Facebook’s Slammin’ Jason & Amelia more popular than Farmville

May 18, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

The latest Facebook game, Slammin’ Jason & Amelia has surpassed Farmville in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down!

Once popular Farmville, so I’m told, can’t hold a candle to the new Slammin’ Jason & Amelia interactive game.

Highlights of the game are sticking it to the 2 named lying sack of shit characters and then watching them spin!! The lie they spin to explain the first lie in the game is then given a rating of 1 to 5. This game provides lots of laughs as the 2 characters are forced to create bigger and bigger and more hilarious lies. The game gets better the longer played.

Facebook has announced they are considering renaming the popular game and while “pin the tail on the jackasses” is the projected name – the spokesperson said thy were open to suggestions!!

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  1. This is hysterical, I play it often…LOL…I want to suggest a game, its called wack a troll..