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HLN, Nancy Grace & Casey Anthony!

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Nancy Grace and HLN have no choice but to go wild and crazy whenever CA appears or anything is said about her — they bet the Farm on this case and of a guilty verdict…. if yesterday proved anything – it proved there is intense interest in CA – if you only watch HLN – then it’s all negative… but even if HLN calls her America’s most hated woman – that isn’t true – only on their channel nonstop and to their viewership… granted – she is not popular, LOL… but there are way many more people in this country than we may think who believe the State of Florida simply did not make the case… and there are those who always thought she was innocent… you can bet she is making money via some method and her day will come to make a ton – if HLN continues to make her a “National Holiday” every time she does something….

Nancy Grace can’t believe Casey Anthony’s ‘video diary’ was hacked!! Bullshit!!!

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Oh please Hal Boedeker… stop the excuses and you too Nancy Grace….  

The person who posted the video will be a guest on Grace’s show at 8 tonight. And that person “says she got it by finding it on pay-per-view sites charging $2 and $3 per viewing of it,” Grace said. “I find it very difficult to believe it was hacked. I think this is very simply ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony and her lawyers,’ possibly, way of injecting themselves back in the national media because nobody’s touching her offer for a paid-for interview with a 10-foot pole.”

Hal & Nancy’s Bullshit Link

Cracker aka Asshole of the day award!!!

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Distinguished Attorney

What can you honestly say about an attorney who blindly accepts anything and everything from a client – which 99.99% are false…. you know – lies… and then goes on a tangent of threatening people… :roll:

Cobra needs to come clean with this guy!!! Period!!!! He is using this guy!!!

A good man whose reputation could be ruined by this lying asswipe Cobra!!!!!

Cobra has attorney threaten Levi Page over blog article

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Yep, yesterday Cobra, who was insulted over Levi Page blogging a few facts and expressing opinion on them – had his construction attorney send Levi a threatening “email”!!!

I know most are sick of the Cobra Newz here, but he just keeps stepping in one cow pile after another and it’s hard not to comment on it… especially when he is lying and playing big bad wolf !!!

IMO, Cobra’s attorney needs to do some research on his client and his complaints before he fires off threats to someone who only stated the truth….

Mr. Roberts – do your job – do your research before threatening people… fgs!!!!

FYI: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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CROSS COUNTRY: Program partners from all 50 states participate in this project, working in harmony with foundational facilitators of Northern California, to generate a message and movement which is effective and brings forth positive sustained results. Incorporated into the United States outreach is a two week motorcycle journey traveling from Sacramento to Washington D.C. and back, serving as a formal and peaceful demonstration of help and hope for children nation wide!

This group is trying to collect any donations of fast food gift cards for the Kross Kountry for Kids activities –

If interested  mail to:

NCAPM Army Of Angels
Attn: Kathleen Moore
5690 Mesa Verde Circle
Rocklin,CA. 95677

Checks are made payable to: WynSpring Family Resource Center

To learn more about NCAPM or become involved please contact
Kathleen Moore at 916-259-4396 or

National Child Abuse Prevention Month


Chaos!!! Caylee’s Warriors say Hell No, We’re not going to take it!!! Oh My!!!

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The Caylee’s Warriors have said “Hell NO” to their bashers and ignited a firestorm on the internet….

These warriors are busy tonight planning just where to strike those matches – they say they’ve had it!!!!

One Warrior after another has bonded in the common purpose of burning Levi Page’s ass and uh, maybe some of his vocal supporters on twitter, omg … and they are one by one striking matches to show how serious they are!!! :shock:

I’m being told by some of the top leaders of the Warriors that they believe Levi was led astray by two of their biggest twitter haters – JusticeChick98 and Queen_LaQueefa – who they believe have promised Mr. Page sexual favors to bash them!!!! *THUD* *GASP*

And they say if Cobra is working for Team Cindy – they will more than burn his ass!!!! :shock:

They are putting the word out that if Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond or JVM snoop around their twitters or facebook pages and then run to air or print with their stuff – giving them no credit for it — they will gladly burn their asses too!!!

Chaos everywhere… I don’t think I’ve seen so much chaos since I wuz a poster at WS… but I really don’t want to go into that!!! :(




Just In , Breaking!!!! Cobra & Cindy in serious condition over revelations!!!

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 Word just in that Doogie Howser, M.D. has been called in to assist Cobra and Cindy over serious “colonic” conditions….

It is being described as “colonic” because they do not want the word out it is actually their “mouths”!!!!

Oh boy, two of a kind I guess….

C & C Inc. .. omg,, wtf is this mess?

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Peeps, this is just developing but we are desperately trying to find out if this newly registered (but fake) business stands for Cobra & Cindy Inc.. or Cindy & Cobra Inc… or if it’s just another false alarm and actually stands for Cobra and Colace!!!!

No matter how it turns out… you can bet both are trying to be paid spokespeople for COLACE… and that could be the C & C for either one of them…..

We’re on it… stay tuned, expect BIG NEWS next week…. either here or at Levi’s Site …

Either way you look at it — bet both are taking plenty lately and possibly together!!! … :mrgreen:



Levi Page calls Ronettes, Caylee’s Warriors & Cobra out!!!

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He was crucified... And he rose from the dead on the third hour.

While going about the internet sticking his finger in one hornet’s nest after another and waging one war after another …. rumor is out that Levi plans to replace the guy in the Most Interesting Man In The World ad campaign on tv!!! Good Grief… can his ego get any bigger?!!!!

Having started flame wars with the Ronettes, the Caylee’s Warriors and Cobra Who He Caught Lying Again – what is left for Levi to do??  Well, at least he hasn’t spilled the beans that the word floating around is that Cobra has accepted a position with the Casey Anthony team to protect her and investigate all the Caylee’s Warriors and other enemies…   bet it’s coming though!!!

Cindy Anthony is always busy – as you all know…. and we shall see if the job pays enough for Cobra to accept it… based on Levi Page the new business for Cobra is investigating Jeff Ashton… that may be planted misinformation by Team Cindy – so keep your peepers open…..

Rumors say Cindy wants her a “silent witness” to screw anyone she can…. sneaky, sneaky!!!!

Levi will have all the breaking news on this matter as it happens….


Judy Lucia asks us to vote for Gunny in Newfie photo contest!!!

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 So, lets do it – it won’t kill you … all the details are available at Newfie World!!!!

Gunny is a Crisis Response Newfoundland and did searches in the Haleigh Cummings case as well as visited Junior Cummings to provide comfort!

Good luck Gunny & Judy!!!! :)

Levi Page grabs opportunity to bash Ronettes. My goodness!! What a shocker!!!

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I would actually be embarrassed to sign such a moronic petition. But leave it to the Ronettes, they specialize in being moronic!!!

I hope none of these people who signed the petition in hope of getting that creep released have children of their own!


Spain Royal Family strips, begs for clothes!!!

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Ok! This is not the real Royals of Spain – it should be the Finance Minister’s family….   :idea:

It’s young people slammed by hard economic times that have gone “viral” – Global!!

Looks like King Juan Carlos and his Royal Family are doing just fine! :cool:



Off Duty State Trooper, deer hunting, shoots woman in the ass, says thought he saw a *tail*

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This deer hunter fired his black powder rifle while hunting in the dark… dumbest thing I’ve almost ever heard…

Even dumber considering he is a State Trooper in Massachusetts!!!

This idiot won’t even be charged with anything most likely per the article below!!! :(

If “Mrs. Dumbass Walking Dogs In Woods” got a burr up her ass over something with her husband and decided to walk the dogs in the woods ‘during deer season’ – that’s bad enough, but after dark  – she got something up her ass she didn’t expect. Bet she learns better too!!! :shock:

Jeff Ashton announces for SA, but Linda Drane Burdick the Real Hero!!!

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Linda Drane Burdick conducted herself in the court room and outside the court room with class and dignity.

Unlike Jeff Ashton.

Ms. Burdick did not conduct herself in the selfish, self promoting way Ashton has following the trial – and she still hasn’t.

Linda Drane Burdick was and always will be the true prosecuting Hero in the Anthony Trial.

No one fought harder to get justice for Caylee Anthony than Linda Drane Burdick!!!! No one!!

Levi Page not happy with Today Show interview of Ayla Reynolds’ father

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In the Today Show interview no tough questions were asked nor answered. Why not ask DiPietro about a mysterious text message that he allegedly sent Ayla’s mother before Ayla vanished where he predicted her abduction?

Why didn’t the Today Show ask him who all was in the home the night the child vanished? Why it took him so long to find out his child was missing?

Neighbors heard a loud noise coming from the home, they also spotted a weird car parked in front of the home. Why not ask if anyone inside the home heard or witnessed anything unusual?

Caylee Warriors hold pre-Jeff Ashton SA announcement rally!

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Apologies to the Casey Haters, but this Jeff Ashton pic is funny anyway!

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Ashton to run for SA, but the real question, is he dating Beth Karas?

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Jeff Ashton aka laughing man, to announce official bid for SA today

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Wonder if Linda ‘Drone’ Burdick will still be smiling??  Lots of up in the air rumors she will not endorse him…  bet she does though!!! Ashton will formally announce his run for State Attorney in the Ninth Judicial District at the Orange County Courthouse at 11 a.m.

Hoarder Roy claims to have ended the Cold War.. omfg… Loretta gets violent…

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Wow… Hoarders are in the news big time these days…  who knew – right… now we are all eyeing our neighbors in an entirely different way…

Roy is facing $20 million in fines from the county for hoarding hundreds of vehicles on his property. Loretta had her home looted by thieves. The trauma triggered her compulsion to hoard everything in her new home.

Now lot’s of you are already watching the Hoarder show and getting grossed out by it… but for those who haven’t seen this serious condition for what it is  – or those who want to get grossed out more…. here is a link to many Hoarder episodes….

All of you Shopaholics may want to take note…. :wink:

Caylee Anthony: Dr. G rips criticism that Caylee’s autopsy was shoddy

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Hal Boedeker has a big write up on his Orlando Sentinel Blog… LMAO… way to go Hal…  rich, what did you expect her to say — “Oh yes I did a shoddy autopsy because I was high on cocaine that day  – after a night of boozing it up with the morgue employees… we were all so hung over we didn’t know shit from shinola” Or – maybe – “oh yeah, I have a long history of doing shoddy autopsies – that’s why I went to school so long to make sure I knew exactly how to “shoddy”!!!


Anyway – it’s a pretty good read… Dr. G rocks in most peeps opinions and I think she is great too!!!!

Hal’s Big Article On The Obvious

Dr. Garavaglia (2008), Interesting

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Interesting Dr. G Fan Page…

*Peabody* makes another mess on his blog, fgs…

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Peabody has decided to trash me one more time … I’m sure he will be doing it endlessly…. :roll:

But I’m going to post the link to it – because I have not only commented there and we shall see if he “moderates” it and lets it through, but just to show him — I don’t give a rats ass!!!! :)

I also warned him I had taken a screen shot of my post before hitting the send button — so he couldn’t mess with it and have me confessing to all kinds of crap – especially the shit he has written about me in the past — which btw I said little about…

This time, however, he can not escape having his absurd “work” exposed…

The credits for the oh so on target pic goes to LLMPapa!!! :)

The Big Cobra Twitter Kabuki Dance

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*In common English usage, a kabuki dance, also kabuki play, is an activity or drama carried out in real life in a predictable or stylized fashion, reminiscent of the Kabuki style of Japanese stage play. It refers to an event that is designed to create the appearance of conflict or of an uncertain outcome…

Above is a partial definition of Kabuki and the part of the Cobra Kabuki I wanted to address…

Cobra tweets merely to give the impression he is suffering from extreme conflicts, torments and all such stuff! Kabuki!!!

A Kabuki play is all it amounts to or adds up too!!

Cobra cries, whines, howls and then before you know it – he is barking, growling and tweeting more paranoia than a pack mule could carry….. or tweeting he is the charging bull and he’s gonna get ya!!! Kabuki!!!

It would be one thing if Cobra were tweeting spoof… and it actually is spoof … he just thinks we all or at least maybe one or two will believe it… he thinks his tweets are rough tough and tumble!!! Thinks maybe they will skeer somebody!!! :)

Kabuki Cobra needs to figure a few things out and I honestly thought he would have by now – but woe is me – he hasn’t… he still thinks he is significant – I just can’t figure out to what!!!

Mr. Kabuki needs to realize few, if any, are interested in his personal life – at least not enough to read about it on a twitter…. his personal life filled with all his drama and all those he is gonna git and all those he has sumpin’ on… Puhleeze….

If all that bullshit is “really” his life… oh my!!! He needs to find a different one I think….

Cobra aka Mr. Kabuki loves attention – I know this –  so with a New Year in front of us now — let us all hope Cobra get’s the message that his message brings him nothing but giggles from the Sane Class and maybe he will tone all his drama down – at least to a more respectable level.

Happy New Year Mr. Kabuki.. and hopefully one of your resolutions is to be less the Kabuki drama queen on twitter.