Boycotters Rally Against Baez Book!

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Boycotters are blowing up Twitter and Facebook today voicing their disgust and outrage  at the news that Jose ‘Bozo’ Baez will release a book  on the Casey Anthony case.

BenBella Publishing House will be publishing the book. In the past they have released other what in the new york bestsellers list hell is this book bestsellers such as The Da Vinci Mole and Every Woman’s Guide To Foot Pain Relief.

Expect to see Baez’s book on the Barnes and Noble shelves in July and the Dollar Store bargain bin in August.


  1. Loved your post, hope your right

  2. Soon after the NOT MOM verdict people banned together to launch a very successful campain to prevent profit from the death of Caylee Anthony. The first leg of the campaign was successful beyond anyone’s imagination, then we fell to the wayside and the bickering on pages and in groups began.

    I, for one, am ashamed of myself for participating.

    NOW, it appears, the second Dragon has reared his head and intends to present his own book. The question as to what is and is not “boycottable” went unanswered as people bickered over Diane Fannings book v~ Jeff Ashtons. People rallied behind Ashton, even went as far as sending his campaign funds from out of state.

    I have a question for Baez and Ashton -- Did you sign for a book deal pre-verdict?

    While that question gets kicked and crapped on, and NEVER answered, I’ll be emailing the idiots that intend to publish Baez’s book.

    • Very good points and Ive wondered about the book deals myself.. among other things.

      It does make sense now though why he suddenly stopped representing Casey (or got fired depending upon the story) He could not ethically write a book about her and the trial if he were still representing her. Not that ethics really stopped him, but he has to play nice now because of all the complaints against him.

      • I wonder, if they did sign pre-trial contracts, if that would throw the case out and beg for retrial?

        I’ll have to dig, but surely there is some kind of law…

        • The state law is very basic, and it is called “double jeopardy”. Casey Anthony will not now, or ever be charged again with the murder of Caleigh Anthony. Never. The only exception is federal intervention, and the chances of that are null to nada.

          I consider myself fairly well read, and have not heard of Jose Baez’s impending book. If you believe so strongly his voice should be silenced, why promote it? He is still held to confidentiality so doubt there will be any surprises bouncing out there. Pretty much like Mr. Ashton’s book, unless you want more (or less) information regarding their personal lives. I don’t understand any one’s interest in whatever Baez writes to create the need to try having it banned. I think the public can decide that on their own. A kink in me that still believes in our Constitution, and adults can make their own decisions. Or so is my opinion.

  3. SNEAK PEAK PREVIEW OF BOZO’S BOOK (courtesy of Sierra on blog): It’ll be a cartoon pop-up book:
    Chp1: Contract with the devil
    Chp 2: Defrauding the public for big $’s – she’s not dead, she’s “missing”
    Chp 3: No Gag Order means more big $’s..TVland, here I come
    Chp 4: Sasquatch signs on
    Chp 5: Sasquatch defames innocent ppl
    Chp 6: Macalooser goes down in flames
    Chp 7: Caught red-handed lying in ct uno mas
    Chp 8: The art of the delay, stall tactics
    Chp 9: How I never learned to write a coherent motion or articulate a coherent thought
    Chp 10: Amassing other greedy publicity seekers on my “team”
    Chp 11: Jostling for power on my “team” & coming out on top
    Chp 12: More defaming of innocent ppl
    Chp 13: The art of harassing search volunteers
    Chp 14: The art of tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, & being unethical & getting away with it
    Chp 15: The art of jury selection, otherwise known as the hallway pistol pete prior to verdict announcement