Psycho Loon and Blithering Idiot @Badme102 still trying to dish out dirt!!

May 15, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Badme102 grunts on with her dismal attempts to attract a following on twitter, where she screams and proclaims day after day she is going to dish dirt about whoever is on her menu that day.

Badme102 was going to shut down RadioNewz, ruin Levi Page, humiliate Kim Picazio and recently decided to dish out some heartache to Stormy over some private information she knew about one of Stormy’s sons. Nice person that Badme102 – huh?

She has become little more than a nuisance and a tinkling cow bell. If she ever had any credibility with anyone – that has slithered into a dark night of shame.

No one likes a peep who gets their skirt blown up over petty jealousies and then goes after people who had absolutely nothing to do with their own problems – even though in Badme102’s case – the problems were and are imaginary.

As hard as Badme102 has tried to get something to stick on her victims – it hasn’t worked and never will. It is entertaining at best to the haters of whichever victim she is blowing shit about on twitter, but even those people know Badme102 has lost whatever marbles she might have had at one time or another!!

A lot has been written on this blog about another Psycho Loon and Blithering Idiot – Amelia Sobel.  Badme102 and her teamed up in early February to start this senseless and bitter campaign – now, here we are. LOL!!!

Stay tuned.  The oxygen is about to be taken out of the already filthy water Amelia and Badme102 live in. :)

Oh and by all means do check out the partial list of twitter names Badme102 has used over the last 3 years to stalk, bully and harass peeps in the Haleigh Cummings Case.


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