#CayleesWarriors & MURTWITNESSONE team up to boycott Jose Baez book!

May 13, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

MURT has announced he is teaming up with the CayleesWarriors to boycott Jose Baez’s book!!

The Warriors are facing their first REALLY BIG BOYCOTT and have vowed to use every resource available!! Therefore enters MURT with his webcast capabilities and BINGO – you’ve got some live broadcasting of boycott events and issues coming to a computer near you!

It appears it was none other than Miss Pudders99 herself who caught MURT’S attention and sealed the deal!!

How will this all work and play out? Who knows – but the Warriors and MURT sure seem bent on giving the book as much grief as they can!




  1. Nobody is going to purchase the book anyway, but the infamous queen of the caylee warrior tards pudders doesn’t even understand that…

    Can you imagine how empty someone’s life is that they boycott things that nobody will purchase anyway?

    Murt, run as far away as you can from pudders! The woman is obsessed with Casey Anthony! She needs to seek the help of a psychiatrist to get rid of her obsession with a CLOSED CASE.

    • Not gonna lie…I’ll probably buy it, read it in a day, then return it to the book store to get my $ back like I did when I bought The Secret ’cause that sh!t DID NOT change my life!

      • Isn’t that pretty much stealing? I didn’t know books come with a 100% satisfaction, life-changing guarantee. Or you can try to ban an author, buy the book, and then take the book back, AFTER you read it. Silly me.

        • Plenty of book stores have a policy around here that if you’re not satisfied with what you purchased, you can return it (within a certain amount of time) as long as you haven’t done damage to the books. Same with anything else you purchase. If you don’t like what you buy, you return it. If I bought a peach and get home and notice there’s mold on it, I’m gonna return it. That’s not stealing.

        • HOWEVER, jnet, that being said, you should really learn how to take a joke. 😉

        • It is not really stealing but it also is not the best way to handle the situation. The reason is this. If she buys the book the sale gets counted on any seller list. If the book is returned for a refund it is NOT subtracted from the sale totals.

          The better solution is to go to the library and either check it out or read it at the library. Libraries are going to get a certain number of books anyway so by reading it from that source will not skew the numbers to where the book is given a higher rank than it deserves.


  2. Why even bother to boycott? It is like boycotting Amelia the skank’s book. How many copies has the loser sold? 10?

    Pudders why don’t you take up a new hobby like… Getting the roaches out of your apartment.

  3. Executioner: When I was approached with the extent of Badme102’s actions along with others against the boycott supporters, I felt it necessary to lend them whatever hand I could.
    I am but a small voice out there. That said, if it helps them in their efforts then I am willing to help.


  4. Badme has absolutely nothing to do with the boycott. That psychotic loon is on an island all on her own, with her own psychological issues.

    Just so you know Murt, pudders is known for being a loon that is obsessed with a dead child. Most people find her weird and creepy and stay away from her.

    She tried to team up with Marc Klaas but he replied on twitter he was “too busy.”

    Do you not understand pudders that most people are TOO FUCKING BUSY to obsess over Casey Anthony?

    Ugh, that woman creeps everyone out. She lives in a dump apartment with roaches and obsesses over Casey. She is a study in abnormal psychology.

  5. Murt, don’t hitch your wagon to the crazy wagon of pudders. Seriously dude, the woman is roach-shit crazy… LITERALLY

    • I would hope that anyone supporting the two causes I will be streaming about can set personalities aside. I do not know what the problem is between Pudders and the rest of you and I really do not care. It was this sort of personal animosity that ruined my original stream and I want to avoid a repeat of that scenario.

      My intent is to discuss the two issues, pro and con and am hoping that everyone can participate and be grown ups at the same time.


  6. :( Let’s get settled down here -- it’s Sunday fgs!!! And Mother’s Day!

  7. Well, what sort of mother allows their children to live in a roach infested apartment? Happy mothers day pudders!!!! (NOT)

  8. But any effort that would include a woman as abnormal and creepy as pudders, has no credibility.

    Caylee warriors — Take notice. If you want to be taken seriously DUMP pudders99… Block her on twitter, leave her facebook page. She is bringing you down and giving you a bad name.

  9. I think it will be interesting once Murt has his webcasts up and running to see how it all works, is handled and plays out.

    I’m not a Warrior or a Boycotter, don’t Facebook much, but many of them are friendly to me and I am friendly back, so I will promote their cause.

  10. FWIW, I support anyone who wants to actively ban/oppose Jose’s book.
    It’s a free country.
    I’m on the periphery of all the CayleeWarrior stuff, but support them in my own way (simply put, I refuse to give $$$ to anything Baez-Casey-defense related!).

    Honestly, though….I truly think Jose’s book is destined to TANK on its own. It’s already been reduced in price by at least 33% at last count (pre-release), has horrible rankings and I believe only an extremely small amount of people will actually buy it! Because “BenBella” is a third-tier, boutique-type publisher, there ARE NO ADVANCE PAYMENTS to authors. In other words, it’s a “partnership” in which the author only gets paid IF (and I stress ***IF***) the book sales EXCEED the cost of printing, distribution, promotion, money for the staffers, etc., etc. There is a VERY good chance Jose will *maybe” just barely break even (if that). He is 100% at risk of actually LOSING money. That’s just the way these smaller, no-advance publishers work. Trust me, I have friends who work for very similar companies. There are NO BIG BUCKS at stake for Jose here. My friends and I think he took his book proposal to all the “big dogs/publishers” and struck out again and again. He eventually found a smaller, third-tier boutique operation but it reeks of desperation on his part. Just my opinion!! Peace! XOXO

  11. Personally, and this is not a popular stance even in the boycott community, but we agree to disagree.. I boycott them all equally. Prosecution and defense. Any money they make outside of the court room ( their salaries ) related to this case, imo is blood money. We wont even go into how I feel about Baby Killer -- I think that’s pretty well known :)

  12. Holly, what do you think of pudders99?

  13. My reason for getting back into the webcast on this subject has more to do with the subject than one individual or the boycott or even the petition. I am doing this to give the groups a voice and allow them their viewpoint. I will have the chat open for people to debate their views be it for or against each of the issues. I only will ask that people respect each other and that we do not have the kind of nonsense that took place when I streamed early in the case.


  14. Come on Holly, I’ve seen pudders say things about you… You’ve got to fight back. Don’t let that bully get away with her antics. Tell us what you really think!

  15. I just want to know if Pudders has cleared up her ROACH INFESTATION in her house that her neighbors reported her to the health department for?

  16. I boycott them all equally. Let me know how I can help with the boycott.

  17. Pudders have you got the roaches under control????

  18. I feel that all this boycott is going to do is draw attention to Jose’s book instead of getting people to not publish it. I wouldn’t be surprised if all these so called warriors go out and buy the book just so they can find out more info about this case per Jose. Maybe instead of advertising a boycott, these warriors should spend this time that they do talking about this case, with theif family instead.

    • Boycotts are usually a form of protest that will either persuade or or not, those who are on the fence about buying the book.

      There will be those who have already made up their minds and will either buy it or not.

      I am certain that the warriors talk to their family and friends about their concerns from time to time. The blogs and groups on the internet are a way for like minded people to come together and talk among themselves about common concerns and interests.