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Stop bitching


  1. HLNTV, especially JVM & NG make me crazy! Nancy was all crying over missing 19 yr old “Ashley” Friday. Her tweets Friday were how she was praying for #FindAshley “A parent’s worst nightmare” Well Asley was found Sunday or yesterday morning DEAD! NG didn’t mention it at all last night or tonight. She throws out all these missing kids for everyone to worry about, ONLY to NOT follow up on them. It’s sickening! And I’m sick of her fake crying and comparing her rich ass self to the poor parents who don’t have the resources that she does to put up surveillance all over their houses! She needs to STFU if she’s not going to follow up on these cases. Her wet dream is for another celebrity to overdose on drugs so she can squeeze every drop of blood outta that case for 4 weeks! She cries at the drop of a hat comparing her twins to these cases and then gets side-tracked and never talks about these missing kids again. NANCY! #FindAshley is now #DeadAshley! Wonder if she’ll ever mention #RIPAshley again?

    Ok. Done bitching. Thanks!

    OMG! One caller just said “Nancy for President!” I’ve got to go vomit! I stopped watching HLNTV but watched it Friday. BIG MISTAKE!

    Ok. I THINK I’m finished bitching now! Grrrrrrrr

    • Totally agree with you! However,just walk away, tape your thumbs, disconnect your cable, do whatever it takes to stop watching this entertainer to regain your sanity! :) Nancy Grace aka Bill Maher aka Rush Limbaugh aka Jon Stewart aka Bill O’Reilly, etc etc ……they are all entertainers, nothing more, nothing less. NG has allowed herself to be a caricature on David Kelly’s shows and numerous movies, not to save a “missing child”, simply to gain more fame. And she landed on DWTS’s… good for her and her fortune, but to do so in the name of missing children, is not only disengenuous, but IMO pathetically sad. I have read she donated her money to missing children’s orgs from her DWTS stint. Very admirable, a cause I think a lot of people donate, yet dont have the media exposure/salary to provide similar contributions.

      No disrespect to the poster below, personally and I may be wrong, not sure of a single instance NG has ever found or solved a missing child case. Unfortunately the prize being ratings, which determines salaries, I am concerned about erroneous/premature or preconceived perceptions being the primary goal…for entertainers.

  2. JG: TV press on a missing child no matter how obnoxious the host is a good thing. Would you rather not hearing about it at all? Wet dream…..Ikes ,F’d up comment.

  3. There was an instance where a viewer of Nancy Grace called in a tip that lead to the recovery of a missing child.

  4. Jie, really friend, you gotta stop watching that shit if it drives you that crazy. I actually had my husband put parentel block on that channel so I didn’t accidently land there flipping thru channels. Seriously. Of course he gave me the code when I asked for it, conditional on not having to hear me all pissed off about NG & JVM when he got home from work. I don’t watch it, haven’t missed it. I’ve see people tweeting while they’re watching so I know Nancy Grace hasn’t changed and I don’t expect her too. She’s got a recipe for financial and ratings success. People buy into it her claims she’s a victims advocate. I say bullshit. She’s a bully capitalizing off the misery of others far more than being an advocate for anyone but her network and her own pocket.

    Like Stark said, one kid was found. And that’s awesome. If she’s an advocate, she’d should do a show with 5 minutes on 10 missing kids and leave out the hateful ranting and accusations.

    Jie, put down the remote and walk away.

    • Karen,

      It’s all good. I put down the remote long ago. Just decided to watch it Friday, Monday & Tuesday. I know she’s all about her. I used to big the one that took up for her. I used to really like her. It’s really not about NG or any TV show. The remote is down really. I just wanted to see if she followed up on a missing child. That’s all. I was disappointed that she didn’t. That’s all. So no worries there.

      I wasn’t “bitching,” actually. Just ranting, thinking out loud about how rude NG is. Hadn’t watched her in months. I wasn’t even tweeting to anyone but NG & HLNTV. Then I got a tweet, out of the blue, to quit bitching with a link to this blog. I thought that was pretty funny, at the time. Not so much anymore. But hey! Folks can blog about whatever they want to. Even boring ole me. Anyway………

      Karen, I appreciate you and your kindness. Thank you for that. Just wanted you to know how truly rare “sincere” people are in this day and age. You actually “care” about others. WOW! How awesome is that? This world needs more people like you in it :)

      Take care! xx ❤

  5. Radio, you can close comments on this thread now. Your work is finished. You won.

    • #1. I didn’t make this post. #2. I don’t know why it was made. #3. If this is something about twitter, I don’t follow you and do not see your tweets. #4. The comments will close automatically 48 hours after the post was made. There is no spamming, so no reason I would manually close them.