*Peabody* makes another mess on his blog, fgs…

January 1, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Peabody has decided to trash me one more time … I’m sure he will be doing it endlessly…. :roll:

But I’m going to post the link to it – because I have not only commented there and we shall see if he “moderates” it and lets it through, but just to show him — I don’t give a rats ass!!!! :)

I also warned him I had taken a screen shot of my post before hitting the send button — so he couldn’t mess with it and have me confessing to all kinds of crap – especially the shit he has written about me in the past — which btw I said little about…

This time, however, he can not escape having his absurd “work” exposed…


The credits for the oh so on target pic goes to LLMPapa!!! :)


  1. Happy new year!

    lol, hey…any publicity, is good publicity right? 😀

  2. That all depends…. :(

    He has been bashing me for so long I can’t even remember when it started… but it was after he was BANNED from the forum, LOL!!!! :mrgreen:

    He is bad enough on his blog -- but let that hateful jerk get turned loose in a forum in real time and OMFG!!!! 😯

  3. Dawg -- you and Mlee sure are slinging mud over there… good grief… LOL!!!!


  4. Poor Mr. Peabody — he thinks because I didn’t respond to his former lies and bashing of me that I work on the same bio-clock he does… well, I don’t… :mrgreen: