know how to properly use
      they’re” and “theirs” in a sentence. Do you want a cookie? Maybe after you demonstrate you know how to use those paragraphs you don’t “care” about (just like you don’t care about Radio), or after you demonstrate you know how to use the different forms of “your” in sentences.

      And for someone that doesn’t care about Radio -- you sure do hang around her blog waiting for someone to post replies so you can jump on those responses with your less than witty comebacks.

  8. Morning Radio!

    Is “Another Guest” Badme? (I originally type “Another Gust”, should’ve left it that way. Just like another gust of hot air blowing out her azz)

    I am so blown away by how many names she has on all these sites. Just the sheer amount of email accounts she has had to make! LMAO